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A medical progress note template is a report that describes the medical history of a patient. Progress note describes the health status summary of a patient that is used to inform healthcare professionals about the medical history, treatment plans, prescribed drugs, and other important information.

A progress note is one of the most important documents to follow up on the treatment of a patient. Progress notes templates provide an outline to create it effectively using SOAP or PAIP format. The medical progress notes are created by the doctor, nurse, and other health care workers. The sample patient progress notes help you to get started. You can find here patient progress notes samples and templates for physicians, therapists, dentists, and consultants in PDF and DOC formats to maintain the record of patients in a better way. In this article, you can find everything about patient progress notes. 

A Progress note is created and used by healthcare professionals. By documenting the medical record or history, it helps in monitoring the progress of a patient.

A progress note template usually has four parts :

  1. Subjective: It describes the patient’s conditions like pain, reaction, etc.
  2. Objective: This part describes the results of the laboratory test.
  3. Assessment: It contains information about the disease which is diagnosed by a doctor.
  4. Plan: Details about the treatment chosen by a healthcare professional.

Here you will find a complete list of progress notes templates.

What is a Progress Note?

A progress note is one of the most important documents to know the patient’s current status, diagnosis information, and achievement during the patient’s treatment. The patient’s progress note is a vital component of the patient’s medical historywhen different health care workers participate in the treatment of patients. It is created and used by the doctors and nurses to communicate with the patient’s condition effectively. If a patient is not satisfied with the treatment and wants to consult the new doctor, then a progress note is an essential document for the new doctor to provide better treatment. It is also useful when a doctor is off duty, and a new doctor handles your course of treatment.

The life of a doctor is so busy they eliminate all the unnecessary things from their life. We make their life easier by providing ready-made templates of progress notes; you can also see our fantastic collection of doctor’s prescription pads and doctor’s note templates that make your work easier. It would be better if the doctor and nurse notes were taken hourly for the better monitoring of the patient. This medical progress note should be written clearly and must include all the essential information that adequately describes the condition of the patient. If you write the progress note by using a standard format like PAIP and SOAP, then it is more understandable, informative, and brief to define all the things clearly. Most healthcare care professionals use the SOAP method to write progress notes. If you want to improve the documentation of your progress notes, then you should see the progress note example and download templates to create it effectively. 

Importance of Progress Notes 

A progress note is an essential document in the medical record of a patient. It is used to get the response of a patient during treatment. Below we share some points that help you to know the importance of it.

  1. During medical treatment, it is essential to know the patient’s medical condition under this treatment; progress notes help you to compare the patient’s status at different stages. 
  2. It is important when different health care workers provide the therapy at different times, just like when nurses shift change, then the new nurse reads the patient’s progress note and takes care of him according to it. 
  3. It is the best way to monitor the patient’s progress to know whether the condition of the patient is good, bad or the same.
  4. It works as a record of a patient’s illness, diagnosis information, and course of treatment. 
  5.  If you go to the new doctor for treatment, then he/she will not start your course of treatment until the doctor knows the patient’s medical history or progress note.
  6. With the help of progress notes, doctors provide better courses of treatment for the patient. 
  7. Health care providers judge patients’ behavior and plan or change the line of treatment based on it. 
  8. If you have medical insurance, then this document is useful to submit a claim for the reimbursement of the medical expenses in the insurance company.

What is the SOAP Progress Notes?

Documenting the progress of a patient’s condition is a crucial task. It should be written clearly to know the patient’s status. While writing progress notes, most healthcare providers use the SOAP method to make this document informative, comprehensive, and detailed. It is the most widely used format by doctors, nurses, and other health care providers to write the patient’s progress in a specific order. The components of the SOAP provide the details of the patient’s situation, what does the nurse or doctor observe, diagnosis details, and course of the treatment. Most of the doctors, therapists, consultants, and dentists use the SOAP format to write the progress notes. SOAP is a standard format of writing progress notes to make it understandable by everyone. A SOAP progress note has four components: subjective, objective assessment, and plan. Sections of SOAP notes are as follows:

Subjective: It is the first section of progress notes which contains the information about the patient’s expression. The information verbally provided by the patient is written in this section. For example, the patient complained of pain in the left arm. 

Objective: The objective section of progress notes contains the observation that nurses or doctors measure, see, and feel. It includes the details of the symptoms that you feel, such as temperature and pulse. It also contains lab tests such as x-ray and blood test reports.

