Princess room ideas

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Every girl is certainly a princess. Moreover, there is a moment when they dream of wearing a long ball gown. If you have a daughter or two, take a gander at our stunning princess bedroom ideas below.

Sleeping in a very gorgeous pink princess-themed bedroom is every little lady’s fantasy. However, not all girls have their dream bedrooms. Here, we show you some mesmerizing sleeping spaces for young ladies.

The princess bedroom comes in various styles. Although these bedrooms do not look the same, they still give off royalty vibes. Without further ado, check this gallery out!

1. Disney Princess Bedroom Ideas

Disney Princess Bedroom Ideas

If your kid is a big fan of Disney Princess, implement this idea. We guarantee she would be happy having a gorgeous bedroom. Here, space boasts a light pink wall and window shutters. They carve a dreamy appeal.

The bedroom employs a carriage bed, storage box, cupboard, and multi-bin organizer for a princess feel. They feature Disney Princesses such as Jasmine, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, and Ariel.

2. Princess Themed Nursery

Princess Themed Nursery

Are you expecting a baby girl? If so, then this is one of the most amazing princess bedroom ideas for toddler to try. The Cinderella ceiling and murals convert the sleeping space into your little lady’s kingdom.

Light purple bedsheet, bed canopy, and curtains lend the bedroom a girly touch. Meanwhile, the brown area carpet sets a tranquil ambiance.

Vintage chandelier and table lamps inject a glamorous feel into the space. We believe your loved one feels like a true princess in this bedroom.

3. All-Pink Princess Bedroom Ideas

All-Pink Princess Bedroom Ideas

Speaking of princess bedroom ideas, people usually think about pink color palette. In this case, the color wraps the sleeping space, from walls to area rug.

Furthermore, this bedroom includes varying pink shades. They do not only brighten up the space, but also carry a touch of dynamism to the scene.

The bed, tufted armchair, nightstand, table, and chair showcase ornate details. Meanwhile, bed canopy, gold mirror, and crystal chandelier instantly create a completely princess-like atmosphere.

4. Princess Bedroom for Little Girl

Princess Bedroom for Little Girl

This little girl’s bedroom is beyond impressive. It features a striking castle headboard. The unit delivers royalty hints to the sleeping space.

Moreover, two castle-shaped open cubbies sit nicely on both sides of the headboard. They house plush toys and decorative items.

The cloud ceiling mural draws the focus upward. Pure whites, light pinks, and creams open up the space.

5. Purple Princess Bedroom

Purple Princess Bedroom

If your girl is not into pink, we suggest decorating her bedroom with purple. Here, the space boasts a brilliant lighting and delightful bed.

Dark purple pillows and curtain panels make a huge, bold statement. Meanwhile, tufted armchair and metallic chair generate a royal bedroom look.

The oversized artwork poses as a focal point. Furthermore, window and pale gray area carpet keep the space light.

6. Princess Themed Bedroom Ideas with Different Patterns

Princess Themed Bedroom Ideas with Different Patterns

As you see, there are much intricate patterns in this bedroom. However, it looks so graceful, thanks to wall murals and crystal chandelier. The bed, sofa, table lamp, and sconces exhibit fairy tale vibes.

Light pink walls provide a splendid background for furniture units. Small chairs and round table bring some fun to the kid’s bedroom. Meanwhile, the red satin curtains evoke a luxurious feel.

7. Brave Inspired Girl’s Bedroom

Brave Inspired Girl’s Bedroom

This is undoubtedly one of the most unique princess bedroom ideas. The homeowner took the inspiration from Disney movie Brave.

Furthermore, this space is certainly different from other little girls’ bedrooms you’ve ever seen. The beautiful details make your kid feel like she’s in the Brave’s movie scene.

The pink headboard, floral wallpaper, chandelier, and curtains produce a regal feel. Creative lighting completes the scene.

8. Disney Frozen-Inspired Princess Bedroom Ideas

Disney Frozen-Inspired Princess Bedroom Ideas

This princess bedroom is so special. We guarantee you can’t take your eyes off the design. It has an awesome combination of colors and patterns.

The framed wall hangings feature Disney Frozen characters, Elsa and Anna.

Light purple background lets pink wall mural and curtains stand out. Two table lamps on white wooden nightstands bring in modern vibe.

The built in shelves hold patterned storage boxes. Crystal chandelier and pink rug set a regal ambiance. Plush throw pillows complement the bed perfectly.

9. Princess Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

Princess Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

Princess themed bedroom is normally associated with pink color scheme. However, it isn’t always the case. In this example, the ceiling and walls sport light blue. They emanate a youthful ambiance.

