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Anonymous asked:

MM is very closed to end. I hope you do not upload FD. MM is expecting something because she is airhead about saving the world right now. FD reading is keeping MM wishful and dreaming of being FD. I can't just force you. It's your blog. I'm just sharing that's all. From FD fan

Well, there are two types of women.

The first type of woman make a prince out of a man.

The second type are women who can turn a prince into a swine.

If MM was FD she would have made PH more famous, more relevant, more rich even. But she did not, did she. And she’s already married to him.

If she wants to, dreams to be a Diana or FD - free will, she can do it. That. does. not. make. it. true.

Simple as that.

Anonymous asked:

Hello. I was looking for FD updates on YouTube this morning . I couldnt find yours but Harry T said PH will leave MM in about 7 yeras . Untill then lets make a nice coffee and eat some biscuits &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

Anonymous asked:

Hi hon! I was wondering but did you delete your Prince Nikolai reading on your Tree of Life channel?

Anonymous asked:

Hi hope you are well enjoy your posts but where do you post your readings?

I haven’t done some in a while. I’m not in a good place to read now. A friend of mine is constantly on a speed dial because I’m one short step from hexing someone and .. I will do it but it’s important to become calm and not emotionally involved. Otherwise I’ll tangle my energy with that person and as much as I don’t care right now, I don’t want it.

Anonymous asked:

I forgot my tarot deck at home. I read that it is possible to use ordinary playing cards as tarot, is that true? Do you know how to do that?

Not really. You’ll be missing the whole major arcana.

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I hope you are fine those days. I am sorry to bother you but there are other problems i really want to ask you. What is the target about pandemic ? And how do you think about someone take their own life for some reasons?Thanks.

It will be better to not take your life regardless of what reasons you may have. The target - I cannot say.

Anonymous asked:

Hi when is your next reading about FD ?

I hope to upload it tomorrow.

Anonymous asked:

Could you do a reading on Tom Holland’s future spouse detailed!! Thx luv &#;

Anonymous asked:

Have you get 2 dose of vaccine? How it is?

Anonymous asked:

I'm the Ascended Masters anon, I was asking because I come to learn that things I have an interest in and my name is a modern version of theirs so I was curious as to if they could reincarnate parts of themselves into the 3D world. I don't think I'm actually a master but related to them in some way. I hope that clears things up!

Ah, now I understand the question better. Yes, you are related to them but in a different way. We all have a higher self. You’ve heard of it. Our soul is a complicated structure. Remember, who we truly are is - part of Source and we have never left there. However, what we are here is a layer after layer of clothing and one of the layers is a key, an instant connection with an ascended master. Each one of us have a connection, a piece of one or more ascended masters. They are the higher self that helps you grow up spiritually. It is borrowed though. It’s not you or yours. It is given for a certain period of time to your soul. Imagine your soul like a child. A human child cannot survive into this world without the help and support from the parents. Mmm, the part of the ascended master in you is your parent. But unlike a human parent you need to purify yourself to be able to hear its advice. That advice is not loud, it is not complicated. It is soft and loving. Sometimes it does not even come with words - just standing there in the presence of your Higher Self is an elixir.

Anonymous asked:

Hi I'm the anon who said he liked your readings about HC a lot. And yes I would love a new read on HC's FS

bensontonkin asked:

Hi Ninja! Can you do a reading about Tom Holland’s future spouse/career/health? :D

I’ll do a small reading for him.

Anonymous asked:

a reading about the current relationship of jake gyllenhaal/what kind of woman is his soulmate etc :)

Anonymous asked:

First of all I would like to say that I love your blog and particularly I loved your reading about Henry Cavill's FS, could you please do a new reading about it?

Yeees, but what specifically about HC’s FS?

Anonymous asked:

Hi! As for Prince Hussein, my questions are as follows: 1- What is his relationship with his family like? 2-Is he what he seems (happy, calm, serious)? 3-Is he in a romantic relationship right now? 4-How will his wife be, emotionally and lookswise? 5-If he weren't a future king, what would he like to become? Thank you in advance!

I’ll look into these next week.

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The Sweeney Tarot

Paid reading, posted publicly with permission:

The layout: Conquest, Love reversed, Victory reversed, Valor reversed, Wealth reversed

The first thing that I see here is that the reading is 4/5 reversals, which yes- you are definitely blocked. With the only upright card being Conquest, there is no doubt that this is the goal. 

It seems odd that all these positive qualities (love, wealth, victory, valor) would all be obstacles, but here’s the second part to it. 

We have two wand (yellow) cards: Victory and Valor. These two sit side by side and this tells me that they are related. 

I interpret the Valor card reversed as fear. The Victory card reversed as failure. The Love card reversed can indicate a potential loss of friendship. Wealth reversed is the loss of money. 

Here is the thing about moving forward: stagnancy, for all its awfulness, sometimes becomes comfortable. An easy thought is ‘this is my lot in life. This is where I belong. If I move too much in one direction, I lose the few things that I have.' 

No one really blames anyone for thinking this. I think most of us have been through this before.

Some people get out of this space with positive thinking or with creative stock exchanges or calling in favors from friends. In your specific case, the cards are encouraging you to work past your fear of failure, fear of losing the things that you do have, and start taking more risks. 

Just applying to that slightly better job won’t hurt you. The worst that can happen is they can say 'no.’ Submit something to that paying anthology you came across the other day. The worst that can happen is they don’t like it. Accept and move on. 

Looking at this from the other side, though- success is a by-product of living your life well. When we laser-focus on the goal only, that’s where things can easily fall apart. Nurture the parts of your life that you do love and they won’t escape you when you move your way up. 

The summation: Take a risk now and then, even if it’s just to test yourself. The things that are important to you will still be there when you fall. 

Worth noting: The cards are arranged in a way that makes a little rainbow and I think that’s neat.

