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100 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

Stylish Deep Side Part

shoulder-length deep side part hairstyle and golden brown hair color

Credit: Nadia Mejia

Bedhead never looked so good! Pair those golden brown tousled layers with a messy, deep side part for a totally on-trend shoulder-length look.

Smooth and Chic

Cool shoulder-length haircut with dark brown hair

Source: Pinterest

Nothing says chic quite like this sleek, and most popular shoulder length haircut. Whether you’re shopping with the girls or heading to a business meeting, this look will carry you there and everywhere in between.

Tousled, Middle Part Layers

Gorgeous tousled medium layered shoulder-length locs

Source: Pinterest

A slightly off-center part, with glamorous tousled layers that are just a tad below the shoulders. The subtle color makes this look one of the most gorgeous shoulder-length hairstyles this season.

Shorter Ponytail

Ponytail for shoulder-length hair

Instagram @convict_cutters

An easy yet beautiful hairstyle on shoulder-length hair. A cute low ponytail allows you to flaunt your face and keep the hair off if you’re an athlete or a gym-goer. Simply put on your favorite hairband for added hold and style.

Messy Sandy Ombre

Messy shoulder-length hair with a sandy brown ombre

Instagram @hairbylydiao

This is literally one of the easiest and most stylish hairstyles for shoulder length hair. You can try if you’re wanting an easy and effortless hair care routine. Messy shoulder-length cuts pair well with a sharp ombre. Natural roots give you all the texture and volume you need for a super flattering look.

Formal Curls

A shoulder-length formal hairstyle

Instagram @emilyraehair

This shoulder length ‘do are for those wanting a great Gatsby look! Try this flawless soft take on the 1920s hairstyle. You can add some warm highlights to make it ultra-modern!

African American Hair

shoulder-length african american hairstyle

Instagram @the_salon_cafe

Rock your shoulder length weave comfortably and fashionably at the same time with this easy and flirty hairstyle. Placing the hair on one side and working those layers with some waves create a flattering finish.

Casual Updo

A shoulder-length casual updo

Instagram @christinehaweshair

The perfect go-to style for everyday or even for a formal event – this casual and quick bun is doable for any hair type as long as you have enough length to hold it.

Longer Collarbone Waves

A longer shoulder-length hair

Instagram @m.pelaezhair

Stay soft and fluttery with these huge waves that work great on hair at the shoulder length. These lengths are also the best canvas if you’re wanting to try the popular ombre style.

Twisted Wedding Updo

Picture of a twisted wedding shoulder-length updo

Instagram @aidavokshihair

Searching for an elegant yet youthful and trendy wedding hairstyle for your shoulder length hair? Twists always work perfectly for any hair especially when you have highlights to give those twists dimension. Finish in a bun and some loose waves in front for a lovely look.

Loveliest Light Brown Hair Color

Picture of the loveliest light brown hair color

Instagram @laurenhunterblushgirl

Flattering on any hair type and face shape, the sweet brown shoulder length lob is what every celebrity has now due to its versatility in styling. This style will make your hair look thick and healthy no matter how you style.

Lovely Light Blonde Blunt Cut

Picture of a lovely light blonde blunt cut

Instagram @behind_torischair

A fresh blunt cut that suits anyone who wants to stay naturally blonde. The subtle highlights and dark roots help give your hair more dimension and texture for a complete beachy look.

Incredible Bob for Curly Hair

Picture of an incredible bob for curly hair

Instagram @sarahcolehair

Embrace your gift and be confident to show-off by getting this perfect shoulder length cut for curly hair. Remember that moisturizing is key to give your locks the life and bounce they need!

Dark Espresso With Very Curly Hair

Picture of a dark espresso with very curly hair

Instagram @jerseycurlsalon

Girls who are naturally blessed with gorgeous curly locks should try this easy yet lively look. If you’re looking for a way to lighten up the bulk that long bouncy curls can give you, opt for this short hair cut that still allows you to show off your fabulous natural curls.

Perfectly Pastel Pink

Picture of a perfectly pastel pink shoulder-length hair

Instagram @salonhitsallabouthair

A glamorous pastel pink hair like this will make you feel like a mermaid princess everyday! Live your dreams with this super cute and dazzling color that is flattering on all hairstyles.

Desirable Dimensional LOB for Women Over 50

Picture of a desirable dimensional LOB for women over 50

Instagram @hairbyjenevans

Take advantage of your lightening hair with this youthful shoulder length hairstyle for women over 50. The vibrant bronde and flawless waves is also an easy trick in adding volume to your hair.

Textured Chestnut

Picture of a textured chestnut shoulder-length hair

Instagram @hairbyelisaa

This hair color is super pleasing to the eye because of its warm and sexy aura. Great for all types of skin tones and any haircut.

Lived-In Blunt Cut

Picture of a lived-on blunt cut

Instagram @shanecraighair

The most popular haircut this year – the “woke-up-like-this” look is what everyone’s craving for. It’s super easy to style, maintain, and trendy at the same time! It allows you to work with your natural color while having some beachy highlights that add great dimension to the hair.

Cute Side-Swept Bangs

Picture of a cute side swept bangs

Instagram @doretaylorhair

This soft, silver ombré makes her blunt bob with sweet side-swept bangs stand-out and be remembered by everyone! It’s a hairstyle that looks its best on faces that are heart-shaped or oval.

Strawberry-Copper Angled Bob

Picture of a strawberry copper angled shoulder-length bob

Instagram @lady00goodman

Take another step further by opting for this rich strawberry blonde with copper undertones on your straight shoulder length hair. This very cute color is ideal on fair and neutral skin.

Rosewood Red Inverted Bob

Picture of a rosewood red inverted shoulder-length bob

Instagram @hairby_ae

This amazing stacked bob is a great example of how you can transform shoulder length haircuts with a deep color hue. It’s spiced up by a stunning smooth deep red suits any kind of skin tone, warm or cold. Just keep in mind that reds are high maintenance but definitely worth it!

Nicely Angled Bob

Picture of a nicely angled shoulder-length bob

Instagram @jerry_prive

Remarkable Razor Cut

Picture of a remarkable razor cut shoulder-length hair

Instagram @hairbymirna

Make your choppy layered shoulder length hair even more interesting by brightening it up with a blonde balayage. The razor cut plus the gorgeous color will definitely give your hairstyle youth and life.

Splendid Straight Blonde Hair

Picture of a splendid straight blonde shoulder-length hair

Instagram @overthemoonhair

If you’re getting bored with your long hair, you might wanna try something new and shorter like this amazing straight blonde lob. Just remember that using very light colors need TLC and high maintenance to keep them stunning.

Marvelously Layered Bob

Picture of a marvelously layered shoulder-length bob

Instagram @stylist_shannonbingham

These shaggy waves stunningly complement the layers and the subtle ombre and highlights as well in creating a dimensional and textured look. Finish with a thick fringe for the complete modern shag look.

Flawless Ash Brown

Picture of a flawless ash brown shoulder-length hair

Instagram @kimwasabi

Get everyone amazed when they see you with this charming ash brown hair color with a wavy long bob. This fantastic color suits cool to medium skin tones perfectly well.

Flowing Silvery Long Layers

Picture of a flowing silvery long layers

Instagram @hairbyhairguy65

Black to Grey Ombre

Picture of a black to grey ombre

Instagram @maguy_rue48

You can try the trendy ombre everyone wants right now with a huge splash of grey. Suitable for any length of hair as long as you’re devoted to making sure your hair healthy to get the most out of this stunning color.

Straight Middle Part

Picture of straight middle part shoulder-length hair

Instagram @thevillagesalonspa

A center part for medium straight hair creates an effortless frame around the face and elongates it as well. This simple yet effective styling lets your youthful and modern personality stand out.

Dreamiest Curled Hair

Picture of a dreamiest curled shoulder-length hair

Instagram @hairbyjordanrobinson

Medium brown highlights on flawlessly curled hair will make you want to be a show-off! The highlights create the best dimension and depth along with the waves.

Cool Brown Tones

Picture of a cool brown tones shoulder-length hair

Instagram @sarahgossetthair

A classic yet still trendy way to work with your dark roots is to paint your hair with some cool brunette highlights that always look gorgeous any way you style it.

Waves of Silver

Picture of waves of silver shoulder-length hair

Instagram @justhairobsession

A magnificent look for those growing out their choppy short bobs or those wanting a fresh short to medium haircut! Add some impressive waves to help show the vibrant silver and ash brown melt and get ready to receive overflowing compliments everywhere you go.

Steel Grey Hair Ombre

Picture of a steel grey hair shoulder-length ombre

Instagram @haironesalon

Show your edgy side with this modern look! A messy solid wavy grey lob is super ideal for those with the confidence to rock this unique style and has the time to keep up with its high maintenance.

Cute Straight Bob Ombre

Picture of a cute straight shoulder-length ombre bob

Instagram @michellejanehair

An exquisite work on a blended blonde ombre like this will leave you feeling light and fashionable all day long. A medium haircut is just enough to show off the smooth transition this trendy style can give you.

Perfect for Thin Hair

Picture of a shoulder-length hair perfect for thin hair

Instagram @hairbymarissaeliz

Now you can get over your thin or fine hair problems by trying this super chic hairstyle. Dark roots and an icy blonde balayage will give you that fresh adorable look you’ve always wanted.

Highlighted Angled Bob

Picture of a highlighted angled shoulder-length bob

Instagram @alyssahatcherhair

Spice up your color while keeping your roots and base natural by getting warm blonde highlights that not just brighten but also add depth to your straight hair.

Fun Shoulder Length Blonde Bob Hair

Fun shoulder-length Blonde Bob Hair

Instagram @hairandmakeup_bytaylor

Put an edgy twist in the classic blonde bob by adding super fun long layers in the front while keeping the back short and stacked for a lightweight look.

Beachy Lob for a Rounder Face

Picture of a beachy lob for a round face

Instagram @haylesloganhair

Undoubtedly one of the best lengths for round faces is a medium shoulder length haircut. Side-parting and adding wavy textured beach waves help a lot in thinning and elongating the face.

Adorable Ash Brown Curls

Picture of an adorable ash brown shoulder-length curls

Instagram @meryamasgharhairartistry

These subtle ash brown highlights add a bit of depth to her hair while the flawless waves show off the dimension. This cute shoulder length hair is super easy to create and perfect for an everyday feminine look.

Trendy Top Messy Bun

Picture of a trendy top messy bun shoulder-length hair

Instagram @bh_hmua

A messy high bun can make your life easier for the day by getting your hair off your face and giving you a fresh breezy feeling. You can also wear this superb hairstyle in formal events by adding waves to your hair for a more stellar look.

A Bold Burgundy Red

Picture of a bold burgundy red shoulder-length hair

Instagram @strandsbyjohna

Mesmerize everyone with this super lovable burgundy on straight hair! This gorgeous color looks good on warm and tan skins and needs upkeep to keep it vibrant all the time.

Box Braids

Appealing to anyone as these braids can be styled in countless ways, require just little maintenance, and works with any hair type and texture. Keep it in a shoulder-length or shorter if you want to feel light and carefree.

Q&A with style creator, Zhané
Student in Kansas City, KS

How would you describe this look?

This is an edgy and old school look. These shorter box braids give me a 90’s feel. What I like about this hairstyle are the length and the jewels. The jewels at the end really make this hairstyle stand out.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If your hair is a little too long, fold the hair in half so when you cut the ends you don’t accidentally snip your hair! Also, make sure you moisturize your scalp once a week to avoid irritation and dryness.

V-shaped Haircut

This heavily layered cut exquisitely flatters any medium to long hair equally the same. Together with those highlights, this technique creates depth and movement within those strands.

Q&A with style creator, Kim Taglienti
Hairstylist @ Art + Science Salon & Spa in Philadelphia, PA

How would you describe this look?

This is a V-cut with lots of layers and with a color combination of baby lights & balayage, finished with beach waves. Her color here shows how low maintenance that combination is because we didn’t even do it during this session.

This is the color I did 10 weeks prior, and it still looks great! I’m really loving the trends that are easy maintenance for people when coloring their hair. It allows people to play with color.

I love adding beach waves to most of my colors and cuts because it brings out the dimension of the color and the texture of the haircut. Color can appear so different when straight compared to when it’s curled. Also, the texture of a haircut can be so beautiful when curled.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I’d say go for it! You do need long hair to start with to create the V-shape properly, but it’s really versatile for all hair types and textures. It also looks great when straight or curled.

I personally like this haircut with lots of layers to show off the texture and give the hair lots of body and volume.

I think someone can change this cut according to their face shape, by choosing what face frame pieces you put or don’t put around the guests face. For longer faces, I like to add more pieces around the face.

To create this look, I used Aveda’s volumizing tonic at her root and Aveda’s damage remedy daily hair repair through the ends. I then blow dried and finished with a 1 1/4″ curling iron, alternating the direction I went in.

After the curls cooled, I ran my fingers through the hair, breaking the curls up, and finished with Aveda’s Control Force hairspray. That hairspray is my absolute favorite because it’s a super moveable hairspray, but also it has a long-lasting hold.

Frizzy Waves

Q&A with style creator, Chantelle Smegal
Custom Color Specialist @ Black Fox Studio in Spruce Grove, AB

How would you describe this look?

This painted choppy bob look is extremely versatile and low maintenance.  It’s a really fun, flirty look that can be worn by any age group. With a hair painting technique used for lightening, it allows for a super low maintenance color that works with her skin tone adding brightness and dimension, all while the hair is growing out gorgeously.

This A-line bob haircut above the shoulders is very soft. We added some soft layering through the top and around the face to remove some bulk and add a lighter feel to the overall look. The highly textured ends were created using point cutting to soften the line, creating a more playful and unstructured look of the bob.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Go for it. This look is extremely flattering for all face shapes. This look can be effortless for those who have some texture and for those with curly hair.