Floral brocade bedding, tufted headboard, chandelier, and cupboard generate a sumptuous look.

These intricate details make the bedroom a perfect fit for the true teenage princess. White wool rug and blue curtains set a comfortable vibe.

10. Princess Bedroom with Charming Bunk Beds

Princess Bedroom with Charming Bunk Beds

This is certainly one of the most marvelous princess bedroom ideas. Here, the sleeping space features white ceiling and pink walls. They lend a sweet appeal to the interior, while huge arched window lets the natural light in.

Moreover, the bunk bed provides a comfy space for sleeping. It accommodates plush toys as well. We guarantee your little princess will love this one. The unit also boasts a nature theme.

Sheer curtains and balloon window shades scream elegance. Bright white furniture pieces exude a royal ambiance, while table lamp ties the bedroom together.

11. Tuscan Style Princess Bedroom

Tuscan Style Princess Bedroom

Whether you have a Tuscan style house or not, this idea surely deserves a try. Moreover, this princess themed bedroom could fit to any teenage girls, little ladies, infants, and even adults.

This bedroom employs pale purple ceiling and wall. They send out a feminine feel. Meanwhile, bed canopy, decorative mirror, chandelier, and nightstand lend a princess feel to the space.

The end bench and curved back chair provide cozy seating areas. Additionally, they go well with the light gray bed.

12. Princess Bedroom Accessories

Princess Bedroom Accessories

As the picture shows, this bedroom belongs to Camilla. She would be so pleased to own a sleeping space like this.

We also love the idea of incorporating castle-shaped shelves into the bedroom. They nicely frame the wall mural.

The false ceiling makes the area seem bigger. Satin curtain and bed skirt add chic luxury to the bedroom. Pink and white stripes imbue the space with a girly vibe, while brown area carpet pampers her little feet.

13. Lovely Princess Bedroom Ideas

Lovely Princess Bedroom Ideas

Searching for amazing princess bedroom ideas? Just steal this look from Alta Moda. Not all homeowners would like the space since it seems a tad crowded. However, the design definitely appeals to any girls.

The heart-shaped headboard, four-poster bed, and curved back armchair give this bedroom a touch of glamor. They develop a regal feel as well.

Giant window allows in morning light. The multicolored area rug elegantly dresses up the wooden floor, while extra tall curtains make the ceiling higher than it is.

14. Hot Pink Princess Bedroom Decor

Hot Pink Princess Bedroom Decor

Do you have two daughters? If so, take inspiration from this bedroom in Denise Richards Residence. The space undoubtedly will be great for them. It makes them feel like they are true princesses as well.

Hot pink area carpet, curtains, and bed canopies create a bold appearance. The chandeliers, patterned wallpapers, and headboards exude a luxurious feel. Fuchsia sofa and shell chairs offer ultimate comfort.

15. Frog-Tiana Princess Bedroom Decor

Frog-Tiana Princess Bedroom Decor

Your little lady loves Tiana. Without a doubt, this sleeping space would be totally perfect for her. As you see, the delightful wall mural is such an excellent addition to the bedroom.

Moreover, the bedside tables come with open cubbies. They house green storage boxes. The daybed features three drawers for storing her personal items.

The pom pom blanket and throw pillow bring in fun vibes. Meanwhile, the white-and-green table lamp lends a cohesive feel to the bedroom.

16. Fairy Princess Bedroom Ideas

Fairy Princess Bedroom Ideas

This lovely bedroom belongs to the home in Hollywood Beach, Florida. The white chandelier and gold bed canopy give the space a regal ambiance. Meanwhile, bed skirt, vintage cupboard, and plush toy ooze sweet appeal.

Large windows capture breathtaking beach views. Both valance and curtains dress them up. The bedside tables and table lamps provide symmetry. Pale yellow walls inject a cheerful atmosphere into the space.

17. Pink Princess Bedroom Ideas with A Vintage Feel

Pink Princess Bedroom Ideas with A Vintage Feel

If your daughter likes all things vintage, give this look a go. Here, the teenage girl’s bedroom boasts antique bed frame, nightstands, dresser, study desk, chair, and cupboard. They carry a vintage flair to the space.

White ceiling, bed canopy, and sheer curtains produce a fresh, clean appearance. Pink wallpaper, area rug, bolster pillow, and blanket scream elegance.

Gold accents set a princess feel, while wooden floor keeps the bedroom warm.

18. Fantasy Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Fantasy Bedroom Ideas for Kids

We believe your daughter would love this princess-themed bedroom. It definitely brings her fantasy into reality. The sleeping space is beyond charming. Take a look at the bed and other elements.

