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How do you solve word problems that involve money? When you are working on word problems, a lot of concentration and focus is required, especially word problems that involve. Many students find it difficult to deal with such word problems. Money word problems are not much different from the common word problems. In fact, they are more or less the same. However, if you want to make it easier for you, follow a few tips and tricks will help you find the easiest way to approach these word problems. Read the problem thoroughly and mark words that hint towards 'money' in the problem. Translate the problem into an equation containing variables. Find the values of the variables with the help of the equation. Break down the problem into smaller steps to find the solution. Identify some of the keywords. They can be a signal to finding which operation you are required to do. Follow the direction of the word problem. Solve the equations. In the end, the most important thing about these word problems is to interpret the answer in after you have solved it. The above steps are not much different from common word problems, except you need to identify the equations and solve for the variables.

Here are a couple of tips that we suggest students do whenever they are confronting a word problem. Start by reading the entire problem. List any variables or units that you come across when reading the problem. You will need to make sure that your answer accommodates those variables or units. Look for keywords that tell you what operations to perform. Addition usually includes the words- sum, increase, total, and combined. Subtraction usually includes the words- less/fewer than, reduced, difference, and decreased. Keywords for multiplication includes- product, of, times, and multiplies. Division is often indicated by the words- per, out of, ratio of, and quotient. These worksheets explain how to calculating the totals of purchases, allowances, making change, etc. Questions are in the form of word problems.

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Money Word Problems (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division)

Objective: I can solve word problems involving addition, subtraction multiplication and division of money.

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!

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Worksheet on Word Problems on Money

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on money. Read the questions carefully to understand whether we need to add or subtract the bigger amounts of money, multiply or divide the amounts of money with two digit numbers and money bills.

Solve the following:

1. kanta bought a T.V. Set for $ 8249.36 and a watch for $ 1249.36. How much did she spend in all?

2. Mamta spent $ 6438.58 on Sunday and $ 2849.65 on Monday. How much did she spend in all?

3. Keshav had $ 6259.19. He gave $ 3163.55 to her mother. How much is left with him?

4. Rohit earns$ 9263.57 and saves $ 7923 per month. How much does he spend per month?

5. Anand bought a T.V. Set. He gave $ 9000 to the shopkeeper and got $ 925 back. What is the cost of the T.V. set?

6. Kaushal bought goods for $ 8355.63. He sold them for $ 9826.25. How much did he gain?

7. Malti purchased a saree for $ 1344.50 and a coat for $ 2143.55. The amount of $ 2414.55 was still left with her. How much did she have?

8. Keshav gave $ 3298.36 to his brother and $ 2149.67 to his sister. The remaining amount was given to his mother. If he had $ 9764.32 in all, how much did he given to her mother?

9. Kanta had $ 4834.84 with her. She gave $ 3216.46 to krishna, $ 1537.38 to Suresh and divided rest of the money among her three consins equally. How much did her each consin get?

10. Kamath gave $ 3248.25 to Suman, $ 1298.25 to Mahesh and 1196.50 to Raman. The amount of $ 2438 is still left with him. How much did he have?

11. Bhupati bought a coat for $ 738.50, a shirt for $ 238.50 and  3 pens costing $ 97 each. How much did he spend?

12. Vyomesh purchased a coat for $ 1368.50 and a shirt $ 839.50. He also purchased a saree for his mother which cost  him $ 369 more than the sum of the cost of the coat and the shirt. What was the cost of the saree?

13. Praveen purchased 3 pens at the rate of $ 14 each, 6 books at the rate of $ 64 each, 7 maps at the rate of $ 8 each and 9 notebooks at the rate of $ 7 each. Make a bill for the purchases.

14. Akhil bought 3 kg of apples at the rate of $ 35 per kg, 3 kg of guava at the rate of $ 16 per kg, 5 kg of grapes at the rate of $ 40 per kg and 7 kg of oranges at the rate of $ 25 per kg. Make a bill for the purchases.

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on money are given below.


1. $ 9498.72

2. $ 9288.23

3. $ 3095.64

4. 1340.57

5. $ 8075

6. $ 1470.62

7. $ 5902.60

8. $ 4316.29

9. $ 27

10. $ 8181

11. $ 1268

12. $ 2577


S. No.
















Rate ($)





Amount ($)







S. No.












3 kg

6 kg

5 kg

7 kg

Rate ($)





Amount ($)






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