Assessment: The assessment section of SOAP progress notes contains the diagnosis details. In some cases, it may not be a definitive diagnosis. The assessment section is written based on objective and subjective sections. It contains the analysis, diagnosis details, indicates the goals and the progress of the patient. 

Plan: This step of the SOAP progress notes provide the outline about the course of the patient’s treatment. It contains information about how to handle the problem of patient, medication, treatment, and details of the next steps for the other healthcare provider. 

In our collection, you can find the blank SOAP progress notes samples and templates in PDF and DOC formats that make your work easier and help to write it effectively.

Things to Include in the Progress Note

A progress note is an important document in the medical record of a patient. Progress notes should be written in a way that is easily understandable by other healthcare providers. It should include all the necessary things that make it effective and useful for every purpose. Things that should be included in the doctor progress note are as follows: 

  1. Patient’s information: Patient’s name, address, phone number, gender, age, and relationship status must be included in it. 
  2. Clinic information: Name of the clinic with address, phone number, logo, and other necessary information should be included in it.
  3. Patient’s complaint: It should include the patient’s complaint that he/she describes verbally. It’s very helpful to judge the medical condition of the patient. 
  4. Symptoms: Symptoms nurses or doctors observe that the patient has. 
  5. Medical history: It contains information about allergies, medication history, and previous diseases that describe a person’s past medical issues. 
  6. Medication: Details of medicine that the doctor prescribed. 
  7. Treatment: It should include the information about medical treatment or procedure that healthcare workers provide. 
  8. Discharge details: At the end of the progress notes, it should contain the summary of discharge.

The above things are essential and must be included in the patient progress notes. A psychotherapist progress report is used to record the content of the conversation with the patient during a session. You can download psychotherapy progress note samples and templates to assess the problem of the patient efficiently. Most health care providers use SOAP or PAIP format to write daily progress notes. It is always easy to work with templates; you can get printable progress note templates that help you make a comprehensive report of a patient’s medical condition. 

How to write the Progress note using SOAP?

SOAP is the most popular and widely used method to write compelling and useful progress notes. Usually, healthcare providers create a progress notes checklist to complete it quickly and efficiently. The SOAP progress notes template is written by healthcare professionals to provide detailed information about a patient’s health and course of treatment. Below we share a few steps that help you to write the SOAP progress notes:

Step1: Download the SOAP progress notes in a format that you prefer. 

Step2: Start with the patient’s name and other essential information. 

Step3: Write down the goal list of the patient. 

Step4: S–Subjective: Gather all the information that patient tells you about the medical condition and write it in the subjective section of the progress note. The OLD CHART acronyms are the best way to quickly and efficiently write all the patient concerns. 

Step5: O–Objective: Write down the detailed observation about the patient’s expression and body language. Write about the lab reports of the patient, such as x-rays and blood reports. 

Step6: A–Assessment: The assessment section of the progress note is based on the objective and subjective part. State the diagnosis details, treatment procedure, and condition of the patient, whether it is worse, excellent, or the same. 

Step7: P–Plan: In this section of progress notes, write about the course of the future treatment, therapies, tests, medication prescribed by the doctor, and next visit date.

Step8: Discharge details: At the end of the progress note, write the date when he/she is discharged from the hospital with a quick short review of the initial state of the patient, symptoms, tests, treatment, and other necessary information.

Tips for Writing the Progress Notes

Below we share some tips that help you to write a useful progress note for mental health, dental, therapy, and all other medical problems. 

  1. Use a standard format: If you want to write the progress note that is informative, brief, and easily understandable by everyone, then you should use a proper format such as SOAP or PAIP to write it effectively. When you use a standard format to write a paper, it allows other health care providers to understand what steps you’ve taken to solve the patient’s problem.
  2. Should be legible: You should write the progress notes in a manner that increases its readability and quickly understood by every person. Don’t use the wordy sentence, poor grammar, and passive voice sentences in your document. It should be written in clear and concise manners.
  3. State the medication and treatment clearly: Make sure the medication prescribed by doctor and treatment or procedure should be clearly defined. It helps the healthcare worker to provide better treatment in the future.
  4. Take notes each hour: It would be best to take notes each hour when the patient’s condition is critical. You can take progress notes after 2 or 3 hours when the patient’s condition is not critical. For the patient’s care, it is necessary to write your observation every hour. 
  5. Write related information: The things included in the progress notes should be related to the medical problem and treatment. Don’t write irrelevant stuff in the patient’s progress notes that create confusion.

