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This Week's Halo 5 update adds a lot for Forge fans: new objects, new scripting commands, Race and King minigames, extra canvases and more

Halo 5's latest update really is enormous.

Halo 5: Guardians will receive another free content update this week. Called Monitor's Bounty, it drops on December 8 (US time) and delivers stacks of good stuff to Xbox One players as well as bringing Halo 5's Arena, Forge and join in progress custom games browser to PC.

Industries broke the update reveal into two halves to make it more digestible, and today's intel drop goes in-depth on what's new in Forge, Halo 5's UGC tool set. The executive summary is: a lot.

The most exciting update to my mind is the addition of a stack of new scripting options, making Halo 5's Forge much more flexible than ever before. By providing users with these tools, Industries has opened the door to much more complex user-generated game modes.

itself has been playing with these new tools and produced a few mini-games for the Halo 5 community to enjoy, including recreations of Race and King, two old Halo favourites. There's also an all new mini-game called Battle Golf.

To help users start making new Halo 5 modes at this level of complexity, Industries will release a stack of documentation in the near future, detailing how they were created.

And, of course, there are also heaps of new elements for Halo 5 creators to play with. Industries has produced two new flat, empty canvases - the desert Barrens and underwater Depths - and some new filters and effects including Heat Distortion, Under Water and Infected Flood. With that framework in place, you can check out over new objects including billboards, the Master Chief Unicorn Van, landmines, crabs, destructible objects and the "Wernecke Wrecker".

Finally, when Monitor's Bounty hits Halo 5, Forge will support file recovery, machinima mode, material overlays, a map reset option and more custom game settings options.

Sours: https://www.vgcom/this-weeks-haloupdate-adds-a-lot-for-forge-fansnew-objects-extra-scripting-commands-race-and-king-minigames-extra-canvases-and-more
Halo GameCustom Game TypeCustom MapAuthor(Creator/Editor)Comment GT in the spaces below if you have this custom game on your Legacy or MCC FileshareTime LimitScore LimitRadarStarting WeaponsStarting EquipmentOther Information [Other names it went by] (Game Types/Maps format)Type of Custom Game (Map/Mode/Mod/Glitch)Base Game Mode/MapHalo Games this custom can be found onSTATUSOther Links to Check-OutOn Halo MCC TheFavorites fileshareFan-Made MCC File Share Browser - https://forge.halocrea.com/Legacy Halo Custom Edition/Halo 2 Vista Mods - http://hce.halomaps.org & http://h2v.halomaps.org/In Halo MCC matchmakingHow To Import Legacy Custom Games Post-Migration to MCC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qRTrmYOBg8Legacy Halo 3 File Share Browser https://halo.bungie.net/online/communityfiles.aspxFan-Made MCC Version Remake With High AccuracyHalo Reach on MCC Map Packs https://halocustoms.com/maps/halocustoms-megapack/Legacy Halo Reach File Share Browser https://halo.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileSearch.aspxGamers bringing this Legacy Custom Creation Over To Halo MCCHalo 2 Anniversary on MCC Map Packs https://halocustoms.com/maps/halocustoms-megapack/Legacy Halo 4 File Share Browser https://halo4stats.halowaypoint.com/Copied to My Legacy fileshare - Sgt FergusHalo 3 & 4 on MCC Map Packs - Coming Soon (Check pins in #megapack-bounties on HaloCustoms LFG Discord - https://halocustoms.com/discord)

Halo 5 File Share Browser https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/haloguardians/xbox-one/map-variants

Unable To Find Legacy File

Legacy Halo Custom Edition/Halo 2 Vista Mods on MCC - (Check pins in #h1-modding-downloads & #h2-modding-downloads on HaloMods Discord https://discord.gg/WuurKwr)

