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Classics are timeless - and so is the LG Revere™ 3. It helps you stay close to those you care about with the simple capabilities you're familiar with.


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how to click on to text with hyperlink so it is acknowledged by originator of text

Asked by: MJMScout

If you have a data service plan that allows Internet browsing with Verizon for the LG Revere™ 3, Model # VN170, you can click on hyperlinks to view the online content on the phone. Open your text messages inbox, select the message containing the hyperlink you want to open, then tap the hyperlink to open it. Whether it can be acknowledged by the originator of the ext will depend on what service the originator has from his/her service provider...^Ivan

Answered by: Ivanf

Date published: 2021-10-06

How can I block unwanted calls on the LG Revere phone?

Asked by: yncret


These were the classic flip phones that everyone used (and we miss them)

Flip phones: they had relinquished their dominance in the market by the time the first true smartphones became commercially available around the mid-2000s. But for a long time – during the late 1990s and early 2000s – they were the most popular kind of phones. They were seen as cooler, hipper, and a step above compared to "candy bar" phones that were also widely adopted during the time. It was also kind of neat how you had to flip the phone open to accept a phone call. The motion itself was also satisfying the opposite way around when closing the phone to hang up. When did flip phones come out?

What was the first flip phone?

It actually doesn't matter which phone was the first to utilize this form factor; what matters is which clamshell phones have successfully etched their names in the history of mobile technology.

Nowadays, many people think of flip phones as antiquated, but others regard many of them as classic phones. In this piece, we’re going to go down memory lane to remember some of those classic flip phones from yesterday – the ones that everyone happened to own! We bet that if you had a phone during the 1990s and early 2000s, you were probably using a phone from the ones that we’ve listed below. What were some of your favorite memories about them?

Just note that the list below is in no particular order.

Motorola RAZR

The Motorola RAZR is arguably the most iconic flip phone of all-time, redefining the look and style of the form-factor when it was released in 2004.

Who doesn’t remember the original Motorola RAZR, which was first introduced in 2004 and spawned a slew of variants in the years after its release? The RAZR’s design is a timeless work of art that still defies the imagination. As its name implies, the phone was notable for the svelte, razor-like profile it was flaunting – something that was unseen before 2004. Adding to its prestige, it also sported what was at the time deemed a futuristic-looking electroluminescent keypad. Unlike the backlit dial pads of its contemporaries, the RAZR’s electroluminescent keypad was completely flat and produced a hypnotic glow in the dark.

Even though it carried a hefty cost initially, the RAZR's price was eventually lowered a year after its release – allowing it to reach a wider range of consumers. Combining its striking design and subsequent lower cost, it was the phone that everyone was itching to buy and call their own. Impressively enough, the original RAZR V3 model mustered up sales totaling over 130 million units, which made it the best-selling phone at the time!

Motorola V300

It wasn't as sleek or stylish, but there were still plenty of people rocking the Motorola V300 and its variants back in 2004.

If you didn’t have the money to spend on buying the Motorola RAZR back in 2004, then you were probably settling for another alternative at the time – the Motorola V300, or its many variants. This flip phone wasn’t nearly as polished as the RAZR, but when you’re on the other end of the price spectrum, it was simply the phone that many people decided on buying for the savings.

Covered in nearly this rubbery bluish material, the V300 was still a looker for a flip phone at the time. It pretty much covered the basics, offering users a VGA 0.3MP camera, an external blue backlit display, and polyphonic ringtones. The Motorola V300 may not have spurred sales similar to Motorola’s other offerings, but it was still a phone that many people were using because of its inexpensive cost.

LG VX-6000

When the LG VX-6000 was released for Verizon Wireless, it helped to kick off the camera phone craze.

If you were a Verizon Wireless subscriber back in the early to mid-2000s, when camera phones were still in their infancy, then you were probably rocking the LG VX-6000. Part of its popularity was due to the fact that it was indeed LG’s first camera phone for Big Red. Taking snapshots with the 0.3MP (VGA) camera was undeniably a new concept for anyone at the time, but boy was it neat to have a gadget that could make phone calls and snap photos. There was even a mirror for self-portraits!

Beyond the camera, the LG VX-6000 was also memorable for the OEL (organic electroluminescent) external display it was rocking. It wasn’t like some of the washed out external LCDs that other phones were utilizing at the time. It was actually clear and offered the most relevant information – like signal strength, battery indicator, caller ID, and more. Better yet, there was this neat looking TRON-like animation with the colored dots. You could argue that the VX-6000 was the phone that helped LG become a relevant name in the phone space back in 2004. And this was before the ENVY series on Verizon!

Sanyo SCP-5300

Sprint customers were one the first to experience having a camera in a phone with the Sanyo SCP-5300 back in 2002.

It’s amazing how flip phones were some of the first phones to feature built-in cameras, providing users with another useful tool. For those in the US, the Sanyo SCP-5300 for Sprint was credited for being the first commercial phone to pack a camera, which is probably why it appealed to a lot of people. No longer did they have to carry another gadget around for the purpose of taking photos, since it was now an option with the SCP-5300. Sure, the phone itself was rather chunky in size for a flip phone, but to its credit, people didn’t mind because it had the ability to snap photos.

Sprint customers undoubtedly had something precious at their disposal, so early adopters were certainly relishing the fact that the Sanyo SCP-5300 added something new into the mix that wasn’t seen before. Some people were even willing to migrate to Sprint because of this phone, which goes to show the appeal of being the first on the block to offer a totally new feature!

Samsung SGH-X426

The Samsung SGH-X426 may not be remembered by as many people, but it was a simple flip phone that a lot of people were using during 2004.

Samsung’s current dominance in the market wasn’t achieved overnight. It took them a long time to reach where they’re at now. But during the mid-2000s, Samsung was just a small fish in a pond, overshadowed by the likes of Motorola, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson. If you were an AT&T Wireless or Cingular customer during 2004, then you may have become acquainted with the Samsung SGH-X426. It was one of those entry-level flip phones that the carriers offered, boasting only the bare necessities.

Back then you might’ve disregarded it more than you would probably admit, seeing that there were far more alluring options to choose from, but the low cost of the phone and polished silver accents did make it attractive to a certain degree. It wasn’t all too surprising to find many first-time cell phone owners using the phone due to those characteristics. You can make a case that the X426 helped Samsung to be recognized as a phone manufacturer in the US.

Ericsson T28

Finding its success among business professionals, the Ericsson T28 featured a nifty spring-loaded mechanism.

Phones weren't attempting to look stylish with their designs back in the 1990s. Back then, they were as straightforward as they come with their hulky sizes and monotone colors. However, the Ericsson T28 from 1999 went towards a different direction with its compact design. This flip phone was actually the lightest and slimmest phone during its day, but strangely enough, it wasn’t necessarily the phone that everyone owned. Instead, it was positioned as a premium offering, which was reflected in its price over other models at the time.