Sours: https://thesweeneytarot.tumblr.com/
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Correspondence: Types of Water


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autumn woodland adventures 🍂

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″ Rough face fluorite point at sylverra

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  • Black Water: Water that is black due to the minerals found in it and is therefore unsafe to consume. Blackwater can be used for banishment, shadow work, honoring the dark half of the year, hexes, curses, death magic, and any other "dark" or nocturnal magics.
  • Brackish Water: A mix of salt and freshwater, usually where a river meets the sea. Because of its liminal nature, brackish water is perfect for spells regarding hedge riding, astral travel, spirit work, and other liminal work. It can also be used for healing or harming and can be used as a substitute for fresh or saltwater.
  • Dew Water: This is water from the air that has condensed a cool surface such as grass, leaves, etc. Dew is typically collected very early in the morning before the sun’s heat evaporates back into the air. It should be collected in an area that is free of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, road pollution, road salt, etc. Dew is most effective in balancing, birth, calming, conception, fertility, grounding, healing, health, longevity, purification, and soothing magick.
  • Fresh Water: This includes water from lakes, rivers, and streams, as well as groundwater such as that from a spring or well. It is effective in all magick.
  • Mineral Water: This is water that comes from a mineral spring. As such, it contains various dissolved mineral compounds such as calcium, magnesium, and/or sulfur. It is more effective in banishing or binding magick than another freshwater.
  • Rain Water: This is water collected in rain barrels or other containers during rainfall. It is effective in all magick. Rainwater collected in early spring has stronger magickal properties than that collected at other times of the year. There may be impurities found in rainwater, however, especially if it is collected in a high-pollution area such as a city. If the water in your spell is for consumption, it would be advisable to use spring water instead.
  • Fog Water: This liminal water is best for liminal magicks such as hedge riding, astral travel, divination, spirit work, and death magic, especially fog that occurs at dusk or dawn.
  • Hail Water: Hail is commonly used in cursing or as a base for War Water. It can also be used in spells that need an aggressive push, as hail is often associated with terrible storms.
  • Spring Water: This is freshwater that comes from a subterranean aquifer. It is effective in all magick but is often used in place of tap water because it is not chlorinated.
  • Salt Water: This is water that comes from oceans and seas. It is especially potent in cleansing, healing, and protection of magick. Freshwater that has sea salt or other salt added to it is Salted Water.
  • Ice Water: Ice tends to be used most often in freezer spells or spells looking to get you unstuck or unfrozen from a situation.
  • Lake Water: Lake Water is often calm and mirror-like. It can be used in divination such as scrying, as a portal to the Other-world, in healing spells and rituals, cleansing, purification, relaxation, or revitalizing spells.
  • Marsh Water: Marsh Water is often dirty, filled with decaying plant matter. In some cases, the Water is also stagnant. Marsh Water can be used in hexes and curses, to stagnate a situation, to cover or hide something, and even during ancestral work. Marsh Water is often associated with death and decay, making it the perfect Water to use when working with the dead.
  • Mud Water: Mud is a combination of Water and Earth, and therefore holds magical properties from both. It can be used for grounding, burying objects, and even for cleansing.
  • Pond Water: Pond water behaves similarly to Lake Water.
  • River Water: River Water is fast-moving and therefore is great in spells that need speed or that deal with speeding things up. It is also great for cleansing and purifying yourself and objects, as well as for banishment magic.
  • Stump Water: This is Water that naturally collects in a tree stump or hole in a tree. Stump Water is considered to have healing properties and is often used to cure warts. It is also considered lucky. Charms, such as rabbits' feet, can be dipped in Stump Water to enhance their lucky properties. Furthermore, Stump Water is stagnated Water, making it perfect for scrying, ancestral work, spirit communication, necromancy, or as a portal to the Otherworld. The Water also takes on the property of the tree in which it is found and can, therefore, be used to mimic the tree's power in spell work.
  • Waterfall Water: Waterfalls are strong flowing bodies of water. While some are seasonal, many run all year. Like river Water, Waterfall water can be used to remove obstacles, purify, cleanse, or bring movement to a spell. However, waterfalls can also be used in beauty magic and birth rites and rituals.
  • Well Water: Well Water is typically calm, clear water that springs up from the Earth. It is most often used for healing and purification as well as for astral travel, hedge riding, and connecting with the Other-world. The smooth surface is perfect for scrying and water divination. It can also be used for removing curses as well as placing them.
  • Chlorinated Water: This is freshwater that has been disinfected by the addition of chlorine or chlorine compounds.1 This is a common practice in the municipal water of most first-world countries, including Canada, in order to make tap water safe to drink and cook with. It is effective in all magick, unless a spell specifically calls for non-chlorinated water.
  • Distilled Water: This is freshwater that has been purified by boiling it into steam in one vessel and then condensing it back into liquid in a second vessel. Any impurities in the water remain in the first vessel. The resulting distilled water is purified water that is bacteria and contaminant-free. As such, it is ideal for crafting infused waters and other spell work that results in a liquid that might need to be kept for up to three weeks. It is effective in all magick.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water: Also called RO (pronounced are-oh) water, this is freshwater that has been purified by passing it through several stages of filters and membranes which strips the water of all impurities.
  • Consecrated Water: Also called Pagan Holy Water, this is water that has been blessed by and imbued with the energy of the Goddess. Consecrated Water is used in healing and protection spells as well as to consecrate your magick tools. Some witches use it to cast circles.
  • Holy Water: This is typically water that has been blessed by an Anglican or Roman Catholic member of the clergy, usually a priest, imbuing it with the energy of God. It is most commonly attributed to Christian religions, although some other religions may have their own versions. You can usually acquire Holy Water at a Roman Catholic or Anglican church. Holy Water may be used in banishing, binding, dispelling, healing, and protecting magick as well as exorcisms.
  • Moon Water: Also called Lunar Water or Lunar Slime, this is natural spring water that has been infused with the energy of the full moon. This is the most powerful of all waters and one of the most potent ingredients used in magick. It can be used in place of any other water in spells and rituals to markedly increase your results.
  • Salted Water: Not to be confused with natural saltwater, this water is charged with the magickal energies of both the moon and sea salt. It is often used for casting circles, especially when working magick outdoors, or cleansing stones but has other magickal uses as well.
  • Sun Water: Also called Solar Water, this is spring water that has been infused with the energy of the sun. Although not as powerful as Moon Water, it is used in magick that requires the energy of the sun, for example healing spells to decrease depression.
  • Basil Water: This is water that has been infused with the magickal properties of basil. It can be used in abundance, fertility, friendship, home protection, luck, and prosperity spells and rituals, as well as on its own to your protect home or anywhere you might be staying such as a hotel room.
  • Lavender Water: This is water that has been infused with the magickal properties of lavender. It is potent in calming, soothing and emotional protection spells.
  • Lemon Water: This is water that has been infused with the magickal energies of lemons. This fruit is effective in several magickal applications including banishing, cleansing, clearing; friendship, habit-breaking, habit-making, healing, longevity, mental clarity, negativity, non-sexual desires, and purification as well as moon magick.
  • Parsley Water: This is water that has been infused with the magickal properties of parsley. It can be used in banishing, clearing, cleansing and dispelling magick as well as facilitating communications with spirits and calming them.
  • Rose Water: This is water that has been infused with the magickal properties of roses. Orange roses are for affection, happiness, harmony and honesty spells. Pink roses are for romantic love, self-love and self-esteem magick as well as spells for children. Purple roses are used in calming, concentration, focus, patience and soothing spells. Red roses are used in grief, passion, passionate love and sexuality magick. White roses are effective in cleansing, healing, heartbreak, protection, purification and spirituality magick. Yellow roses are for friendship, jealousy, platonic love, psychic ability and self-esteem magick.
  • Rose Hip Water: This is water that has been infused with the magickal properties of rosehips. This water effectual in career, good fortune, money, prosperity and success magick.
  • Floral Water: Floral Waters are created by combining Water with different herbs and flowers. These Waters can be used for a variety of purposes and generally are infused with the magical properties of both Water and the plant you used.
  • War Water: A combination of Water and rust that can be used for physical and psychic protection and cleansing, as well as for placing or reversing a curse. Hail is a perfect base for War Water.
  • Florida Water: Despite its name, this is not actually water. Florida Water was introduced in America in as an eau de cologne by New York city perfumer Robert I. Murray.2 It became a staple in Hoodoo, Santería, Vodoo, and Wicca faiths as well as in other Pagan traditions. You can purchase original-recipe Florida Water from most metaphysical shops or you can brew your own if you have a recipe from a reputable source. Florida Water is especially effective in clearing, cleansing and protection magick.

