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Pros and Cons of Buying Refurbished Apple Products

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It’s not often you hear about refurbished Macs, iPhones, Apple Watches or iPads. In fact, Apple doesn’t push the concept very much and they’re even pretty hard to find on the Apple website. But still, every time a new product gets released, Apple shortly after starts selling refurbished models.

Refurbished products are items people bought, used and returned for whatever reason. Apple then fixes them up from top to bottom, patching most if not all cosmetic damage and any internal defects. Finally, the products are put back on the market for a lower price and a “refurbished” label slapped on the packaging.

Most people buy refurbished products to save some money, but they often get a bad reputation due to being technically used. In Apple’s case, is buying refurbished worth the savings?

The Upside of Buying Refurbished Apple Products

Clearly the biggest pro to buying an Apple product refurbished over new is the savings. As you might expect from Apple though, the savings isn’t very much. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s absolutely worth considering though.

The savings are almost always around 15 percent off. For instance, you can get a inch iMac refurbished right now for $, saving $ That’s the most affordable Mac Apple offers. Apple also has entry-level MacBooks and MacBook Airs for $ off.

As the newness and initial asking price of the Macs go up, so do the savings. You can get a inch October iMac with a Retina 5K display and 1TB Fusion Drive for $ off at $ Even better, an even beefier one from October is $ off at $

iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch all tend to be around 15 percent off too with some notable exceptions. The iPads vary, for example. You can get an iPad mini 2 for as little as $, iPad mini 4 for as little as $, and an iPad Pro for as low as $ However, some models like the original iPad Air from with wireless and GB storage are a whopping 37 percent off. Snag this for $ for a grand total of $ off — a phenomenal deal especially for Apple.

iPhones are available for as little as $ for an iPhone 6s and Apple Watch is as little as $ for 38mm Series 1.

While price matters, so does quality. All refurbished products come with Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty which basically covers manufacturer defects. You can also upgrade to AppleCare support for an extra cost.

Apple says it cleans, repackages, and replaces any defective parts in all certified refurbished products. In exchange for the discounted price you pay, the company promises that you receive “a fully functional unit with complete documentation.”

Doesn’t sound too shabby to me.

Potential Downsides of Opting for Refurbished

While most companies tend to offer extended warranties with their refurbished products, Apple does not. The one-year limited warranty is the same warranty you get with a brand new product at full price. You can look at this in one of two ways, however. Either Apple is being skimpy about the warranty due to the discount or they’re so confident about the refurbished line that they don’t think you’ll need an extended warranty. Call me an optimist, but my guess is the latter.

The other major downside is that the products usually aren’t up to date. It’s and a lot of the refurbished products Apple is selling is from , or even earlier. Apple makes a point to disclose this, so you aren’t getting duped, but be aware you aren’t getting the latest and greatest technology.

On that same note, refurbished products can often come with the operating system that originally shipped with them. So out of the box, your computer or iOS device might not be up to date and would require you to update it right away. This shouldn’t be too much of a burden though.

Finally, it’s important to know that the savings vary from great to mediocre. Some refurbished products are truly awesome deals like the aforementioned iPad Air for only $ Others, like $40 off a Series 1 Apple Watch, aren’t so much. For an extra $40 you might as well just buy brand new.

The Verdict

Chances are if you’re considering a refurbished Apple product, it’s to save some money. Is it a huge risk to buy refurbished? Not really. Your product will likely work and function just fine and if it doesn’t, take advantage of the one-year warranty. Even brand new products have occasional duds too.

If you like the best of the best, then spend your money on the best of the best. If you don’t mind getting a slightly older Mac or iOS device to save money, refurbished is a great option to do that.

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Buying a Refurbished Mac? 10 Things You Need to Know

Everyone knows Mac computers are expensive. Whether the hardware justifies the price is an argument for another day, but one fact is clear: the high cost makes Macs unaffordable for a huge number of people.

If you want to use a Mac but don't have the money to buy a new machine, a refurbished model is definitely worth considering. But there are a few points you need to keep in mind before you part with your cash. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Refurbished Macs vs. Used Macs

If you are thinking about buying a refurbished Mac, make sure that you don't accidentally end up buying a used Mac instead.

There are only a limited number of places to buy official refurbished Macs. Apple itself has a store for refurbished hardware, but you can also check out sites like Mac of All Trades, Other World Computing, and PowerMax. You can even find some great deals at stores like Best Buy.

Some sites that sell refurbished Macs also sell used Macs—so pay careful attention to the product description before you hit the buy button.