Halo Infinite File Share Browser - Coming SoonHalo CECommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowHalo CEFuel Rod WarsN/AN/AFuel rod gun starts with banshee spawns. 8v8ModTeam Slayer/Hang 'Em HighHalo CEBumper CarsN/AGame ModeTeam Slayer/Blood GulchHalo CED-dayN/AN/ASometimes called WW2 or Normandy | Fight on the beachGame Mode/ModTeam Slayer/Death IslandHalo CEN/AN/AInvisible Rockets, no radarGame ModeTeam Slayer/*Any Map*Halo CEPracticeN/APre-SwatGame ModeTeam Slayer, Slayer/*Any Map*Halo CERugbyN/APrequel to Grifball. 2 to 4 rounds, 3 or 5 score to win, instant arm, melee only, /% player speed, HONOR RULE: No ShootingGame ModeAssault/Battle CreekHalo CEMachinimaN/Ashort action filmMachinima*Any*/*Any*Halo CEFiestaN/ARandom weapons for primary and secondaryHalo CEMusketsN/AHalo CEHellbringersNAFlamethrowers and ShotgunsGame ModeTeam Slayer/Chiron TLHalo CERocketballN/AHalo CETeam SnipersN/ASnipersGame ModeTeam Slayer/*Any*Halo CETeam DoublesN/ATeam Slayer/*Any*Halo CETeam MusketsN/AHalo CEBlood BucketN/ATannerIt's called Bloody Bucket. Everyone has overshields and damage resistance (MCC Max Helath %) and starts with shotguns and Assault Rifle (or Rocket Launcher if you want to make things interesting) with halo classic guns on map. Also, score should multiply with more people in the hill (3 people, 3 seconds per second) and use ghosts, warthogs, and tanks, and limit it to 9 lives. It's good on Blood Gulch for anything bigger than 5 on 5, and Battle Creek for anything lower.Game ModeKing of the Kill/Blood Gulch, Battle CreekHalo CEGrand PrixModded MapsRacing game type with settings where everyone one gets in warthogs and lines up and races with equal starts and runs max laps with max warthog count and it is free for all, no teams. Commonly played on blood gulch or death island but can be done on any default map. It's also more popular on modded maps like Coldsnap or specifially race track designed maps for racing like Yoyorast Island. Would later become race tracks on contrainment in Halo 2 and a variation of Halo 3 and on ward racetracks.Game ModeRace/Any MapHalo CEHalo CEHalo CEHalo 2Community Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowHalo 2ZombiesN/ASave this killer game type straight to your hard drive and load it right up n Halo 2. Zombies square off against humans in a battle of alive versus undead!Team Slayer/*Any Map*Halo 2Troy (Legacy)N/ATeam Slayer/CoagulationHalo 2Race TrackUltimate Halo 2 Race Track ModModded Racing Map outside of ContainmentModSlayer/ContainmentHalo 2N/ADonkey KongMilkmanMod outside of Terminal with falling vehiclesModSlayer/TerminalHalo 2HitmanN/Ahttps://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/12j6lp/whats_your_favorite_halo_custom_game/Halo 2Tower of powerN/AShields: Off
Weapons on Map: Just the turret on the tower
Player weapons: Shotguns onlyTeam Slayer/AscensionHalo 2TremorsN/ACapture the flag, while staying off the ground. Navigate through Coag without being eaten by the tremors. Vehicles on Map: Ghost
Weapons: None
Special Rules: Players cannot use their weapons, ghost cannot fire their weapons, 2 people on the defenders team, both in ghost.1 Flag CTF/CoagulationHalo 2Ring of FireN/Aring of rocketsglitchSlayer/*Any Map*Halo 2hell rainN/Areign of fireSlayer/HeadlongHalo 2Hog warsN/ATeam Slayer/CoagulationHalo 2Bumper CarsN/ASlayer/CoagulationHalo 2Cat n mouseN/ATeam Slayer/CoagulationHalo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo 2A, Halo 5, Halo OnlineHalo 2Hide n SeekN/AHide and SeekJuggernaut/*Any Map*Halo 2Ghost of lockoutN/AGlitchSlayer/LockoutHalo 2SwatN/ATeam Slayer/*Any Map*Halo 2SwordsN/ASword Battles, Swords No Radar, Paranoia (If you’re looking for small map paranoia, you’ve found it in this Team Slayer variant. Everybody’s got the energy sword and nobody has working radar, so anybody can get stabbed in the back at any time. It’s the official warm-up game of OXM!)Team Slayer, Slayer/*Any Map*Halo 2DodgeballN/ASometimes called "MiniTroy"Team Slayer/Beaver Creek, Colossus Halo 2Protect The PresidentN/A[President/VIP/JFK]CTF/*Any Map*Halo 2PredatorN/ARecreate the movie PredatorNinjanaught/BackwashHalo 2Cops n RobbersN/A[cops n crooks, cops n criminals], 4 terrorists (red), 2 secret service (blue), and 1 president (green). Was always played on Terminal and the pres always started in the parking garage with bodyguards.Team Slayer/LockoutHalo 2Lava ManN/ALavaman, Don’t touch the lava, The floor is lavaTeam Slayer/TurfHalo 2Border PatrolN/ATeam Slayer/ZanzibarHalo 2GlitchesN/AGlitch, GlitchezGlitchSlayer/*Any Map*Halo 2Train SpottingN/Ashotgun only KOTH on Terminal. The hill is in the base on the tracksKOTH/TerminalHalo 2PaintballN/AEveryone has Battlerifles and Magnum, no weapons on the map and no power ups.
Best played on Ivory Tower or Foundation. Neutral Flag with 5 second respawn. 3 Lives Each. Round ends with 3 flag
captures or when all lives are gone.Slayer, Team Slayer/Ivory Tower, FoundationHalo 2Clint EastwoodN/AJuggernaut played exclusively on Ascension. Everyone has pistols and shotguns, but no shields. Juggernaut has damage resistance, no motion tracker, unlimited ammo and extra speed.Halo 2Fight ClubN/A[Boxing, Punchout]

