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Monster Hunter World Guide - The Best Gunlance Build For Beginners

We’re back with another Monster Hunter World beginner build guide, where we take your weapons of choice and turn them into absolute monster-killing machines at the beginning of endgame, where the best equipment and weapons lie. This time around we’re taking a look at the Lance’s more explosive brother, the Gunlance. Compared to other weapons in the game, building and working towards a powerful Gunlance set may feel a bit weaker overall, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth playing – the Gunlance is an absolute blast (pun intended) to play, especially once you get to capitalizing on its unique strengths and what it can bring to the table.

The Gunlance can be played in a variety of different ways, but for starters looking to get acquainted with the weapon’s many kinks and nuances, I suggest going with a non-shelling build rather than going with any of the three available shelling styles (burst, charged and uncharged). This helps you get a feel for how the weapon works before moving onto what play style you’re going for – this build offers the same versatility, just focusing on pure physical damage with a bit of shelling damage to get you started on how you’ll handle the Gunlance.

Best Beginner Gunlance Build (Non-Shelling)

  • Weapon – Bazel Buster II
  • Helm – Rathalos Helm beta
  • Mail – Rathalos Mail beta
  • Vambraces – Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Coil – Nergigante Coil beta
  • Greaves – Dodogama Greaves beta
  • Charm – Artillery Charm III

Since you won’t be relying much on your shelling, it’s good to stack up on some elemental damage with the Critical Element skill, which you get from the Rathalos pieces. Getting the Helm will also net you a hefty +2 for Attack in addition to the +2 more on the Nergigante Coil, plus from the free Attack Jewel. All in all, you get Attack Boost +5, which is more than enough for you to get some additional affinity. The Dodogama piece is integral for the Capacity Boost, while getting an Artillery Charm should still provide your shelling attacks with some power despite the build not rotating around any specific one. The end goal is for you to find out which particular weapon and shelling type you’re going to build towards, and expect a guide from us in the future that details more on that.

In the meantime, check out these other guides from us detailing fantastic starter builds for the Bow, Charge Blade, Long Sword, Switch Axe, Lance, and Sword and Shield.

Monster Hunter World is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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MHW Iceborne Best Gunlance Builds [Top 5]

The boomstick of Iceborne is one of the most complex and varied weapons in the game. Finding the right style for you will be just as important as the build. 

Unlike other weapons, this weapon has 3 different ways of playing it: Burst Swinglance, Wide Poke Shell, and Long Chargeshell. 

If you want more information on these styles, then please visit this video. Be aware however, it’s a bit outdated. Iceborne has buffed Gunlance by adding Shelling Level 6 (7 for Normal), Artillery level 5, and buffed damage mods on Normal and Long shelling. Yes, Long Shelling was awful in base game, but damn is it good in Iceborne.

If you want to know more, then read on to the top 5 Gunlance Builds!

Disclaimer: With the release of Safi’ Jiiva, there are a bunch of new builds coming out that will be more streamlined versions of the builds covered in this article. While these builds are being refined and will be covered in another article, I’ve decided to focus on the builds that don’t use Safi weapons just yet.

5. Infinite Burst

MHWI: Gunlance Build - RE:Burst (infinite burst combos with 800 - 1000 damage each)

I like to start these lists off with off-meta, comfy builds since not everyone wants to run with damage heavy builds. 

This first build is a mix between some comfort skills like Divine Blessing, Recovery Up, and Partbreaker, with some traditional Gunlance damage skills like Artillery 5 and Capacity Boost.

What's Awesome About Infinite Burst

  • Despite the comfort skills, it’s still very damaging thanks to Artillery.
  • A build that focuses on bursts for most of its damage
  • Plenty of survivability if you need it.