Purple and pink wallpapered walls infuse a girly touch into the bedroom. The bed canopy, dresser, chair, and soft rugs emanate a princess-like ambiance.

Meanwhile, ruffled stool, bedsheet, and pillow unify the entire space.

19. Lilac Princess Bedroom Ideas

Lilac Princess Bedroom Ideas

The princesses love certain colors such as lilac, sugar rose, ballet, and petal. You should pick the right one for your girl’s bedroom.

This lavender princess-themed bedroom looks super lovely. The bed frame, white vanity table, and crystal chandelier develop a lavish ambiance.

Furthermore, polka dot bedding carries a playful vibe to the space. Meanwhile, the small dark purple guitar lends the bedroom a bit of boldness.

20. Pink and Blue Princess Bedroom

Pink and Blue Princess Bedroom

Speaking of princess bedroom ideas for small spaces, consider this design. Here, the vintage bed comes with a drawer underneath. It will hold your little girl’s favorite books, toys, and knick-knacks.

Moreover, the tall dresser accommodates her clothes. The blue bedside table fits well into this predominantly pink bedroom.

Bed canopy and artworks exhibit a royal feel, while vertical striped wallpapers make the ceiling higher.

21. Princess Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Princess Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

If your budget is limited, this is undoubtedly one of the coolest princess bedroom ideas to try. As you see, there are two small beds with matching headboards and curtains. They turn the space into little girls’ kingdoms.

The peachy pink walls convey a sense of tenderness. Moreover, the bedroom features bathroom and indoor play area. Meanwhile, the skylight and window let plenty of sunlight to pass through.

22. Custom Castle Bookshelves for Girl’s Bedroom

Custom Castle Bookshelves for Girl’s Bedroom

This adorable pink bedroom is certainly any little lady’s dream. The sleeping space features custom-made backlit castle bookshelves. They do not only give off a princess feel, but also house some great books.

There’s also a heart-shaped initial headboard. Light pink walls imbue the bedroom with a girly ambiance. The stool, curved lounge chair, and stuffed animals generate a cozy atmosphere instantly.

23. Princess Bedroom Ideas Pinterest

Princess Bedroom Ideas Pinterest

Well, this bedroom may not be large. However, it looks just enchanting. The silver crown canopy, crystal chandelier, and decorative mirror ooze unmatched luxury.

Varying pink shades evoke a girly feel. Meanwhile, long dresser and drawers underneath the daybed keep the space organized. Lastly, white shag rug adorns wooden floor and sets a welcoming vibe.

24. Princess Themed Bedroom for Twin Girls

Princess Themed Bedroom for Twin Girls

Do you have twin little girls? If yes, steal this look. The bedroom boasts two white bed frames. They provide great support for pink ruffled bedding sets. Sheer bed canopies, ribbons, and chandelier emanate a royal atmosphere.

Furthermore, the slim bedside table comes with a drawer and an open cubby. The light pink walls are a lovely contrast to white ceiling. Lastly, initial name signs and framed artwork embellish the wall.

25. Pink Bedroom Ideas with A Large Headboard

Pink Bedroom Ideas with A Large Headboard

Your girl definitely can’t say no this princess-themed bedroom. Different pink shades wrap the interior from study chair to wall. They infuse a girly touch and a dynamic feel into the space.

The crystal chandelier and ornamental mirrors elicit a sense of royalty. Meanwhile, hot pink velvet tall headboard carves a sumptuous look.

We are sure our wonderful princess bedroom ideas above left you inspired. Apply any of those. Remember, it is never too late to give your beloved daughter her dream sleeping space. Happy decorating!

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If you are a girl, I’m sure you wanted to have a princess themed bedroom. Well, there is really a princess in every girl and we cannot do away with the moments when we dream to be wearing that long lovely princess ball gown and to sleep in a very beautiful pink princess bedroom. This is every girl’s fantasy but not everyone is able to earn the bedroom of their dreams. But then, there are some lucky little ladies who were able to have their own princess bedrooms and we are going to show you that today.

A princess themed bedroom comes in different styles but there are always girly and royalty hints you can see in each one of them. It is just amazing that every bedroom looks different while still giving that princess feel to anyone who sees it. If you are currently looking for ideas for your girl’s bedroom, I’m pretty sure, this list will make you wanna dance with joy and excitement!

1. Kids bedroom fantasy – Romantic

princess-themed bedrooms My daughter said she love this bedroom, the bed and everything! Well, I can promise her that stool but not sure of the bed! Do you like it too?

2. Princess Bedroom

Princess Bedroom

Dahlia Design

I can remember featuring this one before but this just looked really perfect for this list with a castle headboard that has open cubbies on both sides. This is just lovely!

