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Honda excels in just about every way that counts, but the carmaker could do better in the tech department. Fortunately, the Japanese carmaker is making more remarkable strides in this area, especially regarding infotainment. You may even be able to update your older Honda with new wireless connectivity features with an offical company update.

What’s the latest with Honda’s car technology?

The 2021 Honda Accord is the brand's midsize sedan.

Honda recently announced that it’s finally adopting wireless Apple CarPlay on select models. The carmaker already offers Apple CarPlay and Android connectivity. But the caveat is that you have to connect your iPhone via a USB port to use the smartphone integration apps. With Honda’s wireless connectivity introduction, you can go cordless and free up your USB port for charging another device.

So far, the 2021 Accord is the first Honda to have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. This update makes Honda more in line with luxury brands, including BMW and Cadillac, which already offer wireless smartphone connection. Other mainstream brands getting in on the trend are Chevrolet, GMC, and Volkswagen. 

Honda might expand its wireless to tech older models too

The front row of of the 2020 Honda Civic with leather-trimmed seats.

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Some of us with slightly out-of-date Hondas might benefit from the carmaker’s new tech. As Jalopnik highlighted, Honda is starting to gauge owners’ interest in an optional upgrade that would add a wireless phone extension to older models, as the new ones will have. One 2018 Accord owner shared on Reddit that Honda reached out to them via survey. 

Honda’s survey asks current owners if they are interested in the new upgrade, and it also covers different ways the updated software can be set up. Honda is considering shipping owners a flash drive with the update or allowing owners to download it themselves from its website. But if you rather your local service department handle it, that will be an option too. 

Pricing for the updated software isn’t official yet, but Honda is tossing some ideas around. Opting for just the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wireless upgrade could cost about $50. Adding both smartphone apps plus the Qi wireless charger could range from $150 to $200. 

We think it’s laudable that Honda is taking the extra step to give its drivers more modern tech, especially since many other carmakers aren’t. Mazda similarly offered its owners the option to update their older vehicles with smartphone apps. Porsche has done so too. But General Motors is among those that say they won’t follow suit with Honda. GM says either its vehicles come with wireless projection, or they don’t.

Can I upgrade my current infotainment system?

touchscreen and controls for the 2017 Honda Civic sedan

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If you can’t wait for Honda’s new rollout, or your Honda is much older than the more recent models, you still have options. You can retrofit your older car with an aftermarket system such as a Pioneer or Boss. These particular systems stand out because they’re user-friendly and relatively affordable. You might want to make this a DIY project, but you can also look for a local service dealer specializing in this field. 

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Honda Releases OTA Software Update with Major Navigation, CarPlay Improvements

The new software version is 18AA-2071-001, and it’s shipped over the air, so it can be downloaded using a Wi-Fi connection. Worth knowing, however, is that Honda warns that completing the update could take up to 30 minutes, so this is clearly a massive release.

However, the good news is that you can use the car normally during all these time, so you can just let the update to run in the background with no issue whatsoever.

As for what’s new in this software release, the most notable change is the Garmin Navigation app being updated to version 2.24. This update itself likely includes a series of further improvements, such as updated maps and fixed bugs, albeit no specifics have been provided in the official PDF changelog (also embedded in the article).

For many Honda owners, the biggest improvement concerns Apple’s CarPlay. Many complained that CarPlay disconnects all of a sudden for no clear reason, despite using the original cable with the iPhone. According to Honda, this new software update resolves “Apple CarPlay disconnecting while in use.”

Additionally, the changelog also includes additional fixes for system resets while driving, information from the Display Audio appearing blank on the meter display and showing incorrect device name when paired to a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The HondaLink app should now report the correct vehicle information and the system should no longer reset when entering the reverse mode. Honda says it also resolved an issue that caused the parking sensors to display the full view even when drivers enabled the split view.

As far as the CarPlay experience is concerned, the previous software update (version 18AA-1863-001) also included fixes to allow CarPlay to launch after multiple connections and disconnects.

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-(HONDA)- How to update your Honda Garmin Navigation system

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