Remember, a refurbished Mac will be as good as new internally. If any of the computer's components were not at the functional standard of a new device, Apple (or a trusted party) will have replaced them.

2. You Have Less Choice

Refurbished products can only come onto the market when people return or sell their existing products.

For common devices, such as old entry-level laptops, that's not an issue. But if you want a fancier model, you might have to wait for a refurbished version to hit the stores. And remember, you could be competing with other people who have their eyes on the same machine.

Similarly, you're going to struggle to find the newest Mac versions. There just aren't that many people selling Apple laptops that are less than a year old.

3. Refurbished Macs Are Cheaper

If you want to save money on buying a Mac, refurbished devices are the way to go. You can typically expect savings between 10 and 30 percent, depending on the age of the laptop and the condition it's in. In some cases, the savings could be as much as 50 or 60 percent if the device is quite old.

Used, non-refurbished laptops are even cheaper. However, they do not have refreshed replacement parts and will not have any buyer protections, such as warranty periods.

4. Refurbished Macs Are Not in Perfect Condition

Typically, Apple will not replace a laptop's chassis while undertaking the refurb work. As such, you cannot expect the device to be in the same condition as a new computer. Remember that someone has already used it before you, to some extent.

When you look at a store that sells refurbished Macs, each listing will let you know about the condition of the item. You can expect to see a rating system that goes something like Good > Very Good > Excellent.

The ratings are subjective, and there will naturally be a range within each band. No two refurbished Macs will ever be in the same condition.

5. Expect Shorter Warranties

If you buy a refurbished Mac from a reputable seller, it will come with a warranty period. But be warned, the warranty periods are shorter than those you'd receive if the Mac were brand-new. In many cases, the warranty can be as short as 90 days.

Some sellers will offer extended warranties for refurbished hardware, but you'll need to pay extra if you want it.

You should avoid any seller who doesn't provide a warranty period. Refurbished Macs might be cheaper than their new counterparts, but they still cost a decent amount of money. Buying a refurbished computer without a warranty period puts you at risk of losing your investment.

6. All Refurbished Macs Are Fully Tested

Apple has a stringent testing process for all its refurbished Macs. Both the hardware and the software will be put through their paces.

Should a part fail the test, Apple will either replace or fix it, depending on the severity of the problem.

7. All Refurbished Macs Are Fully Cleaned

Of course, you'd expect the exterior of a second-hand Mac to receive a buffing prior to receiving it. However, what's less known is that the refurb process also cleans the internals.

This removes dust from fans, drives, and CPUs, and cleans dirt away from ports. Additionally, the cleaner will scrape away any gunk that accumulated under the keyboard keys.

Naturally, the machine also goes through sterilization to kills germs and other nasty bacteria.

8. The Drive Contains No Old User Data

When a company prepares a refurbished Mac, it completely wipes the storage disk. And we're not talking about merely deleting the user accounts—they format the entire drive and reinstall the operating system.

Aside from the privacy issues, this is also important from a legal standpoint. You don't want to find yourself on the hook because a previous, unknown owner was doing something unlawful with his or her machine.

9. Look for Factory Certification

Make sure the refurbished Mac you want to buy has official Apple certification. There are too many unscrupulous online stores and individual sellers who will claim a product has been refurbished when in practice, they only did a quick fix-up job in their bedroom.

Only use trusted sellers or the official Apple refurbished store.

Check Your Credit Card Terms

Many credit cards automatically offer additional warranty periods for any purchases you make on your account.

If you rely on those offers, make sure you check with your card provider about whether refurbished items are covered under its terms. In many cases, refurbished electronics are specifically excluded.

A Refurbished Mac Makes a Lot of Sense

There's nothing wrong with buying refurbished products. As long as you do your research and understand the pros and cons, it's possible to find some great deals that offer better value than a new device.

For lots of people, buying a refurbished Mac makes more sense than buying a new one; ultimately, you're going to get a lot more bang for your buck.


The 3 Best Places to Buy a Used or Refurbished iPhone

Want to get a great deal on a used iPhone? Here are the best retailers for buying a used or refurbished iPhone.

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How to buy a refurbished Mac or MacBook computer

Let&#;s face it: Apple&#;s Macs aren&#;t cheap. Buying a premium, elegantly crafted machine comes with a price, and many are willing to shell out the big bucks, whether it&#;s for the newest M1-equipped MacBooks or the formidable iMac Pro.