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Tapping Into Your Psychic Senses


Originally posted by lsd-kitty

Every single person on the planet has psychic abilities, but most people never realize that they’re using them. As Tess Whitehurst says in her book You Are Magical, “There is almost certainly something you assume that everyone can perceive that is actually a perception that is relatively unique to you.”

For example: you may be a gifted artist. Drawing and painting come naturally to you, and you have an intuitive sense of form and color. You probably know people who claim that they “don’t have an artistic bone in their body” or “can’t even draw a stick figure,” but you can’t bring yourself to believe it. Surely, those people are just psyching themselves out, because if art comes so easily to you, everyone must be able to do it to some extent, right?

Psychic abilities are similar. You’ve probably been tapping into at least one psychic sense all your life, but it feels so normal to you that you assume everyone experiences the world this way.

Once you become aware of your innate psychic abilities, you can start to harness them. For this reason, I think it’s a good idea to become familiar with (and comfortable using!) your natural psychic gifts before you try to learn any kind of divination.

Read over the following list of common psychic senses. Does one or more of them sound familiar? Once you recognize which of these you resonate with, focus on strengthening that gift over the next couple of weeks. You’ll be amazed by how easily you’re able to tap into it once you know how!

Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing

Contrary to popular opinion, the word “clairvoyance” does not describe any and all psychic abilities. Someone with clairvoyance receives psychic messages through their sense of sight. They may see these messages with their physical eyes, or see images in their mind’s eye. Seeing auras is an example of clairvoyance in action.

You may be clairvoyant if…

  • You often see flashes of light, blurred figures, or other visual phenomena that others do not see. [Note: This is NOT the same as visual hallucinations. Clairvoyants typically see things with their mind’s eye, not their physical eyes, and can differentiate between their visions and what is physically in front of them.]
  • You often experience random mental images that seem to have nothing to do with what’s going on around you.
  • Your meditations are primarily visual — for example, if you meditate on the element of water, you may see a bubbling fountain in your mind’s eye.
  • You are a visual learner.

Ways to Strengthen Clairvoyance

  • Keep a journal of the mental images you receive “out of nowhere.” Do these images mean anything to you? Do individual visions fit into a larger pattern?
  • Meditate on the energy systems in your body, starting from the feet and working up to the crown of the head. What does your energy look like? Are the colors bright and clear, or more faded and muddy? Does the energy move quickly, or is it slow and sluggish? Are there certain areas of your body where the energy seems to be tied up or stuck? How does its appearance correspond to your life? 
  • Do research into auras and what the different aura colors mean. Do you always seem to see or think of a certain color when you’re around a certain person? How does that color represent that person’s energy and personality? Write down your findings.

Clairaudience: Clear Hearing

Someone with clairaudience receives psychic messages through their sense of hearing. They may hear messages with their physical ears or “hear” them in their mind. A medium who hears spirits is an example of someone using clairaudience.