(Variant 1)
Objective: Score the most points. Absolutely NO KILLING unless you are inside of the hill.
Map: Lockout
Game mode: King of the Hill
Starting weapon: Plasma Pistol
Weapons on map: None
Player traits: No shields and No ammo

(Variant 1)
Objective: 2 men enter, only 1 lives. Boxing match.
Map: Relic
Gametype: FFA Slayer
Vehicles: Warthogs
Weapons: Plasma Pistols
Over shields on
Special Rules: Use a warthog to plug the holes in the pit on Relic, so once you jump down there is no way out. Then you you 1v1 fight to the death in the pit, one fight at a time, no killing unless you are in the pit.Team Slayer, Slayer/LockoutHalo 2Team FiestaN/ASlayer/LockoutHalo 2Fiesta HillHalo 2FiestaHalo 2Methane MoshpitHalo 2Troy (MCC)(Team Slayer) - Players spawn with Brute Shots.Halo 2Pit of Joy(Team King of the Hill) - Players spawn with Energy Swords and 4× Overshields. Static Hill. First team to ( for Halo 3) points wins. 10 minute match time limit.Halo 22 Flag Shottys(Capture the Flag) - Players spawn with Shotguns, but no energy shields. First team to three flag captures wins. Your flag must be at home in order to score. 12 minute match time limit.Halo 2Ninja Assault(1 Bomb Assault) - Bomb Carrier active camo and moves quickly, but is weak. Highest score after four rounds wins. 3 minute round time limit.Halo 2AtticN/ACTF gametype, Offensive team needs to kill players in Attic by any means necessary. Defending team just tries to stay alive hiding in the attic until the time runs out.Team Slayer/TerminalHalo 2Michael JacksonN/AKOTH/LockoutHalo 2Michael MyersN/AM.Myers, Mike MyersTeam Slayer/*Any Map*Halo 2N/AFrank O’ConnorWetworks, Team Golden Showers, Team GoldShowers (Here’s a nasty number devised by Bungie’s own Frank O’Connor. Sentinel Beams that fire big yellow streams, no shields, and no dignity – you can figure this one out just by the title, can’t you? Available in both Slayer and Team Slayer versions.)Team Slayer, Slayer/BackwashHalo 2King KongN/A<Need More Info>KOTH/MidshipHalo 2Gang WarsN/ABloods v Crips <Need More Info>Game ModeTerritories/Headlong, TurfHalo 2Tease the Fat Kid/Kill the Fat KidN/APlayer that is it is slow but has lots of health <Need More Info>Juggernaut/DesolationHalo 2CivilizationN/ASocietyGame ModeTeam Slayer/HeadlongHalo 2TerminatorN/Aslow and powerful Juggernaut <Need More Info>Halo 2covert opsN/A<Need More Info>Halo 2King of PainN/AObjective: Control the Tower and get time in the Hill
Map: Lockout
Gametype: King of the Hill
Weapons on Map: Turret on BR tower
Player weapons: Shotguns only
Player traits: No shieldsHalo 2Doom FlagsN/A2 Flag CTF, 2 teams, Flag touch return, 15 second reset, 4 to 6 rounds, spawn with grenades, primary is a sniper rifle, secondary is a battle rifle, powerup preferencial base, Game Mode2 Flag CTF/LockoutHalo 2SurvivorN/ASwat Setup, 1 life per round, spawn with battle rifle and grenades, no vehiclesGame ModeSlayer/*Any map but Zanzibar preferred*Halo 2RugbyN/APrequel to Grifball. 2 to 4 rounds, 3 or 5 score to win, instant arm, melee only, /% player speed, HONOR RULE: No ShootingGame ModeAssault/FoundationHalo 2Carnage HillN/APrequel to Sumo Wresting. Ghosts and Warthogs only, Spawn with magnum and grenades, HONOR RULE: No Shooting from vehicles.Game ModeKOTH/Blood GulchHalo 2Doctor's OfficeN/A<Need More Info>Halo 2Stay Alive 2 WinN/AHalo 2GRAVITY WARS!N/AMUSCLE'S GRAVITY WARS!Halo 2FootballN/AWeapons: Swords only no nades
Vehicles: Ghosts only
Other: No friendly fire