Build Details

  • Stygian Gunlance brings Normal Level 7 which enables some disgustingly high burst damage.
  • For shelling heavy builds, it’s usually advised to eat for Felyne Bombadier, which will further increase your damage. 
  • You want to aim for Wyrmstake Blast with each of your burst hits. Wyrmstake Blast will trigger for each exploded shell, and burst will make it trigger multiple times in one swing. 
  • With partbreaker in the build and increased shelling damage, you can break parts pretty easily with this build, which can help all of your farming runs.
  • Every build on this list will be running either Evade up or Evade Distance up. The reason for this is, unlike the Lance, you can’t cancel any of your animations into a block. Instead, you want to dodge more often than you want to guard since this will also reposition you to your Wyrmstake Blast and avoid damage.

4. Healing and Tanky Rajang Gunlance

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Great Demon Immortal Gunlance build Wide Lv 6 shelling

If you’re looking for even more comfort then I have just the build for you. 

This build is great since it focuses on just survival. If you wanted to get a feel for positioning and playing as a Gunlance, then this is a great build to get yourself started with. Since it also uses Wide instead of Burst, you’ll have less animation commitment in your attacks than any of the burst builds which in turn gives you more chances to dodge/guard.

If you’re looking for more optimized Gunlance builds for damage, then stay tuned since this will be the last comfort build on this list.

What's Awesome About Healing and Tanky Rajang Gunlance

  • Survival focused Wide-shelling.
  • Lots of healing, you can recover from any mistakes by just attacking/shelling.
  • Lots of defensive mechanics, while evade up and guard/guard up are a bit redundant, they can at least help you understand what defensive abilities the Gunlance has.
  • This build focuses on shelling to deal most of its damage. This can be pretty nice since it will trigger Wyrmstake Blast, and has no chance of bouncing off a monster.

Build Details

  • Vaal Hazaak’s set bonus paired with a healing augment will keep you alive through practically any mistake. 
  • Earplugs, Evade up, and Guard are all used to ignore screams. Most Gunlance builds will use Earplugs since they want to keep swinging, but it’s not a bad idea to use Evade up as a way to get around most screams if you plan on using more shelling builds.
  • Medicine affects how much health you get back from your health augment. 
  • Artillery 5 is important since it brings your shelling damage up to competitive levels. 
  • Since this build runs so many comfort abilities, you can easily change out some comfort abilities for more damage. A good skill that can make the most of your constant HP gain is Peak Performance which will increase your damage when you’re at full health.

3. Long Deathlance Vaal

《MHW Iceborne》銃槍 單挑 金獅子!!Gunlance solo Rajang

Our first damage build (and speedrun) will feature a Long shelling lance. If you played the base game, then you know that Long shelling used to be terrible. With the many buffs it received in Iceborne however, Long shelling has become one of the competitive forms of damage for Gunlances. 

Long lances are known for spending the entire hunt shelling the monster to death. You want to position yourself so you can reach the Wyrmstake Blast, and then unload full charged shells.

Since you’re focusing on shelling, it’s much easier to hit monsters in places where other weapons will either have no range or just bounce. This means, right next to Wide shelling, you will have a pretty consistent amount of uptime on your damage compared to the other styles of Gunlancing.

What's Awesome About Long Deathlance Vaal

  • Long builds focus on shelling and just shelling. If you like mashing out explosions, then this build is for you.
  • Wyrmstake Blast will help make up a large chunk of your damage. While all Gunlance builds benefit from Wyrmstake Blast, Long benefits from both the increased damage and the ease it has with activating it. 
  • Of the damage heavy builds, this build can be pretty comfy since you are shelling from pretty safe distances.

Build Details

  • Unlike other builds, Long shelling builds rely on Focus since it decreases the amount of time it takes to charge up each shell. 
  • You want to shell as much as possible. If you do use another move, it should be done so you can go into a quick reload and then continue shelling. 
  • The only skills that will increase shelling damage are Artillery 5, Focus 3, and Capacity up.
  • Evade Distance isn’t as important in this build since you can hold attack and forward so your Hunter does a running lunge, and then cancel that into a charged shot. Since that move exists, you can close distances more comfortably like that than with Wide builds that may want evade distance.