Benefits of SOAP Progress Notes

In medical progress notes, SOAP is widely used to write it. It is a useful way to clearly state all the things regarding a patient’s health. Some significant benefits of SOAP progress notes are as follows:

  1. Keep your record clean: In health care professionals, there are different ways to monitor the progress of a patient, but the SOAP progress note is one of the best ways to track the patient’s illness and treatment efficiently. Progress notes are an important part of medical history that may be helpful for better treatment in the future. The SOAP format keeps your record clear, concise, complete, and accurate.  
  2. Enhance the quality of documentation: The SOAP framework enhances the readability of the document that helps to maintain the patient’s progress note efficiently. The four parts of it allow the reader to understand all the things clearly. 
  3. Best communication tool: It is the best way to communicate with the patient clearly and concisely. It allows other healthcare providers to communicate for the better treatment of patients. If a patient visits the new doctor, this progress note helps the other healthcare worker understand the patient’s condition quickly and easily.
  4. Accuracy and efficiency: When doctors use different frameworks to write the notes, it isn’t easy to understand each one. It is a standard format of writing progress that helps the healthcare provider to get on the same page. This method increases the accuracy and efficiency of the document, creating less confusion, and achieving the patient’s end goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PAIP stand for?

The problem, Assessment, Intervention, and Plan(PAIP) is the method of writing progress notes by healthcare providers.

Difference between Psychotherapy notes and progress notes?

The mental health professional writes psychotherapy notes during the session with a patient, whereas a progress note is used to monitor the patient’s illness and course of treatment.

What are the four components of SOAP?

The four components of SOAP are Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan.

Why do we write progress notes?

A progress note is used to track the progress of a patient’s health. It is a way to communicate with other healthcare providers and inform them about the course of treatment you’ve taken to solve a problem.

Is a SOAP note a progress note?

SOAP is a method to write progress notes. A progress note written by using the SOAP format is called the SOAP progress note.

How often should progress notes be taken?

It depends on the patient’s medical condition; if the patient’s medical condition is critical, then progress notes should be taken in each hour; otherwise, it should take after 2 to 3 hours.


Patient Progress Notes Templates

Patient notes are very important in a medical field. The purpose of these notes is to record the health status and condition of the patient over a course of time when he is being treated in a hospital.

This report helps the medical practitioners see the achievements of the patient in recovering from a particular health problem. There are some systematic and organized methods through which the progress of the patient is reviewed and noted.

This progress note is then used by the doctor for making any necessary decision regarding the health of the patient. For example, whether the patient should be discharged from the hospital is decided on the basis of the progress report.

The basic objective of making progress notes in many hospitals is to ensure that the patient is being given the best health care. Type and format of progress notes of the patient completely depend on the information to be added to it and the hospital which is making these notes.

Who writes patient progress notes?

A patient progress note is written by the cooperation of health care provider of the patient and other colleagues. Not all the information in the progress notes is provided by the doctor of the patient.

The comprehensive information related to the health and medical issues is provided by the doctor. The progress that has been seen in the patient is noted by the doctor or the nurses. The patient progress notes also include the information about the patient such as patient ID, room number and a lot more.

These types of details are provided by the administration department of the hospital. It is the responsibility of the caretaker of the patient to write notes and then submit them to the head office of the hospital.

The head office should audit the report and see which details have not been reported yet. It should also be ensured by the higher authorities that the progress mentioned in the notes is based on true facts and information.

Why need patient progress notes?

Patient progress notes are needed to check if the patient is showing any progress. Hospitals that are required to make some important decisions about the patient should read these notes. For example, if a surgeon is going to conduct a surgery, he should read the progress notes to know about the health of the patient in detail.

The progress of the patient is such a document in which every action taken by the doctor to make the patient progress is documented. In other words, these notes not only tell about the progress of the patient but also about the doctor’s achievement. With the help of these notes, the hospital can see how well the doctors are performing their duties.

Patient progress notes as MS Word document

In general, the patient progress notes are prepared in MS Word document. These notes do not require any calculation to be performed. Therefore, MS word is a suitable file format to be used. It is very easy to edit these notes in MS Word document as compared to any other document. Moreover, notes prepared in MS word are easy to print.

How to write progress notes?

It is very important for you to know how to write progress notes. The patient progress notes are not too long rather they are brief and to the point. The focus while writing progress notes should be on the development of the patient in the specific time period. This can be written by comparing the previous progress notes with the current condition of the patient.