I would just recommend adding some extra layers in it for even more weight removal for those with heavier hair, so it doesn’t remain too bulky through the bottom. For those with straight hair, adding a bit of movement with a curling wand, curling iron, or flat iron is very easy as it is meant for an undone look.

I always recommend using a thermal protection spray when using hot tools and finishing the look with a texturizing spray for added hold, volume, and separation.

Naturally Curly Red

Q&A with style creator, Emily Mazour
Color Specialist & Creative Director @ 77 Salon in Portland, OR

How would you describe this look?

My client is naturally a level 2 with medium to coarse hair. She’s been considering doing red for a long time. Colors such as this take a bold personality and one that is not afraid of attention. She wears it both curly or straight. My goal when doing fashion colors or any colors is making sure the integrity of the hair is intact. For her look, she wants to sport it both curly or straight, so I make the corners in the front round to achieve a curved look when curly.

Portland is all about interesting cuts and colors, which is why I love living here. I do quite a bit of fashion colors. Though, depending on how much commitment, how often they want to come in, and how they treat their hair at home, the look and placement of my fashion colors vary.

My goal is also to make sure that it’s going to wear for a long time and look good even if it fades. I love curly hair, and I love how she’s not afraid to show it off. Her hair looks entirely straight from surgery.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Be aware of being on a routine schedule coming into the salon. We freshen her hair every six weeks.

You want to make sure to use cooler water at home. Do not wash everyday and use a color safe shampoo and conditioner. I like to use the Angel Wash and Rinse by Kevin Murphy, Smooth Again to comb her hair out, and Cocktail Deva Curl Styling Cream and Gel, then diffuse.

For curly hair, I feel that any face shape works. For your lifestyle, you really gotta make sure your boss doesn’t give a damn.

Jet Black Graduated Bob

Q&A with style creator, Sarah Klimara
Hairstylist @ Salon Elements in Hudson, FL

How would you describe this look?

This is a sleek, contemporary take on the standard bob. I absolutely love the steep inversion, which sets this haircut aside from the typical bob.

The versatility of this haircut allows for a client to wear straight, with natural curls, or beach waves.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This haircut can be worn by anyone, but for you with a round face shape, it actually gives the appearance of a slimmer face. No matter if your hair is fine or thick, this haircut can be rocked and make heads turn!

If flat ironing or curling for beach waves, always use a heat protectant when applying heat to your hair. I love the Kenra Hot Spray Heat Protectant, as it also acts like a hair spray. If choosing to wear with natural curls, DevaCurl helps reduce frizz and defines the curls without making the hair stiff or greasy.

Rockabilly Green

Q&A with style creator, Megan Moye
Stylist @ Panache in Boise, ID

How would you describe this look?

This look is a vintage style with a modern twist. I mostly like that it’s so complementary to almost everyone’s hair. It’s a very versatile style, and it adds a class for any occasion.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I accomplished this style by referring to a set pattern, using a curling iron, and pinning each curl in place as a barrel roll. After curling, I used Aveda Air Control to give a light hold, and then I let all of the curls out. Using a paddle brush and teasing where I needed volume, I created the shape I wanted and finished it off with Aveda Control Force for a stronghold. This look is amazing for almost any occasion and is amazing for chin length to long hair.

Bangs and Layers

Q&A with style creator, Ashley Widmann
Hairstylist @ Stella Luca in Winter Park, FL

How would you describe this look?

This client came in wanting to soften some layers that were recently cut. The reason I think why these layers originally didn’t work for her is because she has a ton of fine hair. They were slightly compromised, so you could see every snip of the scissors from the previous cut.

I went through and softened her perimeter by point-cutting while it was dry before I shampooed her. Then I used a straight razor throughout (not with the flat of the blade) to gently remove weight from the layers, and I also softened the ends more with the razor.

I then hand dried everything and quickly smoothed out the ends, so that I could re-evaluate the weight and how everything was laying. I ended by picking up some pieces to taper off the ends to make it super soft with my scissors, to give a little more movement, and to help even out the weight lines from before.

Her bangs were already on point, so I just cleaned them up a bit for her, softening them by doing some deep and shallow point cutting once they dried.

I love how I got to use my eye for the whole cut, rather than a pre-mapped perfectly sectioned haircut. I absolutely love it when I can do that!

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is great for somebody who prefers a little lived in/messy style – like if you’re not looking for a perfectly structured bob, but a style that just goes with the flow. You can air dry it if you love your natural texture or throw a couple of wanded pieces in there.

I wouldn’t recommend this cut for low-density hair or for tight or coiled curls. It’s great for medium texture, medium to heavy density, straight to wavy, or soft curls.

For her blow dry, I used Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer and Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray all over. I then used a wand to add a little extra movement and dimension. I finished her look with Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish all over the roots and throughout the whole head!

Perfectly Platinum Blonde Color

Q&A with style creator, Melissa Kingma
Stylist / Colorist / Makeup Artist @ Govero Salons in Des Peres / Clayton, MO

How would you describe this look?

I would like to categorize this as a California girl/beachy chic look. My client came in with her hair needing some major TLC. After brightening her up, we gave her a cut that could be easy for day to day or a fun weekend glam. There’s nothing better than this sexy beach wave! When I put the finishing touches on her hair, it’s like fireworks go off and I fall in love.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Even though this look is great for a low-to-medium maintenance person, products are a must to ensure the color and style’s longevity. With all cool blondes, I always send them home with the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel regimen. When styling a texturized yet sleek look, I always reach for a variety of Kevin Murphy products – Hair Resort, Bedroom Hair, and either of the Shimmer Sprays. All work fabulously with any hair type, providing a volumized lustrous finish.

Exquisitely Messy Bob

Q&A with style creator, Katie Bacigalupi
Stylist @ Hector Estrada Salon in San Francisco, CA

How would you describe this look?

It’s an effortless texturized long bob. This client has a slight wave to the ends of her hair making the undone look very easy to achieve. I love the lived-in look that this cut and style has. There is a lot of texture in the cut which allows for the messy look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This cut works on pretty much any face shape and hair type. Those with a natural wave or curl will find it easier to get the messy look. If the hair is straight, use a flat iron or curling iron to give the hair a loose curl, then use a wide tooth comb and brush them out until you’ve got the desired amount of wave. To finish the style, a good texturizing spray or lotion is all you need – like the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray which I used.

Choppy Hair With Natural Highlights

Q&A with style creator, Jess Gannaway
Hair Artist @ Eden Salon & Barbershop in Colorado Springs, CO

How would you describe this look?

This look is effortless. We take your natural wave pattern and dress it up. The easiness is what makes me happiest about it. Did she just get out of bed and ran her fingers through her hair? Is she going to church or class? Is the top down on her car and she finishes up at the gym? No one knows because the look is so clean and mildly disheveled.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Lobs are for everyone! All face shapes and sizes! Choppy lobs are easily the universal hairstyle I feel anyone can wear. Invest in a good curling iron. I use hot tools like a barrel curling iron and @domdomhair’s curling technique, but then I roll all of my curls the same way. Flip your hair over, throw some @love_kevin_murphy Bedroom Hair in it. Work it through with your fingers and finish it off with @love_kevin_murphy Dry Powder all over and Powder Puff at the roots for intense volume.ka

Stacked Bob

Q&A with style creator, Michelle DeLuco
Hairstylist / Owner @ DeLuco’s Hair Design in Vernon, CT

How would you describe this look?

This hairstyle, known as the A-line stacked bob, is one of my favorite cuts.  The longer lengths in the front allow women to try shorter styles while continuing to give them the feeling of long hair.  It’s versatile for so many lifestyles! Pull it back, scrunch and go, or smooth and straighten – it’s all up to you! The rich chocolate brown base, accented with just a touch of red hues, is perfect for this brunette. The naturally blended highlights lighten the dark base for the upcoming summer months, creating various depths and color dimensions.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Stacked bobs complement almost every face shape and hair texture. This style can be parted on either side or down the middle. It can be played up with texturizing products for a fun day at the beach or styled smooth for an elegant night on the town.  For fine hair, a thickening glaze cocktailed with a medium hold gel or mousse would work well, and for thicker hair, using a lightweight styling creme while mixing in a silkening gloss will add shine and smoothness.  Complete this look with a shine spray or argan oil and you are ready for anything life throws your way.

Ginger Prom

Q&A with style creator, Maria Peters
Hair Artist @ Isaac Roberts Salon in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look was a corrective color. She initially came to me with a dark and almost burgundy tone that already grew about an inch of her natural ash blonde root and faded ends.

When I saw her, I immediately knew from her skin color and eyes that she would look gorgeous with a copper red. She likes thick bangs so I incorporated a short textured layer cut to give her a modern vintage style.

After I finished her color and cut her hair dry, I set her hair on curls and pinned them to dry. Then I brushed them out and gave her a pin curl for a flare vintage style.

I love that this new color not only complements her more than before, but it’s also less maintenance and her roots are now less noticeable as well.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Always consider your skin tone, your natural hair color, eye color, and lifestyle. Your natural beauty always speaks the truth.

If you have pink skin, freckles, light blonde or light red hair, this color would more likely compliment you very well.

Always be sincere with yourself. A lot of women want something completely opposite of their own natural spectrum, and that will need a lot of maintenance and budget.

Wanting a new look doesn’t always require you to do something super crazy and drastic to be beautiful.

Thick straight bangs aren’t for everyone. For some people, it would be easy to style them. For some, it might take time to train the hair to go where you want them to lay.

Always talk to a professional hairdresser and bring your realistic inspirational pictures with you.

Middle Part LOB

Q&A with style creator, Edgar Brambis
Hairstylist @ Hair Colour Studio in Kings Cross, London

How would you describe this look?

This style is fresh and versatile. It’s great for anyone searching for a new look but also wants to stir away from a bob and avoid looking mumsy. With the midi in fashion right now, the LOB is a must-have for summer, as it works for both straight hair or sexy beach waves for that “I woke up like this” look.

I love how this type of haircut can transform a tired look into a stylish and edgy one, especially if you want to cut your long hair but are not brave enough to go short. It will definitely give you that “new me” feel.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This length can pretty much suit any face shape, though the front would need to be tweaked to tailor-make the style according to one’s bone structure.

Aside from a middle part, it can also be styled into a side part, which would be essential for a long or oblong face.

Use some products for a more finished look. I personally love when this is styled a bit messy and texturized. Some sea salt spray, putty, and hairspray will work wonders.

Vintage Updo

Q&A with style creator, Krista Bernardo
Hairstylist @ goldplaited in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look?

It’s a modernized vintage updo. The client went to a 1920s-themed school event and wanted to fit without going overboard.

I love the clean lines, and that it captured the old Hollywood elegance without being too stylized.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style is best performed on medium to thick second-day hair, so that it may hold the created shapes better.

Play around with the pin curls in front. Varying degrees of volume will make the look suitable for different face shapes.

It’s a great option for anyone who wants the old school glam without seeming costumey.

French Braid

Q&A with style creator, Jessie Rose
Hairstylist / Makeup Artist / Brow Technician @ in Neston, England

How would you describe this look?

I would put this look in the ‘boho category’. The soft waves and chunky braid give it the effortless look you need for a boho look.

I think my client’s color gives the braid some definition. Sometimes you find braids get lost in dark hair, but this caramel color breaks it up.

Any advice for someone considering it?

My client thought that you can’t do anything with short hair. Wrong!

Obviously, you are limited to what you can do, but this definitely gives a shorter bob some character and a bit of fun.

I used the Babyliss wand for waves and backcombing dust for texture.

You can wear it to any occasion, and you could also decorate it with flowers or a sparkly hair accessory.

Bright Blonde for Straight Hair

Q&A with style creator, Krystyna Hammond
Hairstylist @ Adore Hair Studio in Atlanta, GA

How would you describe this look?

I like this haircut for my clients with thin or fine hair. By keeping the length blunt, it creates an illusion of fullness.

I love to add a slight downward angle towards the front to create a focal point. It keeps the cut looking chic and on trend.

I added foil highlights to give her dimension and keep her color bright. I love the way the light reflects off the champagne tone.

The benefits of highlights or babylights with fine hair is that the lightener often slightly swells the cuticle adding even more fullness. It helps to create texture as well – a win-win!

Any advice for someone considering it?

The first thing to decide is where you want it to hit: above the shoulders, at your chin, or mid neck.

Usually, this depends on your face shape and neck length. Often, people forget that their neck length can make a big difference when cutting a bob.

For this client, she has an elegantly long neck creating a sleek style that suits her.

Plan on styling your short hair. I love to use a thickening mousse and blow dry it in using a flat brush.

There are many variations of the bob haircut. Ask your stylist to help you decide which version fits best for you!

Dark Mahogany

Q&A with style creator, Bri Claire
Stylist @ Bobbi Pins Salon in Glendora, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a dimensional ruby red. I like how the red compliments the green in her hazel eyes, and how the brighter pieces highlight the texture in her cut.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For anyone who’s looking for a bold red color, they should first consider that a bolder color requires more maintenance.

Reds are notoriously high maintenance but are easily kept up with a color depositing shampoo, such as Viral in Ruby or Overtone products.


Q&A with style creator, Beckie
Hairstylist @ Atomic Style Lounge in Las Vegas, NV

How would you describe this look?

This look is classic, a modern spin on a vintage pageboy combout. It works perfectly for shoulder length styles to give it the right amount of sheen and bounce. It’s off her face, but its forward curves also give softness to her face. I love how her color magnified the entire style.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Any kind of angular face (heart, diamond, square) does justice to a shoulder length blunt cut with minimal layering. We’re trying to enhance the shocking and bold angled features, not soften them. I prepped her hair with Amika Thermal Shield Spray to help morph the curls into shape. Then I combed it out and put Sexy Hair Powder Lite in her hair from the base to ends lightly to create hold for the curls without teasing. I finished with Amika Fluxus Hairspray and CHI Shine Spray.

