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Top 97+ Best Eagle Tattoo Ideas in 2021

he eagle has long been regarded as America’s official mascot, a winged representation of all the USA stands for: freedom, courage, and a keen eye on the horizon.

American Eagletattoo design creates the most powerfully patriotic symbol of freedom and ferocity, however, the eagle‘s rich symbolism dates back thousands of years, spanning multiple countries and cultures.

The eagle is a ferocious and elegant bird of prey that has long been seen as a tattoo idea communicating nobility, strength, and bravery. The traditional eagle motif often shows the bird as a symbol of masculinity, power, dominance, focus, and strength.

Wherever your blood runs and inspiration lies, the eagle tattoos evoke a universal desire to strive beyond one’s limitations.

Read on for a collection of the top 97+ best eagletattoo ideas. From single feather tattoos to realistic body art and American Traditional icons, you’ll see a blend of cool tattoo subjects featuring the mightiest birds in the sky.

1. Bald Eagle Tattoo

Tattoo Badass Eagle Ideas For Guys

Black Eagle Full Chest Tattoo For Men

Men's Golden Eagle Tattoo


Badass Eagle Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

Badass Eagle Themed Tattoo Design Inspiration

Bald eagle body art is a continually popular American tattoo emblem and often the number two tattoo option to symbolize patriotism and freedom (the American flag tattoos are Number 1).

The iconic bald eagletattoo originated among biker communities, and grew alongside outlaw culture and the Harley Davidson brand. The provocative eaglesymbol is often accompanied by the red, white and blue or stars and stripes of the American flag.

These mascots of the United States also possess spiritual meaning that even predates the country. In Native American culturethe bald eagle is associated with transcendental achievements after death and eternal dominance in other worlds.


2. American Traditional Eagle Tattoos


Bicep American Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Chest Blood Eagle Tattoo For Men With Arrow

Chest Eagle Men's Color Tattoos

Cool Men's Roman Eagle Tattoo

Double Eagle Tattoo For Men

Color Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Birds are a common theme in traditional tattoo design. The traditional style is heavily influenced by American iconography, which means eagles tattoo frequently show up.

Most traditional eagle tattoos show the bird with its wings flung out in flight and its talons stretching out to grasp something.

A large flying eagle looks particularly nice when stretched across the chest or back, but small eagletattoo designs may work elsewhere.

When paired with a snake tattoo, the eaglesymbol may represent the triumph of good over evil. When the traditional eagletattoo is combined with an anchor and a globe, it symbolizes the United States Marine Corp.

3. Eagle Chest Tattoos

Badass Eagle Tattoo For Guys

Chest Bald Eagle Tattoo For Men

Chest Tattoos Of Eagles For Men

Chest Tribal Eagle Tattoos For Men

Eagle Tattoos Designs For Men On Chest

Men's Eagle Feather Tattoo Across Chest

Eagle design works very well for chest tattoo art because a flying eagle with spread wings fits perfectly onto the entire chest.

Many collectors choose to focus on just an eagle headtattoo or swooping bird on one breast panel.

The tattoo style itself can be symmetrical or not depending on what style you want to deploy and whether you want to incorporate other elements – such as an eagle‘s feather, talon, or American flag– or additional symbolic meaning into the tattoo.

4. Polish Eagle Tattoos

Polish Eagle Creative Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo

Shaded With Red Ink Outline Male Polish Eagle Arm Tattoos

American Flag With Polish Eagle Mens Arm Tattoo

Cool Polish Eagle Shaded Black And Grey Male Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Polish Flag With Eagle Male Arm Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Flag With Polish Eagle Mens Upper Chest Tattoo Design Inspiration

The Polish Eagletattoo design is a throwback to the founding of Poland as a country and a patriotic tattoo of good fortune.

Legend has it that Lech, a man seeking a homeland for his people, stopped in a field with his troops when a brilliant white eagle began to circle over them. He immediately claimed that spot as his own and thus Poland was born.

The design of the Polish Eagle is an intricate one, and can be a worthy test of a tattoo artist‘s skill with the needle. If you carry Polish blood in your veins, the Polish Eagle is a great birdtattoo choice to show your pride in the motherland.

5. Tribal Eagle Tattoos

Bald Eagle Mens Tribal Forearm Tattoo With Black Ink Design

Circle Mens Tribal Eagle Chest Tattoo

Decorative Tribal Eagle Male Back And Shoulder Tattoos

Gentleman With Manly Tribal Eagle Back Of Leg Tattoo

Haida Tribal Eagle Guys Back Tattoos

Polynesian Tribal Eagle Male Circular Arm Tattoos

A tribaleagletattoo is truly thrilling body art. These spectacularly majestic animals are a tour de force, especially when they are rendered in a strikingly original tribal fashion.