2. Wide Shelling Protective Polish Speed Run

Rajang Wide 6 Gunlance vs Brachydios. Item prolonger build

Wide Shelling plays to the unique strengths brought by the Gunlance. If you like poking and shelling in equal parts, then you want to run with a wide shelling build since it will have you do both in equal parts. 
If you want a damage focused build, then I recommend the Wide build found here.

What's Awesome About Wide Shelling Protective Polish?

  • Protective Polish and Handicraft can help you make the most of your white sharpness
  • Flexible. The build can have some skills swapped out for comfort. You can also switch between poking or shelling depending on which is more effective against the monster you’re hunting.
  • Evade WIndow and Evade Distance work as both defensive actions and additional mobility to help close the gap faster in case the monster gets away from you.

Build Details

  • Item Prolonger extends the effects of Protective Polish by 30 seconds. This means you can use more shelling while this ability is active since you won’t lose sharpness. 
  • Evasion can be useful to keep yourself safe. Since this playstyle relies on low commitment animations, you should have more time to fit in a dodge than the other styles of Gunlance.
  • Rajang’s Gunlance is used here since it has a huge amount of raw. The downside is that the Rajang Gunlance lacks a comfortable amount of sharpness. As a result, it is always recommended to use Handicraft and Protective Polish with this Gunlance to give yourself more breathing room. 
  • As always, Artillery 5 and Capacity up are necessary to almost every Gunlance build you’ll find. Artillery 5 increases the damage of your shells, while Capacity up increases how many shells you have to blast with.
  • Just like with other builds, Earplugs are great since you want to keep attacking and, if you need to avoid a hit, you can just evade instead of blocking. Earplugs also work wonders here since it will give you fewer interruptions when you try to take advantage of Protective Polish.

1. Normal Shelling Optimized Burst Damage

【MHWI】ジンオウガ亜種 0分針 03'33"26 通常Lv7ガンス

This build takes first since it can crank out some of the highest DPS for Gunlances. While the Silver Sol armor pieces are used here to increase the time of Wyrmstake Blast, you can also replace those pieces with Ruiner Nergigante gauntlets and Yian Garuga legs. If you did the latter, then you would increase your overall damage per attack and but have a shorter Wyrmstake Blast. 

As with any speedrunning build, since these builds are so optimized for damage, you can switch out some damage skills for more comfy skills like Divine Protection and Vitality. 

What's Awesome About Normal Optimized Burst Damage?

  • Optimized for high damage
  • One of the better Burst Swing Lance builds
  • This build does best when you get to swing uninterrupted for a long period of time.

Build Details

  • Since this build is looking for ways to keep looping its attacks (so it can get as many Full Bursts as it can), the build in the video runs evasion, earplugs, and Rocksteady Mantle. This way, you’ll have an answer to help you deal with whatever the monster can throw at you.
  • Slinger Capacity adds about 40 seconds to Wyrmstake Blast. While 40 seconds may not sound like much, think of it as 40 more seconds where each burst will deal 20 damage per shell. In effect, this can lead to a large DPS increase.
  • Razor Sharp and Handicraft are great for this and most shelling builds since shelling will eat sharpness extremely quickly. 
  • While the video uses a Stygian Zinogre Gunlance for its Dragon Element, you can replace this Gunlance with a Gunlance that has an element that is strong against whatever you’re hunting against. The bulk of your damage will come from the Full Burst which doesn’t care about elements, but the other parts of the combo also have fantastic motion values that can benefit from elemental damage.   
  • Just like with our first build, the Stygian ZInogre Gunlance is used here because of its Normal Level 7 shelling.

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Gunlance - Best Loadout Build & Skill Guide

Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Gunlance guide on the best loadout & armor build for this weapon. Includes recommended equipment, elements, decorations, skills, & more!!