But if you want a Mac but just can&#;t pay the hefty price, a refurbished Mac is your next best option. Here is everything you need to know about buying a refurbished Mac, whether it&#;s through Apple or another retailer.

See more

What does refurbished actually mean?

Buying a refurbished Mac is different than buying a used, resold one. With the latter, owners are simply reselling their Mac with all the problems it entails. Think of this scenario as buying a used car from a stranger. You really don&#;t know what you&#;re getting into problem-wise until you fire it up and after your wallet is drained.

Refurbished is different. The Mac is still pre-owned, but it was returned to a professional because of an issue or traded in for a newer model. Any malfunctioning parts are replaced, the product is tested to ensure everything works, and it&#;s repackaged for resale. Think of this scenario as buying a used car from a dealership.

In both cases, the Mac is sold at a discount. However, refurbished Macs are often just as good as new ones, saving you money. A used Mac sold by a stranger may end up costing you more in the end.

Apple manages its own refurbished store, complete with its Certified Refurbished designation. Trained professionals ensure every device functions properly before putting it up for sale. The store offers the highest quality, so you&#;re essentially getting a machine that barely differs from its on-the-shelf counterpart. It&#;s a great instant discount option when shopping for a new Mac.

A caveat applies, however, in that it&#;s unusual to find current-gen Macs that have been refurbished, given that they likely haven&#;t been returned. Typically, new products are on the market for at least a few months before any refurbished models appear. When they do, they&#;re quickly snapped up.

The greatest range of products, then, will probably be between one and two years old. Anything newer is extremely difficult to find.

Buying from Apple

An Apple Store filled with people at long wooden tables testing out and looking at various Apple products including MacBooks.

Apple&#;s Refurbished shop is the place to go if you want to buy a refurbished Mac straight from the manufacturer. With Apple, you know that returned Macs have been inspected, fixed, cleaned, and repackaged by professionals. Apple even backs these products with the same warranty you&#;d find on a new Mac, and you can further protect your device with AppleCare coverage.

Here are some additional notes to consider:

  • Apple&#;s guarantee: Both pre-owned and once-defective models are available, and Apple guarantees that all products meet Finished Goods testing. However, the discounts on the Online Store are a bit underwhelming, as the average rate hovers around 15%, which is good, but not great. If you&#;re lucky, some discounts can be as high as 25%.
  • Apple refurbishes more than just Macs: Macs and MacBooks are some of the most popular options, but Apple sells refurbished models of just about everything in the company&#;s arsenal, including Apple Watches and iPhones. The website&#;s leftmost menu shows what&#;s available and what isn&#;t, but keep in mind that inventory can change quickly, especially for popular products.
  • New models mean cheaper, last-generation refurbished models: Refurbished items become extremely popular when a new Apple product arrives. Sure, refurbished versions of new products take a while to appear, but consumers immediately begin wondering if they can get an older model for a cheaper price, which drives them to seek refurbished products. In other words, availability tends to be scarce and competitive immediately following a major release.
  • Cheaper models tend to be the most in-demand: For example, iPads with just Wi-Fi are hard to find, but those with cellular options are more common.
  • No-cost shipping and returns: You just can&#;t beat free.

Choosing the right vendor

There are options beyond the Apple Store if you&#;re looking to grab a refurbished Mac. Many third-party vendors &#; including Amazon and Best Buy &#; specialize in refurbishing. These stores don&#;t always offer products refurbished by Apple. Instead, they have in-house technicians that specialize in Mac repair. Even more, these stores offer their own guarantee and at times better discounts than Apple.

Trust is paramount here. Don&#;t just type a search into eBay and look for the best possible prices &#; that&#;s a quick route to scams and disappointment. Instead, look for quality brands that offer well-reviewed refurbished items. Some of the more common retailers include:

  • Other World Computing: OWC specializes in used computers and tends to shy away from smaller Apple devices. The good news is the company has a great reputation, and its prices are generally lower than that of Apple&#;s, plus there&#;s a two-week return policy.
  • Mac of All Trades: Mac of All Trades offers some of the best deals in the Mac world. Quality can sometimes be an issue, but the one-year warranty and expedited shipping make this a great alternative to the Apple Store. Keep in mind, however, that inventory tends to be in high demand, so options are limited.
  • Amazon: Amazon is a great place to find online options collected from a variety of vendors, including Apple R Us and Open Electronics. Always look for a high user rating before you think about buying, however, and keep in mind that many of the available models only differ slightly, so it can be difficult to find what you want.
  • PowerMax: PowerMax is a Premier Partner with Apple for Macs, iPads, and iPhones, and it provides a day warranty for used Macs. The site is harder to navigate and use than something like the Apple Refurbished Store, though, so some patience is required.
  • Best Buy: Best Buy is an Apple Authorized Service Provider. In addition to offering repairs when an Apple Store isn&#;t available, this chain sells a limited number of refurbished Macs through its own program. They&#;re frequently sold out, but if you&#;re a Best Buy customer and can get loyalty points or other benefits, it&#;s definitely worth a glance.