You may be clairaudient if…

  • You sometimes “hear” things in your mind, as if someone else was talking to you from inside your head. [Note: This is NOT the same as “hearing voices” or auditory hallucinations. Clairaudients usually “hear” messages with their mind, not their physical ears, and they can distinguish between psychic messages and physical, “real world” sounds.]
  • Sometimes, when you listen to music or watch a movie, a specific lyric or line of dialogue seems to jump out at you, as if it were a special message.
  • Your meditations are primarily auditory — for example, if you meditate on the element of water, you may hear a babbling brook.
  • You are an auditory learner.

Ways to Strengthen Clairaudience

  • Keep a journal of the messages you “hear” out of nowhere. Are they consistent, forming a larger pattern? Do they all seem to be “in the same voice,” or coming from the same source? (If so, this could be a deity or spirit guide reaching out to you.)
  • Do a meditation with the intention of holding a conversation with a helpful spirit guide. (If you are not comfortable working with spirits, you can set the intention of speaking to your inner self.) What does their voice sound like? Is it different from or similar to your own? Do they speak with an accent or have a unique inflection? Write down your thoughts.
  • Experiment with shufflemancy. This is a modern form of divination where you put a playlist on shuffle and receive a psychic message from the song that plays first. (You can find playlists specifically made for shufflemancy online, or make your own.) How does the song make you feel? Are there certain lyrics that jump out to you? Write down your thoughts.

Clairsentience: Clear Feeling

Someone with clairsentience feels psychic messages, either through their body or through their emotions. They may feel physical sensations, like an upset stomach, or may be very sensitive to emotional energies. Intuitively picking up on someone’s emotions without needing to ask is an example of clairsentience.

You may be clairsentient if…

  • You often feel physical sensations, like a hot flash or a cold chill, out of nowhere.
  • You are able to feel other people’s emotions — you can always tell when someone has had a bad day, even if they’re trying to hide it.
  • You can sense the “vibe” of a room as soon as you walk in. Do certain buildings feel “angry” or “sad” to you? Can you always tell the energy of a party even if you just arrived?
  • Your meditations primarily focus on tactile sensations — for example, if you meditate on the element of water, you may feel waves lapping at your feet.

Ways to Strengthen Clairsentience

  • Pay attention to your “gut feelings.” Do you feel a sinking sensation when thinking about something, only for it to go badly later? Do you feel a warm, fuzzy sensation thinking about something, only for it to go really well? Write down your experiences — and be honest. It’s okay if your gut feeling doesn’t always match the outcome.
  • Do a pathworking meditation (this is just a type of meditation that focuses on taking a mental journey) to a forest, or a beach, or some other location that appeals to you. Try to feel as many tactile sensations as possible, as if you were really there. Feel the grass or sand under your feet, feel the wind in your hair, feel the sun on your skin. Write down your experience.
  • Practice feeling the energy of a plant or crystal. Reach out and touch the plant/crystal, and try to feel it out. Does it have a calm, stable energy, or is it more bright and zingy? Try feeling a different plant/crystal and see how it feels different. Write down your experience.

Note: Some (but not all) clairsentients are also empaths, people who take on the emotions of others as if they were their own. All empaths are clairsentient, but not all clairsentient people are empaths. You may be an empath if you often find yourself matching the emotions of the people you’re around — you cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh, etc.

Claircognizance: Clear Knowing

Claircognizence is the gift of psychic knowing — people with this ability often “just know” things, even if they should have no way of knowing. They may know what someone is about to say before they say it, or know personal information about someone they just met.

You may be claircognizant if…

  • You “just know” what’s going on with your friends and family, even if they haven’t told you. For example, you may suddenly feel like you need to call your sister, only to find out after you call that she just broke up with her boyfriend.
  • You always know who a text is from as soon as your phone dings, or always know what song is going to play next on shuffle.
  • You often know things about new people as soon as you meet them, only for them to confirm it later. Did you know your friend was a vegetarian before he told you, even though you’d never shared a meal with him?
  • Your meditations often include “downloads” of information, where you feel like the answer to your question or some other revelation has just been dropped into your brain.

Ways to Strengthen Claircognizance

  • Every time your phone goes off, try to guess who the message is from. Keep a tally of how often you’re right vs. wrong.
  • Do a meditation with the intention of receiving the answer to a specific question. Retreat to a place of stillness and focus on your breath until the answer to the question “just comes to you.” Write down your experience.
  • This is a game I used to play with my sister before I knew what claircognizance was: have a friend show you a picture of someone they know, but whom you have never met before. Focus on the picture, and see if you get any info about the person — are they a jock? Do they like rock music? What’s their personality like? Get your friend to confirm or deny the info you got from the picture, and keep a tally of how often you’re right vs. wrong.

The Other Clairs

There are two other “clair” senses that are less common, so I’m not going to talk about them at length here. Clairalience, or “clear smelling,” refers to receiving psychic messages through smell. (If you smell roses out of nowhere, with no roses in sight, you may be using clairalience.) Clairgustance, or “clear tasting,” refers to receiving psychic messages through taste. (If you taste chocolate out of nowhere, you may be using claigustance.)

In my experience, these psychic senses are less common than the ones listed above. Most people I know who have clairalience or clairgustance seem to use it as a secondary sense, in addition to a primary sense like clairvoyance or clairsentience.


You are probably using at least one of these psychic senses every day, without even knowing it. Most people have two to three “main” psychic senses, but some may regularly and easily use all of them. For example, my primary psychic senses are clairsentience and claircognizance, but I also find myself receiving messages through clairaudience fairly often. It’s rare for me to receive clairvoyant messages, but it has happened.

Once you’ve identified the psychic senses that you naturally lean towards, you can begin to develop and strengthen them.


  • You Are Magical by Tess Whitehurst [Specifically the chapter, “Reading the Signs.”]
  • The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, Episode “Clear Knowing”
  • The Angel Code by Chantel Lysette [Specifically the section on the psychic senses.]

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After wanting to do a tarot spread for Ostara but not being able to find exactly what I wanted, I decided to make my own! Feel free to use if you like it.

