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What does thorium Mod add?

The Thorium Mod is a content pack that adds a massive variety of items, weapons, armor, NPC's and even Bosses to the vast world of Terraria! With a new modding api comes various changes and tweaks from previous versions.

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Likewise, people ask, can you use thorium and calamity?

Thorium meshes very well with the Vanilla progression of the game. If you use Thorium and Calamity together, you will essentially only be playing with Calamity. The Vanilla-balanced Thorium gear will just get completely dwarfed by Calamity's overpowered stuff and it'd be like the mod isn't even there to begin with.

Secondly, where do you find thorium in Terraria? Thorium Ore is an ore which generates naturally in the world upon creation. It can also be found in Strange Crates and Scarlet Crates. Its associated bar can be made into a variety of useful early game tools and weapons. It can be mined with a Iron Pickaxe or better.

Similarly, you may ask, how many NPCs are in thorium?

Town NPC. NPCs (Non-Player Characters) added by The Thorium Mod total to 9 Pre-Hardmode NPCs and 1 Hardmode NPC.

Where do I put TMOD files?

tmod" extension. They go in the Mods directory. Most mods are hosted in the "Mod Browser". You can easily browse mods and use the download button to download mods.


Thorium Mod, like others have said, fleshes out the vanilla game while Calamity Mod makes Terraria a much more different game.

Thorium adds new armors and weapons to the throwing class, 2 new classes (which are mostly for multiplayer IMO), as well as new bosses that act as optional parts to progression that can help, especially in early Hardmode (especially on Expert!). The endgame is somewhat overpowered, but that’s because the final boss of Thorium will present a great challenge to you, doubly so in Expert Mode. Overall, Thorium is a very polished, Terraria-esque mod and I would highly recommend it to someone beginning their modded adventures.

Terraria Calamity Mod

Calamity reimagines Terraria as a more boss fight oriented game, with some grinding/resource gathering to gate the more powerful items behind a genuine barrier (imagine the Ankh Shield times 10). The difficulty is definitely most present in Expert mode, where you are given an additional Revengance Mode option that increases the difficulty of bosses even further, making even simple bosses much more difficult until you get better. Furthermore, there is more than one final boss post ML, and it adds new weapon and armor tiers to accommodate.

These higher tiers become quite ridiculous (for example, a BiS accessory for melee that gives a chance instakills normal enemies, 100+ defense on an armor set that also gives a 2% chance to dodge attacks, 1800 throwing damage on an upgraded vampire knives, and so on), but the challenge makes these items well earned so, to me at least, it doesn’t feel like cheats.

For more Terraria, choose Thorium. For more challenge, choose Calamity. For both, at least take a look at Spirit Mod, which I’d be willing to talk about in greater detail.

Spirit Mod

Spirit Mod acts somewhat differently than Thorium or Calamity. For starters, there is the addition of Artifact Weapons for Melee, Ranged, Magic, Throwing, and Summoning that solidifies your play style to more of an extent than other mods. With these weapons are artifact accessories that you build over time that empower these weapons, but the materials are not very grindy, because they appear quite often in areas that you will very likely linger around in (for example, one material can be found off goblins or off solar eclipse monsters).

The same cannot be said for the weapons, however, as their materials are acquired through boss drops, making boss fights less about being thresholds of progression than the items they drop are. Despite that flaw, Artifacts give a stronger sense of direction, especially in the later game when you’re not sure what to do before you fight Moon Lord.

There are lots of features that make Spirit Mod stand out, such as new events/invasions, 2 special biomes, and a new weapon enhancement system that might break other mod balancing, but is great in itself. After running it with Thorium and Calamity, I would suggest playing Spirit Mod standalone because other mods can mess up your path of progression set up by the Artifact items.

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The Ultimate Mod Guide - Balanced vs Unbalanced
If I missed any mods that you feel should be added to this thread, say so below.