There are different details which are added to the progress notes of the patient. These notes include the information about the patient such as name, patient ID, room or bed number etc. The lab findings and other test results are mentioned in the notes.

The diagnosis details of the patient should also be written in these notes. You should comment on diagnosis to let the reader know if the diagnosis is improving or not. The number of problems with the patient should be discussed.

It should be kept in mind that the notes should not be too long. You can summarize the details of the patient to make it easier for you to describe everything briefly without removing any important detail. The notes should be divided into different sections so that different types of details can be distinguished. It should be kept in mind that patient progress notes should comprise of one page at most.

Internal medicine progress note

Internal medicine progress notes are prepared to see the effects of medicine on the patient. When a doctor treats a patient, he prescribes different types of medicines. It is very important to see how a medicine is affecting the patient.

Based on these notes, the doctor can decide to continue or discontinue the medicine. Internal medicine progress notes should tell for how long the patient has been taking the medicine, effects of medicine on the patient, improvement seen in the patient and a lot more.

Patient progress notes templates

Patient progress notes are used to get the updates about the daily health condition of the patient. The illness of the patient, the development of any problem during treatment and a lot more is included in these notes. With the help of these notes, the doctor can see whether the client’s health is improving or declining with time.

Patient progress notes template is available in MS Word format. This template is a very powerful tool and helps the hospital management in every possible way to keep track of progress in the health of a patient.

If the user finds this template to be insufficient because it lacks several details, he can easily add those details in this document through its customization feature. You can easily download the template and save it in your PC for later use.


Patient progress notes template

Format: MS Word | Download


Patient progress notes template

Format: MS Word | Download

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10+ Progress Note Templates – PDF, DOC

A doctor attends to many patients in a day thereby making it difficult to remember the case history of each patient. Thus, a progress note would be of great assistance to him to determine the course of treatment. The note includes the details of the prescribed drugs as well. He would be in a position to monitor the progress of the patient in a better manner. The samples of the Promissory Note Templates could be of great use for its easy preparation.

Social Work Progress Note Template

This document is a sample template of a social work progress note. The therapist lists down his findings of the patient in the set format. This would enable him to take corrective measures to improve the condition of the patient. It lists down the tangible needs, his behavioral changes for assessment as well as the line of treatment. You may also see Reminder Note Templates.

Counseling Progress Note Template

This is a template of the counseling progress note detailing the individual sessions of the client with regard to data, assessment, and plans for implementing the same. The therapist can use these counseling notes to monitor the progress of the clients. He can make his changes accordingly. You may also see Note Templates in Word.

Progress Note Templates

Progress Notes are prepared to check the activities and improvement of a task efficiently. They are an essential note to observe the progress and growth of a patient’s medical condition. It will allow the doctor to check the patient’s condition and prescribe medication according to their health improvement. The note provides an easy follow-up to the patient’s medications. It will help the doctor to decide what to include in the prescription and what needs to be ignored. If you are looking for a progress note for yourself, you can check out Progress Note Templates available online. They can be used in any way you want.

Nursing Progress Note Template

This is a template of the nursing progress note enabling the nurse to keep track of the patient history. This would enable the doctors treating the patient to have concrete information about the status of treatment in hand. This is useful for monitoring the progress of the patient as it assesses the problems of the patients and his responses to the line of treatment. You may also see Briefing Note Templates.

Psychotherapy Progress Note Template

This document is a sample template of the psychotherapy progress note of the sessions conducted on the patients. It gives a comprehensive report of the symptoms shown by the patient and the therapeutic techniques employed by the psychologist to counter the same. It also includes the responses of the patient to the treatment methods.

Medical Progress Note Template

This is the sample of a medical progress note of the patients. You can observe the usage of these notes at hospitals and clinics where the nurses and the doctors record the progress of the patient to the treatment methods. This would enable the doctors to have a clear idea about the response of the patient to the line of treatment. He can plan accordingly.

Patient Progress Note Template

Doctor Progress Note Template

Research Progress Note Template

Mental Health Progress Note Template

Blank Progress Note

Client Progress Note Template

How is the Progress Note used by a Physician?

The progress notes give a perfect indication to the physician about the response of the patient to the line of treatment. This would give a clear indication to the physician as to whether he should continue the same line of treatment or change the course. It would also benefit the physician, as the note would list out the allergies to the medications if any. You may also see Blank Promissory Note Templates.

The physician notes down the complications to the patient because of the medications used during the course of the treatment. This helps the physician to change the dosage of the medicines if required. This is a very important document from the treatment point of view.