Native American culture attached tremendous significance to all incarnations of eagles – especially the eagle‘s feather – and their likeness was tied to recognizing the absolute peak of one’s own personal power.

Eaglefeathertattoo and the eagle wing also make for popular animal tattoo totems in other tribaltattoo societies as well.

Keen designers and their tattoo artist can also incorporate other symbolism or pair the tribaltattoo design with patriotic or freedom related ink.


6. German Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Mens Eagle With Germany Flag Ripped Skin Tattoo On Forearm

3d Guys Unique German Eagle Tattoo Designs On Arm

Male Upper Arm German Eagle Tattoo Design Ideas

Blackwork Guys German Eagle Full Chest Tattoos

Mens Side Of Leg German Eagle Tattoo Design

Guys German Eagle Foot Tattoo

The German Eagle has gone through many different names through out its time.

It used to be called the Imperial Eagle but is now referred to as the Federal Eagle. The Federal Eagle was adopted back in 1950 and has been a part of German culture ever since, now making it’s way into different patriotic eagletattoo.

The re-introduction of the German Eagle comes with a rich history, and wearing this powerful symbol often shows support for the unification of Germany after its state of disarray before the Berlin wall fell.

7. Mexican Eagle Tattoo

Outer Forearm Mexican Eagle Stone Mens Cool Tattoo Ideas

Mexican Eagle Flag Mens Bicep Tattoos With Ripped Skin Design

Old School Traditional Mexican Eagle Mens Arm Tatto

Colorful Guys Mexican Eagle Sleeve Tattoo

3d Mens Mexican Eagle Tattoo Design On Chest

Old School Mexican Eagle Tattoo Ideas For Guys On Chest

Part of the Mexican coat of arms on the country’s national flag, the Mexican Eagletattoo idea owes its origins to an ancient legend.

Legend has it that the Aztec chief was given a vision from one of the Aztec Gods, Huitzilopochtli. “Find an eagle, clutching a snake in its talon, perched upon a cactus plant,” said Huitzilopochtli. “There, you will build your city.”

When the Aztec people found just such a scene, so it is said, the plant in question was growing from the middle of a lake. Undeterred, the Aztecs built a great city over the surface of the lake itself, including great pyramids and massive temples to honor their Gods.

The eagle remained a vital part of their culture, the traditional eagletattoo a symbol of courage and tenacity, immortalized in the armor worn by the fierce Eagle Warriors.

Today, the Mexican Eagle endures among the modern Aztec descendants, representing tenacity, industry, bravery and ferocity, and is often worn proudly as eagles tattoo by those who seek to embody such qualities themselves.

8. Eagle Back Tattoos

Artistic Mens Eagle Back Tattoos

Black Ink Old School Guys Traditional Back Tattoo Ideas

Eagle With Rabbit Mens Old School Japanese Back Tattoos

Man With Detailed Eagle Landscape Back Tattoo

Memorial Military Bald Eagle Back Tattoos For Guys

Mens Flying Realistic 3d Bald Eagle Tattoo Design On Back

An amazing power and strength is displayed by beautiful eagletattoo design.

The eagle‘s admirable form is unrivaled and distinctive. This glorious bird – the eagle head, the eagle‘s feather, and eagleeyetattoo as well – symbolizes power and dominance due to its natural character, might, and survival instincts.

Eagle back designs – whether a realistic tattoo or more abstract style – can also symbolize grace, force, and pureness of spirit. Drawn on the back, it’s as if the eagle design has room to fly high and survey all that is beneath it.

9. Eagle Head Tattoo

Eagle And American Flag Tattoo For Men

Cool Men's Eagle Upper Arm Tattoo

Cool Eagle Tattoos For Men With Eyeball

Color Eagle Arrows Leg Tattoos For Gentlemen

Blue Guy's Eagle Tattoo On Shoulder

Eagle Feather Tattoos For Men On Arms


10. Neo Traditional Eagle Tattoo Meaning 

Back Traditional Eagle Tattoo For Men

Bald Eagle Tattoos For Men

Manly Eagles Tattoos For Men With Ocean Waves

Men's Eagle And Flag Tattoo

Small Manly Eagle Scout Tattoos For Men

Badass Eagle Male Tattoos


11. Bald Eagle and American Flag Tattoos

Badass Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Male Badass Eagle Themed Tattoos

American Eagle Tattoo For Men On Hands

Guys Badass Eagle Tattoo Design Ideas

Badass Eagle Tattoo For Men

Guys Cool Badass Eagle Tattoo Ideas


12. Eye of Providence & Eagle Tattoos 

Mens Tattoo Designs Badass Eagle Themed

Mens Tattoos Badass Eagle

Men's Eagle Chest Tattoos With Pyramid

Eagle Wing Tattoos For Men


13. Eagle Realistic Tattoo

Mens Badass Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Manly Badass Eagle Tattoos For Males