Core Mods
  • Thorium (1600+ items, 110+ tiles, 100+ enemies, 10+ town npcs, 10+ bosses, 10+ mounts, 1 biome, 2 new classes)
  • Calamity (840+ items, 150+ enemies, 22+ bosses, 7+ ores, and its revengance / death modes, 1 biome)

Helpful Mods
  • Shorter Respawn Time (reduces respawn to 75% of original)
  • Recipe Browser (allows you to view any recipe)
  • No More Tombs (when you die, a tomb will no longer spawn)
  • MaxStackPlus (increases stack size to 99,999 for all items)
  • Boss Checklist (very helpful if you want to do bosses in order)
  • Magic Storage (a crafting / storage interface for all your items in one place)
  • OmniSwing (every weapon has auto swing now)
  • Veinminer (allows you to instantly mine only vanilla ores)
  • Hearty Bags (bosses have chance to drop additional gold or heart crystals, not both)
  • AlchemistNPC (allows you to buy any potion)
  • imkSushi's Mod (mobs drop biome loot tokens which allow you to craft useful items)
  • Infinity - Endless Items (adds it so you can get infinite regen, healing pots, infinite arrows, infinite bullet pouches, basically infinite everything)
  • Wing Slot (gives you a wing slot for wing accessory)
  • Auto Trash (not tested, seems good)

Other Mods
  • Fishing Crate Additions (have not tested it, but it seems balanced and fun)
  • BetterYoyos (makes yoyos alot more fun)
  • MoreAccesories+ (plantera has 10% chance to drop item that when consumed you get an additional accessory slot)

  • Joost (adds alot of items that make the playthrough insanely easier and very cheaty as you progress, especially in premoonlord and omg Cactuar..)
  • DualWield (they tried to balance but its still very unbalanced, you can equip 2 tools / weapons at same time making the game 1.8 times easier)
  • Antisocial (all vanity slots become accessory slots, very cheaty mod)
  • Autochest (you can change the time of day and dupelicate the items, not good)

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This is a Guide page.
This is a Guide page.
This means the page will walk you through a specific task, strategy, or enemy/boss fight.

The Thorium Mod heavily expands on the number of options available for the four vanilla classes – Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Summon. In addition to this, the mod adds a completely revamped Thrower class with mechanics unique to the Thorium Mod, as well as two completely new classes for the player to play as: Healer and Bard. As with vanilla, each class's versatility, capabilities, and power increase as you progress through the game. This, plus the existing choices from vanilla, means it may be overwhelming for a first-time player to decide what to use. This guide will provide potential weapons, armor, accessories, and other options for each class at multiple points of the game.

Note that this guide will pertain only to Thorium equipment. For a list of equipment from vanilla Terraria, please refer to this guide. For a more detailed guide for the Healer class, please refer to this guide.


If you wish, use bombs to immediately access Shadow Orbs/Crimson Hearts and Meteors. Take on the Goblin Army or explore the Jungle if you're willing to face lots of danger. Bosses in this section are Grand Thunder Bird, King Slime, and Eye of Cthulhu.


This section assumes the player has visited all appropriate biomes, and has defeated all previous bosses and invasions before Skeletron.


Boss progression thorium

The Primordials.png
Doom Sayer's Coin.png

The Primordials is the final boss of the Thorium mod, summoned with the Doom Sayer's Coin. It consists of three bosses: Aquaius, The Endless Tide; Omnicide, The Life Defiler; and Slag Fury, The First Flame; each having their own set of attacks and forms. In total, the encounter has 462,000 / 793,000 health split over 3 / 4 bosses and several phases.

They each take turns assaulting the player with their own variety of attacks, requiring the player to adapt to the Primordial that is currently out; the Primordials not currently active will be intangible.

If all of them are defeated in Expert Mode, the final phase of the fight will begin.