I’ll include the information below for anyone who can’t see the images:

  1. What do I need to nurture in my spiritual life?
  2. What do I need to nurture in my mundane life?
  3. What in my life has begun to grow all on its own?
  4. What needs to be cleared out so I can continue to grow?
  5. How is my environment affecting my growth?

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&#; Aries: make to-do lists, get some fresh air on a jog or walk outside, sing at the top of your lungs with the music turned all the way up in your car, bake cookies from scratch

&#; Taurus: skincare rituals or routine, clean your room, treat yourself to your favorite dessert or drink, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket

&#; Gemini: morning routine, pick up a new book to read from the bookstore, listen to a podcast, stream-of-consciousness writing

&#; Cancer: massage, deep breathing exercises, write a love letter to your body, watch a comfort show or movie

&#; Leo: calm your emotions through writing or painting, create mood boards, do a stretching exercise, curate your living space to match your energy

&#; Virgo: meditate, check on your plants and water them if necessary, re-organize your desk, go on a hike and/or be still in nature

&#; Libra: get a manicure, journal through any confusing thoughts, shop for an outfit for your next date or concert, film photography

&#; Scorpio: read a mystery or thriller novel, release energy through writing or singing along to music that speaks to you, watch a comedy special, cook some comfort food

&#; Sagittarius: take a step back from the action, go on a late-night drive, create a vision board for your next creative project, yoga

&#; Capricorn: slow down and learn to say no, warm bath, make playlists for different moods, say yes to doing something that makes you happy

&#; Aquarius: cut and/or dye your hair, curate a space where you can be yourself, get a tarot reading, staycation or solo adventure

&#; Pisces: do your nails in your favorite color, light candles, make a cup of tea or coffee, journal about your opinions and ideas

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Divination through candles and flames is probably one of the easiest forms of divination in my experience. This is a form of divination that some people do without knowing, which I find really fascinating.

As always, everyone has different opinions and perspectives on what particular things mean, you are allowed to disagree, but this is based on my experience. ANYWAY here is what all the pretty flames mean


Tall Strong Flame

You've been heard by the divine and they're going to grant you what you want. It's a big ol' green light pretty much. In regards to questions, it means yes


Smaller Flame

Yikes, it's probably not meant to happen. This is usually a sign of "no".


Flame That Leans Right

What you want isn't meant to come just yet, but it will soon. "In the future" is a basic meaning of the candle flame


Flame That Leans Left

You guessed it, this one references the past! It's also a potential sign that you are going through a cycle and have done this before


Flame That Leans Away From You

TAKE ACTION HOMIE. The ball is in your court, you have to physically do this thing.


Flame That Leans Towards You

You know the answer already.


Strong Flickering Flame

Yeah, what you want will come, but it definitely won't come easy. Get your big witch hat on, because some trials and conflict may be coming your way


Crackling/Popping Flame

YOU'RE NOT LISTENING your guides gave you the answer, or you know the answer, listen a little closer


I hope this gave everyone a good idea of what candle flames mean. If you feel it means something different, it probably does for you, but this takes experimentation and practice.

I am making a Patreon to offer paid access to more exclusive information and I can't wait to share it with you all. Make sure to support my Etsy and other links in the meantime!




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i'm not good girl — Thanks to @web-tarot for his work in tarology


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Thanks to @web-tarot for his work in tarology. After making a free question for my life pro, I asked him a paying question for my love life by making a donation.

I admit that I had tears in my eyes.

You also have @thewempress  and @talkingtarot she really deserves a gift from us for their energy.

Merci encore

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Before entering the print, seeing this photo I was able to capture a little more energy. William and Catherine are doing well with zero divorce, she has the support of William, his children and his family and close friends. I continue that something broke during the interview with Meghan and Harry in her. I would rather say that there is an emotional divorce with the BRF (the institution) She still appreciates Sophie, Anne and their child. It’s more the way to operate.

It hurts for her, the BRF must be careful because if there is something more emotionally serious for Catherine, the English public will not forgive the BRF. People will say Diana had her dark side but you ran into a really sweet woman with Catherine (no wave) maybe Diana was right about the BRF from the start.

I will say other things, I had felt the energy of the creation of a baby around William and Catherine during the summer but I have the impression that it is blocked by the current emotions of Catherine (unconscious level) I’m not reading on that subject, if you have the chance to send the Duchess of Cambridge a courier do it, send a lot of love and emotional protection really.

Start the tarot reading


We start with Catherine and the 10 cups and the 3 children. Catherine loves her children and her children love her, she feels complete. The 2 cups are William and Catherine, balanced and still in love. Catherine is nostalgic for the past, when the problems were minor.
She tries to move forward and find an inner peace (internal dialogue) and get out of a thought pattern that may be a little negative (I’m not talking about depression) but I will say about an important phase of reflection.
She disagrees with Prince Charles (King of Cup) on his decisions and the way he approaches it to the detriment of his own person.
Catherine has this syndrome that a lot of women have is I say nothing but I hope you will guess that I feel bad or that I deserve a promotion (I hope you understand me ?!)
With the Queen of Staff + Death card it is a symbolic death, a moment of pause and reflection for her. Scorpio season (being a scorpion myself) can be both energetically and emotionally intense for her.

In conclusion, we still have conflicts in the BRF (meghan and harry and andrew and the stories of the foundation of charles) until the end of the year but Catherine in Queen of deniers and with the card of the 3 sticks will continue. his work.

I find Meghan and Harry so stupid


So I learn during my working hours that Meghan and Harry are on the cover and they are the most influential.

First influential question of what ?????? Covid and Afghanistan according to Omid and the other guy I forgot the name.

Currently, the countries are going to start the 3rd docn dose where Meghan and Harry are, what exactly are they doing on this subject !!! press release ???