3. Hollywood Beach, FL

Hollywood Beach, FL

Built By Owner, Inc.

What give this a royal look is that canopy bed and the lighting features too.

4. Brave Inspired Bedroom

Brave Inspired Bedroom


If you see the other photos of this bedroom, you will be amazed of the details that perfectly reflected the movie Brave.

5. Lovely Pink Bedroom


Imagine Living

This one is from Alta Moda. Not all people would love this because it looks a little crowded but this would appeal to girls who want to get that princess space with a heart shaped headboard.

6. Fairytale Bunk Beds

Fairytale Bunk Beds The bunk bed offers a space not just for sleeping but also for toys. Your petite princess will enjoy this one with a nature theme added to it too.

7. Vintage Feel Princess Bedroom

Vintage Feel Princess Bedroom

Turbo Beds

I love the vintage feel of this bedroom as well as all the other details from the bed to the walls.

8. Disney Princess Full Bedroom Set

Disney Princess Full Bedroom Set

Great Kids Bedrooms

So, if your child is a Disney Princess avid fan, this is the bedroom she would want to have for sure.

9. Lovely in Lilac

princess-themed bedrooms

Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

You can see multiple patterns in this lavender bedroom with a pretty crystal chandelier and a vanity table.

10. Chic Luxury

Chic Luxury

Guided Home Design

Camilla would be pretty pleased to have a bedroom like this. I like the idea of using a castle form for the shelf to frame that mural.

11. Special Spaces – Princess Bedroom

Special Spaces - Princess Bedroom

Alina Druga Interiors

I think you won’t let go of this design because of the pleasing combination of patterns and colors in here. I know you notice Disney Frozen’s Anna and Elsa.

12. Tiana Princess-Frog Bedding and Room Decorations

Tiana Princess-Frog Bedding and Room Decorations


For a little girl who love Tiana, this bedroom would be perfect for her. Lovely wall mural, right?

13. Princess Nursery Bedroom

Princess Nursery Bedroom

Jack and Jill Interiors

Another bedroom with wall and ceiling murals that instantly transformed the space into your girl’s own kingdom.

14. Girls bedroom

princess-themed bedrooms

Mary Antenucci Interiors, LLC

Pretty purple bedroom with a lovely bed and creative lighting.

15. Heavenly Haus Interiors

Heavenly Haus Interiors

Heavenly Haus Interiors

Who said a small bedroom cannot be as charming as this? Yes, you can also make a princess themed bedroom even if it is as small as this one.

16. Little Girl’s Room

Little Girl's Room

Susan Jay Design

There are pretty much patterns in this space but it sure looks classy especially with that chandelier and the wall murals.

17. Tuscan Style Home

Tuscan Style Home

Decor Studio 1

For a teenager or even for an adult, this bedroom would be great as it still make one feel like a princess.

18. Princess Bedroom

Princess Bedroom

LS Interiors Group, Inc.

One of our favorite spaces for girls which we have also featured before. We can’t help to still include it here because of its totally princess feel!

19. Teenage Girl Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom

Evelyn M. Designs

The intricate details of this bedroom make it a perfect bedroom for a teenage princess. The color is lovely too.

20. Denise Richards Residence

princess-themed bedrooms

Smith Firestone Associates

If you have two girls, then this bedroom will be perfect for them while making them both feel that they are your princesses.

I know you envy the owner of these bedrooms because I feel the same way too. Oh well, I guess it isn’t too late to make a bedroom like this one for my daughter. There is enough inspiration but there isn’t enough time to decorate! Lol. Anyway, I hope you got really inspired with the list above and I also hope that you have a lot of time to decorate so you can give your child their dream bedroom. A bedroom with a princess theme could fit to a infants, little girls, teens and even for adults. Yes, even adults could still feel like a princess!

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Being a princess is a life-long dream of so many girls (and even some adults).  Should we blame it on one too many Disney movies watched while growing up? Whatever the reason for the fantasy, being a princess is quite a noble aspiration. All that matters is that your princess wants a bedroom to suit her newly-discovered position of status and the princess must get what she wants. Often, it’s not a lack of bedroom space that is the problem but rather the absence of regal inspiration that holds people back from creating the ultimate princess room. Hold on, let us find our magic wand so we can whip up a large batch of princess room ideas for you. Oooh, found it!

1. Brave Themed Bedroom

Wasn’t Brave released a few seasons ago? And your little girl still asks to watch it every week, right? That should tell you you’ve got a Brave superfan on your hands. It goes without that she would love to have a Brave-themed room. The first thing you should know is that you won’t be using the usual pink color but instead a purple color palette. It should also look playful. If it’s for your teenage daughter, you might want to go easy on the princess images and instead stick with their favorite quotes from the movie.

