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In fact, the sequence 'converges' to a limit whose value is 2.7182818.

Edgy technology 'converges' with pop culture and creates a new kind of social connectivity.

The random walk eventually 'converges' to a stationary distribution.

The limit of an infinite sequence of numbers often possesses properties not shared by any member of the sequence of terms that 'converges' to it.

This is an arduous task by hand with a series which 'converges' as slowly as this.

The medium, whether air or water, flows smoothly over top and bottom, and the flow lines 'converge' toward their initial spacing and position.

Thus the interests of order-givers of different social classes often 'converge' , forming a virtual class culture that has similar attitudes.

half a million sports fans will 'converge' on the capital

the powers of e therefore 'converge' very slowly

Even the smallest amount of food left out after a meal would very quickly become the centre of a heaving mass of voracious brown bodies, with long lines of ants 'converging' from all corners.

Eventually, both stories 'converge' in an action-packed finale straight out of the Hollywood playbook (not to mention patently absurd in so many ways that it boggles the mind).

a pair of lines of longitude are parallel at the equator but 'converge' toward the poles

The more often these lines 'converge' at or near a single price level, the more significant and therefore reliable they become in determining potential pause or reversal points.

The key, however, is that on some level these different sounds must 'converge' in the listener's mind and make sense together.

It is probably truer to see the culture of Britain - at least in the South and East, and at the top layers of society, and to varying extents in different places - as 'converging' with the Roman way of life.

In the first place, a large number of people, machines, and materials must 'converge' and act together for it to come into existence at all.

One hundred and fifty people 'converged' together to try to convert some creative initiatives into commercial reality.

Forces and trends that will make capital punishment one of the defining issues of the coming year are 'converging' from several directions.

All of them were different, yet all eventually 'converged' to the one thought.

As the harvesting effort is increased, the two equilibrium points eventually 'converge' to one point, at which there is a catastrophe.

Yet as the party faithful and more than 200,000 protestors 'converge on' the city, the President will arrive in New York needing a triumph.

Sometimes Asian performance art and body art 'converge' with developments in the West.

Pre-existing winds, those not created by the storm, are relatively light, 'converging' or coming together near the surface from different directions.

It's where our main subway lines 'converge' , where uptown meets downtown, where east meets west.

He also gave an example of a trigonometric series which 'converged' in one interval but diverged in a second interval.

Ahead, the two low lines of the estuary 'converged' and were lost in the distance in a mist.

Landing here there are two possible ways on, both routes eventually 'converging' in the same place.

Longitude lines 'converge' ; latitude lines don't.

Everybody was giving their opinions, but eventually the opinions 'converged' .

Because of the averaging effect of great space and long lives, the average environment experienced by individual members of different species may also 'converge' .

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[ kuhn-vurj ]

/ kənˈvɜrdʒ /

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verb (used without object),con·verged,con·verg·ing.

to tend to meet in a point or line; incline toward each other, as lines that are not parallel.

to tend to a common result, conclusion, etc.

  1. (of a sequence) to have values eventually arbitrarily close to some number; to have a finite limit.
  2. (of an infinite series) to have a finite sum; to have a sequence of partial sums that converges.
  3. (of an improper integral) to have a finite value.
  4. (of a net) to be residually in every neighborhood of some point.

verb (used with object),con·verged,con·verg·ing.

to cause to converge.



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Origin of converge

First recorded in 1685–95, converge is from the Late Latin word convergere to incline together. See con-, verge2


non·con·verg·ing,adjectivere·con·verge,verb (used without object),re·con·verged,re·con·verg·ing.un·con·verged,adjectiveun·con·verg·ing,adjective

Words nearby converge

convention center, conventioneer, conventioner, conventual, Conventual Mass, converge, convergence, convergence excess, convergence insufficiency, convergence zone, convergent Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Words related to converge

assemble, concentrate, mingle, concur, join, focus, unite, merge, combine, rally, meet, coincide, encounter, concenter, focalize

How to use converge in a sentence

  • Over the past five to 10 years, converging trends … have driven investors to hard assets such as mineral resources.

    In 2020, Everything That Glitters Is Gold|Charu Kasturi|September 8, 2020|Ozy

  • The pace of infections in the country is now converging with those of neighboring Denmark and Norway, where governments are telling citizens to use face masks for the first time.

    Europe is at a turning point as COVID cases spike, and fragile governments feel the heat|Bernhard Warner|August 20, 2020|Fortune

  • One final reason for why voters converge on a couple of players each year may be that voters have more information on the candidates than ever before.

    MVP Voting Has Never Been More Boring|Owen Phillips|August 14, 2020|FiveThirtyEight

  • Even here, converging exponential technologies are paving the way for massive implications in both human health and industry shifts.