Tattoo Ideas Badass Eagle

Guys Badass Eagle Tattoos

Male Badass Eagle Themed Tattoo Inspiration

Badass Eagle Tattoos For Gentlemen


14. Upper Arm Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Creative Badass Eagle Tattoos For Guys

Badass Eagle Tattoo On Man

Excellent Guys Badass Eagle Tattoos

Upper Arm Flying Eagle Tattoo For Men

Red Flower Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Small Simple Eagle Men's Tattoo


15. Forearm Eagle Tattoos

German Eagle Tattoos For Men

Forearm Eagle Men's Tattoo Design

Forearm Bald Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Eagle Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Badass Eagle Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Guy With Badass Eagle Tattoo


16. Technical Eagle Tattoos

Badass Eagle Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tattoo Designs Badass Eagle

Male Tattoo Ideas Badass Eagle Themed

Badass Eagle Tattoo Designs On Men

Awesome Badass Eagle Tattoos For Men

Polish Eagle Tattoo For MEn

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Eagle tattoos are gorgeous ideas. Are you a fan of bird tattoos in general? This article will shed some light upon these phenomenal animals. Keep on reading and find your inspiration down below, ideal for guys and girls who can’t wait to decorate their skin with some phenomenal bird ideas.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo

What Does An Eagle Tattoo Symbolize?

Eagles are gorgeous birds that show power through their spirit. They symbolize freedom and courage to look ahead. This bird stands for honesty and truthful principles, and is popular for those who wish to come off as powerful & determined individuals.

Where Is The Best Placement For An Eagle Tattoo?

Your new eagle tattoo will look the best once placed somewhere visible. You should consider the following options:

What Does A Different Color Symbolize?

Different colored eagles will have a different meaning to them. This is because each color has a passionate meaning & explanation to it. The most common color ideas are:

  • Red stands for passion, power, and love.
  • Blue stands for loyalty and positivity.
  • Green stands for change & symbolizes your love of nature.
  • Yellow is a color of good luck & wealth.
  • Brown is a color of purity & new growth.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Bird Tattoo Ideas?

You can always get a bird tattoo placed over your skin. You should know that different birds have different characteristics and meanings next to them. Some of the most popular ideas are:

  • Eagle stands for freedom and independence.
  • Phoenix is a bird that represents renewed life.
  • A raven represents communication, guidance, and wisdom.
  • Owls are a symbol of knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom.
  • Doves are a symbol of peacemaking.
  • The condor is symbolic of leadership, wisdom, justice, and goodness.
  • Flamingos are a symbol of balance, grace, and beauty.
  • Hummingbirds symbolize love, joy, and good luck.

6 Eagle Tattoos For Women

1. Eagle Tattoo Images Over Thigh

Eagle Tattoo Images Over Thigh

Thigh tattoos are usually worn by women who have gorgeous body shapes and feminine curves. This eagle tattoo is a masterpiece that you will enjoy if you are a lady in your young 20s or 30s.

It stands for purity, your spirit that loves to explore, as well as your divine & attractive personality. Perfect for fierce and strong individuals.

2. Eagle Tattoo Designs Floral Inspired

Eagle Tattoo Designs Floral Inspired

Are you a bird lover? Do you want to show off a gorgeous bird-inspired option? This one is ideal for those who love nature, animals, as well as colorful or floral elements. If you’re someone who has a dominant side you will enjoy this playful design.

This bird tattoo stands for peace and travel opportunities. You can feel as free as an eagle but also look tough at all times.

3. Eagle Tattoo On Back

Eagle Tattoo On Back

Do you enjoy larger back tattoos? Are you someone who knows how to rock dramatic prints? If you’re a fan of large tattoos this one will suit you. Ideal for women who know how to style and wear their feminine and loud ideas.

It stands for your chic personality and your powerful forceful self, ideal for those who are constantly growing and exploring the beauties of the life!

4. Eagle Tattoo On Arm Black Design

Eagle Tattoo On Arm Black Design

This eagle tattoo is a detailed and precise piece, ideal for women who wish to stand out when it comes to their tattoo selection. It is a black and white tattoo that has that side and an artsy vibe to it.

This tattoo represents your perfectionist side, as well as your need for order and precision. If you’re a detail-oriented individual this art will suit you.

5. Eagle Forearm Tattoo

Eagle Forearm Tattoo

Another forearm tattoo that you will enjoy if you’re into visible and proper placements. Women who wish to rock a fierce and bold eagle will enjoy this idea.