Waves for Thin Hair

Q&A with style creator, Cynthia Alenius
Hairstylist @ Angles Hair & Aesthetics in Cochrane, AB

How would you describe this look?

This is a tousled, beachy textured look. The grown-out regrowth and the brightness around the face make it look like she’s been out in the sun, naturally sun-kissed.

I love that it looks messy on purpose. Almost like she just got out of bed, curled a few pieces, and finished off with a texture spray. I love the idea of that “just got out of bed” look. The color brings it all together to enhance the curl. Some of it is her natural texture, and it looks fantastic when straight also!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I believe the LOB haircut works best for every face shape. It’s easy to style. Like I said before, I like the idea of it being messy on purpose, so using a curling iron, like the 1 1/4 Bex curling iron, from mid-shaft down while leaving the ends out gives you that perfect messy textured look.

I also didn’t curl every piece of hair to work with her natural texture, because it adds a little bit extra. I don’t like to overdo it when it comes to using hair products. Start with a leave-in conditioner with heat protection, then a dry texture spray after using the iron, and finish off with a workable hairspray to give it some extra hold.

Lobby Choppy Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Christy Miller
Cosmetologist @ Tenth Street Hair Lounge in Riverside,CA

How would you describe this look?

This is my favorite kind of bob – textured and choppy. I adjust the length and layers depending on my client’s face shape.

I love this cut because with just a few slight changes depending on what you want to highlight, it can look good on anyone.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I’m a sucker for texture because it’s low maintenance. I encourage all my clients to embrace their texture instead of fighting it.

This look is so low maintenance. You only need to add a texture product like the Matrix StyleLink Airy Builder. It’s a mousse that adds in texture and some grit to it. It builds up fine hair and is strong enough to control thick hair without creating too much buildup.

If you have fine straight hair, add the mousse, diffuse and wrap a few face-framing pieces around your wand, and you’re off. If you already have texture, just apply Airy Builder, diffuse, and go as this dries so amazingly.

A lot of my clients are requesting this cut because it’s low maintenance but still on trend. It has great versatility because it could always be styled sleek with a deep side part for a night out.

Bright Pink Rooted Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Maddie Walk
Hairstylist @ Rod Sickler Salon in Champaign, IL

How would you describe this look?

This is platinum with a splash of pink at the roots. I love how perfectly the pink melts into the platinum ends!

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is for those who like their hair to be very bold! It looks great with any hair length, making it versatile.

Talking about lifestyle, this is for someone who isn’t in a pool a lot and doesn’t wash their hair a ton. The less you wash your hair, the longer the color will last!

This rooted platinum looks great on straight or curly hair!

Braided Updo for Prom

Q&A with style creator, Nadia Kharitonov
Hairstylist and Makeup Artist in Moses Lake, WA

How would you describe this look?

When it comes to updos for shoulder length hair, a sophisticated fishtail is the way to go! I love that it’s trendy, perfect for any occasion, can be worn as a bridesmaid hairstyle, prom, and recreated as a quick dinner date updo by braiding the fishtail braid then assembling it with a messy low bun.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This hairstyle can be worn for any hair type. I would recommend to pre-curl all the hair before styling it. I also love using Kenra texturizing spray before I curl the hair.

I start off with parting and teasing the poof part. Then for creating the lower bun, I attach a donut bun onto the center of the lower part of the head and pin the curls around to hide the donut bun. Lastly, I start to braid a fishtail incorporating it into the updo bun, leaving a few curls hanging in the front framing the face.

This hairstyle is perfect for someone who considers themselves trendy and looking for a curly updo with an incorporated fishtail braid.

Mermaid Melt for Thick Wavy Hair

Q&A with style creator, Courtney Alexander
Salon Owner / Stylist @ Tribe Salon in Lebanon, MO

How would you describe this look?

I absolutely love this shoulder length hairstyle! Using a color melting technique and using fashion colors is so much fun!

It’s so summery and reminds me of the ocean! I’m glad to get back to brighter and lighter colors after everyone has gone dark for winter!

Any advice for someone considering it?

With any fashion color, always consider whether you are ready to make the commitment or not before diving in. Upkeep and home maintenance are necessary with these colors.

A sulfate-free, color sage shampoo and conditioner are a must as well. I like the new Biolage R.A.W.

I recommend a low heat setting in styling tools and a good heat protectant spray like the Kenra 22 to keep your color lasting.

Keep hair washing to a minimum. Fashion colors are very popular right now and I love doing them but, I always prepare my clients with aftercare and let them know they are different than your traditional colors!

Inspiring Inverted Bob

Q&A with style creator, Meg Geruntho
Stylist @ Tangles Salon / Lash Extension Artist @ The Pink Lady
in Lancaster, PA

How would you describe this look?

This is glamorously disheveled. It has a mix of fashion-forward, power mom and summer festival hair, all rolled into one.

This is one of my absolute favorite cuts. It’s playful, cool, and chic! It works on so many levels. It’s short enough to feel freeing and simple, but long enough to style in a multitude of ways.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style is a great, low maintenance look for just about any face shape and hair type! Blow dry it straight and smooth for a put-together, flawless, sleek ‘do, or add some waves and a texture spray for that “I woke up like this” bohemian look. You truly can’t go wrong!

The length in the front gives you endless options for braids and half-buns too! Be bold and cut your hair for this playful summer look!

Edgy Dip Dye Blue Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Andrea
Hair & Makeup Artist @ Schneidekunst Dresden in Dresden, Germany

How would you describe this look?

This is a really badass look. I love the color melt from mat ash brown to vivid turquoise. Feels like when Cinderella turned into the lovely princess in her turquoise gown

Any advice for someone considering it?

Every girl or woman can wear this look if she’s brave enough. But I think it will look best for alternative girls.

For the cute beach waves, use a big curler and then comb it all with your fingers. Use some pump spray if you like it a little more messy.

The long bob is most suitable for women with thin hair because it’s the haircut that gives the hair the most volume.

Please notice that the turquoise is a semi-permanent hair color. It will fade with every wash. If you like it to stay bright, you need to re-dye it often.

But who says pastel colors are not looking cool?

Attractive Auburn Color

Q&A with style creator, Becky
Stylist @ Becky B Hair in Caloundra & North Lakes, QLD

How would you describe this look?

This is a copper-gold color melt! I love this option over a tired classic ombre. Moving away from the classic dark to blonde, we’ve jazzed it up and given it new life.

The best part is that we didn’t have to pre-lighten, so the hair is in great condition which is resulting in epic shine! This irresistible color transition is hard to look away from!

Any advice for someone considering it?

With a take-home Novafusion copper shampoo, this color can be rich and no fuss at home. The subtle color blend will look fantastic if styled curly, straight or left natural.

A bit of play dirty dry wax makes this style look like a hot mess in a hurry which is my favorite ‘undone’ look.

The length is perfect for a girl on the go. Easy to style and easy to throw up!

Strawberry Swirls Curled Hair

Q&A with style creator, Leisha Scisson
Hair Colorist & Owner @ Wanderlust Boutique in Troy, OH

How would you describe this look?

This is a dimensional red and blonde layered cut with soft curls. She is also rocking a trendy shoulder length in her cut and a side swept bangs.

My favorite part is the color and how it not only compliments her skin but also her cut as well. These 2 shades of red and honey beige blonde also go so well with each other.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For this color combination, always consider your skin tone. If you have fair skin, then adding in a deep red will give you some more vibrancy in your skin tone and brighten your eyes.

This shade of blonde highlighted in with the red is a honey beige shade so that we can stay on the warmer side to compliment the red but to also give her some vibrancy in her fair skin.

I would also say if you have a shoulder length hairstyle, having some soft textured layers will make styling more manageable but also hold her curls out much longer.

For styling on this look, I first prepped her with IGK Trust Fund for some volume in the top and crown and then used IGK Mistress on the ends to smooth out any frizz and then blow dried straight.

I used a 1 inch Sam Villa flat iron to create soft easy curls and finished with some Lanza healing oil finishing spray for a firm hold with shine.

This look is easy for her to achieve at home in 15 min or less and she can style this more polished for her front desk job or shake it out and wear it more messy to go out on the weekends.

This style is best for oval or round face shape and fine to medium density.

Pinned for a Perfect Party Look

Q&A with style creator, Natalie Mantia
Manager @ Studio 703 in Chesterfield, MO

How would you describe this look?

This half up half down style is the perfect mix of elegant and whimsical.

My favorite thing about this look is how simple it is, but the addition of the brooch gives it just the right amount of extravagance.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would recommend this look for someone who has layers as it would be hard to replicate if their hair is only one length. I used KMS Dry Wax to give it hold as well as a bit of texture.

Braided Aqua

Q&A with style creator, Mashara Bumbico
Hairstylist @ Streaks Salon in Modesto, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a braided shoulder length hairdo with loose waves. My favorite thing about this style is the braid!

Braids are so popular and fun right now. They add the right amount of texture along with the loose waves and really help bring the whole look together.

Any advice for someone considering it?

My clients ask for this look all the time because this hairstyle is so versatile. It can be worn for so many occasions such as proms, weddings, or any other special event.

This style is perfect for the client who is looking for an effortless look and not too overdone.

This look can really suit many face shapes and can be tailored to those shapes by the detailing in the front.

For this particular client, we loosely pinned back her bangs so she felt that they still framed her face without feeling like they would be in her way throughout the night, and left some pieces out framing the face on the other side.

However, you could also get away with everything pulled back away from the face depending on the client’s preference.

This style is best suited for medium hair texture and shoulder length to long hair.

Wrapped Easy Updo

Q&A with style creator, Kelly Barrett
Stylist @ Hez Studio Salon & Spa in Scranton, PA

How would you describe this look?

This is a shoulder length hairstyle that is simple and textured with polished elegance. While favoring sleek looks personally, I have grown to love movement. I believe it provides a feminine appearance to the person wearing it from all angles.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look can be done to look amazing on most face shapes by just watching your proportion of the style – meaning, tightness, width, height. And blondes show texture best!

It’s truly a beautiful look, easily styled with one of my favorite products, KMS spray play, another favorite, Puff Me, and finishing with R + Co Vicious spray.

Sunset Blonde with Layers

Q&A with style creator, Vivian
Stylist @ The Cut Above Salon & Spa in Etobicoke, ON

How would you describe this look?

This is a low maintenance haircut on shoulder length locks that is great for multiple occasions – at your 9-5, date nights, weddings and even everyday errand runs. It adds flair and sass to your day or night out ensemble.

Our favorite thing about this hairstyle is that accessorizing will help play a big part in dressing yourself up or down.

To dress up, you can pair it with your favorite little black dress and lipstick in shades of red or plum. To dress down, this look will go great with a pair of jeans and a comfy sweater. Either way, the soft waves will frame your face resulting in a lively and sweet look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For those with fine to normal hair, this look is perfect because it adds just enough volume and body. Thicker hair just won’t have the same results as this look. It’ll look more dense and heavy. Our suggestion is to use a smaller barrelled curling iron or curling wands so they curls will fall better. You can either use a tourmaline ceramic curling iron or curling wand with a 32mm &38mm barrel circumference.

It’s suitable for all ages because it’ll never go out of style. The model’s hair falls slightly past her shoulders when it’s straight and when curled like the featured picture, it’ll sit right on the shoulders.

When curling, remember to alternate the curl direction to get a more natural curl pattern. Start off by curling one piece away from the face and curling the next piece towards to the face.

The best face shapes for this style are either round, oval or heart-shaped.

This classic soft curled bob lasts about 3 days and will transform into a messy loose wave look from the second day – appropriate for busy bees that cannot dedicate too much time to styling their hair every day. Keep a dry shampoo spray in your bag to touch up greasy roots and to fluff up weighed down pieces.

Recommended products and why:

1. Thermal protectant spray (Ironclad 01 Joico Thermal Protectant Spray)

For: Heat protection from hot tools

2. Root Booster (Matrix&rsquos Total Results High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter)

For: Lifting roots for volume

3. Volumizing Blowout Cream (Matrix&rsquos Blowout Big Queen)

For: Adding volume and body to hair (Optional for people with thick hair, more essential to those with fine to normal hair)

4. Texturizing Spray (KMS Hairplay Playable Texture Remodelable Spray)

For: Achieving the messy wave look and separation of curl pieces

5. Medium Hold Hairspray (Sebastian Shaper+ Extra Hold)

For: Taming flyaway hair pieces and setting the finished look

6. Dry Shampoo (KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray)

For: Removing oily roots in between hair washes

Superb Textured Bob

Q&A with style creator, Jackie Davis
Owner @ Jackie Davis Beauty in Chatsworth, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a textured modern bob cut on shoulder length hair. It’s a little more modern due to the fact that it has more movement than a more structured classic bob.

I love how youthful, sexy and chic this style is. It is very feminine and flattering on most women.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is perfect for most face shapes (except on square-shaped faces).

When styling it, have fun! Wear it straight or curly. If I am just doing it straight, I use my most favorite product, 12n1 by Mon Platin and blow dry.

For a curly style, I blow dry and then use a 3/4 inch curling iron prepped with a thermal styling spray by Kenra. I spray Matrix Texture Builder to add a little texture.

Soft Brown Balayage Color

Q&A with style creator, Krysti Hanson
Creative Master Hair Designer & Color Specialist @ Alchemy Salon and Spa in Knoxville, TN

How would you describe this look?

This is a shoulder length style lob, or long bob, with balayage highlights. This haircut has been very popular for the last few years.