Afghanistan, a war that has lasted for 20 years which is complex especially with the arrival of Russia and China, no Meghan and Harry will solve this not the UN and even less the Western countries.

The funniest or the most pathetic is this photo at the top. Here are the real influential person who is able to quote the latest works, people are only thinking about their interview because yes people forgot the 40/40 story.

The worst part of all this is that the people of Hollywood and the big donors know the tricks of the trade, they understand that it is cover bought because there has been zero work behind for 18 months.


In a few weeks, there will be the unfolding of Prince William’s project, he must have spoken about it during the G20 lunch.

Considering the number of participants and since there are 2 international stars, there will be press covers.

So on one side we will have William trying to influence politicians and the media with the help of international celebrities on climate change. Then we have Harry and Meghan posing, thinking people will think they’re the real influencers.

It’s so stupid, I understand better the variation of their emotion during the year and

They still continue to paufin and liquidate their money on the appearance of being an influencer instead of actually influencing people.

Sorry that goes all over the place but I think it’s two there are really stupid.

Meghan in the coming weeks …


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I ask you to observe the number of major arcane (= important energy) 6 cards

Wow, I can hardly feel Meghan here, I can feel Charles or the BRF coming to attack. Meghan is going to exploit her daughter or children for a little money





Duchess of Cambridge and the foundation


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I still feel that Catherine’s foundation will grow in importance in the future.

Let’s start with L'as de Dénier, it is Catherine’s project that really takes off, it becomes concrete over time. It is balancing between action and the moment of reflection. We build something solid with new goals with the 3 sticks. We can perhaps observe a change in communication with the sword rider to make it much more impacting (youtube) to young audiences with the crazy card (= young or immature energy)

Catherine comes with the energy of the Queen of Sword but there is a certain softness in this card because it is accompanied by 2 cards where water is present = emotion. Catherine, I’m not trying to make this project something extravagant but rather to unite. There may be some difficulties but she will manage to get out of it (related to finance?)

She will succeed in getting out of certain blockages (I don’t know what it is yet) but with the hangman’s card positioned in a favorable position, it’s a good sign, we have found the key to our problems, we can move forward and turn the page. With the Papesse card, perhaps Catherine will approach a new “formation” to take her project even further.

How to do more with less but I also feel English and foreign donors who will perhaps help Catherine (I think I understand that she wants to be taken seriously with this project with some donors, for example we are really there to help people, it’s not here to help improve your profile, I’m not a toy)

This will bring a lot of abundance and recognition with the wheel of fortune + 3 cups = we will recognize our work.

Spread tarot and oracle on 2 quotes

Life isn’t about waiting for thunderstorms to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. Seneca

Prefer knowledge to wealth because one is transitory, the other perpetual Socrates


With the oracle of Greek mythology: we talk about the errors of life with the Icarus card, we are taught that we must make repetitive and laborious efforts to get out of these trials of life, to obtain an important transformation. Let certain things die to give way to a rebirth, cross the darkness to obtain a blessing with the Alceme card. Pargois, our fears block all spiritual evolution, that is why we must know how to face our wounds with another approach with the hydra card, otherwise these karmic lessons often come back.

Once we have faced our dark side, we can be offered the gift of life as in the Perseus card (gifts)

With the golden tarots, the chariot takes up the challenges that come and return with the 10 sticks, sometimes we have the feeling that we are fighting all the time and that we are never going to succeed but with the jack of the sword we are shown that it is a benection in disguise, because it allows us to distance ourselves from our shadow, and to open up to the abundance of the universe and to leave our comfort zone, and to obtain a cure with the 6 sticks.

Anonymous asked:

Kate reading. 1 field health (represent her) she's in peace and in a good place. 2&3 Nativity and table (family and friends) family expansion and can mean a birth (can I have a little commotion here?) 4&5 (ideas and action) Malice and celestial change. She will face jealousness and an abrupt change in her work place (take that in any way you want). 5&6 Sickness and Misfortune (money) if she's pregnant we all know her body doesn't handle that well (1/2) &#;

the-best-soap-opera-ever answered:

(2/2) I’m not surprised to see bad cards work-wise after seeing such good related to POSSIBLE pregnancy. Kate doesn’t work well due to her health condition during pregnancy and I can see a lot of royals not being so happy about another person taking their place in the succession line. That being said IF she’s pregnant I want all the people who asked for baby n4 to send her at least for 5 minutes good energies after the pregnancy announcement until the birth. She’s gonna need it. &#;


Thank you so much!!! &#;&#;&#; I tagged our tarot gang.

@[email protected]@[email protected]@countesscuriosity

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I’m gonna jump in there too with she/ @web-tarot doesn’t think they are overworked - the cards are from the perspective of Harry and Meghan - THEY think they are overworked and stretched too thin. Don’t blame the reader for simply interpreting the cards - this is what H/M feel/want/desire/need/etc NOT @web-tarot ‘s feel/want/desire/need. 

Also, I will add that there is a LOT of behind the scenes stuff that we are not seeing as a public. Meetings with charities, meetings with staff, probably hiring new staff because everyone keeps quitting (lol), the whole house building, refurbishment, buying furniture, painting the walls, picking out art/pictures, rugs, buying baby stuff, taking baby classes/reading books, getting ready to move places, etc. Plus the engagements, the traveling from their soho farm house cottage/whatever you wanna call it cuz you know their asses aren’t at KP since the fight with W/K. But we, as a public, don’t see this stuff because it’s private and unreported. 

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The SS Tarot

Hey all! Not ignoring your asks, but I wanted to do a special reading for our special boy today on his special day. It’ll be…speciallll.

Some of your questions might be answered here as we’re going to take a look…at the year ahead!! That’s righttt it’s a 13 card spread!

*nintendo 64 wheel of fortune game announcer voice* Let’s get started!

August 13/September 12

Queen of Swords: he should refrain from remaining dependent on others at this time, instead of placing too much confidence in what others have promised, he should only have ambitions he knows he can achieve.