Despite lacking the broader mainstream appeal like some other members on this list, the Ericsson T28 struck a chord amongst business professionals. It was the phone that many of them were using at the time for a number of reasons. Not only did it feature a nifty spring-loaded mechanism for flipping open the flap to reveal the dial pad, but it was the first to feature a replaceable stubby antenna and the first to use a lithium polymer battery.

Motorola V60

Before the RAZR's success, the Motorola V60 was a big hit with consumers during the early 2000s.

Just before the arrival of color screens in cell phones, the Motorola V60 from 2002 took the world by storm and appealed to a broad range of consumers. You could argue that the V60 gave the subsequent Motorola RAZR some inspiration, seeing that the V60 sported a metal housing resulting in a substantially more premium feel – while also packing excellent software and features that gave it outstanding versatility over comparable phones. Adding to the arsenal was the fact that it was also a true global phone, offering support for three cellular technologies (GSM, TDMA, and CDMA).

With the V60, Motorola showed that it was placing even more emphasis on the design of its phones. And for a flip phone, it surely was a stunner in just about every capacity, which made it a prized possession for many people. Flip phones by this time were beginning to become the dominant form-factor, so it was especially satisfying to see Motorola delivering the goods and setting the bar high with the V60.

Motorola MicroTac

The Motorola MicroTac introduced the flip form-factor back in 1989.

Way back in 1989, things were a lot different in the space. There wasn’t a huge variety of cell phones for consumers to choose from, and the Motorola MicroTac stood out amongst the few that were around. That was partly due to the fact that it introduced consumers to this brand-new “flip” form-factor. Prior to its arrival, cell phones were hulky sized things – giving birth to the term “brick” phones.

The MicroTac also made headlines upon its release because it was the smallest and lightest cell phone at the time. All of these qualities definitely made an impression on people who could actually afford to buy a cell phone and the service that they required. Thanks to its popularity, Motorola released subsequent variants of the MicroTac, realizing the appeal of the flip form-factor.

Motorola StarTAC

Another widely popular classic flip phone from Motorola came during the mid-1990s with the release of the StarTac.

Finally, we get to the true classic on this list – the Motorola StarTAC. When it was released in 1996, it instantly moved cell phone designs forward with its slim and compact size. No, it may not have been as svelte or stylish looking as the RAZR, but for a phone that was released during the mid-90s, the StarTAC was the phone to own for its looks. In fact, it was the smallest and lightest handset at the time of its release, so the allure in owning such a thing made it coveted amongst cell phone subscribers. In addition to making phone calls, the StarTAC is also notable for being able to send text messages.

Now, the beauty about the StarTAC is also seen in how it made owning a cell phone obtainable by the average person. No longer was a cell phone reserved for the rich and elite, so a lot of credit was given to the StarTAC for helping to broaden cell phone ownership to a higher degree. And for this reason, it was one of the phones that everyone seemed to own during that time period.

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Top 10 most popular cell phones of 2009 (photos)

The good: The Palm Pre's multitasking capabilities and notifications system are unparalleled. The smartphone features a vibrant display with multitouch functionality as well as a solid Web browser and good multimedia integration. The Pre offered good call quality and wireless options include 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

The bad: The Pre's keyboard is cramped. Battery life drains quickly, and the smartphone can be sluggish at times. Lacks expansion slot, video-recording capabilities, onscreen keyboard, and Flash support. The Pre App Catalog is still in beta, with a limited number of titles.

The bottom line:Despite some missing features and performance issues that make it less than ideal for on-the-go professionals, the Palm Pre offers gadget lovers and consumers well-integrated features and unparalleled multitasking capabilities. The hardware could be better, but more importantly, Palm has developed a solid OS that not only rivals the competition but also sets a new standard in the way smartphones handle tasks and manage information.


Cell phones have evolved immensely since 1983, both in design and function.

From the Motorola DynaTAC, that power symbol that Michael Douglas wielded so forcefully in the movie “Wall Street”, to the iPhone 3G, which can take a picture, play a video, or run one of the thousands applications available from the Apple Store.

There are thousands of models of cell phones that have hit the streets between 1983 and now.

We’ve picked a few of the more popular and unusual ones to take you through the history of this device that most of us consider a part of our everyday lives.

We have tried, wherever possible, to include the most popular phones and the phones that were “firsts” for a particular feature, but may have missed out on your favorite phones due to the sheer number of models that are out there.

We invite you to post your faves in the comments section if they are not listed here.

Mobile phones are just now beginning to be as vital to North Americans as they have been to Asians. You can always see what is coming to store shelves in the next six months to a year by looking at the models that are currently available in Japan.

North America also had a spotty 3G network that has only really been revamped recently in order to deal with increasing demands for faster loading speeds from mobile customers, whereas Asia and most of Europe have had proper 3G networks in place for some time.

This has led to a revolution in 3G phones from 2007 until now, with more due to come out in 2009.

The list does not include any phones that were not portable handhelds. Car phones and some handhelds that were the size of a small briefcase were in use in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but since this is more about design than function we chose not to include them here.



Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

Analog Motorola DynaTAC 8000X Advanced Mobile Phone System mobile phone as of 1983.



Motorola MicroTAC 9800X

The first truly portable phone. Up until its release, most cellular phones were installed as car phones due to the inability to fit them into a jacket pocket.



Motorola International 3200

The first digital hand-size mobile telephone.


Nokia 1011

This was the first mass-produced GSM phone. It was produced until 1994.



BellSouth/IBM Simon Personal Communicator

The IBM Simon was the first PDA/Phone combo.




Motorola StarTAC

The first clamshell cellular phone. Also one of the first display screens featured on a cell.


Nokia 8110

Alternately called the “banana phone”, this phone was popularized in the first Matrix movie.


Nokia 9000 Communicator

The first smartphone series, driven by an Intel 386 CPU.



Nokia 9110i

This iteration of Nokia’s Communicator series significantly reduced the weight of this precursor to the smartphone.


Nokia 5110

This cell phone was the most popular consumer model at the time of its release and for some time afterwards.



Nokia 8210

This phone was loved for its customizable design, but hated for its screen fade.



Nokia 7110

The first mobile phone with a WAP browser.


Nokia 5210

This phone was known for its durability and splash-proof interchangeable casing.


Benefon Esc!

This was the first instance of a GPS being integrated into a mobile phone, and was sold mostly in Europe.


Samsung SPH-M100 Uproar

The Uproar was the first cell phone to have MP3 music capabilities.

Nokia 3210

The internal antenna and predictive T9 text messaging sold approximately 160 million of these phones.



Ericsson R380

The R380 featured a black and white touchscreen, partially covered by a flip.


Nokia 3310

This popular phone sold 126 million models, and was particularly popular in Europe.