It’s great for someone with long hair that wants a new look but also not wanting something too short or high maintenance.

My favorite is the color that we paired with this amazing haircut. A proper lob paired with a flawless balayage. I love keeping the highlights bit stronger and brighter around the face. That “money piece” is everything!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Luckily, this look is suitable for all face shapes and hair textures, it looks great on everyone!

To keep your new lob haircut looking lovely, be sure to see your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks for a trim. In addition, use a glossing treatment to keep your hair color looking shiny and healthy.

I don’t recommend my clients washing their hair every day, try to go at least every other day. In between washes use a dry shampoo. I love “Hair Refresher” by Davines.

For that “lived in” popular beachy look, use your flat iron or curling iron to add some curl. Once the curl cools, spray with Davines dry texturizing spray. That spray has a good amount of hold as well.

Now you’re ready to conquer the day with your new, low maintenance, stylish, and trendy look!

Wedding Perfect Maypole Braided Updo

Q&A with style creator, Ellie Ferrari
Wedding & Occasion Hair Specialist @ The Updo Girl in Exeter, Devon

How would you describe this look?

This is a formal take on a boho updo, simply because it has the sleekness of the barrel roll but the braids help make it look more relaxed.

This is great for people who don’t want to commit to a completely polished look.

My favorite is the braids because you cannot beat a pretty braid in any style. Plus this particular braid is actually something new I created which I have called the “Maypole” braid.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style would be perfect for anyone who wants to change up their style mid-way through an occasion or transition from day to night.

You can easily take the barrel roll out and have a beautiful half up, half down hairstyle.

You would need a medium to thick hair for this style due to the braids.

The style is really versatile and would suit all face shapes. The front can be styled as you normally would in order to flatter your features.

Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Q&A with style creator, Rachel Sommers
Certified Colorist @ Classic Images Hair Design in Livermore, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is one of my favorite shoulder length hairdos because it has a lot of dimensions and the caramel color of the highlights complement her skin tone. The subtle darker root will also allow the highlights to grow out softly for a lower maintenance look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

My advice is to keep the length around the collarbone which will help avoid the “shoulder flip” when the hair sits right on the shoulders. We used a texture spray and heat protectant and only curled the top half of her hair to achieve this wavy look.

Middle Parted Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Isadora Ciola
Hairstylist & Makeup Artist @ CKamura in Campinas, São Paulo

How would you describe this look?

This is one of the most on-trend shoulder length haircuts for women who are fashionistas. That’s because it’s classic and cool at the same time.

It all depends on the finish that you want to do – straight or wave! And I think its versatility is what is interesting about it!

Any advice for someone considering it?

DO IT! It works for almost everyone. And if you think your face is too “circular,” you may bet in a diagonal bang to create different lines around your face.

For those who have curly hair, don’t go with a straight line cut, and it would have volume only in the end just like a pyramid. So my advice is to create some layers if you want to avoid that.

If you wear it straight, you can finish with an oil. If you want it wavy, you can use products like sea salt.

Blue Purple for a Funky Look

Q&A with style creator, Elyse Zydek
Hairstylist @ Rockit Studio in Schaumburg, IL

How would you describe this look?

This is a fierce look that’s not for the timid! If you ever wanted rainbow hair you could always end on the cooler side of the rainbow. I absolutely love the blends of colors and the color pallet.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is not for someone who’s not into upkeep and care of their hair. I require all my mermaids to use Olaplex to keep their bleached locks healthy. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and only wash 1-2 times a week. A good dry shampoo will get you through those non-wash days. Cold water is also a must!

When styling, keeping at a low heat is best. I love Bio Ionic’s StyleWinder iron because it’s very easy to use.

These colors stay about 6 weeks and fade with every wash. Many factors come into play with the longevity of these colors. But if you are daring to try, I’d go for it!

Incredibly Textured Bob

Q&A with style creator, Nicole Holdaway
Stylist @ Tangles Hair Studio in Albany, Western Australia

How would you describe this look?

This fresh and fun A-line bob haircut for shoulder length hair and it is one of my favorites.

I love how it can be worn with a deep side-part or centered-part and still look amazing. I also love how the A-line bob is so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you’re wanting a cut that ticks all the boxes, this is the one for you! It suits most hair types, I would tend to suggest not for super thick hair unless you’re prepared for some heavy weight lifting! This cut can make thin hair look thick and feel beautiful.

This cut is user-friendly for most people. Quick and easy to style even if worn straight or curly.

To recreate this look, I would smooth hair with Wella EMI Perfect Me cream (the B.B. cream for hair). Then add a curl and brush it out, to create ultimate texture! Finish with Wella EMI stay styled hairspray. Whether you’re in the office or outdoors you’ll be 100% rocking the bob!

Noticeable Natural Curly Hair

Q&A with style creator, Yadira Muñoz
Hair Artist @ Rebel Femme Salon and Education in Mission Viejo, CA

How would you describe this look?

The focus of this look was to make her curls bouncy and healthy again. I took off about 5 inches from her ends to achieve a more voluminous look. She said, “I want my curls to hold their shape and have body throughout the day.”

Her ends were previously colored, dry, and weighing down her curl. I took off the length and added face-framing layers to open up her face. I added some mid-length layers all around to blend into her face-framing layers in the front so that her hair ended up with a perky weightless shape when dried with a diffuser.

Any advice for someone considering it?

With curly haired clients, I usually like to prep the hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner prior to cutting it. I used Kenra professionals snail creme line because of how moisturizing it is for all hair types without weighing the hair down.

After washing, I like going in with a detangling spray and with a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair, never a brush!

After her cut, I used Devacurls’ Super Creme for softness and definition and a dime sized amount of Arc Angel to hold her curl pattern, combing the product through with my fingers, and followed with a diffuser. I believe a diffuser is always best to use when drying curly hair because it gives the curl pattern shape and the hair massive fullness potential.

Any face shape works with this cut as long as you custom tailor it to your clients at home routine. Whether that be shorter layers or longer, it’ll work!

Dark Middle Parted Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Paige Brueck
Hairstylist / Owner @ Pink Dagger Studio in Atlanta, GA

How would you describe this look?

Shaggy textured bob! This cut is so versatile. It’s cute straight pulled back with the layered curtain bangs or wavy and messy!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Haircuts on shoulder length hair like this one don’t require too much work as it looks great both straight and wavy. But for a voluminous look, a root lifting spray helps give it an effortless look.

For the bangs, I suggest pulling the front forward and round brushing then dry. Then separating down the middle for a face-framing look!

An Awesomely A-line Cut

Q&A with style creator, Kelly S.
Hairdresser @ R Rated Hair Studio in Long Beach, CA

How would you describe this look?

Edgy, yet girly, because of the rose gold hair color. My favorite part was just styling the hair and seeing the end result.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you’re not into a high-maintenance look, not wanting to spend money on a product, or too lazy to visit the salon every 3 months, I wouldn’t recommend this cut and color.

Warm Auburn Tones

Q&A with style creator, Gabriela Mora
Stylist @ Sorelle’s Salon in Bartlett, IL

How would you describe this look?

This is a playful modern LOB. I love the versatility it offers. The cut can be modified to flatter any face shape, and the final look can be styled many different ways.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I will almost always encourage them to go for it! I always say chop it like it’s hot. You won’t regret it. The LOB is definitely on trend and it can be styled sleek, blown out for volume or in this case, wavy.

I used my flat iron to curl all the hair on the sides and everything above the occipital line in the back. Once it’s all curled, I spray with a texture spray (Osis Volume Up Texture Spray) and rake my fingers through it to break it all up and really showcase the texture and movement.

To maintain this hairstyle, I recommend you come in for a haircut every 5-6 weeks. Maintain at home with a professional shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist for your hair type.

Rich Angled LOB

Q&A with style creator, Melanie Alexis
Independent Hairstylist @ Le’ Hair Salon in Glendale, AZ

How would you describe this look?

This is sassy and chic. You get the best of both worlds. You have a bob look but it’s long enough to still play with.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Use good product and good tools. My go-to products are Loma Fortify Repair Oil (use on both wet and dry), and Small Talk from Bed Head for styling and volume.

Make sure you use tools that go up to 450 degrees as it makes a big difference, but also use the oil before curling or straighten.

Jet Black Blunt Cut

Q&A with style creator, Gabbie Berrest
Stylist @ Essentials Salon in Doylestown, PA

How would you describe this look?

This cut is a more modern take on a classic bob. I really love how clean and sleek this haircut is. There’s nothing better than a nice sharp line.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Hairstyles on shoulder length hair like this one works best on someone who has straight to wavy hair. I use Aveda Smooth Infusion to help achieve the straight and frizz-free finish.

Bronde Textured Layers

Q&A with style creator, Paige Bussey
Stylist @ O’ So Beautiful in Paducah, KY

How would you describe this look?

This is effortless, in regards to the color and how it is cut/styled! Our goal was to have a very natural sun-kissed color, that looked pretty in any way that she wants to style it.

My favorite thing about it is the dimension we achieved without having a high contrast, and how the loose waves complement those tones!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Don’t ever think “my hair would never do that.” This client has VERY kinky, curly and naturally coarse hair. I always make sure to use a good leave-in conditioner, a smoothing cream, a serum to knock off any frizz, and a light hold hairspray to achieve these waves.

However, because she is so naturally curly, it’s not ideal for her to style her hair like this on a daily basis. So with her color and cut, I made sure that the texture and tones would still translate beautifully if she were to go natural or straightened!

Sunflower Inspired Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Samantha Brookshire
Hairstylist @ James Edwards Salon in St. Clair Shores, MI

How would you describe this look?

Shoulder length tresses are really on-trend right now. To me, it is an equal mix of stylish fun and sophistication.

My favorite thing about this look is it’s extremely versatile. It fits perfectly into any lifestyle. Anyone can wear it and it looks and feels amazing.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Be mindful of your hair type and how much time you want to put into styling it. Talk to your hairstylist, this length is so customizable. You may go slightly shorter or longer depending on thickness, you may add some layering or angle it, you may want bangs or a face frame.

Depending on how you customize and style, it will give you different looks, never leaving the cut feeling boring. It can be made smooth and sleek with a round brush blow out or flat iron. It can be styled with bouncy curls or beachy waves with a wand or iron.

You may simply just want to wash and go, wearing your natural texture. Also what’s nice is for the days you don’t want to wear it down, it’s still long enough to create a ponytail or an updo style.

I always recommend using products. It’s extremely important to protect your hair while using heat on it. It’s also an essential tool for creating and holding the style you desire.

For my client on the picture, I customized her look keeping the length swinging right off the shoulder with soft layering and texturizing. No face frame or bangs as she likes to change her part up. I then created her style using Redken’s Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer on damp hair. It protects the hair up to 450 degrees, helps reduce breakage, and adds volume. After her blow dry, I waved her hair with a flat iron and finished her style using Redken’s Wax Blast. It’s a spray wax that is perfect for enhancing a textured tousled look, leaving a not to stiff hold.

Boho Inspired Braid

Q&A with style creator, Kristin Kamarauskas
Salon Owner @ Hideaway Salon Retreat in Swedesboro, NJ

How would you describe this look?

So my guest here was getting her maternity photos done on the beach so she wanted something beachy and fun (almost with a mother Earth feel). I think the textured waves and crown braid are perfect.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s definitely a look anyone can pull off. My guest here had fine hair and the textured waves made her appear fuller. We used some SexyHair Powder Play Lite on her crown to give her a little more oomph, and finished the style with AG Tousled Texture finishing spray to make her waves more careless.

Platinum Blonde Shadow Root

Q&A with style creator, Mandy
Certified Hair Professional @ Mandy’s Hair & Spa in Bronx, NY

How would you describe this look?

This look is a blonde shoulder length hair color that’s balayage with a rooted effect.

My favorite thing about this look is that it allows clients who dream to be blondes (but cannot pull off a full blonde look) to finally be able to be a blonde and still keep their base hair color!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I definitely advise you to purchase Olaplex or another deep conditioner and silver/purple shampoo. That will help moisturize the hair and maintain the tone of the color so it doesn’t get brassy.

A Remarkable Rose Gold Color

Q&A with style creator, Danielle Badger
Hair Designer @ This or Die Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a long bob, also known as a lob. It’s a one-length cut that has interior layering to create texture and remove the weight so it doesn’t turn into a triangle on your head.

My favorite thing is the rose tone to her hair! I used the only rose toning vegan shampoo there is on the market. It’s called Surface Rose Shampoo and Conditioner. It washes right out after 1-3 washes and you will have blonde hair again. This is perfect for someone that is scared to color their hair but wants something fun and temporary.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is great for people looking to elongate their neck. But it has to be cut at the right spot, which is typically the collarbone. It varies for each person. This cut is very custom to each person even if it looks simple at times. Make sure your stylist understands face shape and the contours of your body.

Perfectly Straight Ash Blonde

Q&A with style creator, Salene Jessy
Co-owner & Stylist @ Sweet Summer Salon in Miami, FL

How would you describe this look?

This is definitely a cool blonde. I love how consistent the color is. I also am obsessed with ash blondes.

My favorite thing about this look is that it’s blonde! And who doesn’t love a good blonde? I like that it gives the illusion of an all over blonde without actually lightening the entire head.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The first and main thing would be to keep your natural base! I recommend to do full highlight and weaving every piece and not doing a base color. This way, as the hair grows out, you don’t have a harsh line of demarcation where the color was placed because their natural color is always there.

I would not recommend going this light without Olaplex. If you want to keep the integrity of the hair you MUST make sure you are not over processing and Olaplex insures that.

I always recommend a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. My go-to is Redken All Soft. You want to also use a toning shampoo. I prefer Malibu or Pravana.