The Primordials, when fully defeated, drops the three Primordial Essences, crafting materials used to make the most powerful gear available in the mod. It can also drop three unique items in Expert Mode: The Omega Core, an accessory that grants incredible speed; the Bow of Light, a rare true weapon with an extremely powerful charge attack; and the Dormant Hammer, which is used to craft the ultimate weapon of the mod, Mjölnir.

Terraria: Thorium Mod All Bosses + Mini-Bosses (Outdated)
CryogenBossCalamity1226,500 / 29,150Borean StriderBossThorium127250 / 8000Coznix, The Fallen BeholderBossThorium1212500 / 20000InfernonBossSpirit1213000 / 26000AlchemasterBossTremor1230000 / 37500The DestroyerBossVanilla1380000 / 120000 Skeletron PrimeBossVanilla1328000 / 42000 The TwinsBossVanilla1320000 / 30000 (Retinazer)
23000 / 34500 (Spazmatism)DuskingBossSpirit1321000 / 42000 Ethereal UmbraBossSpirit134100 / 5329MotherboardBossTremor1345000 / 56250Old One's Army Tier 3EventVanilla14Crystall HP 5000Frost LegionEventVanilla14-Brimstone ElementalBossCalamity1420,000 / 32,000 / 35,200 (pre-Providence)
300,000 / 480,000 (post-Providence)CalamitasBossCalamity1434,000 / 40,800 The LichBossThorium1418500 / 19000Illuminant MasterBossSpirit1432000 / 64000Harpy Queen, RaynareBossSacredTools1445000 / 55000Pixie QueenBossTremor1425000 / 31250PlanteraBossVanilla1530000 / 42000The LeviathanBossCalamity1642,000 / 67,200 Astrageldon SlimeBossCalamity1660,000 / 96,000 / 104,000Astrum DeusBossCalamity1618,500 (185,000 total) / 29,600 (296,000 total) / 32,000 (320,000 total)Frost KingBossTremor1660000 / 75000 Wall of ShadowsBossTremor16 36000 / 45000GolemBossVanilla1739000 / 58500The Plaguebringer GoliathBossCalamity1848,000 / 76,800 / 89,600RavagerBossCalamity18Pre-Providence:129000 (total)
Post-Providence:1990000 (total)Abyssion, The Forgotten OneBossThorium1846000 / 81000Cog LordBossTremor1845000 / 43750Mothership BossTremor18 45000 / 56250Cyber KingBossTremor1860000 / 75000Duke FishronBossVanilla1950000 / 60000 AtlasBossSpirit2041000 / 69700Lunatic CultistBossVanilla2132000 / 40000Nova PillarBossTremor2220000Moon LordBossVanilla23145000 / 217500
Profaned GuardiansBossCalamity25204,000 / 289,600 The RagnarökBossThorium2578500 / 98000
155000 / 215000
155000 / 185000OverseerBossSpirit25179000 / 358000Abaddon, the Emissary of NightmaresBossSacredTools25200000 / 250000The Dark EmperorBossTremor2560000 / 120000Providence, the Profaned GodBossCalamity26270,000 / 432,000 / 480,000Storm WeaverBossCalamity26400,000 / 640,000Ceaseless VoidBossCalamity26150 / 400 (999,999 defence)Signus, Envoy of the DevourerBossCalamity26250,000 / 400,000 / 440,000Flare SerpentBossSacredTools26300000 / 450000BrutalliskBossTremor26110000 / 137500PolterghastBossCalamity27335,000 / 536,000 / 560,000The LunariansBossSacredTools27 850000 / 1150000Space WhaleBossTremor27120000 / 240000The Devourer of GodsBossCalamity28600,000 / 960,000 / 1,000,000The ChallengerBossSacredTools28?The TrinityBossTremor28100000 / 125000
60000 / 75000
75000 / 93750AndasBossTremor28?BumblebirbBossCalamity29350,000 / 525,000Jungle Dragon, YharonBossCalamity301,150,000 / 1,840,000 / 2,080,000Supreme CalamitasBossCalamity321,400,000 / 2,240,000 / 2,400,000

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