This eagle stands for your freedom and your inner feelings, as well as ambition. Anyone who is a fan of coop ideas will want to rock something like this over their arm or forearm.

6. Back Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Back Eagle Tattoo Ideas

How about this back design idea? It is a must for powerful women or those who crave attention, as well as perfection. This is a geometrical and symmetrical tattoo that looks divine over your back, phenomenal for enthusiasts.

This tattoo is for girls or women who believe in destiny and rightful and pleasant instincts. If you’re someone who knows how to get things your way this image will show that off.

6 Arm Eagle Tattoos

1. Eagle Tattoo Traditional Black Idea

Eagle Tattoo Traditional Black Idea

Are you someone who enjoys true artwork? How about precise and outstanding tattoos? A lot of men love to rock black and white tattoos, how about you? This piece is unique thanks to its colored eyes and a pop of orange hue, ideal for minimalists!

Orange is a color of power and new beginnings. If you feel like a strong-willed and minded person who knows how to achieve their personal goals you can show it off with this arm design.

2. American Eagle Tattoo Arm Idea

American Eagle Tattoo Arm Idea

How about a pop of color when it comes to your eagle tattoos? This one is unique in its own way and is a symbol of fierceness, as well as eagerness to succeed. You will enjoy it if you’re someone who stands out or at least loves to stand out from the rest.

Red is a fiery color that symbolizes your determined will and passion. If you’re someone who wants to embrace positive feelings and show everyone how far you’ve come in life, you can do it with this tattoo!

3. Eagle Tattoo On Arm Masculine Idea

Eagle Tattoo On Arm Masculine Idea

This is an eagle-grabbing tattoo that is playful and ubiquitous in its own way. If you’re someone who is into artsy tattoos, as well as those that symbolize deeper things, you will enjoy this one.

This tattoo stands for your personality and how it is always seeking more things in its spare time. If you’re someone who is always trying to catch their prey, show it off with this unique idea.

4. Colorful Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Colorful Eagle Tattoo Ideas

Do you enjoy darker, colorful, as well as more mystical tattoos? This one is for true lovers of dynamic and showy ideas. If you’re someone who has a different personality and you love to come off as loud and unique you can show all of that with this print.

Green stands for discoveries and a fun adventure. If you’re someone who has a strong mind and a powerful will that you wish to show off to the world just know that this image is ideal for your personality.

5. Black German Eagle Tattoo

Black German Eagle Tattoo

This eagle is inspired by the mysterious and warrior-like events that are around us. If you are someone who has a dominant side and you’re always trying to out smarten the system, this tattoo screams your name!

It represents and stands for a war that is in all of us. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind the ups and downs that we all have in life, yet you know how to face them – show your intentions with this eagle design.

6. Eagle Tattoo On Arm Red & Black

Eagle Tattoo On Arm Red & Black

This bright red and black forearm tattoo is for warriors, as well as guys who live for dominant ink. If you’re someone who has a lot of respect and you are a charismatic character, let that show with this image!

This tattoo will represent your fighter side. It will let everyone know that you’re a powerful and free-minded character who doesn’t know when to stop.

6 Chest Eagle Tattoos

1. Eagle Tattoo Chest Black Image

Eagle Tattoo Chest Black Image

How about you consider a chest tattoo? Guys usually prefer and love this placement since it is masculine and perfect for those who wish to stand out.

Go for your favorite Latin saying along with this image. It will show everything that you need it to show and it will stand for your outstanding presence. Your favorite saying can say a lot about you, as well as your approach to life.

2. Masculine Eagle Tattoo Over Chest

Masculine Eagle Tattoo Over Chest

Do you enjoy tribal tattoos and dramatic pieces? How about tribal eagle prints? A lot of men who have a mysterious and warrior side to them will appreciate this or a similar tattoo. It is perfect for masculine and determined guys as well.

It stands for your constant growth and your new discoveries. If you’re fierce you can even show it with your tattoo. This one is not a time-consuming piece, which is great as well as easy to wear.

3. Chest & Stomach Eagle Tattoo Images

Chest & Stomach Eagle Tattoo Images

Stomach tattoos are quite painful, unfortunately. However, these are popular among men who have a lot of courage to pull them off. Are you someone who knows how to slay colorful and dramatic ink? Only some dare to wear this print.

This is an eagle as well as a snake – all in one. It represents and stands for your constant chase. Aren’t we all trying to figure some things out on our own? If this does sound like your struggle you will want to show it with this ink.

4. Chest Eagle Tattoo Black, Red & Yellow Idea

Chest Eagle Tattoo Black, Red & Yellow Idea

This chest and neck tattoo is one of a kind. Guys who have a masculine body and those who are not afraid of showing their figurine will want something similar to this. It is loud, bright, colorful, as well as vivid!