Long Side-Swept Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Quynh Gip
Hairstylist @ SOZO Boutique Salons in The Woodlands,TX

How would you describe this look?

This is effortlessly chic. My favorite thing is that anyone with any hair texture or face shape can wear it. And it doesn’t take a lot of time to style.

Any advice for someone considering it?

My advice is to always blow dry the bangs first. After shampoo, apply a leave-in conditioner and root lifter.

Blow dry the bangs with a large round brush straight down, then sweep to the side.  Once the bangs are dry, flip your head over and dry the hair.

Curl the hair with a 1-inch curling iron, leaving the ends out. I hold my iron vertically, curling away from the face. Don’t worry if you can’t reach all the hair, it’s ok to miss a piece here and there.

Then I spray a volumizing powder spray and shake it out.

If the client has curly or wavy hair, they can scrunch it or air dry.

This hairstyle works best if the hair is highlighted, as the texture will show more.

Fresh Multi-Dimensional Purple

Q&A with style creator, Miranda Wiuff
Hairstylist and Make-up Artist @ Lunatic Fringe Salon in Franklin, TN

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a multi-dimensional color on mid-length hair. Even though there is a dark purple root, we used my favorite block color placement and mixed custom colors to complement each other.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

We used Paul Mitchell DPL, as well as Pravana purple, blue and diluter shades. For hair health purposes, I recommend regular, point-cut trims and Paul Mitchell Triple Rescue for color-safe moisture and heat protection.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This is a great color placement for women of all hair types. Bold color placement like this is more about being noticed than blending in. Heart, round and oval face shapes wear this look well.

Sunkissed Beachy Waves Bronde

Q&A with style creator, Sarah Beukelman
Hairstylist @ Salon O in Murrieta, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a sunkissed, multi-dimensional blonde on a collarbone cut. My favorite thing about this look is the length. It’s not too short, but not too long!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

I recommend using a heat protectant oil, a 1 1/4-inch curling iron to create the waves, and a texture spray to piece it out for a beachy look.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I believe this blunt shoulder length cut will fit any and all clients. it’s really up to the client as to how they want to style it because you can do as little or as much as you want with this length!

Trendy Honey Long Messy Bob

This messy shoulder length bob is perfect for that everyday look that’s all one hair length.

Q&A with style creator, Samantha Dowell
Stylist @ Jeffrey Lamorte Salon in Frankfort, IL

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is a very popular and on-trend long bob. I like that it has a lived-in, effortless look and can be worn both beachy/messy or sleek.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

Create loose waves with straight ends with a 1-inch curling iron or flat iron, then finish with any sort of dry texture spray to get the waves to look natural and lived-in.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This look is great for young girls who are tired of their long, heavy, one-length hair but are scared to go very short. This style also looks great with balayage color!

Shoulder Length Layered Hair

Q&A with Style Creator Joseline Vargas
Owner and Colorist at De Colores in Pasadena, CA

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

Shoulder length layered haircuts like this are classic. It is low maintenance, but not boring at all! This client has fine hair and when we added the longer layers, it transformed the cut and added some bounce to her normally limp hair. I love that something so simple can really brighten up a face!

Which products would you recommend for this look?

For this look, I used a new product called Puff Me by Design.Me. It’s a powder mist that can be used to achieve volume and texture, with a little bit of a hold as well.

Which skin tones and hair types can pull off this color/style combo best?

I always say that a woman with any skin tone can pull off any color as long as they have the proper undertones. It is up to you and your stylist to have that consultation to make the proper match.

What is your best tip in regards to recreating/maintaining this color/style?

For this particular client, I recommended she come every four to six weeks for a touch up on her regrowth since we are covering gray hair. To recreate the style at home, all you need is a good round brush, a blow dryer, and a texturizing or volumizing spray to apply after the blow dry.

Sexy Curls With Glasses

Q&A with Style Creator Aimee Sanchez
Hairstylist @ William Edge Salon in Nashville, TN

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?
This client has naturally thick, coarse and curly hair. Compared to her normal look, this is actually an extremely smooth and sleek style. I love the loose and relaxed feel of the waves and the texture and volume that is lent to the style from her hair’s natural texture. I made sure to give her a shoulder length cut that would style well curly, or smooth, that had a lot of movement and a strong shape, but nothing too heavy or blunt.

Which products would you recommend to help create and maintain this look?
I prepped this hair with the Aveda Brilliant Damage Control. I use this on almost every guest because it’s a heat protectant and a detangler. To reduce frizz and add shine, I used the Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep to help straighten out her curl. For added hold, I used the Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener. I finished with the Dry Remedy Oil to add extra shine and moisture.

Curly hair is naturally a little dryer and more frizz-prone than straight hair. This client checked back in with me a few days after her appointment and let me know her style was still holding beautifully.

What type of person would this look work best for?

This is a very versatile look and shape that can easily be customized depending on hair texture.
What’s your best tip for someone who’s considering this look?

This would be a very low maintenance look for someone with smooth to wavy texture. If someone has extremely textured hair and wants this style, there will be a bit more time and effort put into achieving this look. Either way, it has a beautiful and effortless finish!

Stunning Layered Cut Lob for Thick Hair

Shoulder-length layered lob cut for thick hair

Instagram @tyler_the_hairstylist

Layered Lob haircuts for shoulder-length hair are so popular right now and is very easy to manage.

Shoulder-length hairstyles at this length are still long enough to throw into a messy bun or ponytail on those days when you just aren’t in the mood to style it.

To style, use a leave-in conditioner (R+Co’s Prep Spray) as well as a moisture and shine cream from her mid-lengths to ends (R+Co’s High Dive). Both of these contain heat protectants which are so important to use when you are styling!

Next, use a root spray or volumizer like Maximista by Oribe because it gives great lift without being too sticky. It’s very user friendly and all you have to do is spray it section by section at the root while blow drying. Once everything was smooth and dry, finish with a light hairspray just to keep everything tame.

You can also create beachy waves. Use a 1 to 1¼-inch wand or curling iron and wrap the hair around to achieve those messy waves that look so tousled and effortless. Finish that look off by scrunching in a pearl-sized amount of R+Co’s Mannequin Styling Paste and you are good to go.

Depending on your face shape is where your stylist will consider doing a longer bang. If you have slender face you can take your fringe up a little shorter. No matter what your face shape, this length can be customized to fit your needs.

Just Past The Shoulders for Summer

Q&A with style creator, Jake Seitchik
Hairstylist @ Number 9 Salon in Saint Petersburg, FL

How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this is effortless, girl-on-the-go hair. My favorite thing about this look is how wearable it is. Whether she styles it or wears it undone and a little messy, it still looks great.

Which products would you recommend to help create and maintain this look?

For embracing natural wave by air drying, sea salt spray is the way to go. If you curl with an iron, separate the curls with a dry texture spray. Oribe makes a great one!

What type of person would this look work best for?


The Most Flattering Mid-Length Brown Hairstyles To Try in 2020

When it comes to your hair, sometimes it's best to stick with what works. Maybe you don't have time to think before heading to the hair salon, or perhaps you've put yourself out there only to get burned one too many times. (Now we know that blunt bangs aren't for everyone, and that's okay. We're not bitter. Or that bitter.) What always works? Trimming your classic brown hair into a flattering mid-length haircut.  

The best thing about the medium-length hair category is that you can really push the boundaries, from long bobs to cascading waves. Throw in a set of wispy fringe, heavy layers, or sharp angles—and you're set with a fresh 'do that doesn't risk any sort of post-salon regret. For all the brunettes out there that just want something low-maintenance and wearable, please see this list of gorgeous mid-length brown hairstyles, pin it for later, and then get ready to rock a shoulder-grazing lob like it's your job. 

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50 Gorgeous Medium Haircuts and Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for 2021

If it’s been too long since your last hair change-up, you’re probably ready for something new. However, sometimes it can be hard to see what potential your medium hair has if you’re already bored with it. Looking through magazines can be helpful, but sometimes they don’t have advice for your particular hair type. Luckily, there is quite a lot you can do to refresh your hair, whether it’s waves and highlights, a sleek pin-straight shoulder-length hairstyle, or a shaggy layered cut – there is definitely something for you below.

Before you head to the salon for a makeover, look through these 50 beautiful medium-length hairstyles for ideas.

1. Straight Layered Medium Length Hair. Sophisticated and chic, this haircut is a sure stunner. Straight cuts may be hard to maintain, but the flare and confidence they deliver are more than worth it!

2. Sliced Bangs and Layers. Medium haircuts for straight thick hair need layers for texture and lightness. With this cut, you can enjoy the ease and volume of multiple sliced layers throughout the length of your hair.

3. Medium Brown Blonde Shag. Want a cute do you can easily dress up or down? Go for a wavy lob.

4. Textured Layers.Layered hair gives an illusion of more body and the waves add a dash of pretty.

5. Sleek and Straight Haircut. Need a nice frame for your face? Try straight, smooth locks! Paint on a few highlights for extra beauty, not that you need it!

6. Low-Maintenance Medium Hairstyle. A honey lob with soft waves. Spend a few minutes with a curling iron or run fingers through your hair with texturizing spray.

7. Soft Brown Style with Highlights. With a beachy style like this choppy bob you can enjoy summer vibes all year long!

8. Medium Hairstyle for Women with Blonde Hair. A hairstyle that grazes the shoulders can easily maintain a gorgeous wavy length and an effortless overall look.

9. Layers and See-Through Bangs. Medium hair is commonly the perfect length for creating voluminous downdos. The soft layers and see-through bangs amplify the effect by visually adding texture and depth to the hair.

10. Shadow Roots and Swoopy Layers. This hairstyle is a staple for women who wish to make their medium hair seem longer. The layers that appear wind-swept and shadow roots do the trick!

11. Inverted Mid-Length Bob. Here is a fabulous option for straight fine hair. It frames your face beautifully, delivers a flattering shape, adds volume, and looks neat at all times.

12. One-Length Medium Bob. Another choppy haircut, but given highlights for warmth.

13. Choppy Wavy Hairstyle. This shoulder-length hair is a sure stunner! Add an off-center part and long bangs for a dreamier and more delicate appearance. We also recommend soft babylights for an utterly splendid makeover.

14. Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair. Harness your inner bombshell with this hairstyle! You can choose to go with a solid color or add highlights, depending on your taste. Curl your hair for soft waves, and you’re picture-ready!

15. Straight Medium Hair with Side Bangs. Medium haircuts for women can still look flirty; keep things soft with a side-swept fringe.

16. Textured Messy Lob. Fine hair and medium cuts can and should coexist! Lob is one of the brilliant medium-short cuts that can be easily customized for any hair texture. Tousling the hair is a great idea for a more voluminous look.

17. Feathered Layers for Blonde Hair. Blonde mid-length hair only gets more attractive when complemented with feathered layers. A side part and long bangs are the universally flattering styling options that you should definitely consider!

18. Voluminous Shaggy Lob. Medium-length hair looks awesome when cut in messy layers. This shaggy lob variation, for instance, is a trendy hairdo that is tomboyish and sweet at the same time.

19. Wavy Female Haircut in Warm Brown. Show your fun side and create positive vibes with this hairstyle. Do balayage or sombre for more colors in your hair and an additional cozy feeling.

20. Straight Shoulder-Length Haircut. Feel like your straight hair is getting boring? Jazz it up with a medium bob.

21. Disheveled Ash Blonde Shag. Messy medium haircuts are here to stay! And so is the growing trend for platinum and pearl blonde hair shades. Try this magical style to feel like a character of a romantic movie!

22. Piece-y Midi Shag with Bangs. Medium length hairstyles for women completed with bangs are a perfect fit for the ladies who want to conceal a big forehead. Add a darker color such as deep brown and a lighter shade at the tips for more depth.

23. Highlights and Lowlights for Medium Hair. Medium hairstyles and mixed highlights are BFFs of the styling world. Talk to your stylist and come up with three or more tones that you should like to blend into your hair and watch the glorious transformation!

24. Transformational Medium Cut. Medium-length haircuts can be a way to drive radical changes when it comes to your overall look! If you feel like you’ve had enough of long locks, do not hesitate to follow the urge of cutting some centimeters off.

25. Choppy Blonde Balayage Haircut. Be the talk of the town with a straight choppy bob.

26. Center-Parted Messy Hairstyle. Keeping your style simple is an awesome decision, especially when there are plenty of medium-length hairstyles to choose from. This choppy cut with a center part is an old-time classic that never fails to impress.

27. Layered Midi Cut with Bangs. Red hair would combine beautifully with a medium-length and an inventive cut. If bangs are your thing, try a wispy fringe to draw attention to your eyes.

28. Medium Long Hair with Balayage. Whether you are blonde, brunette, or red-haired, a balayage is a terrific opportunity to add a twist to your usual style. The good news is that this highlighting technique fits mid-length hair greatly.

29. Ruffled Lob with Curtain Bangs. The bob with shaggy layers is a chic hairdo that would look dazzling in any setting. It has a hint of grunge and is effortlessly cool!

30. Medium Haircut for Thin Hair. Put a little pep in your step, and some body in your thin hair, with a cute layered bob.

31. Blonde Angled Lob. An angled cut with highlights will make you look and feel youthful and fresh.

32. Medium Cropped Locks. A piecey cut such as this sliced lob looks playful and pretty.

33. Collar-Length Haircut. Work your hair into an edgy style by adding some textured body to straight strands and letting face-framing pieces fall naturally.

34. Long Thick Bob Haircut. Add some vavavoom vibes to your haircut with highlights and a middle part.

35. Ash Blonde Balayage Lob. With little adjustments, the long ash-blonde balayage bob looks professional for work and playful for your free time.