The first rule of this game is you cannot use the ghosts plasma cannons or you will be booted. The cool thing about this game is you can push your teamates around with the ghost when you boost if their is no friendly fire. Have fun with this oneGame ModeTeam Neutral Bomb/CoagulationHalo 2b00mN/ANo shields, Rockets onlyGame ModeKing of the Hill/MidshipHalo 2phantom elimination snipersN/A<Need More Info>Halo 2Classic CTF TankN/AReturn to the good old days of Blood Gulch simply by adding the Scorpion Tank back into CTF games on Coagulation. But keep those banshees in the mix. They’re cool.Game ModeCTF/CoagulationHalo 2Covie GulchN/ARyan McCaffreyOur own Ryan McCaffrey dreamed up a CTF variant where Covenant vehicles are the norm – Ghosts, Spectres, Banshees, and Wraiths are joined by plasma turrets atop each base. Throw in a short flag-respawn time, and you’ll embrace your alien nature.Game ModeCTF/CoagulationHalo 2PeacemakersN/APistol nirvana. If you haven’t experienced the joy of lowering an enemy’s shield with the plasma pistol in one hand and blowing them away with a magnum in the other, you haven’t experienced Peacemakers. It’s great on Midship.Game ModeSlayer/MidshipHalo 2Rumble SlayerN/AH2 Challenge, playersGame ModeSlayer (FFA)/Beaver Creek, Desolation, Elongation, Lockout, Midship, SanctuaryHalo 2Slayer BRN/AH2 Challenge, playersGame ModeSlayer (FFA)/Ascension, Desolation, Sanctuary, Terminal, Tombstone, Turf, WarlockHalo 2Rumble SnipersN/AH2 Challenge, playersGame ModeSlayer (FFA)/Ascension, Burial Mounds, Colossus, TombstoneHalo 2Rumble PitHalo 2Double TeamHalo 2Team SlayerHalo 2Team SkirmishHalo 2Team TrainingHalo 2Team SnipersHalo 2Team HardcoreHalo 2Big Team BattleHalo 2Team SWATHalo 2H2 ChallengeHalo 2Halo 2Halo 2Halo 2Halo 2Halo 2Halo 2Halo 2Halo 3Community Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowCommunity Add Submissions In Open Spaces BelowHalo 3Grifball RulesGBWL08 CourtBurnieBurnsGrifball/GBWL/GB Court, Grifball is a community created game-type made by Burnie Burns and Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth Productions.Halo 3Tremor N' MouseTremor GulchN/AxDangles25x/Patchez25(Tremors Cat & Mice, Cat & Mouse)Halo 3Tremor N' MouseTremor GorgeN/AxDangles25x/Patchez25(Tremors Cat & Mice, Cat & Mouse)Halo 3Peasant HuntForgotten CryptVICIOUS VICE, Sargent Sarcasmminotaur, Maze of the MinotaurHalo 3Peasant HuntRandom CryptIX FallOut XIHalo 3Fat KidN/AA Toasty PotatoSLY DABSHalo 3TermitesFloor BoardsBl00D F1R3SLY DABSHardwood FloorHalo 3BTF v2Break The FloorAoM UnknownV2SLY DABSHalo 3FroggerPond JumpingLUNCHB0X riotSLY DABSHalo 3Make it or diestraight ahêâdLucRileyHalo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, SLY DABSStraight aheadGame Mode/MapInfection/SandboxHalo 3Warfare Trench WarfareN/ATeam Slayer/FoundryHalo 3AstronautsSpace stationxkreep, Monkeychow67Litty Critties, Sgt Fergus, SLY DABSAstronauts EPHT, (Space/Space Station 41 ), ODST HQ, Under Attack!, Space station v3 (3 elephants in the sky), Space station v4 (4 elephants in the sky), As zombie, knock over the floating elephants in an attempt to kill the humans. If you're a human, try to kill the zombie before he/she knocks over all of your elephants. Forged on Sandtrap. https://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/old-custom-games-wdownload-links/ModInfection/SandtrapHalo 3N/AFLYING ELEPHANTMikeGrammyXBLForge/SandtrapHalo 3The TrainSwingingKL3GGITLitty Critties, SLY DABSSky Train/Swing set/The swings ("Stay" on "The Swings" by I Cottage I), Train Zombies, TrainInfection/Last ResortHalo 3StayThe Se-SawsTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGodSimilar to The Swings but humans are groupped and segmented in different containers they can't leave or will fall to their death if they do. they must stay inside