Signs of a good deal

Price is one of the most important factors of a sweet deal, but there are other things to consider. Whether searching the Refurbished section of Apple&#;s website or exploring other vendors, here&#;s what to watch for:

  • Warranties and return policies: A warranty provides some protection if your refurbished Mac unexpectedly bites the dust, saving you from wasting too much money. A great example of this is Apple&#;s one-year warranty for refurbished goods. Thankfully, other vendors offer similar lines of protection.
  • Testing: You want to buy a Mac from a company that offers product testing. Apple is the best at this, but other vendors also offer their own &#; albeit not brand-certified &#; testing procedures to ensure the utmost quality.
  • Hands-on examination: This often isn&#;t possible when buying online, but if you&#;re perusing local dealers, make sure you can examine and test the product yourself. Doing so will allow you to look for any obvious problems before buying.
  • Original materials: The original box, instructions, and accessories are a great bonus. A reputable refurbished product should have these, as the like-new experience is part of what separates a refurbished model from its used counterpart.

Signs of a bad deal

If you decide to utilize lesser-known thirty-party suppliers, here are signs of a deal you should avoid:

  • No warranties or guarantees: Steer clear of vendors that don’t give you any sort of protection or return policy. Furthermore, if the warranty is notably short, then the seller most likely doesn’t believe that their product is dependable. You are rolling the dice here &#; dice composed of money.
  • No pictures: If you find that your vendor isn’t displaying actual images of a product and isn’t a reliable vendor, we suggest you run far away. These people can&#;t be trusted. 
  • A model that’s too old for you and Apple: Although you might manage to obtain an outdated product for a lower price, that doesn’t mean it&#;s the best idea to go this route. Older products stretch the meaning of “refurbished” because they typically don&#;t have adequate support for the latest MacOS features and consist of old parts. If you’re thinking about buying a refurbished item that’s over three years old, we suggest asking if the battery has ever been replaced. We also encourage you to check out Apple’s “vintage and obsolete products” page to see if the device you want to purchase is no longer backed by Apple.
  • Refurbished goods that aren’t refurbished: There are times when a store claims their item is refurbished, but what they really mean is it&#;s used. This is prevalent among smaller merchants on Amazon and eBay. We advise picking a store that genuinely markets refurbished goods and doesn’t put too much faith in the terminology.

Editors&#; Recommendations


You can find amazing bargains when buying refurbished Apple products, but before you buy refurbished, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into.

1. What are refurbished Apple products?

Refurbished Apple products are Apple devices that have been restored to full working condition, as new, after being either pre-owned or used as display models.

They are sometimes called “refurbed”“reconditioned” or “remanufactured”.

It’s not often you hear about refurbished Macs, iPhones, Apple Watches or iPads. In fact, Apple doesn’t push the concept very much and they’re even pretty hard to find on the Apple website. But still, every time a new product gets released, Apple shortly after starts selling refurbished Models.

Refurbished products are items people bought, used and returned for whatever reason. Apple then fixes them up from top to bottom, patching most if not all cosmetic damage and any internal defects. Finally, the products are put back on the market for a lower price and a “refurbished” label slapped on the packaging.

Most people buy refurbished products to save some money, but they often get a bad reputation due to being technically used. In Apple’s case, is buying refurbished worth the savings?

2. Will my refurbished Apple product work like new?

Yes – refurbished Apple products are % functional and all components in them work like new.

From the screen of an iPhone, to the battery of an iPad, or the charger of an Apple Watch, refurbished Apple products will always have % of their parts in full working condition, like their brand-new counterparts do.

How is this? – you may ask.

Well, refurbished products aren’t the same as ‘used’ products. If any parts on a refurbished Apple product are not up to the functional standard of a new Apple product, they will be replaced.

If the hard drive on a ,Macbook wasn’t working – it will have been replaced with a new one. If the battery on an iPhone had lost its charge – it will have been replaced. If the logic board had… well you get the picture.