36. Copper Red Medium Waves. Add a pop of glam with a bold all-over color accented with piece-y waves.

37. Soft Waves in Blonde. This effortless hairstyle would actually look beautiful in any hair color. Shoulder-length haircuts for women work well when you just have your hair cut to a suitable level and add waves for more volume.

38. Ash-Blonde Medium Cut. Looking for a style you can work with bangs? Try a cute blonde bob with a length that touches your shoulders and keeps bangs long.

39. Icy Blonde Mid Haircut. Upgrade your typical brown blonde hair by adding in a few ice-blonde pieces and parting it to the side you prefer.

40. Medium Shag with Full Bangs. Those with bangs might think it’s hard to stand out, but take on a medium shag bob and your bangs will pop!

41. Honey Blonde Medium Haircut. The beautiful mane shines with different shades of blonde, and a rounded lob is a good base for this gorgeous color solution.

42. Messy Wavy Med Haircut. Play up your wavy hair and bring the body to the crown of your head with a textured style.

43. Hairstyle with Face-Framing Volume. Try a shaggy lob with dimensional waves for thick hair.

44. Icy-Blonde Haircut. The cute choppy bob is absolute perfection, especially with a little wave at the ends. And with hair these soft and beautiful, you won’t be able to resist running your fingers through it!

45. Golden Neck-Length Waves. A hint of blonde in layered wavy hair is perfect for a formal look at the office or something simple on the weekends.

46. A Peek of Purple. Wondering how to spice up your dark mane? Angle hair and insert a few colored highlights, like this pretty purple, for easy drama.

47. Caramel Brown Waves. For dark medium hair with waves, hints of caramel brown bring life to an otherwise blah style.

48. Choppy Wavy Hairstyle. Soft, choppy waves and a short side part do wonders for thick hair.

49. Lived-In Medium Hair. With a relaxed, easy, beachy style like this one, people will really believe you “woke up like this.”

50. Past Shoulders Hair with Choppy Bangs. Bring the Emma Bunton out of your hair with longish bangs and layered waves.

As you can see, there is no shortage of medium hairstyles for women! Grab your besties, pore over your options, and cheer each other on as you embrace a whole new haircut! You never know, you may come out of the salon feeling fiercer than ever!


60 Fun and Flattering Medium Hairstyles for Women

Medium hairstyles for women are among the most versatile, because “medium” can mean so many things! Not only that, but it’s also the most common hair length. However, the styles a woman with medium length hair can pull off are anything but average. To take advantage of all that potential, a willingness to experiment is a must. Maybe it’s time to snag some style inspo and transform those medium-length locks into a fresh new signature ‘do.

Medium Hairstyles for Women – New and Popular Ideas

In the gallery below you’ll find everyone’s favorites – hairstyles we come across looking through popular hair and beauty blogs. There are also some fresh ideas, you’ll be tempted to try.

#1: Feathered Mid-Length Style

For some, wearing hair in downdos is a scary thought because hair tends to look flat and boring. If this sounds like you, a longer mid-length cut that can easily be styled straight is the right one for you. Cut feathered layers to add extra texture, keeping some shorter ones around the crown.

#2: Bobbed Volume with Highlights

This is more of a variation of traditional bobs thanks to the layering. It’s almost a shag, except that it’s smooth and softly rounded, not tousled and messy. Basically, this involves just one layer of layers that bobs softly over the bottom.

#3: Long Disconnected Bob with Highlights

Gone are the days when bobs would be prim and proper. Today’s bobs embrace choppy layers and modern dye jobs. One of fun hairstyles to play around with is the faded-out highlights that are a new take on the ombré style. Cut choppy layers into a long bob for the ultimate A-lister hairdo.

#4: Centre-Parted Disheveled Blonde Bob

With medium hairstyles, you can easily part your hair down the middle without it looking flat and dull. Style your locks in messy, uneven waves for an effortlessly undone vibe. Top off the hairdo with a fresh and cool blonde color to add some brightness to your hair.

#5: Messy Wavy Lob with Disconnected Ends

If you’re new to the mid-length hair world, one of the best options here is the long bob. You won’t have to deal with the upkeep of super short hair, but you can still enjoy the fun, carefree nature of the cut. Opt for disconnected ends to amp up the texture and volume of your style.

#6: One-Length Medium Cut with Feathered Layers

Here’s a cute idea of medium length haircuts for women who seek a carefree and sophisticated appearance. Feathered layers swirl around the head creating texture and movement for straight hair. Hitting just below the shoulders, the all-one-length lob can be parted on the side or down the middle.

#7: Voluminous Messy Extra Long Bob

Medium haircuts for women lend themselves well to amped up volume or lift. If you’re not ready for the traditional bob, try a lob; you can anytime go shorter if you wish so. Using a curling iron or large hot rollers, create these swooping, messy waves that will last you all day long.

#8: Medium Blonde Hairstyle with V-cut Layers

Want something a little smoother? Angled, v-cut layers look great when styled straight and will make your cut unbelievably low-maintenance. If your color is starting to look a little dull, liven your hairdo up with sandy blonde highlights mixed with a lighter shade on the top layers of your hair.

#9: Straight Wispy Chocolate Brown Bob

If you have fine straight hair, add some excitement and bounce to your strands with a simple smooth bob that barely grazes the shoulders. Razored or point-cut ends bring interest to one-length hairstyles.

#10: Wavy Angled Blonde Combover Lob

Sassy and sexy, a shoulder-length combover lob is the perfect choice when you want an easy-to-manage hairstyle that will show off the angles of your jawline. The wavy tendrils can be tucked behind one ear or easily swept up and pinned in a pompadour style.

#11: Wavy Caramel Balayage Lob

The lob continues to be the most stylish cut for women, making mid length hair highly requested at salons everywhere. Worn with balayage coloring, it becomes the epitome of an up-to-date ‘do — soft caramel, in particular, is the perfect shade to brighten any face.

#12: Rounded A-Line Lob

If you’re looking for polished hair cuts, you really can’t go wrong with a rounded long bob. Keep the sections of your hair that are closest to your face longer than the rest for a nice angled yet softened shape. This also allows you to cut long side bangs to frame your face.

#13: Cute Side-Parted Ash Brown Bob

Medium haircuts for women can be simple and sporty, as shown here by this side-parted ash brown bob. For an extra face-framing touch, tuck a couple of strands behind one ear to perfectly balance the long peek-a-boo bangs on the other side.

#14: Medium Hairstyle with Swoopy Layers

Shoulder length hairstyles often need well-shaped layers in order to create a nice, smooth flow in your hair. For a rounded shape, opt for side bangs and swooping layers that fall right at your shoulders. You can even add in highlights for some extra dimension that enhances the dynamic effect from layers.

#15: Shoulder-Skimming Caramel Balayage Lob

Chocolate and caramel balayage adds flavor to every mane. Placed miscellaneously, the lighter streaks highlight mid length hair, bringing an extra dose of freshness and dimension to the lob. Make sure to lighten strands that fall close to cheeks for a more luminous complexion.

#16: Medium Shag Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Layers benefit dense locks and create a fundamental structure. Shag cuts work well for medium length hair, giving off the appearance of controlled chaos. Also, this ‘do suits women who work in a professional environment and don’t like too short cuts.

#17: Provocative Black and Blonde Bob

Experimenting with shoulder length hair, take a walk on the wild side by showing off dark roots and contrasting them with platinum or ash blonde lengths. This midi style is for bold ladies who like to capture attention.

#18: Caramel and Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Here’s another example of how beautiful balayage can be for medium hair. Caramel and strawberry blend to make a gorgeous medley, great for those who appreciate unique combos.

#19: Tousled Layered Blonde Balayage Lob

An edgier take on the lob is created through layered cuts, bleached locks and tousled styles. With the said trio, your morning styling routine can be minimized, because here imperfection is the aim.

#20: Golden and Platinum Balayage Lob

There are so many medium length hairstyles to choose from, the only question lies in deciding which cut and color combination is right for you. Golden and platinum is a fresh and stylish duo, so it’s a safe bet for any lady who has always wanted to see if they (blondes) really have more fun…

#21: Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Bright Highlights

If you’ve been blessed with wavy or curly hair, try a lob with random layers. The ash brown base color with bright blonde highlights adds a dash of femininity and dresses up the playful, sporty hairstyle.

#22: Brown Style with Bangs and Caramel Highlights

Calling all our brunette babes! Add some dimension to your brown hair cuts by subtly highlighting your base (but sticking to the same color family). Top off the new style with bangs — a sweet addition to any midi haircut!

#23: Shattered Blonde Shag with Flyaways

Get inspired by Kaley Cuoco and J.Lo, and embrace a star-studded hairstyle that’s trendy and easy to manage. The center-parted shattered shag with wispy flyaways is a great choice for straight, medium-length hair that can hold a slight wave.

#24: Blonde A-line Lob with Face-Framing Layers

Haircuts for women who want to keep their hair at the shoulder length work best when bangs are involved. Get a cute accent and cut side bangs that easily flow across the main stream of your locks. Add in blonde highlights to top off this sweet hairdo and style with a straightener or a curling iron — the choice is yours!

#25: Cute Medium Hairstyle with Flipped Ends

Looking for a style that’s a little bit longer? Let your hair stay past your shoulders and cut long angled bangs. Textured ends can be curled or flipped up for a gorgeous style full of depth and energy.

#26: Wavy Shaggy Blonde Balayage Lob

Is it a lob or a shag? Actually, it’s both, and it’s one of our favorite shoulder length hairstyles for women. Center-parted, with a tomboy tousled finish, the piece-y honey blonde locks graze the cheekbones and chin, landing squarely at the top of the shoulders.

#27: Dimensional Blonde Balayage Bob

Finding the right hairstyles for women with graying hair can be daunting, but a good way to ease into the transition is with chunky ash blonde highlights. Coordinate the blonde shade with your layers for an interesting two-toned look. Style your hair straight and enjoy a sleek hairdo all day long.

#28: Medium Style with Long Feathered Layers

Hairstyles with longer layers and bangs are great for anyone looking for a cut with little upkeep. You can opt for no layers at all, but in order to give your hair movement and texture, try long, feathered layers. You will have a lasting hairdo that looks great.

#29: Caramel Blonde Layered Bob

Medium hair styles for straight hair also need some layers for a boost of visual interest. If you like this look, layered bobs can be done on any hair type, but suit naturally straighter strands best.

#30: Medium Hairstyle with Backswept Layers

To really get a volumized and texturized style, cut a shoulder-length hairdo with at least three different levels of layers. Use a curling iron to get your hair into the perfect wind-swept style. With colored or highlighted hair, don’t be afraid to let your roots show through for added depth.

#31: Messy Chocolate Lob with Caramel Highlights

Upgrading medium length hairstyles with messy waves or curls is the ultimate go-to for busy women. A long bob won’t take long to style, so you’ll never have to go another day without a great hairdo. Place caramel highlights sparsely throughout your hair for pops of color.

#32: Long Tousled Lob with Root Fade

Medium haircuts for women mesh seamlessly with root fades, as both benefit the ‘in-between’ length. Neither short, nor long, outgrown, but still intentional, fashionable, and modern. Tousle your lob for a lovely casual look.

#33: Medium Ash Blonde Shag with Bangs

Shags are inherently a more alternative cut, and pairing it with an ashy tone takes the hairdo to the next level. Plenty of layers with razored ends and heavy bangs complement an edgier wardrobe.

#34: Medium Layered Golden Blonde Hairstyle

Midi cuts are extra sweet in golden blonde hues. A layered cut offers loads of diversity as your entire look can change depending on how the layers are styled. Curl the ends (using your flat iron or a curling wand) for a ladylike, bouncy ‘do.

#35: Wavy Layered Hairstyle for Dimensional Balayage

Dimension is taken to the next level in shoulder length hairstyles like this one. Irregular waves enhance the color job and give even more depth to the highlighted hair.

#36: Choppy Blonde Bob

Medium length hairstyles for women can be edgy – who says they can’t? This choppy bob is on the shorter side of medium. The uneven, deliberately jagged layers are everything, they’re the highlight of the entire hairstyle. Women who are looking for a fun, youthful ‘do may consider copying this cut.

#37: Straight Bronde Bob Blowout

There’s just something so sleek and sultry about blown out medium cuts! The look is sharper than long hair that has a blowout. Update your favorite bob with a fresh hair color idea, like silver highlights in bronde hair, to bring it closer to perfection.

#38: Medium Bedhead Waves

Look at all that texture and body, isn’t it enviable? This ‘do is purposely messy, so its styling is fast but always gorgeous. The layers are subtle and long, but they still add so much movement. The cinnamon highlights are worth stealing!

#39: Lob with Face Frame Layers and Bangs

Feathered edges of the cut are excellent at making shoulder length hair less harsh and more feminine. Sparse, long bangs that start further back from your forehead are also ultra dainty!

#40: Blunt Bob with Long Angled Bangs

Just when you thought your fine short to medium hair was doomed to be dull and boring, enter a fantastic blunt bob with added angled layers. Wispy, chin-length bangs frame the face, and a slight tease on the crown gives it a bit of height.

#41: Angled Lob with Long Choppy Layers

With a lob, you don’t want to make your layers too short, or you’ll have too much of a stacked shape. For those ladies with a naturally wavy texture, it’s best to think on the longer side when it comes to cutting different levels of layers into your hair, but you can use an angled cut for more structure.

#42: Soft Blunt Blowout Hairstyle

No one has the time to blowout their hair everyday, but with the help of this cute shoulder-length cut, you can make your styled hair last longer. A reasonable way to put highlights in your hair is to mix warm and cool shades of the chosen color for truly dimensional results.

#43: Messy Angled Subtly Highlighted Lob

With medium haircuts, there are so many small details that go into a hairstyle and make it a statement ‘do. For example, cutting your ends at an angle gives the style a subtle shape change that makes your locks look all the more interesting. Add caramel brown highlights to your ends to brighten the overall color.