Eagles represent your eye for details, as well as your will and your boldness. Colorful ink ideas stand for outstanding moves as well as loud personalities. If you’re someone who is a party person and you crave attention this tattoo will show it.

5. Large & Colorful Eagle Chest Tattoo

Large & Colorful Eagle Chest Tattoo

Bold and colorful tattoos such as this one are ideal for guys who work out and who are not afraid of attention, as well as all the little details. This idea is perfect for anyone who is a fan of tribal prints.

Make sure that you have enough time to get something similar tattooed on top. This idea takes 6+ hours, and the tattoo itself is colorful and ravishing. The snake print shows that there is always a pray nearby, yet that you probably know how to eliminate it.

6. Chest & Shoulder Chest Black Eagle Ink

Chest & Shoulder Chest Black Eagle Ink

This half chest and half collarbone tattoo idea is a sign of power and originality. Guys who have a fierce side to them usually get prints such as this one on top of their skin.

This eagle is ready to tackle and take down an enemy and any prey. It stands for pure skills and obedience that you should show.

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6 Eagle Tattoos For Men

1. Eagle Tattoo On Neck Black Idea

Eagle Tattoo On Neck Black Idea

Eagle tattoos usually look great and feisty over the neck. This print is a unique and one-of-a-kind tattoo. Those who love and crave attention should rock this print.

Make sure that you are not over-sensitive. Neck tattoos are pretty painful and uncomfortable to go for. This one will tell that you’re capable of handling any type of pain, so why not give it a go?

2. Black Tattoo Neck Idea

Black Tattoo Neck Idea

Black and white eagle tattoos can look peaceful. If you’re someone who appreciates beauty, art, and divine tattoos – go with this eagle. It is a retro and funky choice that you will appreciate over your visible and showy parts.

Eagles stand for truth and upper meaning, as well as trustful principles. This one will say that you’re someone who knows how to obey the rules and have fun on your own terms.

3. Eagle Tattoo Designs On Side Stomach

Eagle Tattoo Designs On Side Stomach

Side chest tattoos are quite unique yet painful. This image will take you over 6 hours to achieve. If you’re someone who knows how to rock bolder and bigger tattoos, this one will come in handy!

Eagles stand for finding your peace and inner self. If you have never had a dull moment and you’re someone who knows how to get and achieve your goals you can style this dramatic tattoo.

4. Eagle Shoulder Tattoo Black Ink Image

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo Black Ink Image

You can go for a shoulder tattoo and decorate it with some numbers. This way, it will resemble a clock. Are you as strict and punctual as an eagle?

Tattoos can stand for your deep inner feelings and thoughts. You will look like a fighter who values your own time with this image.

5. Polish Eagle Tattoo Over Back

Polish Eagle Tattoo Over Back

Giant back tattoos usually look the best on men who are not afraid of the tattooing process. Are you someone who knows how to rock giant and bold pieces?

This back inspo tattoo can tell a great story. You can decorate it however you want as time goes on. You will enjoy the fact that it can be customized and decorated however you like.

6. Eagle Tribal Tattoo Colorful Design

Eagle Tribal Tattoo Colorful Design

Do you enjoy tribal colorful tattoos? Are you someone who knows and enjoys rocking larger and vivid ideas? This is a 3-6 hour tattoo job, so make sure that you book a tattoo artist who is known for his or her professional approach.

Different colors will stand for different emotions that you can feel. Go for a color pattern that represents your personality, as well as your deeper feelings.

6 Black & White Eagle Tattoos

1. Eagle Tattoo On Arm Black Tattoo Inspo

Eagle Tattoo On Arm Black Tattoo Inspo

Sometimes, some tattoos can take time to get just right. This one is one of those! If you are a fan of colorless yet detailed ideas you can enjoy this forearm piece. It is a time-consuming idea, yet a gorgeous tattoo for people who love to stand out.

Are there layers to you? Well, every person is unique in its own way. You can show how far you’ve come and your journey with this bold black eagle.

2. Eagle Tattoo Designs Forest Inspired Idea

Eagle Tattoo Designs Forest Inspired Idea

Not a lot of tattoo artist can do this shaded idea. Make sure that you find the one that is known for their approach & unique ideas. Once you put your mind to it and if you feel brave enough just know that this ink will take you 6+ hours to tattoo.

It stands for your never-ending journey, as well as the path that you’re willing to take. If you’re struggling finding your purpose and you’re always growing while not show it off with this tattoo?

3. Detailed Tattoo Eagle Image

Detailed Tattoo Eagle Image

This eagle is kind of sad, but it is a masterpiece! Are you into unique and original tattoos? Not everyone can pull off this image, but do you dare?!