What is the Purpose of a Progress Note?

The purpose of the progress note is to judge the response of the patient to the medications and line of treatment. The progress note can help the doctor to alter the course of medicines or change the line of treatment as well. This would be of great use to the physician to monitor the progress of the patient. You may also see General Promissory Note Templates.

The progress note includes the details of the allergies to the medicines and food items. The doctor would have a clear idea as to what medications should one give under such circumstances. The progress note is also useful for the insurance companies when you lodge a claim for reimbursement of the medical expenses.

Tips for Writing Progress Note

The progress note should be brief and should give concise information about the patient. It should provide this information to the doctor at a glance. The doctor would use the progress note to determine his line of treatment. The progress note should clearly mention the ailment as well as the course of medication. This would be useful to the patient when he lodges a claim with the insurance companies for reimbursement of medical expenses. The doctor note would be attending to hundreds of patients in a day. It would be humanly impossible for him to remember the details of each patient. The progress note can serve as a refresher to the doctor by providing the information in a single sheet of paper.

The progress note is a very important document from the point of view of both the doctor as well as the patient. The doctor would have first-hand information of the progress made by the patient by adhering to a prescribed line of treatment. You can refer to the Soap Note template to have an idea about the content of the progress note. You may also see Transfer Note Templates.


A Progress note template is used by healthcare professionals to record the details of the clinical status of a patient. This helps the doctors to reassess the data and recovery graph of the patient.

There are different formats of progress note templates available. However, the detail present on the progress note depends on the details in hand and the important information to record.

Using progress note templates, the physicians record the information about patients’ health status and use it to compare with the past status. So, the best plans for the treatment can be made based on the findings of this comparison. Therefore, these notes are written at a regular interval during a patient is hospitalized.

Progress note template is really helpful as it acts to provide medical facts in the best communication media about the medical condition of any patient for medical experts.

Most of the hospital records include progress notes of the patients as proof of the best care has been provided to the patients based on the diagnosis. Therefore, the use of progress note templates helps to develop a proper system to manage the progress notes. Moreover, an easier-to-understand, effective, and accurate progress note can be created using the template.

The progress note template allows recording complete information of every encounter with the transparency and accountability of the material. You can also see the doctor’s prescription pad template.

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Progress Note?

A progress note is a part of a medical record that keeps the ongoing record of the patient’s illness and treatment. During the course of hospitalization or over the course of outpatient care, physicians or health care professionals record details to a document concerning the progress or lack of progress made by patients. For the patients who are not critical, a progress note may be written daily. And, for critical patients, the note has written hourly. It should be written clearly, the date and time recorded, and the note signed.

How Should I Write a Progress Note?

Here are some important elements that you should keep in view while writing a progress note. Let us discuss them one-by-one;

  1. Purpose/objective: Observe the facts; keep in view how it will affect the care plan of the patient involved.
  2. Be concise: To forward the message using fewer words.
  3. To the point: Get relevant quickly.
  4. Legible: A progress note must be well spelled, well written, and sentence structure will be fine.
  5. Patient Privacy: Respect patient privacy.

A health professional should use critical thinking to analyze, examine, and rebuild the situation. Contemplate that everyone has their own point of view about every situation. Listen to your patient attentively and then use your reasoning and draw conclusions based on facts. You can also give recommendations if needed.

What do you know about Process Notes in Counseling?

Process notes in counseling are also known as psychotherapy notes or private notes, taken by the mental health professionals or physicians for documenting or analyzing the content of conversation during a therapy session. It involves hypotheses, observations, thoughts, and further questions that a professional may have about the patient. These notes act as a reference point for the mental health professionals concerning the patient’s diagnosis and progress.

How can I write a Good Patient Note?

Here are some tips to write a good patient note;

  • Write down the patient note is legible and clear writing.
  • Write down the date and time recorded, and the note signed.
  • Use a black ink pen instead of whiteouts to make entries.
  • Assign the last entries for continuity.
  • Don’t use abbreviations until approved by the management.
  • Write down the reasons for medication changes.
  • Avoid too much copy-paste.
  • Only record the pertinent information because irrelevant information doesn’t affect the treatment.
  • Begins the patient’s history with past psychiatry or social history.
  • Entries have to be written in an active voice for engaging reading.

How can you differentiate between SOAP notes and progress notes?