#44: Medium Wispy Caramel Blonde Hairstyle

Nothing says “classy” better than a longish mid-length hairstyle for straight wispy hair. Caramel tones blend into the creamy blonde base for a soft and feminine hair color solution. The slightly feathered, off-center bangs add an air of mystery when you let them tumble in front of your eyes.

#45: Shaggy Honey Blonde Lob

Take a cue from the ‘70s and let your loose waves hang down with shaggy layers. Amp up the cut with thin honey blonde highlights, and don’t be afraid to style the hairdo in messy waves.

#46: Curly Messy Bronde Lob

Medium length hairstyles for women come in all shapes and textures, as can be seen in this photo. The back of this lob is just a teeny bit shorter than the sides. The messy locks are easy to style; just a shake of the head and a little teasing in the crown and you’re all set to go!

#47: Extra Voluminous Messy Lob

The key to waking up everyday with voluminous hair is finding a nice textured cut and a quality texturizing spray. A long bob with irregular layers will have this effect on your hair, and to get the appearance of even more lift, keep your locks in messy waves.

#48: Medium Chestnut Brown Shag

A tomboy shag is a great option if you are trying to grow your hair out from short to medium. The wispy and uneven razored layers keep the cut edgy and modern. The side-swept bangs that touch the eyebrows add a sultry feel.

#49: Mid-Length Razored Black and Brown Hairstyle

A razored shag is a popular way to wear your medium hair as you transition from short to long hair lengths. Ask your stylist to part it on the side and to work with your natural waves to ensure they curve around your cheekbones and frame your face nicely.

#50: Center-Parted Dark Chocolate Brown Shag

If you have super-straight thick hair, it can easily be shaped into this chic medium hairstyle for women. Textured lobs provide a variety of styling options where you can switch the parts, pull your hair up or wear it down in different textures from straight to curly.

#51: Medium Length Layered Bob

This bobbed cut is all about the subtle angle and choppy layers. Texture is important to carry off this kind of cut, even if it requires a curling iron or some blow dry magic. Keep the layers razor cut and tousled for a deliberately messy ‘do.

#52: Medium Short Shag

Thanks to the layers and angles, this shaggy bob is both medium and short. There are all sorts of levels within this cut, which gives it plenty of movement and keeps it lightweight. It’s easy to see why this is a sought-after choice for both younger and older women.

#53: Blonde Layered Bob with Lowlights

Here’s a ‘do that’s favored by ladies on the go thanks to its effortless upkeep. Styling is a breeze, but have a blow dryer and a round brush close to hand. A spritz of hairspray will keep those feathered layers held back.

#54: Face-Framing Layered Cut

Looking for timeless medium length hairstyles for women over 40? Don’t be afraid to keep it on the longer side of mid-length. Ask for layers that frame the face, just like these. Notice how the cut sharpens the chin and creates some beautiful angles to flatter the face. The soft side-swept layers in front can double as long bangs, too.

#55: Bob Cut with Wispy Layers

Medium length haircuts for women pair beautifully with ombre and balayage. Elevate the glamor of your bob with swoopy layers strewn around the coif. If you have naturally straight locks, this is a low maintenance look with a personal touch.

#56: Long Bob with Subtle Layers

Women’s medium haircuts for brunettes can be enlivened with a simple addition of light layers and color. You don’t have to go crazy with all the shades of the rainbow, but just a touch of honey highlights will add depth to your dark locks. Play it up even more with subtle layers around the ends of your strands.

#57: Warm Toned Wavy Bronde Bob

Why choose one or two shades when you can indulge in a plethora of them! Compiling a wide range of hues brings intrigue and sophistication to your hairdo and makes for a great color solution if your want to amp up simple womens haircuts.

#58: Angled Mid-Length Hairstyle

The longest bob is still ranked as a medium length hairstyle. This is the ideal length to showcase an angular cut that can be worn loose or pulled up into an updo. Elevate its sleek appeal with a platinum balayage.

#59: Softly Layered Caramel Blonde Lob

If messy manes aren’t your cup of tea, go for a structured, layered lob. The pristine quality of medium haircuts with organized layers suit ladies preferring picture-perfect hairdos. When packed with wispy ends, however, the lob is softened and made look more delicate.

#60: Caramel and Blonde Blend for Messy Layers

Unevenly cut strands and ribbons of color guarantee a fuller hairstyle with movement and dimension. When styled messy-chic, an effortless girl-next-door vibe is easily achievable.

Versatility is the main characteristic of many medium hairstyles for women. Playing around with length, layering, shape, and styling finishes opens up a world of chic creative hairdos. What’s the best medium length look of the bunch?


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    80 Sensational Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

    If your hair is thick, that’s really big luck, but you should know how to cope with your luxurious mane. Thick hair is always characterized by restive nature.

    Haircuts for Thick Hair

    One drawback of thick locks is their monolithic character. We mean, with the wrong haircut your hairstyle for thick hair is going to look artificial and motionless. That’s why haircuts which reveal the ends and endow them with the feel of movement are extremely flattering for thick tresses. One-length haircuts should be avoided, while graded and progressive cuts with a shorter length around the crown and longer locks at the nape are going to make your medium and long thick hair more dynamic.

    How to Style Medium Thick Hair in 2021?

    When styling mid-length thick locks, pay particular attention to the volume you are blessed with by nature. Be meticulous about the ends. You need them smooth, because the tips of thick locks often look dry and stick out unappealingly. Most smoothing balms for hair cope with this task. You can use whatever styling tools you desire, depending on what particular texture you want to achieve this time. One nuance to remember in this relation is usage of strong hold hair styling products, because with a weaker degree of fixation your hairstyle won’t be as durable as you want it to be.

    Coloristic Solutions

    The main goal you should pursue when dyeing your thick hair is the feel of movement. Balayage and ombre techniques help to achieve the desired effect. Smooth transitions of similar hues add dimension, motion and lightness to your thick locks.

    Sensational Medium Haircuts

    Traditional bobs, pixies and shag haircuts are great for thick hair, whether it’s straight or curly. Here are the most gorgeous haircuts for thick hair of medium length. These ideas showcase glamorous shapes, geometric lines, versatile textures, and a rainbow of sophisticated colors suitable for thick hair.

    #1: Rounded Collarbone Bob

    Ladies drawn to cool toned blonde haircuts for long thick hair, we have good news for you! Ashy tones won’t make your luscious mane appear flat. Try out a rounded silver lob with warm blonde highlights and black roots to achieve a glamorous metallic ‘do that will never go out of style.

    #2: Lob with V-Cut Choppy Layers

    A straight-across long bob is ideal for thick hair since it really shows off the density of your locks, but without layers you risk to end up with a blocky look. Choppy layers give this ‘do a slightly shaggy yet feminine flair, especially when styled tousled. This classic cut suits every face shape and a wide range of hair textures.

    #3: Layered Dark Brown Lob

    A layered lob is a good go-to cut for anyone with thick hair as it flatters all face shapes and lets heavy locks feel lighter. The layers add enough interest, so you can keep your color monochromatic without looking flat or dull. Finish with a messy wave to really show off the different lengths.

    #4: Lob with Swoopy Face-Framing Layers

    Medium length hairstyles for thick hair are universally flattering and easy to style. An effortlessly classy example is a lob that has swoopy face-framing layers. Chic and sophisticated, you will always look put together with this cut.

    #5: Thick Wavy Textured Blonde Bob

    Medium hairstyles for thick hair are easy to set and style when you are working with natural waves. This bob boasts shaggy layers and a light blonde color that shines almost like the sun!

    #6: Medium Shag for Thick Hair

    Shag cuts have become very popular and it’s easy to see why. The messy layered waves instantly add sexy movement to your do and work great with all hair textures. Thick haired beauties can get away with longer layers without sacrificing the desired volume.

    #7: Shoulder-Length Lob with Layered Front

    This lob features sharply angled side sections and straight cut back. As it has been mentioned, an important thing in hair cuts for women with medium thick hair is to get textured ends. These will help in styling and create the finished look.

    #8: Textured Cut for Thick Hair

    The best way to show off the texture in medium length hairstyles for thick hair is to add some highlights. Varying shades will give life to the layers and add dimension to your locks. Ask your stylist to help you select flattering subtle shades to gain that precious natural sun-kissed glow.

    #9: Medium Layers and Flipped Ends

    A more traditional way to style hair with layers is to flip out the ends. If you prefer wearing your hair straight, this helps to soften the shape of your cut and introduce some movement into your style while keeping the sleekness. Blow dry the hair in sections with a round brush to get a polished look.

    #10: Feathered Layers for Straight Hair

    A benefit of thick hair is an ability to pull off heavily layered haircuts without having to worry about lack of volume. Feathered and straight, this style is edgy while bearing a subtly retro feel to it.

    #11: Bouncy Layers

    Medium length hairstyles often get a bad rap for looking flat and too “in transition.” With this style, layers are flicked gently with a straightener to add some body and dimension.

    #12: A Cut Solution for Thick Hair

    If you have thick hair, you know that it’s not always so much of a blessing. To counteract too much fullness, go for some cropped layers and add in some subtle highlights a couple of shades lighter than your base color to lighten things up.

    #13: Brunette Shag with Side Bangs

    Here’s one for the girly girls blessed with thick manes. Best styled tousled, it’s an easy, pretty look you’ll love to wear on days when you don’t feel like styling much. Side bangs soften up the whole shag, so it’s better to make sure they fall nicely.

    #14: Mid Length Shaggy Cut

    Haircuts for thick hair are often sought out for a single purpose – to thin things out. With this shagged haircut, you’ll enjoy modern layers combined with a workable length that still allows for ponytail days. If you request a shag, be sure to go to a stylist you trust – too much of a good thing can turn dangerously retro quickly.

    #15: Medium Brown Hair with Angled Cut

    A long, angled cut might turn into the best bob you’ve ever had. Instead of making things short and severe, flow free this season with a bob cut that accentuates your natural hair wave. Boost it with a brand new hue – a medium brown color is perfect for fall and winter wear.

    #16: Multicolored Sideswept Cut

    Celebrate the forever summer inside of you with this breezy, lightened hairstyle. Hair is brushed to the side and chopped on the ends to make thick strands appear less heavy. The blonde accents frame and brighten the face.

    #17: Side Parted Lob with Finely Chopped Ends

    Haircuts for thick hair simply beg for textured ends as they finish off the shape of the cut and give hair the much needed dynamics. A deep side part is a bold bonus that brings added movement to the ‘do.

    #18: Adding Shape for a New Look

    Angled hairstyles have been popular for a while, but when it comes to solutions for thick hair, they are timeless. Angled cuts with layers are incredibly helpful for stubborn, heavy locks.

    #19: Mid-Length Layered Style

    Dark hair can appear even thicker than it is. Lighten it up with this mid-length layered hairstyle. Try a choppy cut – it’s easier to maintain and you can also go longer in between salon visits. The messy look is very stylish and popular in today’s fashion industry, and lucky for you, it works well with thick hair.

    #20: Curly Style with Side Bangs

    Looking for a cute new style for your curly hair? Look no further than medium length haircuts with layers. They are long enough to remain feminine but short enough to keep things manageable. A deep side part and long side bangs are ideal for a youthful look.

    #21: Shoulder Length Tousled Hair

    Cutting your hair to the shoulder length or a shorter style can cause it to look “puffy” if it isn’t properly styled – but who has time for that every day? If you have thick wavy hair, then towel dry it in the morning, pump some gel into your hands and tousle your hair with it. The results are both adorable and long lasting.

    #22: Medium Side-Parted Brunette Shag

    Shags are fantastic shoulder length haircuts, because the volume-packed styles are the best at showing off full hair. Amp up the messy meter of the hairdo according to how natural you’d like your mane to appear. Ashier brunette shades may seem dry, so make sure to use a shine spray for healthy-looking locks.

    #23: Dramatic Highlights for Thick Hair

    Add some light brown and blonde to bring dimension and style to thick brunette hair. If you’ve run out of ideas, but have always sported dark hair – then try out some honey or even platinum highlights. Medium hairstyles for thick hair don’t always involve too much of a cut – sometimes it’s all about the choice of color and its smart placement.

    #24: Thick Shaggy Golden Brown Lob

    Your golden-brown hair will look luxurious and healthy when you cut it straight across in a shoulder length lob. Add a textured finish for the ends and a few midshaft waves for an easy flowy style.

    #25: Layered Haircut with Medium Layers

    Medium layers around the crown will offer you a lovely fullness of the top section. Something many women try to achieve with teasing, you are going to have naturally thanks to the thickness of your hair and the right cut. Accent the layers with subtle balayage highlights to make the texture more pronounced.

    #26: Layered Cut for Medium Straight Hair

    Some layered bobs can require a lot of styling to pull off. If you’re looking for something more low key, try the less is more approach. This straight style offers the simplicity of fewer layers, but with a cute and polished end result.

    #27: Beautifully Feathered and Subtly Highlighted Bob

    Grungey shoulder length hairstyles are foolproof and flattering for many face shapes. Feathered with sparse front bangs, this one offers a mysterious and sultry aesthetic that is hard to ignore. Faint highlights alleviate the bob’s dimension factor, too.

    #28: Cinnamon Layers for Thick Hair

    Does anything go better together on a cold day than cocoa and cinnamon? It gets us all warm inside just thinking about it. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be wintertime to take advantage of this yummy combo. A lighter red shade on top of a deep chocolate base will help to visually lighten shoulder length thick hair.

    #29: Medium Shiny Brunette Shag

    Layered shoulder length hair can be reminiscent of 1970s hippies. For a style like this, you’ll want to avoid brushing and blow-drying. Just run your fingers through it a couple of times and let it be!