The tattoo stands for your sadness (which is in all of us). However, just like an eagle, you’re capable of overcoming it!

4. Men Inspired Eagle Tattoos

Men Inspired Eagle Tattoos

Well-faded and ombre tattoos are usually worn by those who prefer slick images. This is a harder piece to rock, so make sure that you’re wild enough to go for it.

The tattoo in itself symbolizes hard times, will, as well as your ups & downs. Show that you’re capable of overcoming it all with this black tattoo inspo.

5. Faded Eagle Tattoo Design

Faded Eagle Tattoo Design

This black ink might suit women a bit better than men. A lot of girls love & prefer smaller & perfectly shaded images. It will take you around 4-5 hours to end up with this symbol.

It stands and symbolizes persistence, power, and trials and errors. If you’re someone who knows how to get what you want and in your own approach you can get this image.

6. Eagle Feather Tattoo Over Ankle

Eagle Feather Tattoo Over Ankle

Last, but definitely not least, are you in the mood for an ankle tattoo? The placement itself is quite common, especially among women! Show off this beauty in your favorite sneakers, and go for this tattoo if you love hidden placements.

Your passion is flying and exploring? Your eagle tattoo can say that about you. It is ideal for adventurous individuals, that’s for sure!

Ready For Your Eagle Tattoo?

Are you ready to rock your new & favorite eagle tattoo? Which design is your favorite out of these 30 options? Eagle tattoos will suit men & women, let us know which one is your top-choice when it comes to these tattoos.

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111 Incredible Eagle Tattoo Ideas That Are Soaring High

While others hang their art or paint murals, some of us love to keep the art close to us – very close that we would want to wear it permanently. Tattoos are both fun and exciting. There are so many designs that you can choose from, but it is important that you get the design that describes you in any way. So, if you are looking for designs, we collected gorgeous eagle tattoo ideas that you can get inspiration from.

Whether it’s your very first tattoo or you are getting more, eagle tattoos would be your perfect inspiration. Ambitious and fearless, eagles always soar high, and just like you, they are bold and untamed. If you are the person that perfectly fits this criterion, then the eagle tattoos are best designs that you can count on.

Eagles embody power and resistance. We always see them soaring in national flags, movies, battle symbols and more. Dubbed as the King of the Sky, eagles represent most people’s strength and bravery amidst the struggles and hardships that we deal in our day to day lives.

In ancient times, most kings and leaders made the eagles the symbol of their patriotism and revolution. In the new age, eagles are still soaring high in many different categories, including the entertainment industries. Moreover, in movies and series, the eagle is used to symbolize the endurance of one’s character.

Tattoo artists nowadays have taken a fresh take on eagle tattoos in different variations. This includes tribal, abstract, 3D effect, silhouette, layering, watercolor or inkblots and more. For women, tattooists also have stunning spins on eagle tattoos that would almost make us feel they’re real.

So, if you are now itching you get inked, these eagle tattoo ideas are absolutely best considered.

Check these out.


Prepare your body and skin for a tattoo session

So, you have decided to get inked after seeing some of these eagle tattoo ideas. That’s great! But you will need to keep these tips in mind before scheduling an appointment with your tattoo artist.

Getting a tattoo isn’t something that you can just shy off when the day comes that you don’t feel like having it. You should always remember that it’s a permanent ink that stays with you wherever you go. It’s a lifetime commitment, so you need to ensure that you are ready for it.

Before getting a tattoo, ensure that you check these tips:
  • Drink lots of fluid. When you are hydrated enough, it will make the tattoo application easier as your skin is subtler to penetrate with the ink. Hydrate yourself at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Drink eight glasses of water or even more than that.
  • Don’t consume alcoholic beverages or take aspirin. Doing this will make your blood go thin, which means that you will bleed a lot during your tattoo session. Both alcohol and aspirin are blood thinning. Avoid them 24 hours before the session.
  • Use comfortable clothes. Regardless of the size of your tattoo, you will be sitting in for a few hours to get your ink done. So, it’s important that you are comfortable with what you wear. Additionally, you will need to wear something that will give the artist easy access to the part of your body where the tattoo would be inked.
  • Eat enough before the tattoo session. You don’t want to pass out during the session, so it’s important that you eat well beforehand. It’s painful to get inked so you should have enough strength for it. Try not to eat meals with too much sugar. Instead, eat meals that are high in protein to give you greater stamina. Also, bring snacks with you just in case.
  • Moisturize your skin. While there is nothing really special when you get a tattoo, normal skin moisturizing is important when you decide to get a tattoo. Avoid sunburn before your session and use sunscreen whenever you are exposed to the sun. Try not to shave the part where the tattoo needs to be inked. Your artist will do that on the day of your appointment to avoid skin irritation.