The SOAP note is one of the types of progress notes. Progress notes are available in multiple formats depending on the clinical condition at hand and the information that a health professional wants to record. While SOAP notes are the notes that consist of four sections including Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. Basically, a SOAP note is a progress note that has particular information in a certain format that enables the readers to gather information about every aspect of the session.

Types of Progress Note Template

There are different types of progress note templates used by medical physicians and nurses. It depends on the information available and necessary to record. Moreover, the most common types of progress note templates are the SOAP note template and the DART system template.

The SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. What the patient share with the doctor is known as subjective. While the objective is determined by physical examination, and lab tests. Moreover, the assessment is the diagnosis provided by the doctor to plan the treatment accordingly.

Another type of progress note template is the DART system. It stands for Description, Assessment, Response, and Treatment. The proper documentation of the diagnosis, examination, and treatment is a very important part of the process. You should also check Fake Doctor’s Note Templates.

Elements of Progress Note Template

There are several components of the progress note template. It depends on the information required to be recorded by the health professional. The following details must be included in the progress note template:

  • Name of the Patient
  • Date of Birth
  • Patient No.
  • Name of the Doctor
  • Diagnosis
  • Symptoms
  • Date
  • Progress Notes
  • Next Appointment
  • Review Date
  • Treatment Plan
  • Signature and Date

Do’s and Don’ts of Progress Note Template

There are several guidelines to carefully follow while creating a progress note template. Following are the dos and don’ts of creating a progress note:

  • Be Concise
  • Include All Details
  • Carefully describe the Treatment
  • Write legibly
  • Take care of the Patient Privacy
  • Document the Responses of the others
  • Clearly explain the reason for disregarding consultant advice.
  • Never type disrespect about a patient.

The progress note template can be created using MS excel and word for print-friendly nature and easy customization.


Template word notes progress

A crucial part of the health practice is the maintenance of records. By documenting the medical care and history over time, records provide several benefits to patients. Additionally, they make the planning and monitoring of treatment easy. As far as the benefits for doctors are concerned, medical records protect medical practitioners from liability in case something goes wrong.

Table of Contents

Talking about medical health records, two types of records are used in the health practice: basic medical records and progress notes. Both these records detail the clinical status of a patient and what has been achieved thus far through outpatient care or hospitalization. Part of a patient’s record of file, progress notes have a standardize format. The format we’re referring to is the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. SOAP contains the diagnosis, assessment, symptoms, and treatment of a patient.

Progress Notes Examples

There are a few different types of progress notes. However, all of them allow you to do the same basic things. Using progress notes, doctors or other medical practitioners can communicate their findings, compare the current and past statuses of the client, and broadly review the case details. For many years, medical practitioners have argued whether maintaining a set of the notes other than the one available to the physician diagnosing the condition is permitted. However, that is a whole new topic. Right now, our focus is on progress notes only.

You can create progress notes in any form you deem fit and they do not necessarily need to be readable to others. Coming back to SOAP, the standardized format for progress notes, the term is an abbreviation of Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. Following is what the acronym means:

  • Subjective: The reason for seeing the patient including details of the symptoms provide by the patient or other people
  • Objective: Details obtained by examining/diagnosing the condition of the patient including data obtained from CT scans and blood tests
  • Assessment: This includes what the doctor thinks is wrong with the patient. The assessment is based on both subjective and objective details
  • Plan: This includes the recommendation of the doctor on how to deal with the condition of the patient. Examples include ongoing treatment, referral to a specialist and obtaining lab work.

The aforementioned information is a brief explanation of what progress contain. To get a detailed account of things, take a look at progress notes template. You can easily find the progress notes template. In addition to the progress notes template, you can find the templates of many different medical form templates.

Coming back to the topic at hand, it is important for progress notes to convey that the physician or other health care provided has provided quality care while respecting the wishes and condition of the patient. Medical practitioners can avoid a malpractice judgment by knowing what to include and what to leave out in progress notes. Let’s now take at how you can create effective progress notes.

Creating Effective Progress Notes

The primary reason for creating progress notes is ensuring the communication between different health care practitioners regarding the condition, assessment, and treatment of a patient. This, in turn, ensures that the patient gets the best care possible. It is important to keep in mind that a progress note is not a billing document or a way to show your medical knowledge to the world. Rather, progress notes are short and the only purpose of creating them is to provide better healthcare to a patient. Following is how you can use the SOAP format to create effective progress notes.

Using The SOAP Format To Create Effective Progress Note

In this section, we’re going to see how you can each letter of the SOAP acronym to create an effective progress note.