September 13/October 12

6 of Wands: despite previous challenges in what seems to be a work project, here he will get recognition and praise for his work. But this is also a warning not to get too complacent now that a certain level of fame has been achieved, or to rely to heavily on that fame.

October 13/November 12

10 of Swords: betrayal. Hurt. Disillusionment. The worst has probably happened here. A limit has been reached. And there is no more ambiguity. Time to move on.

November 13/ December 12

5 of Cups: still struggling with the feeling of loss and regret. It will feel like a missed opportunity. But rather than dwelling on the past, this card urges us to look to the future because All is Not Lost. The imagery in this card shows that if he were to just look around, he’d see that while others have gone, (3 cups on the ground) there are still people who have been in the background silently supporting him (2 cups still standing)

December 13/January 12 ()

6 of Cups: too much dwelling on the past and what has been (come on it’s only been 2 months) could mean someone is returning. But this can also show that he could meet someone who he feels he’s known forever.

January 13/ February 12

9 of Swords: anxiety, restlessness and sleeplessness. He’s worried about something here. And his health is suffering because of it. To combat this, maybe read another self help book. Or more therapy. It’s not a bad thing to want to help yourself feel better.

February 13/March 12

2 of Swords: feeling challenged and conflicted. Arguments, conflicts within himself. Fighting to keep things balanced.

March 13/April 12

4 of Swords: it is very likely he needs to take a break at this time and have some time to himself. Overworking, emotionally trying times, and his health may need attention. Make sure to get some r&r.

April 13/May 12

9 of Pentacles: finallyyyy. A happy card. This card indicates success and happiness and could mean something good financially as well. During this time he should feel secure and satisfied with what he has achieved.

May 13/June 12

King of Cups: closely examine your conscience and bring your own personal mission and integrate it into what’s best for everyone. Then you can step into your situation with integrity and an ability to communicate. The best thing about you is the generous behavior you can exhibit.

June 13/July 12

The Magician: a realization that he had it in himself all along. &#; you is smart you is kind you is important seb.

July 13/August 12 ()

Ace of Cups: emotional growth, so many positive emotions and new beginnings. His cup is overflowing with love and happiness. Could be the beginning of a new move or a positive situation.


Oracle Card Balance: The need for balance and moderation. Cooperation and compromise. Wait for perfect timing. Past impulses lead to new insights. See things from others perspective. And don’t forget to love yourself!!

PS: yuss I made it before his birthday officially ended (where I am at least) Happy Friday the 13th y’all


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HRH Royal Tarot

•Aries Moon: “the erratic anger” &#;

Aries moons when slighted can take on an aggressive stance. They’re both emotionally overbearing and slightly uncompromising once they’ve perceived themselves as disrespected especially by someone they care about. That being said there anger is not set in stone. Unlike most moon signs Aries is almost incapable of holding on to an emotion for the sheer fact that mars is an impulsive and fire-to-boom type of planet so in a sense one emotion felt one moment is quickly scorched into another. They forgive easily but in a sense they’re not forgiving you they just don’t relate to the previous emotion they felt so passionately a moment ago. They cut people off without knowing it and can slowly but surely lose interest in someone after being hurt to much and it’s impossible to get them to care the way they did again once that point is reached.

Moon in Taurus: “the silent anger”&#;

ah Taurus in itself although ruled by Venus is still a fixed sign. All of the fixed signs handle this differently though and Taurus is the most interesting of the bunch. Anger and disappointment are felt very deeply but due to the well manners and nature nature of this moon they often choose to keep it to themselves and avoid confrontation. This is not done out of fear and isn’t something that is a “weakness” in fact a silent bull is the most deadliest of all. They make note of every slight and every misleading gesture until one moment the once silent bull chooses to strike and when they do it can be a slaughter. Once you bring them to an explosive moment they completely disappear emotionally. As an earth sign and fixed mode they do not forget and have a very hard time forgiving even if it’s blood.

Moon in Gemini: &#;the snakelike anger&#;

ah mutable and an air sign? These natives are very fickle when it comes to grudges. They hold on to negative moments but they aren’t the types to fester over them. Gemini moons usually are serpent and two headed like when it comes to anger-on one end they’re fine-on the other they’re bringing it up in a underhanded and sly way. They have a very shadowy means of expressing discontent and can seem rather Aloof and then striking the next. Due to the two heads on this sign anger is processed through two different vibrations-the higher minded Gemini twin is above anger while the lower minded Gemini twin is all about getting even. They don’t hold on to grudges but they also don’t let go of things either.

Moon in cancer: “turbulent anger” &#;&#;Cardinal and water, you see in this case we have an anger much like Aries that starts off hot but levels off at a random time frame. They can be intensely emotionally triggered and even to the point of complete isolation and dismissal-of the perpetrator. That being said this “I can’t stand you” more they present never last long and they can seemingly go back to normal after some time has passed. Being ruled by the moon has a lot to do with this and no matter where there Moon is located in their chart this shifting emotional state is often a constant and something that doesn’t easily stop. They do hold on to hurts and are the types to hold on to pain but it’s not in their nature to truly hold a hateful grudge against anyone no matter how bad they were done. They’re just to sensitive for it. This is the main reason why cardinal modes aren’t the most proficient at holding on to a grudge unless there ruler is in an fixed house.

Moon in Leo: “dramatic anger”&#;&#;

Okay-now Leo moons are a different story, they’re far more volatile than there sun counter parts and have a much more blazing anger than all of the moon signs combined including Scorpio. Much like there other fixed siblings Leo does hold on to hate and very passionately at that. Once they’ve been hurt by someone it is ingrained as a burn mark deep on their heart and it’s something that never leaves their mane even as it grows grey. They are very explosive when it comes to rage and can be engulfed by it-it takes them quite some time to calm down and because they feel things so strongly as a fixed fire element it can be a gladiator match trying to calm them. They don’t easily forgive and even if they do much like Gemini they will constantly bring it up and not in a sly way they will litturly express there discontent whenever they can.