Ericsson R320

One of the first phones with a WAP browser. A version of this phone was released in China that allowed Chinese character SMS.



Nokia 5510

This phone featured a full QWERTY keyboard. It could also store up to 64mb of music.


Nokia 8310

This phone contained premium features not normally found on handsets of the time, such as Infrared, a fully functional calendar and a FM Radio.


Ericsson T39

This tiny handset was the first Bluetooth-capable phone.


Ericsson T66

This diminutive entry from Ericsson was the height of a cigarette.


Ericsson T68

This was Ericsson’s first handset with a colour screen.


Siemens S45

Siemens’s first ever GPRS mobile phone with 360kb of internal memory – high at the time.



Nokia 3510(i)

The first Nokia phone to bring GPRS internet services to the mass market. The 3510i, pictured here, was a more advanced version with a colour screen.


Nokia 7650

This was the first Nokia set to feature a built-in camera and was featured in the movie Minority Report.


Sony Ericsson P800

This smartphone featured a touchscreen and up to 128mb of memory.


Nokia 6100

This model sold from 2002-2005. It featured an LCD screen and internet connectivity through GPRS.


Nokia 6310i

The 6310i quickly gained popularity in the corporate world for its simplicity and long battery life.


Sanyo SCP-5300

The first camera phone. Despite the low quality images it produced, it was the first.



Nokia 1100

This extremely popular design has sold over 200 million since its introduction in 2003. This phone is rumoured to have sold for up to $32,000 in online criminal communities due to its ability to intercept one-time banking passwords.


Nokia N-Gage

Nokia’s answer to the Game Boy advance, this phone/games system had a couple of award winning titles before it succumbed to its clunky interface design.


PalmOne Treo 600

One of the “it” gadgets from 2003-2004 until BlackBerries overtook them in popularity. Three or four days between charges and a successful merger of phone, PDA, and camera made this the business tool of choice.

Nokia 2100

This design was available in a wide range of colours and featured a monochromatic screen.


Nokia 6600

Considered very advanced at the time of its introduction due to its Symbian OS-based Nokia Series 60 platform. Released in the US market as the Nokia 6620.


BlackBerry Quark 6210

Research In Motion’s first integrated phone/PDA.


BlackBerry 7210

BlackBerry’s first colour screen.


Nokia 7600

One of the first 3G smartphones by Nokia, still one of the lightest and smallest.



Motorola Razor V3

When this was introduced it set the standard for sleek design in the industry.


Sony Ericsson P910

An attractive flip smartphone with full internet connectivity.


Nokia 7610

Nokia’s first smartphone with a 1 megapixel camera.


Nokia 3220

The first entry-level Nokia phone that offered full internet access.


Nokia 6630

The first cell phone to allow for global roaming.


Nokia 7280

Listed by Fortune Magazine as one of the best products of 2004. Also referred to as the “lipstick” phone.



Nokia 1110

Released as a low-end GSM phone, and widely used in developing countries.


Nokia 6680

One of the first 3G phones, the Nokia 6680 was considered to be high end at the time of its release.


HTC Universal

This was the first 3G Pocket PC phone at HTC and the first to come with Windows Mobile.


Motorola RAZR V3 Magenta

This hot pink phone gave the fashion set something to talk about – and on.



HTC TyTN 100

This model was sold as the Orange SPV M3100 in the UK, keeping with HTC’s tradition of private labelling for individual carriers.


Nokia N73

This immensely popular smartphone has sold millions of models worldwide, and is still in wide use as of 2009.


Motorola Q

The “BlackBerry Killer” from Motorola.


BlackBerry Pearl

The first design-conscious entry from RIM, the Pearl is still being offered on the market today.


KDDI Penck

A fabulous design available only in Japan.


O2 XDA Flame

The XDA Flame is the first dual processor PDA-phone in the 02 line.


LG Chocolate KG800

One of the first well-designed phones made for mass market use.


Samsung i607 BlackJack

Research in Motion sued Samsung over the name of this phone. The lawsuit was settled out of court.


Nokia E62

Originally released to target business users in the European market.




The original iPhone was released in June 2007 with an auto-rotate sensor, a multi-touch sensor that allowed multiple inputs while ignoring minor touches, a touch interface that replaced the traditional QWERTY keyboards, and many other features that helped to give Apple an almost instant healthy market share on its release.



LG Prada KE850

Touchscreen phone that took home a Red Dot Design Award for “Best of the Best” in 2007.


LG Voyager

This design was touted as LG’s take on the iPhone.


HTC Touch

HTC’s answer to the iPhone with its own multi-touch interface and a high screen resolution.

Motorola RAZR2 V9

The solid steel hinge and the metal case make this sleek design feel luxurious and durable.


Motorola Q9H

This fine-tuning of the Motorola Q was released in Italy and the US in 2007.


Nokia E90 Communicator

This update of the first smartphone launched the fifth generation of the series.


Nokia N95

Nokia’s popular smartphone features a slider to access multimedia buttons and a numeric keypad.


Helio Ocean

Work on this “ultimate messaging and talking machine” began before Helio was a company.


LG Shine

This phone won another Red Dot for LG in 2007. Also released in Gold and Titanium Black.


Motorola RAZR2

This phone features the Opera internet browser and CrystalTalk technology.


Palm Treo 755p

The Treo 755p is a smartphone developed by Palm, Inc. It was released on May 14, 2007 as the first CDMA Treo without an aerial antenna.


LG Viewty

A phone firmly focused on visuals. DivX Certified playback and 5 megapixel digital camera with Schneider Kreuznach optics are just a couple of the features of this simply designed phone.



iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G was made even more desirable by all the apps that could be purchased for it in the AppStore when it was released in July of 2008.



The LG Vu was one in a series of phones that included the LG Prada phone.


T-Mobile G1 Phone

The G1 phone was the first phone to be released with the Android operating system designed by Google. Also known as the HTC Dream. One million devices have sold as of April 2009.


Nokia N96

This GPS-enabled entry in Nokia’s smartphone line features a sleek, compact design.


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

This phone was featured in The Dark Knight.


LG Secret

The outside of the LG Secret, a 3G slider phone, is constructed from carbon fiber. Also features the world’s slimmest 5.0 megapixel camera on a smartphone.


Samsung Instinct

The Instinct was introduced as the “iPhone killer” from Samsung at a low price of $129.00.


BlackBerry Storm

Designed to be a direct competitor to the iPhone 3G and other 3G smartphones; RIM’s first device to do away with the QWERTY keyboard and incorporate a touchscreen.


BlackBerry Bold

Blackberry’s “middle ground” solution for those who wanted a 3G phone and a QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung Behold

Cell Fanatic found this entry by Samsung offered superior image quality over the Apple iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry Storm.


Samsung Gravity

The Samsung Gravity is their first to feature a slide-out keyboard that has proved popular in other brands.


