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Vinyl Wrapped Tack Wall Panel

Special Price$500.00Regular Price$1,540.00
• Edge-wrapped tackable panels can be custom-made to fit any space
• Cover an entire wall, floor-to-ceiling
• Ideal for offices, board rooms, conference rooms, etc.
• Includes "J" trim for 4 sides
• Call us for custom sizes and configurations
• Also available in Designer Fabric
• Edge-wrapped tackable panels can be custom-made to fit any space
• Cover an entire wall, floor-to-ceiling
• Ideal for offices, board rooms, conference rooms, etc.
• Includes "J" trim for 4 sides
• Call us for custom sizes and configurations
• Also available in Designer Fabric
Time to Shipment3-5 Weeks
Sliding Panel SizeNo
Illumination and Header OptionsNo
Header OptionsNo
Surface OptionsNo
Frame OptionsNo
Board Size (HxW)No
Must Ship FreightYes
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Turn your walls into a creative, practical, and durable surface with our unique vinyl-wrapped tackboard panels. Our vinyl tackboard panels modernize any space and create a fun, engaging atmosphere. These panels offer businesses and educational institutions a superior wall finishing solution.

Vinyl Tackboard Panels in Schools, Modular Builders, and Private Businesses 

Vinyl tackboard systems repurpose a large amount of wasted space and transform walls into a modern and functional solution. Our boards are durable, easy-to-install or replace, and self-healing. They improve work, learning, and living environments.

Add Style, Improve Functionality, and Reduce Noise

Our tackboard panels also come with the added benefit of being hygienic, fire-resistant, and noise canceling. Our team specifically designed and tested each board with acoustic/tackable performance in mind. This ensures quality, durability, and sustainability.

Save time and costs!

Teachers and students alike prefer the high-tech environment our vinyl wall coverings provide, along with parents who appreciate the sense of warmth and comfort our products add to their walls. The praise doesn’t stop there, with facilities directors appreciating that our vinyl-wrapped boards eliminate the expensive costs and time-consuming labor associated with traditional drywall upkeep/maintenance.

Most importantly, we carefully inspect every panel to ensure the stitching, color, and trim are unvaried because we understand that owners, architects, and designers want a uniform design.

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PVC Wall Panels.

The smart alternative.

Our range of contemporary wall panels are 50% cheaper than ceramic tiles and can transform room in under 25 minutes.

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We only sell luxury high quality PVC wall panels.

High quality, stylish and versatile.

Our panels are designed to create the look and feel of natural marble and stone, brick and timber, providing a striking, seamless finish.

They are an easy-to-clean alternative to paint, wallpaper and tiles that puts an end to black mould and condensation issues.

The wide range of colours and effects, from natural to more contemporary designs, means there is an option to suit any home.

They are easy to fit letting you can create striking visual effects to make your room as individual as you are.

hollow core pvc wall panels

Hollow core

These panels have a hollow core and come in various thickness, from 7mm to 10mm.

tongue and groove wall panels

Tongue and groove

Ideal for use in all wet areas, our ‘tongue & groove’ jointed panels are the perfect waterproof fit.

vinyl flooring is quick to install
pvc wall panels icons

Waterproof including shower stalls

easy to clean
Digitally printed with ultrarealistic decoration effects

Digitally printed with ultra realistic decoration effects

5 year warranty
vinyl floors do not emit harmful substances to the atmosphere

Safe. Does not emit harmful substances to the atmosphere.

Solid PVC Sheet Wall Panels

A strong modern alternative

Our solid 4mm thick, 1200mm wide PVC panels provide both the strength and finish which makes them perfect for installation in both commercial and domestic settings, such as kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, gyms, restaurants and cafés.

They can be butted together for a smooth closed finish or use in-line joint strip to create a classic chrome joint.

They come in range of decorative classic and modern designs.

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single pvc wall panel 4mm think

1200mm wide

Strength and elegance combined. These single sheet panels combine with our special range of smart aluminium trims to create a timeless finish.

diagram of pvc wall panels

Solid Core

Unlike our other panels, these have a solid core and are 4mm in thickness.


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