    #30: Medium Layers for Thick Hair

    A medium bob is a light and fresh cut that works well on women of all ages. Subtle layering can be used to keep your thick hair from feeling overly bushy, but still maintaining the sleek style. Start your shortest layer at about chin level and taper downward from there.

    #31: Textured Plum Haircut

    Texturizing the ends of your layers will enable the strands to spiral easier, making it a great option for those with naturally curly hair. Another way to showcase those lovely curls is to incorporate a fun accent color. Both solutions can be great additions to all haircuts for thick hair for just a little extra sass.

    #32: Inverted Lob with Soft Razored Layers

    Razored layers are always a good idea on full hair! The greatest way to display them is with added texture. Big curls created with a curling iron bring movement, perfect for a fierce lady attracted to voluminous hairdos with lots of height.

    #33: Thick Wavy Balayage Hair

    Yet another benefit of this cut is its versatility. It can go casual and messy or work-ready with just a slight styling change. Soft wavy curls as shown here will add sophistication to your shaggy do.

    #34: Voluminous Cut with Swoopy Layers

    This is also one of those medium length haircuts that are a blast from the past. The rich chocolate brown color is lowkey and stylish. Flipped layers are cute and feminine.

    #35: Medium Length Shag Haircut

    Shags don’t always have to be messy. This sleek version is a sexy adaptation of the cut. The shorter layers are feathered around the crown of the head, and the longer ones are textured and curled out to provide movement and dimension without sacrificing the overall straight style.

    #36: Perfectly Feathered Medium Haircut

    Feathered mid length haircuts are inspired by the bohemian 70s era and worn today by fashionistas. Youthful on an older lady and chic on younger women working in professional environments, update this style with deep natural or colored roots that fade into balayage highlights.

    #37: Shoulder-Length Wavy Cut for Thick Hair

    Nothing says fun and frivolous better than a wavy, shaggy haircut that just grazes the shoulders. Parted down the middle or on the side, it’s a hairstyle that’s most appropriate for women who have super-thick, hard-to-control hair.

    #38: Blonde Layers for Thick Hair

    A long beachy bob can be a great go-to style option all year long. Add some smoothing serum to tame frizz and rough dry your hair. Throw in a few waves here and there with a curling iron if necessary. Once your hair has cooled, give it a good spritz of hair spray and then run your fingers through the waves to soften them.

    #39: Elongated Layered Cut with Voluminous Crown

    Keep it minimalistic by rocking an elongated cut with layers. The fine tailoring is greatly shown off when styled straight. Ace it by tapering ends down letting lengthy locks swoop into each other.

    #40: Mid-Length Layered U Cut

    There are so many medium hairstyles for thick hair to choose from, whatever your hair type is. Achieve soft, natural styles using sea salt sprays and texturizing products on damp hair after washing. If you’re attracted to this aesthetic, consider getting sparse babylights to add some intrigue!

    #41: Silver Shag with Side Bangs

    The dramatic side bangs are matched only by the chic color sported on this gorgeous shag. Silver is no longer a shade solely for the mature, as a whole new generation has embraced the cool tone. When it comes to hip hairstyles for thick hair that will turn heads, this is a front runner.

    #42: Straight Cut Textured Medium Shag

    Ladies who don’t like complicated cuts but still want to have a current ‘do would benefit from a straight across medium cut with textured layers. Easy to maintain and minimizing morning styling time, shags suit any wardrobe while still giving you that signature look.

    #43: Honey Blonde Chopped Angled Bob

    Trendsetters who make a statement, the angled honey blonde beauty is calling your name. Bobs aren’t going anywhere any time soon. This fresh style has so much richness in multiple warm hues, so decide on the palette and range of tones that work for you.

    #44: Straight Layered Cut with Bright Balayage

    A bright balayage and feathered layers are the best ways to bring texture and movement to straight hair. Medium haircuts for thick straight hair show off its density and healthy shine even if it’s not natural.

    #45: Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut with Layers

    Though this hairstyle is not simple, there’s something very classic about wavy shoulder-length cuts. With a wide range of tones from deep brunette to platinum blonde, the layers and picture-perfect waves display them beautifully. It’s suitable for all ages and face shapes.

    #46: Thick Beachy Waves

    Casual, loose waves with shaggy ends offer the popular beachy hair look all year round. Even in the dead of winter, it’s possible to rock a hairstyle that looks like you’ve spent all day on the beach. Overnight braids, a curling iron, and even sea salt spray can all add waves to hair that isn’t naturally wavy.

    #47: Mid-Length Messy Layered Style

    The messy midi gets achieved through sparse and short wispy layers stemming from the crown. To take the hairdo up a notch, implement scattered streaks of a shade a few levels lighter than your base color.

    #48: Shaggy Balayage Lob

    The reason why so many medium haircuts for thick hair incorporate layers is because the thicker your hair is, the heavier it falls. Holding any kind of style is difficult, if not outright impossible. When hair is too heavy, not even a full bottle of sculpting spray can make it hold its original shape. Starting out with subtle layers introduces movement and makes your locks light and lively.

    #49: Textured Dynamic Layered Bob

    Medium haircuts for thick hair develop a nice lift from teased roots. This is an easy way to amp up the wow factor of your bob, especially when it’s cut angled or A-line. Try a white grey color combination for an icy effect.

    #50: Soft and Feminine Angled Lob

    Angled lobs provide a sultry outline to frame your face. Long face-framing strands give definition when worn straight. The cut and style are simple in nature, but offer a serious amount of attitude.

    #51: Medium Hairstyle with Layered Ends

    Medium length hairstyles for thick hair look extra-special when the ends are slightly layered and curled. Copper highlights over dark brown hair also provide healthy shimmer and shine. It’s a cut that looks best when parted straight down the middle or pulled back into a ponytail or bun.

    #52: A-Line Lob with Long Face-Framing Layers

    Long, swoopy layers soften rigid lines of the angled bob, and accompanied with an A-line shape, it’s the ideal hairstyle for women who want a structured cut that still looks flexible and feminine. Style hair inwards for maximum suppleness.

    #53: Jagged Lob with Long Side Bangs

    Jagged lobs are popular hairstyles for thick hair thanks to the lively essences they give off. Uneven chops work so well on full manes because there’s lots of body to keep hairdos looking rich and healthy. Long side bangs enhance the youthful beauty of the cut.

    #54: Nice Shaggy Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair

    A nice shaggy cut embraces uneven choppy layers that start at a certain level and progress towards the ends. On hairstyles of this nature, consider getting babylights to really draw attention to the refined definition in layers.

    #55: Choppy Angled Textured Lob

    Choppy above shoulder lobs ooze sexy vibes and look effortlessly adorable, especially when styled in loose waves. A universal cut for blondes, redheads and brunettes!

    #56: Curled Golden Hairstyle

    Take a cue from Goldilocks with this modern rendition of ringlets. Thick hair that has the ability to hold a curl can easily pull off this beautiful shoulder length hair style. You can get this look using a large barrel curling iron and your favorite holding product. If you want to save time in the morning, sleep in some extra large hair rollers.

    #57: Straight Cut and Thoroughly Layered Lob

    A fun fact about thick hairstyles is that in most cases they are self-styled options in case you choose the right cut for your hair type. A shag like this is great for slightly textured hair, with a light natural wave to it. Note also that this hairdo is great for women with alternative wardrobes!

    #58: V-Cut Layers for Choppy Lob

    The epitome of feminine and trendy is the choppy lob with v-cut layers. On such haircuts, stay away from shorter, face-framing strands as they may dilute the long uniformity that makes this style so striking. Also, stick to natural hair tones (the ones that aren’t too ashy or warm) for nonchalant vibes.

    #59: Brunette Wavy Lob with Jagged Ends

    Let’s face it; some of us just prefer staying on the dark side. Skip color playing with highlights and go for a rich, all-over hue like the deep mocha brown. Jagged ends bring freshness to all lobs, and imperfection is key with this type of hairstyles.

    #60: Medium Textured Haircut with Dynamic Layers

    Medium wavy hair needs a scattering of layers to encourage its texture. Very subtle highlights on brunettes work with the texture providing the look that’s lightweight and full of movement – the must-have characteristics of modern hairstyles.

    #61: Long Angled Bob

    One of the most popular medium length hairstyles of the year is lob. It is still fairly light and airy like a short hairstyle, but it gives you the length and versatility of a longer look. If you are in search of a style that is easy to manage and good-looking in any occasion, the long bob is for you.

    #62: Medium Layered “U” Haircut

    Those with naturally wavy or straight thick hair can opt for a u-shaped haircut, where the hair is gradually shorter on the sides and longer in the middle. This style is ideal for medium length haircuts because it shows the slow change in length best.

    #63: Medium Layered Haircut

    If you are a busy woman who needs a hairstyle that will look good on any occasion, these layered haircuts are a must-try. Medium to long layers within the cut provide enough versatility for anyone who may need to pull their hair into a quick ponytail in a pinch.

    #64: Shag Cut with Bangs

    The 70s are back in a major way. With suede, flared denim and maxi dresses taking over our closets, it’s time to embrace the medium shag haircut as well. The messy texture provides a carefree vibe that all it- girls love.

    #65: Medium Haircut with Long Layers and Bangs

    Long layers are a mid-length cut’s best friend, especially if you’re in the process of growing out hair and want it to look as long as possible. Highlights enhance this style with definition and dimension.

    #66: Medium Length Waves

    Use a deep conditioning treatment in your hair on a regular basis to keep medium length waves looking soft and supple. A blunt cut along the bottom will help thick strands hold it together from root to tip. Shoulder length haircuts for thick hair aren’t just about cut and style – it’s about hair health, too.

    #67: Angled Layers for Medium Length Hair

    The jagged layers create the look of torn edges that is a perfect solution for slightly wavy hair. Your locks will set even without any special styling tricks – just blow dry and go. A side part and long bangs contribute to the trendy look.

    #68: Asymmetrical Bob

    If you prefer to wear your hair side-parted, try an asymmetrical choppy bob of medium length. Your hair will graze one shoulder and fall on the chest on the other side. It’s the optimal length and texture solution for thick hair that would look too bulky in shorter blunt cuts.

    #69: Shoulder Length Wavy Pink Bob

    Here’s probably the most popular medium hairstyle for women. It’s neither too long nor too short, the so-called ‘golden mean’. Well, as gorgeous as this style is, the color is even better. The burst of cotton candy hues enhances the layered waves beautifully.

    #70: Collarbone Cut for Thick Hair

    Ladies in search of layered haircuts for thick hair may have concerns about going too short. This is valid as the layers will add extra girth and you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a helmet. A slightly longer collarbone length gives the style of a shorter cut, but visually balances the volume.

    #71: Wild Layers with Blonde Color Pops

    Multidirectional layers add volume and style to hair that is ceasing to define itself. Go for a blunt, shoulder-length cut and ask for layers of varying lengths. You can liven them up by tousling your damp hair with some styling gel. Finally, go blonde with a partial color placed throughout your mane.

    #72: Bold Feathered Lob for Thick Hair

    Feathered choppy lobs automatically send off a bold signal. Paired with a vibrant hair color, like saturated caramel streaks overtop of chocolate brown, this thick mane is hard to miss. The cut and color combo is also fitting for every season of the year!

    #73: Thick Hair with a Modern Cut

    Girl superheroes are a big deal in Hollywood right now, and many of them sport fun and funky hair. Take a cue from these girl power characters and get an angled cut with a creative accent color like purple, turquoise or red.

    #74: Wavy Hairstyle for Medium Hair

    Loose curls have been trending for a while now and we don’t see the popularity going away anytime soon. The added movement works wonders for medium length hair that was once just a transitional phase between short and long. An awesome look that transforms your shoulder length tresses from bland to blam!

    #75: Blonde Hair with Thick Layers

    Natural blondes have many different shades of blonde throughout their hair. The hair lightens as it has exposure to the sun and other elements. The best way to show off those darker tones underneath is to use lots of layers. Just place them strategically so as not to add too much volume.

    #76: Side-Parted Medium Silvery Bob

    With lighter shades of blonde and fine hair, it’s always recommended to darken the roots, because colorless roots make your hair appear thinner. With thick hair you may easily skip this recommendation or follow it, depending on the chosen coloristic idea you want to bring to life.

    #77: Bob with Thinned out Ends

    When you try thinned out ends on thick hair, you get a structured cut that lets your hair have both – volume and beautiful shape. With this bob you can enjoy straight, wavy or curly hairstyles for thick hair and look chic with every new look.

    #78: Wavy Mid-Length ‘Do

    Looking for a universal length? This cut should be it. Everything about it is on-point and easy to pull off, both for women who have naturally curly/wavy hair and those who don’t. The layers are the key, and make sure to ask for a shaggy finish.

    #79: Purple Profusion

    This is such a fun ‘do, plus it’s edgy, stunning, and easy to attain – what could be better? Medium length hairstyles for thick hair that use thinned out shaggy layers get more than just lift and body. The layers create tons of texture, too. They make the cut look more interesting – and when color comes into the mix, it’s even more gorgeous. Ask for razored, shaggy layers to steal this cut.

    #80: Medium Shaggy Waves

    Styling a shoulder-length shaggy cut into a trendy wavy ‘do is a breeze even if you are not a pro. Blow dry your mane roughly and style a few loose waves with a straightener here and there. Leave the ends disconnected and shaggy.

    As you see, thick hair allows you a wide choice of styles and offers more freedom to play with textures and volume. We believe now you realize how lucky you are to be blessed with thick locks. A few correct strokes such as the right hair color, a good haircut and flattering hairstyle are all it takes to look gorgeous any time. There are plenty of haircut variations for thick hair. Just pick your own!


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