Motorola Krave

The Krave design features a transparent flip that acts as a secondary touch surface to access additional features.


Samsung Omnia

The Samsung Omnia features a simple touchscreen interface and a speaker on the back.


Nokia E63

Billed as the budget business smartphone.

LG Dare

The handwriting recognition and simple touchscreen styling of the Dare is enhanced by the easy-grip back.


Sony Ericsson W760i

Includes the “Sensme” music feature, as well as all of the other features from the Walkman phone brand.


Nokia N79

The Nokia N79 has a Naviwheel, GPS, a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar lens and more.


HTC Touch Diamond

This attractive smartphone featured a resistive touch screen which is better for Asian character recognition.


LG KC910 Renoir

The LG Renoir has an 8-megapixel camera with xenon flash and Schneider-Kreuznach optics.


Nokia E71

The steel frame of this sleek smartphone from Nokia fits into your palm.



Prada II or LG KF900

The second iteration of the Prada phone designed by LG. The sliding QWERTY keyboard is new, as is its 3G capability.


LG Arena

The first phone with LG’s 3D S-Class user interface. This UI reorients with the rotation of the phone and allows you to scroll film-reel style through available apps.


BlackBerry Curve 8900

Released in February 2009, the Curve features an improved trackball and a higher resolution screen. Still a 2G.


LG Versa

Comes with an attachable QWERTY keyboard and a virtual keyboard on the touch screen.

Sidekick LX 2009

This 3G incarnation of the Sidekick includes improved support for social networking applications.


Samsung Magnet

The Samsung Magnet is a cheap alternative for pricier smartphones with much of the same functionality and a cool design.


LG Xenon

Another slide-out QWERTY keyboard and compact design. Comes with AT&T’s Navigator, AT&T’s turn-by-turn GPS service.


HTC Magic

The next HTC entry to sport Google’s Android operating system. No US carriers have yet been confirmed for this model, but T-Mobile has been rumoured to be the carrier of record. Vodafone has exclusive rights to the phone in all markets that they service.


HTC Touch Diamond2

HTC made the LCD display screen as large as they could at 3.2″ for their next incarnation of the Diamond.


Samsung Propel Pro

The sliding QWERTY keyboard and slick design make this an attractive entry by Samsung.


LG Rumor2

Built for e-mail, the Rumor2 supports Lotus Notes where its predecessor didn’t.


Motorola Renew

This eco-friendly phone is the world’s first carbon-neutral cell phone. Made with recycled water bottles, cheap, and an abundance of features for the low price.


Coming Soon

Palm Pre

This phone launches June 6 in the US through Sprint. It will feature the ability to keep multiple apps open at once.


Nokia N97

This phone will be available in June of 2009.


Omnia HD/Samsung i8910

This phone promises the first high-definition video recording when it is released July 1st of 2009.


Only Available in Japan

Here’s hoping that some of these sleek designs make it across the pond eventually to North America. For more Japanese tech goodness, check KDDI’s English page.

Hitachi WOOO Ketai H001 Phone

This phone promises a 3D display. Ubergizmo predicts that it will be a Japan-only handset.

Panasonic P001

3.1″ increased resolution screen, impressive design, global roaming capabilities and one-push open make this an object of desire.

Walkman Phone Premier3

This phone opens up to reveal a 3″ screen and a stylish keypad.


Casio 001

This sports model features a touch panel for interactive gaming and music.


S001 Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot

This phone screams elegance. Oh, and it has the world’s first 3.3″ full OLED WVGA display and an 8.1 megapixel camera. Not that we’d want all that fancy stuff in North America.


Toshiba T001

Princesses and fashionistas everywhere will go gaga over this design. Advanced video functions and a 5.1 megapixel camera put a little spike in this phone’s heel.


Kyocera K001 Junior Phone

Those of you with children will know how hard it is to put parental restrictions on anything electronic. This phone gives you the ability to track your child with a GPS locator, lock out questionable website addresses, and more.



If you have half an hour to kill and really want to get into the evolution of the cell phone and its cultural impact, check this full-length documentary from CBC.

For a more detailed history of the cell phone, we recommend Cell Fanatic’s history page.

Feature photo by Shutterstock

Please leave us your memories of your cell phones of days gone by and your critiques of what is currently available in our comments section.


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4 hours ago Any and All Verizon phones do not work on Visible. With Visible cloud backend and the transfer protocols. Example my Galaxy S10e Factory Unlocked works fine on Visible. When I tried the Sim in a Verizon model S10e data worked but no phone or messaging. Sent from my iPad using HoFo

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Verizon Cell Phone Forums

6 hours agoVerizon LG Phones. Sub-Forums: LG Chocolate, LG Voyager, LG Lucid, LG enV, LG Dare; Forum Actions: 05-04-2009 03:08 PM Can I activate a "stolen" Prepaid verizon phone??? PLEASE HELP PAID $100 then realized it was stolen. Started by str8tG, 08-15-2012 05:34 AM.

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Verizon Wireless Outage: Current Problems and Outages • Is

5 hours agoVerizon Wireless problems in the last 24 hours. The following chart shows the number of reports that we have received about Verizon Wireless by time of day over the past 24 hours. An outage is determined when the number of reports are higher than the baseline, represented by the red line.

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Information on new Verizon phones for 2008 PhoneArena

1 hours ago This proved true with Gleam, FlipShot, VX8350, Z6tv, Juke, U550, U940 Glyde and many more. We once again bring you the exclusive scoop on the LG VX9100, VX8610, Motorola W755, Nokia 2605 and 7205. Today, there are rumors that the two Nokia phones will come in early Q3. The new information indicates that the VX9100 will also come in maroon color

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Verizon Android Phones Are Officially Coming – Phandroid

8 hours agoVerizon Android Phones Are Officially Coming. UPDATE: The Motorola Sholes will be the first Verizon Android Phone! Get instant E-Mail Notification when it …

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HTC Passion: 3rd Verizon Android In 2009? – Phandroid

3 hours ago Regardless, it looks like we've got the HTC Desire AND the HTC Passion headed to Verizon Wireless in the 4th Quarter of 2009. And don't forget …

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Best smartphones of 2010 (photos) CNET

2 hours ago Like our top cell phones, the following smartphones received a score of at least 3.5 stars or 7.7 on the CNET scale. Read on to see which models made …

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Verizon Droid Is The Real Deal – TechCrunch

5 hours ago The phone is a three-way effort between Motorola, Verizon and Google. It looks a lot like the iPhone, and may even be as thin or thinner than the …

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3 hours ago Used or refurbished Verizon phones. Why a secondhand phone is a great choice for today's sensible consumer: Save money: Go with, say, a Samsung Galaxy S10 over the Galaxy S21 and save - literally - hundreds of dollars.