    How AI Will Make Drug Discovery Low-Cost, Ultra-Fast, and Personalized|Peter H. Diamandis, MD|July 23, 2020|Singularity Hub 

  • Through A360, I provide my members with context and clarity about how converging exponential technologies will transform every industry.

    How AI Will Make Drug Discovery Low-Cost, Ultra-Fast, and Personalized|Peter H. Diamandis, MD|July 23, 2020|Singularity Hub 

  • They came from all over the city, by the thousands, to converge on the square.

    Eric Garner Protests: ‘It’s Like Vietnam’|Abby Haglage, Caitlin Dickson, Jacob Siegel, Chris Allbritton|December 5, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Three police officials from three different cities converge to solve the case.

    Colin Farrell Officially Confirmed For ‘True Detective’ Season 2: ‘I’m So Excited’|Marlow Stern|September 21, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Teams from across the globe converge on the host nation in something of an unarmed, athletic Crusade.

    Why Americans Should Love the World Cup|Sean Wilsey|June 12, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Where the two worldviews converge is that power comes from the individual.

    At American Enterprise Institute, NeoCons Say ‘Hello, Dalai’|Eleanor Clift|February 21, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Why, then, did over 90 world leaders converge on South Africa last week?

    Goodbye, Madiba|Mark Gevisser|December 15, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • The elements of the latter are conscious of themselves as belonging together, because their interests converge at one point.

    Introduction to the Science of Sociology|Robert E. Park

  • Two tall Zulus were stalking along a path which should converge with ours a little way ahead.

    A Frontier Mystery|Bertram Mitford

  • It may also happen that the patient does not converge sufficiently, merely because accommodation is absent.

    Schweigger on Squint|C. Schweigger

  • Rays may diverge, that is, spread out; converge, or point toward each other; or they may be parallel with each other.

    Practical Mechanics for Boys|J. S. Zerbe

  • The flashes and the shots increased in rapidity, and then both seemed to converge rapidly towards a common centre.

    In Hostile Red|Joseph Altsheler

British Dictionary definitions for converge


to move or cause to move towards the same pointcrowds converged on the city

to meet or cause to meet; join

(intr)(of opinions, effects, etc) to tend towards a common conclusion or result

(intr)maths(of an infinite series or sequence) to approach a finite limit as the number of terms increases

(intr)(of animals and plants during evolutionary development) to undergo convergence

Word Origin for converge

C17: from Late Latin convergere, from Latin com- together + vergere to incline

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Scientific definitions for converge

To tend toward or approach an intersecting point.

In calculus, to approach a limit.

The American Heritage® Science Dictionary Copyright © 2011. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.


English to Hindi Meaning :: converge

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Verb(1) be adjacent or come together(2) approach a limit as the number of terms increases without limit(3) move or draw together at a certain location(4) come together so as to form a single product

(1) Do this several times to different sets of receding lines in the picture and then draw a line connecting all the places where the lines converge .(2) With the shoreline coming to a point, currents from both the north and south converge and flow seaward resulting in clear water and a concentration of nutrients to initiate an abundant food chain.(3) Where these lines converge , there is a tunnel that opens up and moves through space and time into other dimensions.(4) Sometimes Asian performance art and body art converge with developments in the West.(5) And if you tilt your camera to take a picture of a building or a monument, vertical lines will converge and rectangles turn into trapezoids.(6) This assertion raises the question of whether institutions in different locales will converge or diverge over time.(7) the powers of e therefore converge very slowly(8) And since the whole country is yearning for peace, I believe these different points of view will finally converge in a grand national consensus.(9) This is another of those interesting regions in which two very different developmental domains converge .(10) The three lines converge in a single point, which presumably corresponds to the present moment.(11) Rather it will slowly evolve as conceptual developments and research methods converge .(12) According to the principles of geometric perspective, parallel lines appear to converge at a single point in space, known as the vanishing point, as they recede from the viewer.(13) a pair of lines of longitude are parallel at the equator but converge toward the poles(14) It's where our main subway lines converge , where uptown meets downtown, where east meets west.(15) He also understood that horizontal lines appear to converge with distance (slope toward one another) in the direction of an eye-level.(16) the powers of E therefore converge very slowly indeed

Related Words

(1) converge ::




1. meet ::


2. close in on ::

पर बंद


1. disband ::


2. disperse ::


Different Forms

converge, converged, converges, converging

English to Hindi Dictionary: converge

Meaning and definitions of converge, translation in Hindi language for converge with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of converge in Hindi and in English language.

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What converge means in Hindi, converge meaning in Hindi, converge definition, examples and pronunciation of converge in Hindi language.


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English to Hindi Dictionary: converge

Meaning and definitions of converge, translation of converge in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of converge in English and in Hindi.

Tags for the entry "converge"

What converge means in Hindi, converge meaning in Hindi, converge definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of converge in Hindi.

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