the containers at all cost to surviveInfection/Rat's NestHalo 3Skycastle AMSKYCASTLE XshadowAM, EElvenPrinceTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, SLY DABSskycastle, sky city, sky castle, Skycastle V2Halo 3Fat Kid MazeSkycastle MazeTrueZombieBlood, EElvenPrinceSgt Fergus, SLY DABSHalo 3CrabmanZombie SeigeX The Chazz X, I3IG Beanshttps://www.forgehub.com/threads/zombie-siege-another-crabman-map/Infection/High GroundHalo 3SiegeThe CastleshemkwamHalo 3N/AThe Carnival v2soldierThe CarnivalHalo 3Road of PainRoad of PainHalo 3Battle BridgeBattle BridgeTheZombieLeaderHalo 3The JokestarMansion Madnesskisssin kate, the probot, BreezyRoy05Halo 3*Default Infection Game Type*Air CitadelMr McDillardInfection/StandoffHalo 3ROBERT NEVILLEI AM LEGEND v3Trickmyster, xBRx destroyerHalo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, SLY DABSNeville's House, KV VirusInfection/FoundryHalo 330 dark nights30 days of nightKieferGoldSgt FergusInfection/Cold StorageHalo 3Prison breakPrison breakSLY DABSHalo 3BeesBee HiveZacharySLY DABSHalo 3Tunnel Raid CTFTunnel Raid xAoTx diffuseFight your way to victory through the tunnel. Capture the other team's flag in this popular CTF map. Forged on Last Resort.CTF/Last ResortHalo 3Burn BabyArson StreetBT DREAM 76SLY DABSInfection/SandboxHalo 3Meteor ShowerRaining FireShadowWolfTheZombieLeader, SLY DABSInfection/SandboxHalo 3To the TopTo the TopTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69Infection/SandboxHalo 3LeapfrogLilyPadsCosmic RickTheZombieLeader, SLY DABSLilly Pads/Lilly Pads, Leapin', Lily PadsInfection/SandboxHalo 3Storm the BeachStorm the BeachTrickmysterHalo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69Halo 3HoovervilleHoovervilleTrickmyster, Coolant93Halo 3Fumball!!!!!!! v2Fumball StadiumAoM UnknownV2fumball!!!!!!! v2, FUMBALL!!!!!!!!, Halo 3Ice cream manKids go downRadicalTheZombieLeader (Avalanche version), SLY DABSGT Version: 07/14/09
Map Version: 07/14/09Infection/SandboxHalo 3Ice Cream Man 3Kiddie Lane -v3RaW x GAMER x, Bubbling Fat, The Grim Dealer/Erugo Cogito Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, HomicidalWilyum (Litty Critties alt) (map only), SLY DABS(Ice cream man/Kiddie Lane), (Ice Cream Man/Kiddie Lane V)Infection/FoundryHalo 3Convoy AmbushConvoy TunnelTrueDarkFusionMustard SeanInfection/FoundryHalo 3Another AmbushSecurity TunnelelitemastersamInfection/FoundryHalo 3Omega TYRANTOmega Journey-3brno32TheZombieLeader, Sgt Fergus, SLY DABSOmega Journey, Omega Journey 1, Omega Journey-2, (Fat Kid (O)/Omega Journey-3) Break your way through this structure before the fat kid (zombie) kills (or eats) you. Forged on Foundry. Infection/FoundryHalo 3Run 4 your lifeSabres Journey2ClutchNForever/sNipe4u2eat/T9YDTheZombieLeader, Sgt Fergus, SLY DABS(The great escape/Sabres Journey) SABRE's Journey, SABRE'S SafariInfection/FoundryHalo 3DigDig To ChinaBattlingApolloSgt Fergus, SLY DABSInfection/FoundryHalo 3Run4 Your Life -v2Bubbling FatHomicidalWilyum (Litty Critties alt) (map only), Sgt Fergus (Game Type), SLY DABSRun 4 Your Life, 4 your life -v3, Effin' Run v2 (map)Infection/SandboxHalo 3HalloweenThe JunkyardCASH KILLINGMichael MyersInfection/FoundryHalo 3Michael JacksonDarklord ManorDARKLORD HomicidalWilyum (Litty Critties alt) (map only), Sgt Fergus (Game Type), SLY DABSMichael Jackson/MJ & NeverLand Ranch, Michael, MJ/Hide The KidsInfection/FoundryHalo 3Zombie HouseZombie CityBattlingApolloHalo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69Halo 3Maze ZombiesZombie Maze Lv1Wild Weasel27Zombie MazeHalo 3Predatorpredator €Smash/WAR highyTheZombieLeader (Longshore & Sandbox version), JoshGAMER, Sgt