As soon as you decide to get an eagle tattoo, you should think about the exact design that you would want for it. The world will stare at you with your ink, so it’s important that you have the best design. Be creative and let your imagination do the works.

There are so many designs available out there that you can choose from, but to help you with that, these eagle tattoo ideas are made to perfection.

  • Black abstract eagle silhouette
  • Tribal thunderbird
  • Dominating eagle ready for flight
  • Symbiosis and silhouette
  • Traditional southern mini thunderbird
  • Geometric uncaged eagle
  • Simple abstract eagle
  • Native American eagle style
  • Classic sailor eagle embellished with the American flag
  • Concealed thunderbird
  • Mirrored eagle
  • Detailed lined eagle
  • Sketched and shaded eagle
  • White accented eagle
  • Multi-patterned eagle
  • Tribal style eagle
  • Realistic eagle feathers
  • Black thunderbird band
  • Layered clock, pyramid, and eagle tattoo
  • Double-headed eagle with an eye in the middle
  • Classic eagle outline with American Navy Sailors images
  • Simple flying thunderbird
  • Celtic symbol crow
  • Solemn flying eagle
  • Rich black silhouette eagle
  • Color palette eagle with life-like images
  • Albanian mythology-inspired eagle tattoo
  • Gray, black, red, and white palette eagle
  • Explosive colors of an eagle tattoo and geometric patterns
  • Black splattered ink eagle silhouette
  • Philadelphia Eagles football team eagle logo tattoo
  • Eagle tattoo bearing wheat sprouts
  • USA flag-inspired eagle tattoo
  • Geometric clashing eagles
  • Shaded Native American style eagle tattoo
  • Minimalist eagle
  • Aggressive black eagle tattoo
  • Native American dream catcher and eagle combo
  • Red and black inkblot eagle
  • Feminine image of a robin
  • Small black eagle wrist tattoo
  • Totem in Native American culture
  • Cubed and digitized eagle
  • Pencil-sketched eagle
  • Traditional snake and eagle combo
  • Accentuating eagle tattoo on the rib cage
  • Evident Native American eagle tattoo
  • Full-back tribal eagle
  • Eagle with an hourglass in color palette

How to care for your tattoo

After countless pains you’ve been through, you have finally inked an eagle into your skin. It’s yours forever and if you are careful about it, the color will definitely last a lifetime.

Caring for your tattoo is important, but this is not just about it. It’s also about your skin that you also need to care to avoid irritation and infection. As soon as the needle inserts the ink into your skin, you leave yourself susceptible to infection that can put your health in danger.

Thus, it is important that you and your artist both know the rules to maintain your tattoo. Upon checking these eagle tattoo ideas, you must be thinking by now how to care for your tattoo as soon as you have it.

Check out these tips and tricks to care for your tattoo:
  • Your artist should apply an ointment after the tattoo is done. This will help soothe the pain as well as to help it heal faster. A bandage will also be wrapped on the tattoo to keep the germs at bay and to avoid your clothing to rub into the tattoo.
  • Leave the bandage on for a few hours. This will help keep the ointment soak up into the tattoo.
  • Take off the bandage after a few hours. Wash your tattoo with mild soap and water after taking the bandage off. Ensure that your hands are clean and free from dirt.
  • Pat the tattoo dry. Using a soft and clean cloth, pat dry your tattoo and apply the ointment that your tattoo artist gave you. Don’t put the bandage back and let your skin breathe.
  • Always wear clothing that protects your tattoo from the sun. Whenever you need to go out, don’t expose your tattoo to the heat of the sun while it’s in the process of healing.
  • Speak with a doctor or your tattoo artist when infection arises. If you notice skin issues after the tattoo is done, immediately call your tattoo artist or a dermatologist to seek help.
  • Do not apply sunblock on your tattoo while it’s healing. There is a chance that the ingredients that the sunscreen contains will irritate your skin.
  • Never pick or scratch your tattoo. It will heal itself and peel off when it’s time. Apply an ointment during those times to lessen the itchiness.
  • Do not wear tight clothing surrounding your tattoo. It might rub your tattoo hard that can lead to irritation and infection.
  • Never go swimming or soak up in the pool or beach while it’s healing. Your tattoo isn’t completely healed and it’s still vulnerable.

Best tattoo aftercare products

Tattoos are more than just a piece of art. They represent yourself as a warrior – cast-ironed with life’s challenges and struggles. This is why it’s important that you carefully choose a design that describes yourself. These eagle tattoo ideas are the perfect representation of one’s gallantry, formed into one unique artistry.

As such, you are required to keep your tattoo safe from any infection. You will also need to get the right tattoo aftercare products to heal faster. We have researched a few products that can help you with maintaining your tattoo.