Brave Themed Bedroom
Brave Themed Bedroom.

2. Blush Pink Bedroom

Some girls tend to stop loving bright pink (or admitting to it) when they start to get older. You can talk to your girl about embracing a blush pink room instead, giving her the chance to stay in love with pink without feeling like a baby. With the walls painted blush pink, you can pair them with white accessories and fixtures such as a vanity table and an ornate mirror.

Blush Pink Bedroom
Blush Pink Bedroom.

3. Purple Themed Bedroom

Everyone knows purple represents royalty, so it’s a color fit for a princess. Many people favor lighter shades of the color like lilac. This color goes well with pink, white, and even black. It is easy to work with and you can get your daughter involved in making the choices.

Purple Themed Bedroom

4. Castle Bedroom

A princess must live in a castle. It’s a lot to ask that your entire family find a castle to live in, so you can all settle for her room being a private castle. Make the bedframe built to resemble one. Instead of having plain cotton fabric as curtains, tulle would be a better fit for a princess. If she falls in love with her room, it won’t be such a struggle to get her to go to bed.

Castle Bedroom

5. Bunk Bed Princess Room

A bunk bed wouldn’t be a bad idea for a princess’s room. It doesn’t have to be two beds. The top can be built for storage so your princess can have designated places for all her toys. Remember to paint the walls pink and have all the extra accessories in varying shades of pink.

Bunk Beds Bedroom
Bunk Beds Bedroom.

6. Bed Canopy

Something about a canopy bed creates that “princess feel.” Being covered with soft and light fabric when you sleep can be such a magical feeling. It’s not news that a canopy bed doesn’t come cheap. If you have a big budget, you can splurge on it but if not, you’re going to have to DIY your way through it. As a DIY project, it can be quite technical but there are a few tips and tricks you can try.

Bed Canopy
Bed Canopy.

7. Vintage Vibe Bedroom

This is one of the best princess room ideas for an older daughter. It would still speak to her inner princess but show a level of maturity. The bedframe is the first piece you want to pay attention to. Next is the vanity mirror and you can decide on the rest of the accessories after that. The room can still be painted pink but a lighter shade of it might be best.

Vintage Vibe Bedroom

8. Disney Princess Inspired Bedroom

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of Disney princesses and they are all so lovable. It might be hard for your girl to pick a favorite so don’t make her choose. She can have them all adorn her bedroom. A wallpaper with all of them on it will be an easy choice. You can also have her bed covers match.

Disney Princesses Inspired Bedroom
Disney Princesses Inspired Bedroom.

9. Tiana Backdrop Bedroom

Princess Tiana is quite the princess and is quite the role model for your little one. Green is the go-to color for this princess. You can also have a pink room with a mural of princess Tiana on the wall. A large wallpaper as a backdrop is a great alternative to a painted mural because it is easier to change when your child changes her mind.

Tiana Backdrop Bedroom

10. Floral  Wallpaper

Your little princess might be a fan of mother nature, ready to grow. Fill her rooms with flowers, both natural and artificial. If you cant get a hold of natural flowers, you can make use of a large floral wallpaper over her bedside instead.

Floral Wallpaper

Creating a room for a princess requires a lot of effort and can take a bit of time but it will be worth it. Anything for your little girl, right? You can easily get princess-themed wallpapers from stores and you can never go wrong with pink. Talk to your little one to learn exactly what she wants, show her some of these princess room ideas, and get her involved in the entire decorating process.

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Princess Bedroom Ideas

You can choose the bedroom decor royal princess if you have problems deciding decorating your daughter's bedroom. To make room decor bedroom beautiful daughter, you need to consider several things. Such as the position of the bedrooms in the home, furniture, design ideas, colors and decorations in the room.

This time, we offer some decorating ideas bedroom royal daughter who might be suitable for your little princess. girls usually requires a special place to study or play in space like a majestic castle in the beautiful kingdom. And design her own room like the bedroom of a princess.

Make sure your little princess feel that he stayed in the bedroom daughter comfortable. The first thing you should do is change the paint color of the bedroom walls pink and white. The second color is identical to the color of the bedroom the girls. You can combine it with other colors such as yellow, purple, and others. Make sure you choose soft colors. Then, use the right wallpaper for the walls. You can choose the wallpaper or daughter's bed like characters Cinderella, Snow White, and others.

That's the royal princess bedroom decor may be a matter of ideas for the interior design of your dream home.

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