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Thesis Statement Of School Uniforms

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I. Introduction:
A. Thesis Statement: Uniforms enforced in schools directly impact behavior, Academic performance, and school image.

II. Body Paragraph 1: Although some people argue uniforms violate creativity for expression for students. School uniforms help to decrease distractions with behaviors in and out of the classrooms.
A. Supporting Evidence: Huss (2007) presented case studies on a small segment level that examined the relationship between school climate and student uniforms. According to Huss (2007) stated: “School uniforms are tangible; they are seen as a concrete and visible means of restoring order to the classrooms “(p.32).
1. The supporting evidence indicates there may be a direct impact on students wearing uniforms and…show more content…
Evidence that supports the claim stated from the perspective of a teacher stated, “I don‘t see kids being judged now by their classmates for not having the ―right clothes or for wearing hand-me-downs” (Huss, 2007, pg. 34). Evidence from the claim one would presume such distractions are gangs or peer pressure with clothing competition. Uniforms help to make the learning environment safer.

III. Body Paragraph 2: While uniforms appear to be a financial burden for families. They present a dress for success image for the school, staff, and increase academic performance.
A. Supporting Evidence: The supporting evidence indicates wearing uniforms gives an instructional purpose for the students and staff that a mandatory policy should be followed by all.
1. According to Boutelle (2007) suggested staff in combination with students wearing uniforms provides an example of participating in the same uniform standards. The author suggested wearing uniforms promotes good job skills at a young age for students later in life (Boutelle, 2007).
2. Evidence that supports this claim is that when students at mandatory uniform schools do not follow the policy. There are such consequences as being sent home or a request of change of clothing.

IV. Body Paragraph 3: Many advocates argue the uniform policy violates the Constitution with freedom of expression. However, there are ways to adopt the uniform policy and make the transition

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Thesis Statement About School Uniforms

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Thesis Statement: The implementation of uniforms in Silliman University is a necessity in order to alleviate social classism, have the students focus on their studies rather than on the way they look and keep the students from wearing provocative outfits.

A sine qua non of the implementation of school uniforms

Traditionally, private schools and parochial institutions, favor the use of school uniforms of students; and here in the Philippines, wearing of school uniforms is the norm. The use of school uniforms is one of the most common way of teaching the students’ discipline especially in following the rules. Here in Silliman University, its seems the debate of the “should we or shouldn’t we” and…show more content…
As students, we would be hypocrites if we will say that our outfits are at the least of our concerns when going to school. Whether we like it or not, we always worry about how we look and are in the constant state of a wardrobe dilemma. The use of school uniforms would let the students’ worry less about how they are seen by the people around them, their worry if their “top matches their skirt” or if the question “are my new kicks cool enough?” would be off their list, and if they stop trying to look a certain way, they will actually be able to put their attention on their studies. Also, it is given that this will improve their punctuality as they no longer have to spend a lot of time deciding on what to wear that day. According to the bulletin published by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, "When all students are wearing the same outfit, they are less concerned about how they look and how they fit in with their peers; thus, they can concentrate on their schoolwork." Thus proving our hypothesis that through this solution, the students will be able to allot more effort and time on their studies rather than focusing on other stuff, namely their outfits, that shouldn’t really matter especially at…show more content…
While some might claim that seeing people who dress differently are distracting, some actually claim and praise the “nonconformists” for being true to themselves. Which brings us to the next issue that uniforms restrict the students from expressing themselves and individuality, wearing school uniforms restrict the students from showing physically their personalities- no more dressing up according to whatever their mood is for that day; and while conformity isn’t really a bad thing on most cases, school uniforms promote and value conformity over individuality. Also, some argue that promoting school uniforms would be a lot like suppressing individual thought and ignoring how diverse and different the students are and how different they think. Next, researchers claim that even though the students are dressing the same way, uniforms do not really conceal their socioeconomic standing, it gives only the illusion of equality that only lasts a couple of months as by the time goes it will be pretty evident to everyone who is up on the social ladder. Lastly, we now live in a time where everyone seems to value humanism. Especially to feminists, according to them it is wrong to tell a girl to stop wearing what she wants just because it is seen as provocative and would distract the mean, which to

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Example Thesis Statement School uniforms are necessary to guarantee a positive learning experience for all students.

Presentation on theme: "Example Thesis Statement School uniforms are necessary to guarantee a positive learning experience for all students."— Presentation transcript:

1 Example Thesis Statement School uniforms are necessary to guarantee a positive learning experience for all students.

2 Dialogue Use of conversation to prove a point ◦Example:  “Mrs. Smith, Jeremy made fun of my shirt. He said that it looked like something I pulled out of the dumpster. That is why I hit him in the face!”

3 Rhetorical Question A question to which no answer is expected ◦Example:  I looked around the room and ask myself, “Why me?” when I noticed that another girl had on the same shirt I did!

4 Analogy Similarity or comparison between two like things ◦Example  Wearing school uniforms would equal more time concentrating on a given assignment.

5 Personal Experience Story that presents an experience that illustrates a point ◦Example:  I was walking to class when a girl I had never seen started laughing and pointing at my pants saying that they were too short.

6 Examples Use of different scenarios to prove a point ◦Example:  A school in Brooklyn implemented mandatory school uniforms at the beginning of the 2006- 2007 school year. As a result, standardized tests scores increased by thirty-five percent because students could focus on their work and not on fashion.

7 Common Transition Words for Persuasive Writing Also Likewise For example For instance Namely Specifically To illustrate In contrast In fact Of course Truly Additionally Again Besides Equally important Furthermore

8 A Strong Conclusion Summarize the main points ◦To reiterate-first, second, then, finally Call to action ◦You can do this… Make a prediction ◦By this point next year… Make recommendations ◦You should do this


Thesis Statement On School Uniforms

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School Uniforms
THESIS: School uniforms provide safety for all students and should be enforced.

What are school uniforms?
School uniforms are just clothes that everyone wears in order to go to school in some places, School uniforms first came about around the 1550s, in London. A school called Christ 's Hospital decided to give fatherless and poor children a chance of education. Citizens of London provided clothing to the children, which were actually long blue coats. The children wearing the long blue coats eventually developed a name for the outfit, "Bluecoat." Soon many other Christ 's schools decided to have matching clothing for their students. Thankfully, there are some photographs of some of the uniforms back then. The photos showed that boys wore Tam O ' Shanters with pom poms and girls have starched aprons with gloves. Many school’s uniform policy is varied from place to place.
What are the purposes of school uniforms?
School…show more content…
Many students that know uniforms will be beneficially, but don’t agree with school uniforms will continue to disagree with implementing them. It can be easily agreed that school uniforms may take away their self-expression in school, but what matters more in school is the way of learning. It can also be agreed that many students do not accept the self-expression of their classmates and make fun of them. Students, parents, and school administration should be able to recognize the benefits that school uniforms come with.
In conclusion, school uniforms are a great thing to have in schools. Even though there is that argument on whether school uniforms will violate the right of self-expression to students it will continue either way. At the end of the day students should see that there are more positive effects with uniforms rather than negative ones. It should be taking in consideration that the clothes a student wears will not determine the ability of learning, but why not pick school uniforms that can help stop current school

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Statement school uniforms thesis

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Sample Persuasive Speech: School Uniforms are Good

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