S: This Where The Information Provided By The Patient Needs To Be Recorded

As a physician or other health care specialist, you should allow your patients to inform you about all of their concerns. However, you should only note down the things relevant to the acute medical problem such as breathing problems/ improvements, bowel/bladder issues, and new medical complaints. It is important that you do not record the meal preferences and other irrelevant things in the S or subjective part of the progress note. Moreover, this isn’t where you keep the study results or lab findings.

O: This Is Where You Need To Note Down The New Lab Results And Physical Exam Findings

It is important that you note down the vital things such as O2 saturation and daily weights first. Other information to be recorded in this section includes ventilator settings, drain outputs, and fluid balance. Also, under labs, you can include Chemsticks. Here, you need to briefly comment on whether the patient looks acutely ill. Other things to be documented here include the physical exam parts relevant to the active medical problem (s) of the patient.

Some doctors like to examine all organs of the body regardless of the medical problem. While there is no harm in doing this, it is not necessary. What is important though is including the blood tests, ECGs, x-rays and other physical examinations performed on the patient.

A: This Is Where You State What The Patient Is Suffering From And Whether It Is Stationary, Worsening Or Improving

If it was previously documented, you do not necessarily need to diagnose the condition again. Once you’ve diagnosed the condition and know what exactly is wrong with the patient, find out and note down whether the condition is stationary, worsening, or improving.

P: This Is Where You List Plan For Treating The Condition

This is where you list down the best way (s) of dealing with the condition of the patient. Also, you should provide a rationale if what you’re suggesting or ordering isn’t obvious to the patient or other health care providers treating the patient.

There you have it—how to use the SOAP format to create effective progress notes. If you’re still unsure about how you can create an effective progress note, take a look at a progressive notes template. Talking about templates, you can easily find a number of templates related to the health care practice such including Health History Questionnaire and Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Before we further discuss progress notes, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far. There are a few purposes of creating progress notes including:

  • Facilitating patient care
  • Having a medical legal document
  • Aid billing
  • Performing research

The issues dealt by progress notes include:

  • What condition is the patient suffering from?
  • What is the current status of the condition i.e. stationary, worsening, or improving?
  • What is the appropriate treatment for the condition?

In addition to the aforementioned things, progress notes include:

  • A summary statement
  • Impression and plan section

It is important that the progress note you create is focused, targeted, specific, well organized, updated daily, and user-friendly. Let’s now take a look at a few DO’S and Don’ts of creating progress notes.

Medical Progress Notes

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Progress Notes

There are a few rules to follow when creating progress notes. Following are the 10 Do’s and Don’ts of creating progress notes.

Be concise

It is important for you to be concise when writing progress notes. While documenting all necessary information is important, you must avoid including irrelevant details.

Include adequate details

As mentioned above, documenting all necessary information is important. Do not leave out any information that you feel is required to make a treatment decisions. If important is not included in the progress notes, the treatment and condition of the patient may suffer. The signs you see and the symptoms the patient is informing you about should all be included in the progress notes.

Be careful when describing the treatment for a patient with suicidal instincts

This is one the things most physicians do not consider when creating progress notes. When creating progress notes for a patient who’s suicidal at presentation, you should describe his or her treatment in a clear and well-reasoned manner. Basically, the progress note should give proof that the patient wants to live and has no intention of committing suicide.

Ensure the progress notes are readable to other health care providers

It is important for physicians to keep in mind that health care providers other than them would be using the progress notes created by them. Since the life of the patient depends on this, you must ensure that the other health care providers are able to make a decision about the care of the patient by looking at the progress notes provided to them. Also, in some cases, a detailed account of things many be required by the other clinicians taking care of the patient.

Ensure the progress notes are legible

To ensure their protection against legal action, many physicians are encouraged to create legible progress notes. By creating progress notes legal in nature, physicians can save themselves from being wrongly accused of something. Ensuring the legality of the progress notes is in the interest of both the patient and the physician treating him/her.

Respect the privacy of the patient

As mentioned, respecting the wishes and privacy of the patient is important when creating progress notes. It is important that you do not name or quote anyone who has little or nothing to do with the progress of the patient’s health. A breach of privacy is including the name or social security number of another patient in the progress notes.

Avoid including complaints about staff members

Whether the complaint is from the patient, a doctor, or a member of the staff, complaints about staff members should not be included in the progress notes. It is important that you do name any doctor who wasn’t available when the patient required care in the progress notes. A doctor’s unavailability should be addressed in person and not in the progress notes of a patient.