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1 hours ago In the last couple of months, two electronics giants Panasonic and Verizon have tried to drag the thing into 2009. The name of Panasonic’s latest cordless phone, the KX-TG7432, may not come

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Just Now BYO Verizon Phone How to keep your phone & switch carriers If you've got a phone that has run on the Verizon network, there are several carriers you can take your phone to. To switch from Verizon, you’ll need a paid off and unlocked phone from Verizon. If you have the feeling you aren't getting the best deal, you probably aren't.

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Just Now What You Need to Know About Verizon Unlocked Cell Phones and Smartphones eBay makes it easy to shop for inexpensive unlocked Verizon cell phones and smartphones. Whether youre looking for an iPhone, an Android like Samsung Galaxy, or another device, youre sure to find plenty of excellent choices here.

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7 hours ago Samsung Reality Verizon's latest touch screen phone by Samsung features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The Reality is a mid-priced multimedia 3G phone with Verizon's full suite of V Cast video and music apps as well as GPS Navigation. The phone has a 3", 240 x 400 pixel display and it runs Samsung's latest TouchWiz software with widgets.

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Quality Used & Cheap Verizon Cell Phones Cellular Country

4 hours ago Motorola Droid Turbo 2 32GB XT1585 Android Smartphone for Verizon Wireless - Black. Carrier: Verizon. Condition: Excellent. $249.99 $129.99. Ships Fast. More Info. LG G5 VS987 32GB Android Smartphone for Verizon - Titan Gray. Carrier: Verizon. Condition: Excellent.

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On Sale Verizon Phones Best Buy

8 hours ago Samsung - Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Galaxy S9+ 4G LTE with 64GB Memory Cell Phone - Coral Blue (Verizon) Model: GSRF SMG965UZBV. SKU: 6220703. User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 33 reviews. (33) $629.99. Your price for this item is $ 629.99. Save $70. Was $699.99.

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Verizon Will Have LTE Smartphones in 2011 – Gigaom

2 hours ago AT&T, who makes a huge deal of being able to talk on the phone while surfing the net on your phone, is the one who has voice on the 2G radio and internet on the 3G one. What Verizon is saying is that in the future all phones will be able to surf and talk at the same time as the data stream will be on 4G and the voice on 3G.

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Motorola's Droid review: It's the best phone on Verizon

9 hours agoVerizon -- often renowned for its service, not its selection of phones -- seems to be wisely minimizing its interference with handset makers. What we get is an attractive and fast smart phone packed to the brim with features for $199 (with a two-year contract).

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4 hours ago Nokia 3V TA-1182 16GB 6.26" HD+ Display 13MP Camera 4G LTE Smartphone for Verizon Wireless and GSM Unlocked 3.4 out of 5 stars 36 $84.95 $ 84 . 95 $89.95 $89.95

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4 hours agoVerizon’s discounts and special offers on smartphones can pop up at any time, holiday or not. Getting a couple of hundred dollars off a popular phone is a common occurrence and sometimes even brand-new phones come with a buy one, get one free deal.

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Verizon (mobile network) Wikipedia

9 hours agoVerizon Wireless offers mobile phone, home telephone, and Internet services through a variety of devices. Wireless phone services. Verizon Wireless offers smartphones powered by Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Both its basic phones and smartphones use their 4G LTE network. The company offers different voice and data plans for its users.

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Quality Used & Cheap Verizon Cell Phones Cellular Country

Just Now Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus SM-G955U 64GB Android Smart Phone - Verizon - Orchid Gray. Carrier: Verizon. Condition: Excellent. $459.99 $269.99. Ships Fast. More Info.

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Just Now Re: Tracing Restricting Phone Calls. 03-31-2009 05:28 AM. You would need a subpoena to gain access to the number directly, which may be more trouble than it is worth. However, although a drastic change, you could change your mobile telephone number at no charge by reaching out to customer service. Correct Answer!

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1 hours ago Re: home phone to/from cell phone. 09-03-2009 10:00 AM - edited ‎09-03-2009 10:17 AM. Message 2 of 3. (4,640 Views) if you make calls no charge. if you recieve calls no charge. with the freedom essentials you dont pay extra for calls inside of the …

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6 hours ago v cast on a phone. 05-24-2009 11:34 PM. im new to verizon phones and i was wondering if v cast on my phone (voyager) is free to go on or if there is a monthly fee to access it or if you only have to pay if you buy a ringtone or something. thanks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of phones do you get from Verizon?

Verizon Wireless offers smartphones powered by Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. Its basic phones use Verizon's 3G network, while the smartphones use their 4G LTE network. The company offers different voice and data plans for its users.

Which is the most expensive phone on Verizon?

Verizon’s current lineup of phones is unsurprisingly dominated by devices from Samsung and Apple. Samsung’s three Galaxy S20 models are the company’s top offers with the Galaxy S20 Ultra being Verizon’s most expensive phone, beating even the foldable Motorola Razr.

Are there any new Verizon phones coming out?

There's a light at the end of 2021 for Verizon, though. Verizon has pledged to cover 100 million people by next March with C-band, a fast new frequency that will distinctly improve 5G speeds. Verizon, like the other major carriers, has been moving away from two-year contracts and subsidies in favor of monthly phone payment plans.

Verizon Wireless Samsung Gusto 3 (B311V)

Pictured left is the NIAGARA, a development of the current RIZR phone. Its sharp angles and edges look sweet, and are echoed elsewhere in the leaked info. The FLASH (below, left) candybar phone is similarly straight-edged, and features raised touch controls on its apparently keyboard-less front. The CALGARY (below, right) takes the design theme into a full-QWERTY sliding keyboard phone, with a full touchscreen front. Is this Motorola’s attempt to tap into the market where the iPhone and newer Blackberries hold sway?

There’s also the RUSH 2, with a similar Sidekick-like form factor to the Calgary, ditching the metal body and keyboard for slighty more conventional curved lines. And the INFERNO, a flip-phone with what appears to be a transparent screen-protecting flip speaker.

All these are but renders, it is true, so there’s a possibility that some or all of these devices might not make it to Verizon’s shelves. And even if they do, they’ll have to exhibit good specs and a better user-interface (Moto’s traditional weak-spot) if they’re to sell well. But BGR claims good provenance on this leaked data, even saying that the RUSH2 should be released during Q1 2009, probably early in the quarter. We’ll wait and see.

[Boy Genius Report]


You will also be interested:

Motorola Razr

Series of mobile phones by Motorola

This article is about the Motorola mobile phone called "Razr" sold until February 2013. For the more recent mobile phone of the same name, see Motorola Razr (2020).

The Razr V3i was sold during the height of the popularity of the Razr series.

The Motorola Razr (styled RAZR, pronounced like "razor"; codenamed Siliqua[1]) is a series of mobile phones by Motorola, part of the 4LTR line. The V3 was the first phone showed in the series and was introduced in December 2003[2] and released in the market in the third quarter of 2004.[3] The V3 model was followed soon thereafter by the improved V3i, including a collaboration with Apple Inc. for iTunes to be built-in. It was launched in 2005.