  • Use mild soaps or fragrance-free soaps to wash your tattoo. There are also specially formulated cleanser for tattoos that your tattoo artist can recommend. Dove, Neutrogena, and Dial are among the best soaps that you can use. For the first two days, an ointment like Aquaphor and A&D will help your tattoo heal. Don’t apply too much ointment so your skin can breathe enough.
  • Use regular skin moisturizer after two days. Just ensure that the moisturizers are fragrance-free such as Lubriderm, Aveeno, Curel, and Eucerin. These products don’t contain additives that can dry out your skin.
  • Check with your dermatologist before using any other products. In some cultures, coconut oil can reportedly add shine to the tattoo and help it moisturized. It will also help protect from irritation and infection. However, there is no scientific basis on this one yet. So, it’s important that you see your doctor first before using it.

There is a wide array of tattoo aftercare products that you can see at the stores or even online. What you need to do is to make it certain that the products don’t contain additives and are fragrance-free.

Keep scrolling to see more of our eagle tattoo ideas below.

Long-term tattoo aftercare tips and guidelines

Any of these eagle tattoo ideas that you might be thinking to get requires your utmost care and maintenance. Wherever part of your body you may want to place your eagle tattoo. May it be on your thigh, on your forearm, on your hand, or anywhere else, caring for your tattoo is crucial.

  • Keep your tattoo clean and regularly washed.
  • You should always stay hydrated to keep your skin moisturized. Drink plenty of water daily.
  • Mind your clothing. You should wear clothing that protects your skin from the sun to avoid fading your tattoo. Try not to wear abrasive clothing like a wool fabric to avoid damaging your ink.
  • Try not to lose or gain weight excessively. This can leave your tattoo distorted that you may need retouching with your tattoo artist.
  • Take cool showers as much as possible so your tattoo won’t fade quickly.

Scarring is caused by picking or scratching your tattoo, which can be permanent when it’s healed. Itching is normal while your tattoo is in the process of healing but never scratch it. This may cause redness and irritation, which can later cause infection.

You should get a licensed tattoo artist to ensure your safety. Your artist’s equipment must be clean and free from dirt to avoid infection. It must be disinfected to avoid any transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, or any nontuberculous mycobacterial skin infections.

There are, however, side effects and some complications after getting your tattoo. This may include soreness, redness, and itchiness, which is normal for the first few days. Should other serious skin problems arise, you should see a doctor for immediate medical assistance.

More tips and tricks to care for your tattoo

As soon as your tattoo is done, you will notice your tattoo discharging fluids, which is normal. These are usually the blood plasma and some ink that was used on your tattoo. Your tattoo will also appear red and feel sore during the first few days.

It’s also a little warm to touch and this is normal too. You should always wash your hands and ensure that it’s clean before washing your tattoo. Do not put the bandage back on to give your tattoo the time to breathe. While washing your tattoo, you may also notice some ink being washed down the drain. But there’s nothing to worry about this. It’s just extra ink from the tattoo.

In two to three days, you will see some scabs building up on your tattoo and it might look cloudy and dull. Make sure that you wash your tattoo twice a day using mild soap and moisturizer. These products should not contain alcohol or any additives.

On the fourth to the sixth day, you will see that there’s a little to no redness at all and there might be scabs starting to show up. Just keep your tattoo clean and apply moisturizer. In six to twelve days, the scabbing will go bigger, which will peel off naturally. If your tattoo gets really itchy, continue applying a moisturizer. If it’s still swollen, you must go back to your artist or go straight to a dermatologist.

From day fifteen to thirty, the big scabs and flakes should now be going away. There might be some dead skin on it, but you can still apply a moisturizer to keep it hydrated.

It may take three to four months for your tattoo to completely heal. You should now see a vibrant tattoo as planned.

See the beauty of an eagle tattoo

Seeing these eagle tattoo ideas are definitely making us want to speak with a tattoo artist and schedule an appointment. An eagle is an ultimate symbol of how might a person can be with this design. Its beauty and elegance are huge that anyone would love to have.

Getting a tattoo is a commitment. While you can have this removed when you no longer want it, the process can be more painful than getting the tattoo done on your skin. This is why it’s important that you think of a great design before scheduling an appointment as you will be wearing the tattoo for the rest of your life.

It might be painful during the tattoo session. I have been there, but the outcome is worth the pain, especially when you are determined to get inked.

Like the King in the Sky, you can also soar high through an eagle tattoo that you can place on any part of your body. We still have a lot of eagle tattoo ideas in this collection. Keep scrolling below for more inspiration.

Which of these eagle tattoo ideas that you like the most? Are you already planning to get one? Tell us more about it in the comments below!

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