Safijiiva Weapon Builds

Iceborne: Recommended Builds

Top Recommended Builds

Recommended Skills

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Safijiiva Gunlance Guard & Artillery Build

Safi'Jiiva Blast Gunlance With Mixed Armor Build

Safi's ShatterbusterHealth Regen 2
Defense Up 1
Footing/Evasion Jewel 4
Jumping/Evasion Jewel 4
Zorah Headgear β + Charger/Evasion Jewel 4
Magazine Jewel 2
Artillery Jewel 1
Zorah Hide α +Jumping Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Silver Solbraces β +Charger Jewel 2
Mind's Eye Jewel 2
Damascus Coil β +Artillery Jewel 4
Jumping Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Silver Solgreaves β +Evasion Jewel 4
Shield Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Ironside Charm 5-
Guard Lvl 5Slinger Capacity Lvl 5
Evade Window Lvl 5Artillery Lvl 5
Evade Extender Lvl 3Focus Lvl 3
Health Boost Lvl 3Tremor Resistance Lvl 3
Guard Up Lvl 1Flinch Free Lvl 1
Mind's Eye/Ballistics Lvl 1Capacity Lvl 1
Slinger Ammo Secret (Set Bonus)Artillery Secret (Set Bonus)

Recommended Weapon Skill Awakening

Skill No. Of Frames
Zorah Magdaros Essence 1
Shelling (Wide) 1
Slot Upgrade VI 1
Sharpness Increase V 2

Points of Recommendations

  • Set focuses on increased Guard & Artillery
  • Weapon element can be switched as it doesn't affect Shelling

Safijiiva Gunlance Defensive Build

Safi'Jiiva Blast Gunlance With Zorah Set Bonus

This set is inspired by the armor build originally shared by Rurikhan on Youtube.

Blast Gunlance Defensive Build Details

Safi's VenombusterHealth Regen 2
Element/Status Effect Up 1
Artillery Jewel 4
Zorah Headgear α + Magazine Jewel 2
Shield Jewel 2
Golden Lunemail β +Destroyer/Vitality Jewel 4
Jumping Jewel 2
Artillery Jewel 1
Silver Solbraces β +Destroyer/Vitality Jewel 4
Jumping Jewel 2
Golden Lunecoil β +Destroyer/Vitality Jewel 4
Jumping Jewel 2
Zorah Spurs β +Ironwall Jewel 4
Ironwall Jewel 1
Earplugs Charm 4-
Glider Mantle+Steadfast Jewel 4
Steadfast Jewel 4
Temporal Mantle+Maintenance Jewel 1
Maintenance Jewel 1
Earplugs Lvl 5Artillery Lvl 3
*Lvl 5 with Mantle
Divine Blessing Lvl 3
*Lvl 5 with Mantle
Health Boost Lvl 3
Partbreaker Lvl 3Evade Extender Lvl 3
Guard Lvl 3Slinger Capacity Lvl 3
Guard Up Lvl 1Capacity Boost Lvl 1
Flinch Free Lvl 1Stun Resistance Lvl 3
*With Mantle
Divine Blessing Secret (Set Bonus)Artillery Secret (Set Bonus)

Recommended Weapon Skill Awakening

Skill No. Of Frames
Zorah Magdaros Essence 1
Shelling (Normal) II 1
Sharpness Increase VI 1
Sharpness Increase V 2

Points of Recommendations

  • Build focuses on defense with Divine Blessing, Guard, & Guard Up
  • Adds mobility with Evade Window
  • Has decent ammo capacity with Artillery skills

Recommended Iceborne Starter Gunlance Builds

Jyura Demolisher Build

Jyura Demolisher Build
Jyura DemolisherVitality Jewel 1
Ironwall Jewel 1
Barroth Helm α +Tenderizer Jewel 2
Banbaro Mail α +Tenderizer Jewel 2
Banbaro Vambraces α + Tenderizer Jewel 2
Banbaro Coil α +Expert Jewel 1
Dodogama Greaves β +Expert Jewel II 4
Expert Jewel 1
Handicraft Charm 3-
Critical Eye Lvl 4Guard Lvl 3
Offensive Guard Lvl 3Health Boost Lvl 3
Weakness Exploit Lvl 3Handicraft Lvl 3
Speed Eating Lvl 1Mushroomancer Lvl 1
Capacity Boost Lvl 1Marathon Runner Lvl 1

Points of Recommendations

  • Easily accessible when starting Iceborne
  • Capacity Boost skill from armor
  • Uses both physical and artillery attacks
Check Out All Iceborne Starter Build Guide Here!