Because of its unique appearance and thin profile, it was initially marketed as an exclusive fashion phone. However, within a year, its price was lowered and as a result, it sold over 50 million units by July 2006. Leading up to the release, Motorola's cell phone division sales were stagnant and losing money. The success of the Razr made the division profitable again.[4] Over the Razr's four-year run, the V3 model sold more than 130 million units, becoming the best-selling clamshell phone in the world to date.[5]

The Razr series was marketed until July 2007, when the succeeding Motorola Razr2 series was released. The succeeding models were the V8, the V9, and the V9m.[6] However, Razr2 sales were not as good as the original V3 series, with consumers moving to competing products.[7] Because Motorola relied so long upon the Razr and its derivatives[8][9] and was slow to develop new products in the growing market for feature-rich touchscreen and 3G phones,[10] the Razr appeal declined, leading Motorola to eventually drop behind Samsung and LG in market share for mobile phones.[11] Motorola's strategy of grabbing market share by selling tens of millions of low-cost Razrs cut into margins and resulted in heavy losses in the cellular division.[12][13]

In October 2011, Motorola revived the Razr brand for a line of Androidsmartphones: the Droid Razr for Verizon Wireless (known simply as the "Motorola RAZR" on other networks) and an improved variant, the Droid Razr Maxx.[14][15] The line shared its trademark thinness and stylized tapered corners with the original. In November 2019, Motorola revived the Razr again as a foldable smartphone, which is styled after the clamshell form factor of the original models.[16][17]


The V3 was first released in Q3 2004. The team of the V3 put together a number of design choices that set the device apart from the competition. The phone had the thinnest profile at the time on a clamshell set, sported an electroluminescent keypad made out of a single metal wafer and used an industry-standard mini-USB port for data, battery charger and headphones, housed in an aluminum body with an external glass screen. It sold 130 million units during its lifespan, being the best selling clamshell phone to date.[18]

Some owners complained about dust accumulating between the V3's plastic screen and LCD glass, possibly through an external side button. Access to the dust required peeling off the plastic cover, usually followed by a replacement cover.[19]

Matte black version[edit]

A black version was produced for distribution in the 77th Academy Awards gift bags,[20] and was released in early May 2005. While distribution was initially limited to specific carriers in North America, the black V3 was widely available elsewhere.

Hot pink versions[edit]

The first pink version was released in October 2005, and as of June 2006, was available in the United States from T-Mobile as the Razr V3 Magenta (after T-Mobile and its parent Deutsche Telekom's corporate color). It was called the Razr V3 Pink and available on other carriers, including on T-Mobile networks in other countries in addition to Verizon, Cingular Wireless, Suncom Wireless, and Cellular One (each in a different shade). It was also available in Canada from Bell, Rogers Wireless and Telus, and in the United Kingdom from T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse. $25 of sales from the Rogers-branded pink V3 went to Rethink Breast Cancer. It was also available in all Movistar-serviced countries and Claro (Telcel).


Another version of the phone was released in South Korea on June 1, 2005. This version had a similar physical appearance but instead of using the GSM standard, it used CDMA to operate on SK Telecom. It was the first CDMA version of the Razr without expandable memory, Bluetooth, and SIM card, since Motorola Korea's system was able to produce its own model before worldwide GSM format release. It had a 1.3-megapixel camera, video recording, 80 MB of internal memory, and a variety of UI features, such as a mobile blog, Yoga graphic book, diet diary, and lottery number generator for wellness theme. It also came in black, pink, and lime models versions. On February 8, 2006 MotorolaKorea released its own slide-phone model for the Razr named Z model name MS600. Unlike most other versions, the MS500 version was packaged with a charging dock and had three metal terminals on the backside immediately under the battery cover.

Also, as the add-on to the MS600, the MS500 Lime Razr was in circulation in South Korea since October 2006 along with the Motorola KRZR Black and Motorola KRZR Fire (Red).


The Razr V3re (also known as V3_06) was a GSM model updated to support EDGE and CrystalTalk technology. It was nearly identical to the original V3, having no memory card slot and including a VGA 4x zoom camera. It can be identified by a slightly larger notch under the Motorola logo when closed,[21] a black matte Motorola logo in the battery cover instead of the metallic silver logo in the V3 and a software version starting with R3442A. It was available in North America from T-Mobile and AT&T in the US, Rogers/Fido in Canada and Vivo in Brazil (using both 850 MHz and 1800 MHz). It was available in three colors: orchid pink, silver, and stone grey.


The V3r and V3t were models sold by T-Mobile, AT&T (formerly Cingular), and Canadian cellular providers such as Rogers. These models were virtually identical to the V3 and V3i, except for featuring Motorola's Digital Audio Player (DAP) instead of iTunes. T-Mobile's V3r offered a voice notes feature which permitted forwarding audio recordings to voicemail as the only storage method.


RAZR V3i opened.JPG
SeriesMotorola Razr
Compatible networksGSMQuad band
First releasedNovember 2005
Dimensions53 mm × 98 mm × 13.9 mm (2.09 in × 3.86 in × 0.55 in)
Mass3.5 oz (99 g)
Memory13.5 MB Internal
Removable storagemicroSD expandable up to 512 MB (1 GB with the latest firmware)
DisplayInternal: 176×220 pixel (2.2inch) TFT LCD, 262,144 colors
External: 96×80 pixel CSTN 65,536 colors
ConnectivityGPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2) slots 32-48 kbit/s

Bluetooth Class 1 v1.0

The V3i was announced in November 2005 and addressed some of the faults of the original Razr V3, including a better (1.23-megapixel) camera with 8x digital zoom, an improved external and internal display, and support for microSD cards of up to 512 Mb maximum. V3i was functionally very close to the MotorolaV635. The V3i came in two versions: one with iTunes and one with Motorola's Digital Audio Player (DAP).[22] The iTunes version of the phone had a 50 or 100 song limit restriction depending on where the phone model was made.[23] The phone's looks were also subtly changed. It was announced on December 8, 2005, that Motorola had teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) to produce a Special Edition Gold Razr V3t. Only 1,000 of these were made and sold for a premium price.

On June 1, 2006, Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana released another limited edition gold phone. This model included a D&G cell phone holder, a signature leather pouch, Bluetooth headphones, and FM earphones. It was available from all major Motorola retailers and select D&G boutiques.

The V3i was available in the following colors:

  • Silver Quartz (main color)
  • Gunmetal Grey
  • Gold Plate
  • Dark Blue
  • Maroon
  • Violet
  • Orchid
  • Black for (PRODUCT)RED (special edition to tie in with the (PRODUCT) RED initiative)
  • Platinum
  • Red
  • Chrome Green
  • Chrome Purple
  • Celery (also known as Lime Green)

The Motorola Razr V3i was released to most worldwide markets in Q4 of 2005–2006. In the U.S. the phone was released through Cingular Wireless on September 6, 2006, with a new activation price of $299, while T-Mobile released the Dolce & Gabbana V3i exclusively in the United States.