Moon in Virgo: “cold anger”&#;&#;&#;

Virgo moons are a bit scary when they’ve been slighted, there’s an icy and almost below zero overturn that occurs. The warmth disappears-the effort non existent. You can go from seeing them every where to nowhere at all. They can seem completely void of any or all feeling when it comes to you and almost take on a mechanical and pre rehearsed nature when it comes to those who slighted them. Being mutable and I’m earth an already silent element these natives can seem rather detached and uncaring from out of nowhere but that’s the danger with Virgo-they everything you do and although all may seem well the mistakes you make around a Virgo moon don’t just have consequences-they are loss itself. As for grudges? No they don’t hold grudges they simply get rid of you.

Moon in libra: “the polite shrug anger”&#;&#;

ah cardinal air! Now unlike cancer and Aries libra moons are actually quite serious when slighted. They take their emotional nature very seriously and are very sensitive and once they perceive there emotions are being put in second fiddle they can not only become dismissive but they can start avoiding you all together. They’re not into sticking around for the giggles and once they feel as though you shown no mercy to their feelings they lose the ability to connect to the sympathizing nature for yours. They don’t necessarily hold grudges but they do stop caring and it can be hard to reach them beyond their kind demeanor once this has been reached. They don’t hold grudges simply because it takes up to much energy-they just shrug you off.

Moon in Scorpio: “insatiable anger”&#;&#;

Well now we come to the notorious moon in Scorpio! Fixed water? Of course they hold grudges right? Well there’s a lot more to it than that. Scorpio moons are actually fairly capable of letting things go and moving on-the thing here is that their watery nature moves their emotions along-they don’t allow malice to stunt their growth. Scorpio moons perceive pain as a transformative push into bettering themselves and remaining sharp! So in that sense although they are vindictive and intense once set off they usually explode once and then keep it moving. Most cases scorpio moons have a huge amount of emotional restraint and can be hard to trigger because of their knowledge of how sneaky people can be. They do hold grudges but it’s in Pluto’s nature to jot things down. But the mars influence keeps them from lingering on it.

So yes to grudges and does that mean they won’t eat you up and spit you out? Oh like hell they will.

Moon in Sagittarius:”the drifting anger”&#;

Sagittarius moons being that they are mutable fire and being that in my personal experience mutable signs are the most ruthless when it comes to anger-Sagittarius moons can be extremely dismissive once slighted. Sagittarius moons outright become disgusted once being hurt by someone and see it as a flaw on their part for falling for it. They can sulk and lose their flame for a bit but once it’s recollected they treat that abuser as a forgotten memory or better yet an already traveled destination that’s already been there and done that. They usually don’t hold grudges but they don’t necessarily rekindle either. Once they’re finished they keep it going and don’t look back especially if it was something romantic.

Moon in Capricorn:”collected anger”&#;

Now Capricorn moons are more harder to read once slighted. The note worthy difference is they become very inward-their presence seemingly disappears and they ice you out. They can seemingly act as if you aren’t there or like you’re a complete stranger without a second thought. Saturns influence here is very judgy and because Saturn is so heavy these natives often feel very foolish once they’ve been betrayed or hurt and often blame themselves first but once this moment of tribulation is over they are often “different” following the incident. They are no longer the same person and never will be. Saturn killed off the less perceptive side and is making way for a more wiser individual. Even if they do shed tears they don’t waste many and pick themselves up quickly. They do in fact hold grudges and keep them for a long time sometimes till death. The cardinal influence here doesn’t do much but keep them a little less “quite” about it but ultimately they just move on.

Moon in Aquarius: “absent anger”&#;&#;

Aquarius moons are dual ruled by Saturn and Uranus two polar opposites. Structure and chaos. They are often an immensely sensitive moon sign on their own and feel things incredibly deep. Saturns weightful presence and Uranus strong and overwhelming bolts seemingly from nowhere do take a toll. They can seem a bit unaffected by the world around them while internally they are a loud and high speed wind environment. Anger and pain are dealt with by Saturn in a quiet and almost detached way-while Uranus deals with the outside expression of it. They Become static-and don’t readily express there pain and some even deny it at first, but after some time they shut down and become completely unresponsive and closed off. Many distance themselves from the cause of there distress while others outright emotionally disengage. Once an Aquarius moon reaches the moment of emotional distance internally and externally there is no ability to reconnect so to speak. Once they shut you out they will still be sociable and civil because it’s in their nature but they will never emote around you or open up to you for any reason. If they love you romantically they will open up to you again after some years but it’ll take time. They do hold grudges but they don’t resonate with the anger they may be holding in and view it as a stranger living inside them.

Moon in Pisces: “misguided anger” &#;&#;

Once more mutable water. Pisces moons are sweethearts and in a way they’re too sweet to hold a real life grudge no matter how tough they act-but in actuality this isn’t because they’re so kind hearted-it’s actually because Neptune and Jupiter’s influence creates a gap in their emotions. Jupiter exaggerated and over expresses while Neptune blues and confuses. They often feel lost when they’ve been hurt and slighted and often don’t know what to do with their feelings. Most times they just Become a voidless wall and seemingly disconnect from their situation all together. They may forgive you but this is a farce, what is actually happening is Jupiter is being benevolent and Neptune is creeping in the clouds waiting to cause a ripple. Pisces moons can actually be more frightening than Scorpio moons or dare I say Capricorn moons because there anger is hidden and evasive it’s something that creeps up on you from out of nowhere and without reason. Pisces moons always remember and what’s something else is they do hold grudges without realizing-it’s Neptune that is secretly holding on to everything and it’s Jupiter that tricks the outside with optimism and benevolence. Pisces can be dangerous when slighted especially by lovers and family.


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