Fergus, SLY DABSInfection/FoundryHalo 3AvP: AliensAvP: AliensLord VardelTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, SLY DABSAVP: Township, AlienHalo 3Sneaky BeaverWater SportsTheZombieLeaderHalo 3PiratesThe Seven SeasTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69Team Slayer/SandtrapHalo 3pwnd PWN'DInfection/FoundryHalo 3Evil SantaChristmas EveKSI Whitesox, SOUTH AUSTIN1, Mystic95SLY DABSSanta's Workshop, Santa, Santa's Revenge https://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/old-custom-games-wdownload-links/ An infection game where the zombie (Santa) must go into the chimneys of the houses in order to kill the people inside them. Forged on FoundryInfection/FoundryHalo 3Tunnel ratsTunnel ratsTwoSaltyNuts, xC A R E L 3 SS, EX1T WARNINGLast StandInfection/FoundryHalo 3Fort InfectionThe FortressHardly Hidden, LeadinSpartanThe Fortress of Damnation, .:Fort Infection:., https://www.forgehub.com/threads/the-fortress-standoff/Infection/StandoffHalo 3Slow Bro'sZombie Fort 2JAY Viper 35Zombie Fort , Zombie FortHalo 3*Fat Kid Infection Game Type*«Fat Kid Fort»AdmiredAcornFat Kid FortHalo 3Fat KidBunker HillTruegamazThe HudacrisHalo 3The PinnacleThe PinnacleHalo 3Man cannon warsMan cannon warsBounce between man cannons while trying to kill your friends, or enemies. Forged on Narrows. https://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/old-custom-games-wdownload-links/Slayer/NarrowsHalo 3Sharks n' MinosSharks n' MinosFickheizenTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, SLY DABSSharks and minnows, Food chain, sharks&minnows, sharks and guppies,Infection/FoundryHalo 3MazeThe MazesteelrpmMaze/Maze https://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/old-custom-games-wdownload-links/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBCovkScJKASlayer/SandboxHalo 3NinjaSchism of LightGiven To Fly 93Sgt FergusGame Mode/MapInfection/SandboxHalo 35 Chambers5 Chambers V.2RadicalLitty Critties, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, Sgt Fergus, SLY DABSChambersInfection/FoundryHalo 35 Chambers5 Chambers V3RadicalSgt FergusInfection/AvalancheHalo 35 Chambers5 Chambers V4RadicalSgt FergusInfection/SandboxHalo 3Chamber DemonChambers 5 of 5DJ SX50Sgt FergusInfection/FoundryHalo 36 chamberssix chambersBungieSgt Fergus6 chambers Infection/FoundryHalo 3Chamber DemonChambers 5 of 5DJ SX50Sgt FergusInfection/SandboxHalo 3GirlGirl Action0x0 Marcus 0x0Sgt FergusInfection/FoundryHalo 3GhostbustersHide/Seek TownMark John H, FuzarTheZombieLeader, Litty Critties, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, SLY DABSGhost Busters, Ghostbuster map, Christmas Eve (Evil Santa), Hide n Seek, Hide n Seek Town. Hide from the zombie! In this infection game, the humans are invisible, but zombies can only be killed with an assassination. Forged on Foundry.Infection/FoundryHalo 3Hide n SeekHide/Seek Town RemadeSLY DABSSame game as above, the map is slightly different and on Sandbox instead. Forged on Sandbox.Infection/SandboxHalo 3Left 4 DeadLeft 4 DeadBattlingApollo/Anthony Warlord/LegoliTheZombieLeader, Sgt Fergus, SLY DABS/SLY DABALEFTFORDEAD, Left4Dead. Fight off the zombie hoards in an attempt to survive. Forged on Foundry.Infection/FoundryHalo 3, Halo ReachHalo 3JudgementDebayterSLY DABSHalo 3Judgementthe MausoleumDebayterSLY DABSshi no numaHalo 3JudgementDrilling BayDebayterHalo 3Judgementthe Last Day V3Radical, Debayter & RivalMassSLY DABSNacht Der Untoten, Nazi Zombies, COD WAW UPDATED, NachtDerUnTotEnHalo 3Asset V2rifte gifleHalo 3Asset V2Protocolrifte gifleHalo 3Asset V2Last Bird Outrifte gifleHalo 3Asset V2RidgeSide