  • Like-New Condition. Sellers ofrefurbished items repair everything that’s damaged, then test the item to make sure it’s working properly. They also clean it and, in many cases, replace worn exterior parts, such as the face plate or buttons. This means that when you buy a refurbished products, it should both look and run like new.

This means that when you buy a refurbished Apple product, it will be % functional and working.

3. Are refurbished Apple products fully tested?

Of course. When an Apple product is to be refurbished, one of the most important stages is the testing.

Refurbished Apple products go through a full test. This includes hardware and software tests, and a thorough checking of all components. Most parts, if not all, will pass the checks with flying colors.

Any big online retailers sell returned and refurbished goods at substantial discounts. These items are repaired and tested just like manufacturer-refurbished products, though they often do not come with a warranty.

If there are any issues found, the parts will go through troubleshooting. When the refurbisher knows what is wrong with the part, they can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Sometimes they will replace the part entirely with a new part.

For example, if an iPhone screen has a crack, it will be replaced with a brand new screen. Other times, the refurbisher will simply fix the part. For example, if there’s a loose wire on a ,Macbook motherboard, they can easily reconnect the wire.

After the fixes or replacements have been completed, the refurbished products needs to go back through the full product test. Only when a product can pass all functional testing (as a new product would), can it be approved and sold as refurbished.

4. Are refurbished Apple products cleaned?

Many refurbished Apple products have spent their short life being used by their previous owner, or being used by multiple people as a display model in a store. That is why it’s so important forrefurbished phones, tablets and computers alike, to go through an intense cleaning process.

Products are thoroughly cleaned to ensure they are as shiny and dust-free as new. Screens are polished, dust is removed from keyboards, and all ports are checked for dirt. Also, the internal parts of the hardware are cleaned so that you can be sure the refurbished device is completely spotless and sanitized.

5. Do refurbished Apple products have their operating system re-installed?

Yes – after the hard drive is erased of all data, the operating system is reinstalled. That means that when you receive your refurbished iPhone or refurbished iPad, it will have a clean copy of iOS ready for you to set up. Or if you’ve purchased a , refurbished Macbook it’ll be ready for you with a clean copy of Mac OS X (or macOS in future versions).

Basically, the software is ready for you as it would be in a brand new model. You will be able to set your Apple device up as new, or possibly restore from a backup of your previous device.

6. Do refurbished Apple products come with a warranty?

Yes, they do! It’s important to note that not all refurbishers include warranties with their products though. We advise you to stay away from companies that don’t provide warranties for any electronic items – whether they are refurbished electronics or not.

People tend not to want to spend their hard earned cash on electronic items without a warranty. That’s why it makes sense to include warranties with refurbished Apple products.

Thankfully, we aggregate all of the best deals from Apple refurbishers on our website – and they ALL provide warranties with their products. Some even allow you to pay to upgrade the warranty period so that you can be covered for multiple years.

7. Will my refurbished Apple product look brand-new?

The only real difference between refurbished Apple products and new Apple products (aside from the much lower price of course), is the cosmetic condition of the items. This is purely the appearance of the product, and it is important to remember that refurbished products are % functional and are thoroughly cleaned.

As an Apple enthusiast it’s easy to be tempted by the newest models, but have you considered the alternative of buying a refurbished Apple product that will serve your needs just as well at a fraction of the price?

With no receipts or guarantees, buying second-hand gadgets online is often seen as unreliable but, by purchasing through a business that specialises in trading Apple products, there is no danger of being left high and dry with a faulty product.

8. Are refurbished Apple products cheaper than new Apple products?

Yes – that’s why there are loads of hot deals for refurbished Apple products on our website!

This may be the most awesome fact – by purchasing a refurbished product, you’re saving between 15% and 80% of the original retail price of the new product. That’s why we love Apple refurbs so much!

Here are some examples so you know what to expect:

Discounts do vary a lot, so you just need to have a good browse!



Certified review apple refurbished

Are Apple Refurbished Computers Worth Buying For Your Studio?

You may be considering buying a new Apple Mac computer for your studio, especially with the new range of Silicon based Apple Macs now coming out on the market.

Before you go out and spend money on a brand new Apple Mac are you aware that there is a growing industry around selling refurbished Apple Mac computers? When I first heard about Apple Mac refurb (the term generally used for refurbished Apple Macs) I was a little skeptical about them.

My concerns were numerous;

  • What was the history of the machine I was buying?

  • What kind of warranty could I expect?

  • What condition would the machine be in when I received it?