Recommended Iceborne Middle Phase Gunlance

Crimson HornetVitality Jewel 1
Nargacuga Helm β+Magazine Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Nargacuga Mail β +Jumping Jewel 2
Uragaan Vambraces β +Jumping Jewel 2
Nargacuga Faulds β +Jumping Jewel 2
Uragaan Greaves β +Evasion Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 2
Artillery Charm III-
Guard Lv4Evade Window Lv4
Evade Extender Lv3Health Boost Lv3
Artillery Lv3Stamina Surge Lv1
Peak Performance Lv1Piercing Shots Lv1
Capacity Boost Lv1Iron Skin Lv1
True Razor Sharp/Spare Shot
(Set Bonus)
Guard Up
(Set Bonus)"}]

Well Guarded Build With Razor Sharp

Equipped with high level desensive skills. Artillery skill & Capacity Boost ensures high DPS as well. Razor Sharp keeps high sharpness which stabilize your hunting life.

Recommended Iceborne Endgame Gunlance

Evasive Charged Shelling Build

gunlance endgame build
Chariot GunEvasion Jewel 2
Zorah Headgear α +Jumping Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Zorah Hide α +Jumping Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Silver Solbraces β + Charger/Medicine Jewel 4
Charger Jewel 2
Zorah Spine α +Jumping Jewel 2
Magazine Jewel 2
Silver Solgreaves β +Charger/Medicine Jewel 4
Mind's Eye Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Evasion Charm IV-
Artillery Secret
(Set Bonus)
Slinger Ammo Secret
(Set Bonus)
Artillery Lv5Slinger Capacity Lv5
Tremor Resistance Lv3Focus Lv3
Evade Window Lv3Evade Extender Lv3
Recovery Up Lv2Capacity Boost Lv1
Flinch Free Lv1Mind's Eye/Ballistics Lv1
Health Boost Lv3-

Can Dodge While Charging

This evasive build matches with wide shelling type since you can dodge while charging.

Good Build For Hunting Rajang

Tremor Resistance makes it easier to fight against Rajang, the newly added monster.

Artillery Focused Build For Gunlance

*Following information are Monster Hunter World's best loadout, not Iceborne.

Artillery Focused Build For Gunlance
Kjarr Buster "Bomber"Health Regen
Attack Jewel 1
Xeno'jiiva Headgear γShield Jewel 2
Ironwall Jewel 1
Ironwall Jewel 1
Drachen Mail αMagazine Jewel 2
Drachen Vambraces αIronwall Jewel 1
Expert Jewel 1
Xeno'jiiva Spine γExpert Jewel 1
Expert Jewel 1
Xeno'jiiva Spurs γArtillery Jewel 1
Artillery Jewel 1
Artillery Jewel 1
Attack Charm III-
Critical Eye Lvl 7Attack Boost Lvl 5
Critical Boost Lvl 3Artillery Lvl 3
Guard Lvl 3Blight Resistance Lvl 2
Guard UpCapacity Boost
Power Prolonger Lvl 1Elemental Airborne
Razor Sharp/Spare ShotCritical Status

Strengthen Explosive Attacks From Shells

This build focuses on the artillery skill to increase the attack power of the Gunlance's explosive shells. It will also lower the cooldown of Wyvern's Fire so you can use it more often!

Physical Damage Build For Gunlance

Physical Damage Build For Gunlance
Taroth Buster PoisonAttack Increase
Handicraft Jewel 3
Drachen Armet αElementaless Jewel 2
Attack Jewel 1
Drachen Mail αTenderizer Jewel 2
Drachen Vambraces αTenderizer Jewel 2
Tenderizer Jewel 2
Kushala Cocoon γIronwall Jewel 1
Ironwall Jewel 1
Drachen Greaves αIronwall Jewel 1
Master's Charm III-
Critical Eye Lvl 7Attack Boost Lvl 4
Critical Boost Lvl 3Weakness Exploit Lvl 3
Handicraft Lvl 3Guard Up Lvl 3
Non-elemental BoostAirborne
Master's TouchElemental Airborne

Focus On Dealing Physical Damage

Despite only having a shelling normal level of 3, the weapon's performance in other aspects is excellent. The build will increase your affinity by 15% and will also provide you with a white sharpness gauge for physical attacks!