Ell3ment & Gunnergrunt

Doncut97 H3Halo 3Jenga AddictionJenga TowerBattling ApolloTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, GrammyXBL, Litty Critties, Doncut97 H3, SLY DABS(Jenga/Jenga Tower), (Jenga Tower X), (Jenga Ooh Gah/Jenga Tower X), (Jenga X/Jenga 3), Stay on the Jenga Tower as long as you can as the zombie attempts to knock over the tower you are on by launching objects at you. Forged on Standoff.Infection/StandoffHalo 3sharkJawsMethicSgt Fergus, OrangeLightning, SLY DABS(Shark/Jaws V) Don't let the sharks (zombies) kill you! Stay up on that ole antennae. Forged on Last Resort.Infection/Last ResortHalo 3sharksshark attackTietswordshark attack1Infection/High GroundHalo 3Shark attackShark tankRyanHalo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69Infection/LongshoreHalo 3PoltergeistHaunted HouseBallistic GamerHalo 3Big MamaBig MamaSLY DABSInfection/SandboxHalo 3Berserker V2Berserker V2AnemoneAurelSgt Fergusberzeker v.3, The Berzerker, Beserker/GOWInfection/FoundryHalo 3*Slayer/Infection Game Type*The ReactorDIEabolical DHalo 3Shipwrecked (Get to the Boat)Shipwrecked (Get to the Boat)Halo 3HaloHALO[(-_-)]xRaWr SqUIrrELzSpiffy Noob, SLY DABS(Halo/Halo Ring), Halo on Halo, (Halo/Halo: Reach) An infection-based racing map. Survive the entire course and claim your victory by killing the zombie. Some called it circle raceInfection/SandboxHalo 3HaloSpaghetti HaloTheZombieLeader, Khaki, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, jeffthedude, SLY DABSInfection/SandboxHalo 3Fat Kid4 levels - fat kidvirus eliteTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, GrammyXBL, SLY DABSUltra 4 Levels, Fat Kid/Playground, Fat Kid (H)/Fat Kid Map V2. A building with multiple levels to shoot the fat kid (alpha zombie in infection.) Forged on Foundry.Infection/FoundryHalo 3Fat KidzCalorieRoadvCalorie RoadInfection/FoundryHalo 3FattyPizza HuttPizza ZombiesHalo 3*Default Infection Game Type*Spooky HousexX ChRiis iz XxSLY DABSHalo 3British BulldogSprintGreenskull[large room with no place to hide or cover. survive until time is up]Halo 3Monster Trucks×Monster Jam ×Mr Crazy 56TheZombieLeader, SLY DABSMonster Trucks, Monster Jam, Bumper Hogs V5 [Warthogs Only] Knock your friends off the platform with vehicles, hijack them and throw them off of the platform or assassinated them whatever you choose! Forged on Standoff.KOTH/StandoffHalo 3Bumper CarsBumper CarsCMNeir, GreenskullHalo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, SLY DABSSandbumpers Bumper Cars [Warthogs, mongooses, ghosts, choppers, prowlers]Slayer/Standoff, Sandbox, Last Resort, Foundry, Cold StorageHalo 3CycloneCycloneTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, SLY DABSInfection/SandboxHalo 3OMG!!!WTF!!!TheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69Infection/FoundryHalo 3Pest ControlWhack a moleGamerTheZombieLeader, Sgt FergusWack-A-Mole, Let's wack,
Moles, Gophers on Your Lawn, Whack a mole, Hunt The Moles, FarmerInfection/FoundryHalo 3Monster TrucksRing of Fire V2DeadlyHandyandyCyclone, Ring of Fire, WheelFrenzy2Halo 3Demo DerbyDemo DerbyJordan Lawd 94, Lord Crypto SLY DABSDemolition Derby, Crash up DerbyHalo 3Laser TagLaser ZoneFlamingBullHalo 3SacrificeLava PitPredatorDoncut97 H3, SLY DABSInfection/SandboxHalo 3Smear the QueerQuearenaSeaboro KibblesTheZombieLeader, Litty Critties, SLY DABSGame goes by many names "Smear the Queer", "Smear the Quear", "Smear the QuEr", "Smear the Queeer", "Smear the Qu33r", Quearena, and "STQ". Other names people have opted for are "Smear the Pink" or "Kill the Man". Splatter your friends before they disable your vehicle and infect youInfection/FoundryHalo 3Smear the Qu33rSmearTheQuear2Xx 05CONTIO xX/xx 05CONTIO xXInfection/SandboxHalo 3Garbage ManTrash CompactorSmashTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, Litty Critties, GrammyXBL, jeffthedude, SLY DABSTrash can, wind tunnel - Avoid the garbage man's (zombie's) attempts to squish you with all of his/her trash. Forged on Foundry.Infection/FoundryHalo 3Duck HuntingDuck Hunt!Killz Hiz PreyTheZombieLeader, Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, GrammyXBL, OrangeLightning, SLY DABSDuck Hunt, Duck Run, Shoot the ducks, (Duck Hunt/Run Ducks Run), (Duck Hunt V2/Yellow Ducks) - Another Duck Hunt map. Make your way up to the hunter's (zombie's) nest before he/she kills you. Forged on Foundry.Infection/FoundryHalo 3Vent ZombiesVentilationAcedeaSgt FergusInfection/FoundryHalo 3Vent ZombiesÐead Spacemander A1Sgt FergusDead spaceInfection/FoundryHalo 3Conquest v3Furious D 18Halo 3Conquest v3Paralysis vVICIOUS VICE & LIGHTSOUTHalo 3Conquest v3 The Great WallMultiLockOn & CowboyPickleHalo 3Conquest v3Socratic MethodPredicideHalo 3*Any Game Type*FoundryBuddhaCraneAlso called Vertigo, Distortion V - Halo Reach Abstract Distortion/SkewMapFoundryHalo 3Angels n DemonsStairway2HeavenDr Toffee, FuzarHalo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69Stairway to heaven/Stairs 2 HeavenInfection/SandtrapHalo 3LottersHuricaneKILL JOY Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, GrammyXBLHuricaneKatrina, Hurricane KatrinaInfection/FoundryHalo 3Pillar of SmearTowersF3AR F1SHTheZombieLeader, Litty Crittieshttps://www.forgehub.com/threads/pillar-of-smear/Infection/SandboxHalo 3TeacherClassroom vxNZxGANGSTAxDSeabreeze69, Litty Critties, SLY DABSThe Teacher/The Students, ClassroomInfection/FoundryHalo 3Cops & RobbersCops n RobbersWowrogue4Halo3CustomsGod, DSeaBreeze69, LegoManIAm94, SLY DABSInfection/FoundryHalo 3Cops and RobbersStation 69ForqottenCause, BungieJoshGAMER, Litty Critties, SLY DABS
Sours: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BX6V17ZWzqI2elsQurQ9XjFQa4tI8S9sUZfqb9NEEb8/htmlview
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Halo 5 Playlists: Maps and Game Types