Note down the responses to and from other health care providers

Progress notes must include the responses to and from other health care providers. A physician treating a patient must identify the doctor by name and give details of the encounter when he/she consults another doctor for advice.

Clearly explain the reason for disregarding another consultant’s advice

In case a doctor disregards the advice given by another consultant, he/she must explain the reason for doing so in the progress notes. Doing this is important because it shows you respect other physicians and genuinely care about the health and well-being of the patient.

Never make derogatory statements about the patient in the progress notes

Finally, it is important for physicians to avoid making derogatory statements about the patient in the progress notes. Making derogatory statements about the patient is against the teachings of medical care. For this reason, it is extremely important for physicians or other health care specialists to treat patients with respect and consideration.

Sample Progress Notes

One of the most important documents in health care practice, progress notes allows doctors to plan and monitor the treatment of patients. There are many reasons to use progress notes facilitating patient care, ensuring legal protection, billing purposes and performing research.

LogMedicalProgress Notes

TAKING AESTHETIC DIGITAL NOTES ON MS WORD I How to print notes on a loose-leaf paper +free templates

FREE 9+ Sample Progress Note Templates in PDF | MS Word

A progress note is mainly created and used by doctors , nurses , social workers and health physicians in keeping tabs on the welfare of a patient or client medical wise. The notes provide an easy follow up on a patient’s status and the treatment undertaken. Progress note is an essential part of a medical record as it allows follow ups and pickup on a certain patient by different participating care givers. It’s easy for a different physician to treat a new patient on his list by consulting information the patient’s progress note. Progress notes templates are available in various types for different purposes. In this article we will explore the physicians’ progress notes and when they are used and what their purposes are. You can also see Daily Notes Template

Patient Progress Note Template

Prepared by a healthcare professionals and provider; patient progress notes is more focussed on the medical aspects hence describes the medical condition, the treatments and care to /of a patient. It details a patient clinical tenure that is both progressive and regressive. Progress note template only contains date, patient name and the doctor’s notes.

Client Progress Note Template

Client progress notes are written by staff of a company about a specified client. It includes a client’s achievements, status and any other details about a client. Client progress note is aimed at reflecting a client’s strengths or weaknesses. Using a client progress note one is able to gage how the client is progressing.

Medical Progress Note Template

Medical progress note template is done by a medical physician. It is a note or form where all information on a patient’s medical status is recorded during a course of hospitalization or on outpatient. It is an efficient method doctors use for check up on their patients’ progress.

Soap Progress Note Template

The SOAP progress note is a daily medical entry note written by a health physician on each covered medical patient. The Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan note summarises a patients’ case.

Baseline Progress Note Template

Electronic progress note Template

Progress Note Template

Free Progress Note Template

Example of Progress Note Template

Printable Progress Note Template

Uses and Purpose of Progress Note Template

Progress note template provides the basis of communication between health care providers on a patient and also enables efficient planning of patient care. Using a progress note template among health providers assist in protecting legal interest of the patient and themselves. It also provides documentation of the care and services received by patient. You can also see Demand Promissory Note

When is a Progress Note Template Issued and For How Long is it Valid?

A progress note template has become a mandatory part of any patient file. A doctor or nurse will most likely issue a progress template note for all patients they attend to or visit the premise. Both short term and long term patients have a progress note written on their medical status. Progress notes are kept valid for the longest time under the medical records. Actually it can be said it stays relevant until the patient is cured but is still kept for future references. You can also see Cornell Notes Paper Template 

How to Create / Write a Progress Note Template

A progress note template is a simple note with majorly patient’s information and the doctors notes. Most progress templates follow the SOAP format in writing. SOAP format includes;

Subjective: Subjective describes the patient’s current condition or reason for hospitalization. These are verbally expressed symptoms by the patient themselves or a close party. This can include nausea, cold, swelling inclusive of other descriptions.

Objective: Objective observations include measurable, heard, seen, felt, smelt symptoms. This includes signs like temperature, swelling, pulse and diagnostic results.

Assessment: Assessment is patient’s condition diagnosis. Here several or single clear diagnosis may be made.

Plan: Plan section includes tests ordered, medication prescribed, treatments performed, patient’s disposition, referrals and follow up directions.

It is by far noted the efficiency of progress notes template. Though designed for different uses they are all geared towards the same purpose; efficient patient care. Therefore apply our effective progress templates for your clinical duties and keep your patients well cared for.

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