Not All Apple Refurbished Computers Are Equal

It’s important to understand that Apple Refurb is almost a brand or term in itself. It’s not the same as buying a used computer or one returned to your local store. Although Apple has its own refurbished store, there are several independent stores operating the same scheme in your country. For example the computer company Scan offer Apple Certified Refurbished Products, you’ll need to check for stock.

What Apple Certified Refurbished Means

The Apple Refurbishment Process

  • The product is fully tested for functionality, with any modules identified as defective being replaced

  • The product is rigorously cleaned inside and out, and inspected to make sure it meets Apple’s stringent standards

  • It is then repacked with all additional items it would have shipped with when new (cables, manuals, subsidiary boxes and packing materials etc.)

  • It will include the operating system with which it originally shipped, or in some cases a more recent version

  • It is then given a final QA inspection to ensure everything is in order before it is declared as fit for sale

  • Finally it is given special Apple packaging identifying it as an officially refurbished product, and sealed by Apple

There are lots of companies online offering used Apple Macs for sale, you will also find them on site like eBay. However, if they are not Apple Certified Refurbished Products then they are not the same and you can’t guarantee you’ll be getting a good deal.

What Is The Experience Like?

My last refurb Apple Mac order was for the top of the range GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 MacBook Pro with 32gb of RAM retailing at £3, I paid £2, for it. That’s nearly 17% off.

A few days later it arrived. I opened the brown box and inside was an Apple box covered in the original cellophane. I opened the box and found what was to all intents and purposes a brand new MacBook Pro, with every piece of wrapping and seals all intact. I was able to have the full Apple unboxing experience!

I would have defied anyone to tell me that it was anything but a brand new product.

Perhaps you are an Apple Refurb veteran, but if not here are a few facts you should know.

  1. As promised Apple has restored the unit to full working condition. They could be returns or ex-display, but in my experience, you would never know, Apple does such a good job.

  2. Apple tests the units before selling them. If there are any defects Apple put them right and then test them as if they were a new machine.

  3. They come with the latest operating system pre-installed and when you first launch it's like launching a new Mac.

  4. Cosmetically the machine should look like new if not then Apple make that clear when purchasing.

  5. You can buy an AppleCare protection plan for an Apple refurbished product. You may have to call Apple to get the serial number verified but after that then you should be good to go.

You can save a lot of money buying an Apple Refurbished product, either from Apple or from an Apple-approved dealer. Just make sure it's an Apple Certified Refurbished product you are buying.

Apple Refurbished Computers For The Studio Are Recommended

For those who don't care about having the latest version of a product then this is a smart way to get a great Apple product for your studio at a hefty saving.

You can see the kind of deals possible by visiting the Apple Certified Refurbished Store but also check out Apple Approved dealers Google who may have better deals.

Have you purchased an Apple Certified Refurbished product? What was you experience like?

Apple Refurbished - My Experience

Every now and again I find myself in an Apple Store. When I see customers buying things like MacBooks ($ at Amazon) and iPads ($ at Amazon), I want to grab them by the shoulders and cry, "Wait! You can get these for less!"

How? By venturing online, where Apple's Refurbished Store carries a rotating selection of products that are discounted by as much as 15 percent -- sometimes more. And although some buyers believe that "refurbished" is code for "used or defective in some way," much of Apple's gear is quite literally good as new.

In fact, I see no reason to choose anything but refurbs, especially when it comes to iOS devices (namely iPhones ($ at Apple) and iPads). Let's take a look at how much you stand to save and what potential pitfalls to avoid.

Read more:This Amazon shopping hack can save you up to 70%

How much can you save?

Here's a great example (from the US, but equally applicable in the UK or Australia). Head to the Apple Store's refurbished iPad section and you'll find the iPad Pro (Wi-Fi + 64GB) for $ -- a full $80 less than than what you'd pay for a new one.

How about an iPhone? At this writing, you can get an iPhone X (64GB) for $, which is $ less than the original price. (The GB model is available for $ more.)

Let's talk Macs. A current-gen inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,, but you can save $ by opting for its refurbished counterpart -- more if you choose a higher-end configuration. 

You can even get a refurbished HomePod speaker for $, a savings of $ That said, don't automatically assume that Apple's refurb deals are the best deals. That HomePod, for example, is currently on sale for $ at MacSales, and it's new (though in bulk, nonretail packaging). And right now, many of Apple's prices on refurbished Apple Watches are actually the same as for new ones.

What's the catch?

Needless to say, you should always do your homework when shopping for Apple gear. There might be a sale at, say, Amazon or Best Buy that would net you a new item for the same price or less than an Apple refurb. (The aforementioned HomePod is a perfect example.)