Action Sack

Enjoy a variety of creative and fun mini-games from the Halo community!

Anniversary Throwback

Celebrate Halo&#x;s anniversary with some throwback Halo: CE community maps!


Work to deliver the ball to the opposing team&#x;s base in a 5 on 5 engagement. Have a blast!

Big Team Super Fiesta

We've cranked the dial to eleven! Experience Super Fiesta on Big Team Battle maps that have been outfitted with powerful vehicle variants. Party on!

Castle Wars CTF

Storm the other team's castle to capture the flag in this large-scale CTF variant for teams of 8 on 8.

Community Doubles

Grab a partner and play on hand-selected, community-made Forge maps!

Community Slayer

We&#x;ve partnered up with Forgers to bring additional community-created maps to matchmaking. Team up and take down your opponents in Slayer matches on fan-made arenas.

Core Play

Prove your mettle in Halo 5's core offering by slaying your enemies and capturing objectives! Modes include Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball.

Covenant Slayer

Teams of 4 face off with Carbines, Storm Rifles, and other Covenant weapons. Wort! Wort! Wort!


Be quick and efficient! Your team wins a round only when all 4 members of the opposition are dead at the same time.

Forerunner Slayer

The Forerunners have returned! Eliminate the enemy team using Suppressors, Bolt Shots, and the rest of the advanced Forerunner arsenal.


The sport of the future for teams of 4 on 4. Hammer and slash the opposition as you work to score the ball in the enemy goal.

Halo 2 BR Slayer

A classic never goes out of style! The Halo 2 Battle Rifle is everyone&#x;s starting weapon as teams of 4 work together to vanquish the opposition.

Holiday Fiesta

Celebrate the holidays with a Fiesta of Fiestas! Enjoy all-new Super Fiesta modes on snow-themed variants of Halo 5's arena maps.

Husky Raid

Tear through the enemy team and capture their flag in this variant of Super Fiesta CTF. Embrace the chaos!


This is not your grave, but you are welcome in it. Fight with others against the Infected, or fall to their swords and join them.

Mythic Shotty Snipers

Shotty Snipers goes Mythic! Players spawn with the Oathsworn (Kelly's Shotgun) and Nornfang (Linda's Sniper Rifle).


Hold the ball to score in this classic Halo mode for teams of 4 on 4.

ODST Slayer

Prepare to drop! Inspired by the tenth anniversary of Halo 3: ODST, this mode features Silenced SMG and Tactical Magnum starts. Sprint and Clamber are active with no shields or radar.

Rock 'n' Rail

Teams of 4 wield Mythic Rockets and Railguns. Eliminate your enemies in low gravity!

Shotty Snipers

Spray and slay with a Sniper and Shotgun.

Team Skirmish

Kick back with a wide variety of maps and game types where teams of 4 fight to control objectives, capture flags, score goals, and eliminate enemies.

Triple Team

Three teams of three players duke it out! It&#x;s madness!

Sours: http://h5playlists.azurewebsites.net/

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Mini games 5 halo

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Halo 5 Custom Game : Clogged Toilet

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