The V3im was the iTunes version of the Razr V3i available in the UK market with a 100-song cap.[24]


On November 21, 2005, a CDMA2000 version of the Razr, known as the Razr V3c, became available to Alltel and SaskTel users. Verizon Wireless followed suit on December 7, 2005. Unlike models for Alltel and other carriers, Verizon's V3c features a proprietary user interface and disables, in software, Bluetooth file transfer capabilities (called OBEX).

In January 2006, Canadian Telus, Bell Mobility and Aliant Mobility, Venezuelan carriers Movistar and Movilnet, and Brazilian Vivo began carrying the V3c. In April 2006 Cricket Communications began selling the V3c. The handset was also made available for Metro PCS. The Razr V3c supported CDMA 2000 1xRTT and 1xEV-DO third-generation wireless technologies.

US Cellular and Alaska Communications Systems also carried the V3c. It had approximately 41.2 MB of internal memory, although only about 36 MB was available for use. The V3c did not support expansion with a memory card.

The original version of the V3c was charcoal gray, and a light pink version called Satin Pink (different from the GSM Magenta/Pink and the AT&T Cotton Candy versions) was released by Verizon Wireless in January 2006. Telus Mobility, Bell, Aliant, and Vivo also carried pink versions of the V3c.

Type Specification
ModesCDMA 850 / CDMA 1900
Weight3.49 oz (99 g)
Dimensions3.90 in × 2.10 in × 0.60 in (99 mm × 53 mm × 15 mm)
Form FactorClamshell Internal Antenna
Battery LifeTalk: 3.33 hours (200 minutes) Standby: 215 hours (9 days)
Battery TypeLiIon 740 mAh
DisplayType: LCD (Color TFT/TFD) Colors: 65,536 (16-bit) Size: 176 x 220 pixels
Platform / OSSymbian/ Verizon proprietary
Memory30 MB (built-in, flash shared memory)
Phone Book Capacity1000
FCC IDIHDT56FT1 (Approved September 1, 2005)


V3m was a CDMA version of the Razr. As an upgrade to the V3c, it featured a microSD card slot for up to 2 GB of memory expansion, a longer-lasting battery, and 40 MB of internal memory. The V3m came in silver, pink, and red although the original release, as well as models that used to be available on the Sprint CDMA network, featured the gunmetal gray color of the V3c. For a limited time Alltel and US Cellular offered a Fire Red color. Partnering with Motorola, US Cellular and Sprint released a special PRODUCT(RED) Razr and Bluetooth H500 headset to help support Global Fund programs which positively impact the lives of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Verizon Wireless version[edit]

The Verizon Wireless version of the Razr

Verizon Wireless disabled certain features on the V3m including the ability to transfer data files to and from the phone via Bluetooth (a specific protocol called OBEX). Verizon blocked the transfer of most data over USB, such as ringtones. These phones also ran Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW), which signs each application to the phones Electronic Serial Number, or ESN, thus preventing the use of free applications (including Back-Up Assistant). Equivalent models offered by competitors (such as the V3t) retained these features.

The V3m on Verizon could play .WMA formatted music files placed in the my_music directory of the removable memory chip, but although the telephone could accept a 2 GB memory chip, only a portion ( ~ 600 Mbytes) can be accessed by the music player. Stereo headphone playback could be achieved with a miniature USB to 3.5 mm phone jack adapter containing the appropriate interface circuitry; adapters designed for hands-free handset operation may not work.


Motorola RAZR V3x.jpg
Availability by regionQ1 2005
Mass125 g
Memory64 MB
DisplayQVGA, 2.2 inch, 262,144 colors, 320×240
Rear camera2 megapixels (1600×1200) with LED flash

Announced in March 2005, the V3x was formerly known as the Motorola V1150. Externally, it appeared to be a larger V3, albeit with enhancements such as a 2.0-megapixel camera. Internally, it was quite different, utilizing a different microprocessor, chipset, an Nvidia GoForce 4200 GPU, and radio ICs. As a 3G product, its feature set was closer to that of phones such as the Motorola V980, e.g., two cameras instead of the single camera typical on GSM or CDMA products. It was not as thin as the V3. It won the "Best 3GSM handset" at the 2006 3GSM World Congress.[25]


In Japan, a 3G(W-CDMA) NTT DoCoMo version of the V3x was released in late August 2006. This version had IrDA.


Announced in July 2006, the V3xx was a 3G category 5/6 (3.6 Mbit/s) HSDPA and EDGE supported handset. It was extremely similar in appearance to the compact V3i design, but incorporated an improved feature set with a 1.3-megapixel camera, 50 MB of internal memory, support for microSD and BluetoothA2DP. Like the V3x, it was also equipped with a secondary screen and a higher resolution 240x320 pixel (QVGA) main screen.[26] The V3xx was made available for purchase internationally on the 3 network in November 2006 and was available on AT&T (formerly Cingular). The secondary camera was not available in the United States. The built-in GPU, manufactured by Nvidia (model GoForce 4800) was capable of rendering 3D images through OpenGL ES. The phone included a much faster CPU as well, improving the performance of all features, including 3G/data. With the new CPU, the V3xx also included a fast USB V2.0 for rapid ringtone/image/mp3 file downloads. Older V3's were limited to USB V1.1.

Unlike with the V3 and V3i which were both quad-band GSM, and thus worked on any GSM network, the V3xx came in different variants depending on the local frequency bands used for GSM and UMTS/HSDPA. The North American V3xx was tri-band (850/1800/1900 MHz) GSM and dual-band (850/1900 MHz) UMTS/HSDPA, whereas the version sold in Europe and Asia was tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM and single-band (2.1 GHz) UMTS/HSDPA. This was likely due to the need to fit the internal components of the V3xx into a small casing; in early 2007 global phones that supported quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA were considerably bulkier than the V3xx.