Anyway, those refurbs must be "less than" in some way, right? What exactly do you give up by opting for refurbished Apple gear over new?

In some cases, absolutely nothing. iPhones and iPads, for example, come with a new outer shell and new battery, meaning you get same-as-new appearance and performance. Just as good, you get the same one-year warranty Apple extends to new hardware. There's literally no downside.

Refurbished MacBooks don't get quite the same loving treatment -- no new shell, no new battery -- but you still get a full one-year warranty. For any product category you're evaluating, click the Learn more link at the top of the page to see exactly what you're getting.

One more consideration: Apple's refurb offerings and inventory change over time, so you can't always get what you want. (AirPods ($ at Amazon) are still MIA from the store, in case you're wondering.) But I think it's the only logical place to start your shopping. I've purchased several refurbished products this way, and every one of them arrived in perfect, like-new condition. Consequently, when it comes to Apple gear (especially iOS devices), I can't see any reason to pay extra for the new stuff.

If you want an easy way to keep tabs on what's available in Apple's Certified Refurbished Store (and other stores as well), check out RefurbMe. This free service will alert you when a desired product is in stock.

Originally published two years ago. Updated with new information.

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Apple Refurbished Products: Are They Worth It?

There&#;s a reason Apple products boast such an outspoken and devoted following: they&#;re pretty, they&#;re user-friendly, and they&#;ve topped the American Consumer Satisfaction Index&#;s annual consumer satisfaction survey for the past 12 years and counting. So why doesn&#;t everyone have one? Blame the price tag, because quality doesn&#;t come cheap.

We&#;ve written before about why buying a Mac at the Apple store is a waste of money, but just because the brick and mortar store doesn&#;t offer many (read: any) discounts on its gadgets, doesn&#;t mean you can&#;t find a deal on an iPhone, MacBook or iPad directly from Apple. How? One word: Refurbished.

A word of warning: we&#;re going to get really deep into the weeds here. Here&#;s a quick summary of what we&#;re about to cover, the links will jump you down to more detail on each topic:

If you&#;re interested in making a purchase right now, use the links below to scroll down to our deals on each of the following products.

If you want to learn absolutely everything there is to know about refurbished Apple products and learn a few hacks that will save you some serious cash, keep reading. We promise it&#;s worth the ride.

What does &#;refurbished&#; mean in this context?

macbook air

We get a lot of reader questions like: &#;Are refurbished Apple products worth it?&#; or &#;Can I trust refurbished Apple devices?&#; The answer to these questions is, in a word, yes. BUT &#; it depends on where you buy them. Refurbished electronics have a reputation for being buggy, broken or without any kind of meaningful warranty, but when you buy an Apple Certified refurbished item, it&#;s guaranteed to be just as good as something brand new &#; as long as you buy it directly from the Apple Certified Refurbished section of Apple&#;s website. Apple Certified Refurb items aren&#;t going to be drastically cheaper than buying new (discounts hover around the 15 percent mark) but it still pays to go straight to the source for a few big reasons.

Whereas most companies that refurbish Macs (think Mac Connection, B&H, Best Buy and Abt Electronics) offer only a day warranty and charge you for a longer one, Apple offers a one-year warranty that is the same as the warranty offered on its regular products, and gives refurb customers the option to purchase Apple Care as well. So if you purchase your refurbished Apple product somewhere other than the Apple Store, you&#;re not going to be able to take it back to Apple for repairs &#; your warranty will be tied with the store where you bought it, and that&#;s where you&#;ll have to take it if anything goes wrong.

And then there&#;s the messy issue of open-box sales. If you buy an open-box Apple product from another retailer, you could be stuck with no warranty at all, because some resellers will only provide a warranty that&#;s based on when the item was originally purchased. So if you&#;re buying an open-box MacBook at Best Buy on March 1, , and the previous owner of that MacBook bought it at Best Buy with a year-long warranty on March 4, , you&#;re now the proud owner of a laptop with a warranty that is set to expire in three days. Lucky you!

So what&#;s the difference between &#;open-box&#; and &#;refurbished?&#;

apple product line up

A refurbished item was returned to the retailer because there was something wrong with it. When this happens, the retailer (or a third-party refurbishing outfit) takes it apart, fixes the problem, and returns it to the operational status before selling it again under a refurbished banner. Apple runs its refurbished items through pretty extensive testing. And since they are the ones that are making these products in the first place, that testing is going to be a lot better than the testing done by a resale company.