Kjarr Buster "Water" Build For Gunlance

Kjarr Buster "Water"Affinity Increase
Kaiser Crown γTenderizer Jewel 2
Tenderizer Jewel 2
Bazel Mail βArtillery Jewel 1
Artillery Jewel 1
Kaiser Vambraces γTenderizer Jewel 2
Vaal Hazak Coil γJumping Jewel 2
Artillery Jewel 1
Ironwall Jewel 1
Kaiser Greaves γJumping Jewel 2
Stream Jewel 1
Flood Charm III-
Critical Eye Lvl 7Attack Boost Lvl 4
Critical Boost Lvl 3Water Attack Lvl 4
Guard Lvl 3Weakness Exploit Lvl 3
Artillery Lvl 3Recovery Speed Lvl 2
Evade Extender Lvl 2Dragon Attack Lvl 1
Master's Touch-

Hunt With Exceptional Elemental Damage

This build specializes in dealing elemental type damage. Especially useful against monsters that are weak against the water element. This loadout will also help your mobility by increasing your evasion distance!

Survival Focused Build For Gunlance

Survival Focus Build For Gunlance
Taroth Buster "Poison"Health Regen
Ironwall Jewel 1
Xeno'jiiva Headgear γShield Jewel 2
Vitality Jewel 1
Vitality Jewel 1
Bazel Mail βVitality Jewel 1
Medicine Jewel 1
Xeno'jiiva Claws γArtillery Jewel 1
Artillery Jewel 1
Artillery Jewel 1
Bazel Coil βMagazine Jewel 2
Kaiser Greaves γMinds' Eye Jewel 2
Medicine Jewel 1
Medicine Jewel 1
Earplugs Charm III-
Earplugs Lvl 5Health Boost Lvl 3
Recovery Up Lvl 3Artillery Lvl 3
Guard Lvl 3Blight Resistance Lvl 2
Power Prolonger Lvl 2Special Ammo Boost Lvl 1
Critical Boost Lvl 1Guard Up
Mind's Eye/BallisticsCapacity Boost
Razor Sharp/Spare Shot-

Heavy Focus On Defense

This skill puts a heavy emphasis on your defense and survivability. Skill such as Health Boost, Recovery Up, Guard, and more were included to ensure that you have enough sustain to take on difficult monsters & outlast them in fights!

Best Skills For Gunlance

Recommended Skills For Attacking

Skill Recommendation / Overview

Essential for Gunlance hunters that increase your firepower. Damage output is different when this skill is not equipped
Attack Boost

As this skill will increase your attack power and affinity rate, it is useful for all weapons
Weakness Exploit

Hitting monster weak spots can do critical hits & increased damage
Critical Eye

Increases you affinity rate
Critical Boost

Strengthens damage of critical hits
Maximum Might

Affinity increases when stamina bar is full
Peak Performance

Attack increases when HP is full
Latent Power

Increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion

Increases attack and affinity rate

Recommended Supporting Skills

Skill Recommendation / Overview
Razor Sharp/Spare Shot

Will lower the rate of Gunlance's fast sharpness loss

Extends the sharpness gauge for your weapon, allowing you to fight for longer
Speed Sharpening

Extremely useful for the Gunlance as the weapon's sharpness decreases quickly
Protective Polish

Will stop the weapon's sharpness from decreasing for a certain time
Guard Up

Will allow you to block normally unguardable attacks

Decreases the impact of attacks and reduces stamina depletion when blocking
Master's Touch

Prevents weapon from losing sharpness when landing critical hits

Will negate both small and large monster roars
Flinch Free

Will prevent knockback and tripping

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Build mhw gunlance

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Wide 7 Gunlance Build Update - Monster Hunter World Iceborne

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