The M702iS version was released as the NTT DoCoMo version of the V3xx which did not have GSM and HSDPA but rather IrDA.[27]


Compatible networksmaxx V6:GSM 900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 2100 with HSDPA
maxx Ve:CDMA2000 1x 800/1900MHz with EV-DO
Availability by regionApril 24, 2007
Form factorClamshell
Dimensions53x104.5x15.5 mm[28]
Mass107 g[28]
Memory50 MB
Battery880 mAh (For United States), 900 mAh (For Europe, Australia and Asia markets)
DisplayQVGA, 2.2 inch, 262,144 Colors, 320x240
External display120x160, 65,536 Colors
Rear camera2 Megapixels 1600x1200 (maxx Ve has Auto Forcus)
ConnectivityMini USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

Motorola Razr maxx (or MotoRazr maxx) was released at the end of 2006 in Europe and on April 27, 2007, elsewhere. The maxx was an upgrade to the popular V3x and was Motorola's second HSDPA 3.5G phone after the Razr V3xx. Although almost identical to the V3x in use and features, the maxx supported additional external touch keys for music control and retained the size of the original Razr V3.

maxx V6[edit]


Telstra Australia[edit]

This handset was released on Telstra's NextG network under the original name "Motorola Razr maxx V6". It featured compatibility with both the original 2100 MHz band and the NextG band, 850 MHz. The phone was branded with the Telstra logo and on-screen graphics. The phone was released by Telstra for outright purchase in late 2006 at a price of about A$800. The phone was repackaged late in 2007 and sold with a prepaid plan for $250, locked for use only with Telstra SIM cards. Many of the post-paid phones sold by Telstra in 2007 were inadvertently locked.[citation needed]

Hutchison 3[edit]

This handset was released on Hutchison's 3 network under the name "Motorola Razr maxx V6". The phone and home screen were branded with the 3 logo. Internal memory was increased to 60 MB.

maxx Ve[edit]

Verizon Wireless[edit]

The Razr maxx Ve was available exclusively in the United States for Verizon Wireless customers. The maxx Ve featured EV-DO instead of HSDPA and CDMA2000 1x instead of GSM/UMTS.

The Razr maxx was a 3G HSDPA and EDGE handset predated by the Razr V3x. Initially known as the "maxx V6," it was released in Europe by the end of 2006. The original version had a 2.0-megapixel camera with LED flash, a large 2.2-inch (56 mm) screen with 240x320 QVGA display (like the V3xx) and 50 megabytes of internal storage.[30] While gaining a significantly improved feature set, it maintained the same thin profile of the original Razr V3. Key to its design was a glass fascia with external touch-sensitive controls for MP3s.

The Verizon Wireless version became available on April 24, 2007. It did not feature a second camera on the inside of the phone; instead, there was a shutter button for focusing and picture taking.


Like the previous Model MS500, Motorola Korea announced its Korean version of WCDMA Razr HSDPA, known as Razr Luk. The MS500W upgrades its screen to 2.2 inch TFT QVGA, 1.3-megapixel camera with Bluetooth, and microSDHC support. The model features different color pattern compare to previous MS500, and hit the Korean market by late February 2009.[31]


The Razr VE20 was an updated CDMA model of the original Razr. It was released in the U.S. for Sprint, Alltel, and US Cellular. It incorporated some of the design elements of the Razr² V9m at a reduced price. Its rounded clamshell body was almost as thin as the Razr V3m. It featured a QVGA main display, outer display with virtual touch keys, 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, and a microSD memory card slot up to 8 Gb.[32]

Razr2 (V8, V9, V9m, V9x)[edit]

Main article: Motorola Razr2

The Razr2 was the successor to the Razr series. The Razr2 was 2 mm thinner than its predecessor but slightly wider. Some versions featured Motorola's MotoMagx operational platform, based on the MontaVistaLinux OS. The Razr2 was made available on every US carrier, and EVDO, GSM and HSDPA versions of it were released by late 2007. The Razr2 line consisted of 4 models: V8, V9, V9m, and V9x. The phone improved picture quality, speed, and multimedia capabilities over the original Razr. It also featured an external screen with touch-sensitive buttons which allowed users to use some of the phone features without opening it, and Motorola's CrystalTalk technology to improve call quality and help reduce background noise.[33] Different color variants were released, including a Luxury Edition and a Ferrari Edition.

Droid Razr[edit]

The Razr brand returned in 2011 with the introduction of the Motorola Droid Razr smartphone (the "Droid" name only used by Verizon in the USA), featuring a thin body like the original Razr V3. The line included:

The Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr M were succeeded by the Droid MAXX and Droid Mini respectively.

Razr (2020)[edit]

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The Razr (2020) is a foldable smartphone with a design reminiscent of the Razr V3. It was first reported when a patent that Lenovo as now-owners of the Motorola and Razr brands filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was made public.[34] According to The Wall Street Journal, the phone will be released as an exclusive on Verizon Wireless with a starting price of $1,500 but neither the phone itself nor the details have been publicly confirmed by Lenovo.[35] In April 2019, press renders of the device with packaging leaked on Sina Weibo.[36]

On November 14, 2019, Motorola presented the phone with the design, including horizontal folding, which is reminiscent the original Motorola Razr flip phone series. The presentation also confirmed that the phone's price is $1,499 and only available on Verizon Wireless.[16][17] The phone was originally expected to launch in January 2020, but was subsequently delayed until February 6, 2020.[37][38]

On September 09 2020, Motorola announced the second generation of Motorola Razr (2020), named Razr 5G. [39] The second-generation included many improvements over the 1st generation, and it was no longer exclusive to Verizon US. The phone was priced 1399.99$ in the US, and it was offered for sale in many US markets during November sale for 999.99$

Cultural impact[edit]

Being the slimmest phone during its release in 2004, the Razr easily stood out amongst other phone models. It was one of the most popular mobile phones since its first release, having been spotted in the hands of celebrities and business people alike until the advent of smartphones, and it is frequently seen in reruns of movies and TV shows.

It was also a token piece in the popular modernized board game Monopoly Here & Now.

In popular culture[edit]

The Razr became identified as a "fashion" product and an iconic cell phone in the mid-2000s.[40] The Razr was used in several television shows and featured in several movies. In the 2006 film A Good Year, Russell Crowe's character Max Skinner used a BlackBerry whilst working as a high-flying London financier, but chose a black Razr to accompany his later laid-back life in rural Provence. Notable TV occasions were the season three finale of the TV series Lost in which Jack Shephard used a Razr (an important plot point which anchors the episode's chronology), the HBO hit sitcom Entourage had characters specifically Ari Gold using it, and the US hit series Burn Notice in which Michael Westen used a Razr until 2009. In Season 5 of 24, President Charles Logan used a Razr as his personal cell phone. Contestants on the NBC adventure reality show "Treasure Hunters" were given Razrs for communication with the host and each other throughout the season.[41] The Product Red edition of the Razr was launched by Oprah Winfrey and Bono for charity.[42] A grey V3 was also used by Jeremy Clarkson on BBC's Top Gear during outtakes when he got a call at the start of the show. Even in 2012, the Razr was used as CIA-special agent Rex Matheson's phone in the 4th season of Torchwood. It was popularised in South India through the movie Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, in which Kamal Haasan was seen using the phone. In the computer game Counter-Strike: Source, the character Leet can be seen holding one. In Prison Break Series, Alexander Mahone used the Motorola V3. Also, in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, characters played by Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci used Moto Razr phones.

In the 2017 Square Enix game Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the main character's phone is a Motorola RAZR, decorated with stickers.

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