An open-box item is something that was returned to the retailer after the original buyer changed his or her mind. Often the store in question will inspect the item to determine whether or not it has anything mechanically wrong with it. If they deem it safe for resale, they call it an open-box sale. It&#;s worth noting that this &#;inspection&#; isn&#;t an official test, meaning the retailer usually doesn&#;t take the item apart to make sure it&#;s in pristine condition. Apple doesn&#;t offer-box items, although many of the items it sells under the refurbished banner are likely open-box returns, it still has to call them refurbished because they&#;ve been previously owned.

For serious discounts on Apple products, utilize trade-in programs.


Have an old iPad, MacBook, iPhone or iPod laying around gathering dust? If you&#;re looking to buy a new Apple product at a significant discount, look into the Apple Reuse and Recycling Program. Apple will buy your unused smartphones, laptops and tablets (and they don&#;t have to be Apple products!) and issue you an Apple Store gift card as payment. If I wanted to buy a new laptop right now, I could get about $ off by turning in my old iPhone and my MacBook Pro. That would make a refurbished MacBook Pro or inch desktop around $ &#; nearly 50 percent off retail.

Even if the device you want to trade in for a discount isn&#;t eligible for a trade-in at the Apple store, there are still a lot of places that will buy it from you. If you want more information on electronics trade-in programs, check out these related blog posts:

How do I buy a refurbished Apple product like an expert?

imac office

We&#;re going to break down the best refurb deals we could find on all your favorite Apple products in a minute, but before we do that, we thought we&#;d let you in on a couple insider tips and tricks for refurb shopping:

  1. If you&#;re going to buy an Apple Certified refurbished item, make sure you check the prices against the brand-new models at other retailers. New products are never discounted at the Apple Store, so while the price on an Apple Certified refurb will be lower than the Apple Store price on a new model, it might be selling for more than a discounted new item at another store. For example, this past holiday season, Walmart was selling the iPad Mini 2 &#; brand new &#; for $, but the Apple Certified refurbished model was going for $
  2. Once you&#;ve done your homework and are sure that the refurbished price is the best out there, don&#;t wait too long to buy. Apple refurbs sell out quickly and often take weeks to restock. This is especially true for laptops, iPads and the Mac Mini.

With this expert knowledge under our belts, let&#;s dive into the deals&#;

Refurbished Laptops


Apple offers a variety of different kinds of laptops, but because they don&#;t update their styles very often, it can be tricky for the average consumer to tell the difference between a brand new model and something that&#;s a few years old. Brad&#;s Deals editor Casey has a special trick that can help you make sure the refurb you&#;re buying has the same specs as a brand new model: check the part number.

We added two inch, &#;Space Gray&#; MacBooks to our Apple Store cart. The top MacBook is new, and the bottom is Apple Certified refurbished. We circled their model numbers in red, and as you can see, they match exactly except for the first letter.

macbook compare

As a rule, Apple Certified refurbished items will have model numbers that start with &#;F&#; but will otherwise match their new counterparts, so this is a good way to double check the specs before you spring for a refurb.

As we outlined earlier, Apple Certified refurbs go quickly, but here are a few things you can get right now:

Refurbished iPads


Apple Certified refurbished iPads get brand new cases, cables and packaging, which no other refurbishing outlet will offer you. Right now, the Apple Store is offering these deals on refurbished iPads:

Refurbished iPhones


Apple refurbished iPhones feature the same warranty as their new counterparts, a brand new battery and a new outer shell. Right now, the Apple store is offering these deals on refurbished iPhones:

Refurbished iMacs


As with laptops, make sure to double check the model number so you know exactly what you&#;re getting before you decide to purchase an iMac. Right now, the Apple Store is selling quite a few different kinds of refurbished desktops, here are two that stood out to us:

Refurbished Mac Minis

mac mini

Mac Minis offer the Mac desktop experience at a much lower price tag. They&#;re essentially an entire computer stuffed into a smooth &#; square frame, and you can plug them into your TV or monitor and customize the size of the screen you want.

Refurbished Apple TVs

apple tv

Currently, Apple is selling the Apple TV 4K for $ for 32GB or $ for 64GB in addition to its Apple HD TV 32GB counterpart for $ Look at the refurbished models, like the Apple TV (4th generation) 64GB model can go for as little as $

Refurbished Apple Watches

apple watch

The hottest smart watch on the market is now available for less from Apple when you buy refurbished. Apple is currently selling the Apple Watch Series 4 from $

Got questions about anything we outlined above? Feel free to drop us a note in the comments!

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