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Equipment models, features, options, attachments and prices may vary in different locations. Please contact your local John Deere dealer for details. John Deere has the sole discretion to review and adjust the specifications, model features and prices of John Deere parts. Before operating the vehicle, you are required to carefully read and strictly follow the safety instructions provided in any product/operator/service manual for the vehicle. 

Actual vehicle top speed may vary based on belt wear, tire selection, vehicle weight, fuel condition, terrain and other environmental factors. The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Variation may exist between the actual operation data and defaulted data for the horsepower and torque. Please refer to the original engine manufacturer’s website for detailed information. Optional accessories and attachments are not included in the standard warranty claim for reimbursement. The product (including its components) and accessories may not be available in all regions.


Hello friends welcome to my blog If you are a farmer and you are thinking of buying a tractor, then you are visiting a perfect site. Today we are going to talk about this blog the recently launched John Deere tractor its price list in India , technical specifications, feature, mileage, overview, fuel tank capacity, lift capacity, gearbox details, HP, Cylinder, RPM, reviews, all details about tractor.

John Deere Tractor Price

The John Deere Tractor Price Ex-Showroom Price is Rs To Lac*. 

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John Deere Tractor Specifications

Specifications Of John Deere

Cylinders 3
Coolant cooled with overflow reservoir
Air - Filter Dry type, Dual element
Clutch Single / Dual
Gear Box 8 Forward + 4 Reverse, Collarshift
Speeds Forward - km/h, Reverse -
Lifting Capacity kgf at lower link ends
3 Point Linkage Category II Automatic Depth & Draft Control
Type Power
Type Independent, 6 splines
Standard @ ERPM
Economy @ ERPM
Total Weight kg
Wheel Base mm
Overall Length mm
Overall Width mm
Ground Clearance mm
Turning Radius with Brakes mm
Front x 16 , 8PR
Rear x 28, 12 PR

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Advance Feature of tractor

1 &#; Power Steering
2 &#; Dry Air Cleaner
3 &#; Oil Immersed Disk Break
4 &#; Top Shaft Lubrication
5 &#; Piston Cooling Jet
6 &#; Collar Shift Gear Box


Talking about the features of the John Deere tractor, it comes with 48 HP, RPM with 3 cylinder engine. Talking about its coolant, the Liquid Cooled system is in place.

Also, the dry type filter is given

Speaking about the transmission, the single cloth is given in it; 8 forward + 4 reverse Collarshift comes with the gearbox.

Speaking of speed, it has been forward &#; km/h, short and reverse &#; &#; km/h.

Hydraulics system in most of the tractors is given maximum lift capacity of Kg as well as automatic depth and draft control system with included power steering.

Dimensions and weight tractor is kg weight as well as Wheel Base mm Overall Length mm, Overall Width mm, Ground Clearance mm, Turning Radius with Brakes mm, Front tyre size X , Rear tyre size X 28  (OPTIONAL).

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John Deere Tractor Price

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John Deere Tractor Price


John Deere Tractor On Road price list in India. Check out Latest Offers, Specs, Mileage, Review and find near John Deere dealer.


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John Deere Specifications

HP Category48 HP
Engine Capacity cc
Engine Rated RPM RPM
No of Cylinder3
Air FilterDry type, Dual element
Cooling SystemCoolant Cooled with overflow reservoir


Clutch typeSingle / Dual
Transmission typeCollarshift
Speed min-max – kmph
Reverse speed min - max – kmph
Forward Gears8
Reverse Gears4
Battery12 V 88 AH
Alternator12 V 40 A


Brake TypeOil Immersed
Turning radius with brake mm


TypePower Steering
Steering AdjustmentNO


PTO type6 Splinee


Capacity60 litres


Weight1, kg
Wheelbase1, mm
Overall Length3, mm
Overall Width MM
Ground Clearance MM


Lift capacity in kg kg


Front X 16
Rear X 28


Drive type2WD / 4WD


Warranty hr/5 year


AccessoriesCanopy , Ballast Weight , Hitch, Drawbar


Recently Asked Questions About John Deere

Q.What is the Price of John Deere ?

Answer. Price of John Deere is

Q. How many Horsepower (HP) John Deere is generating?

Answer. John Deere is generating 48 HP.

Q. How many cylinders having by John Deere ?

Answer. It is having 3 Cylinder.

Q. Which Clutch I will get in John Deere ?

Answer. In John Deere you will have Single / Dual clutch.

Q. What type of transmission system in John Deere I will get?

Answer. It has Collarshift transmission system.

Q. Tell me about Gear box of John Deere

Answer. It has 8 forward gears and 4 Reverse gear.

Q. Which cooling system is given by the company?

Answer. Company is giving Coolant Cooled with overflow reservoir cooling system.

Q. Which brake I will get in John Deere ?

Answer.John Deere have Oil Immersed.

Q. What is Steering type of the Tractor?

Answer. Tractor has NO.

Q. What is the Fuel tank capacity of John Deere ?

Answer. John Deere is having 60 litres of fuel tank.

Q. What is ground clearance and wheelbase of John Deere ?

Answer. Tractors has MM ground clearance and 1, mm of wheelbase.

Q. What is hydraulic capacity of John Deere ?

Answer. John Deere can lift up to kg.

Q. Tyre size of the tractor.

Answer. It has X 16 front tyre and X 28 rear tyre.

Q. Tractor is 2WD or 4WD?

Answer. Tractor is available in 2WD / 4WD.

Q. What is the warranty of John Deere ?

Answer. Company is giving hr/5 year of warranty in this Tractor.

About John Deere Tractors

John Deere is international brand for farm equipment and tractors. It is leading tractor manufacturer across the world. It starts its Indian operation in John Deere manufacture tractors in Pune, Maharastra and Dewas, Madhya Pradesh/. It is offering more than 35 models of tractor which are falling in 28 to horse power category. John Deere tractor price in India starts from , to 2,, Indian Rupees. Top three popular tractor of the company are John Deere , John Deere D and John Deere Prices of John Deere tractors reflect the quality, power, and reliability that customers have come to expect from them. John Deere Tractors provides durable, reliable, and efficient diesel engines designed and built to keep you running. In we are providing on road price of John Deere Tractor with Specifications, Mileage and Features. We are also providing John Deere Dealers nearby you.


John Deere Price, Features, HP, Mileage & Overview


Oil Immersed Disc Brakes

Gear Box

8 Forward + 4 Reverse


Hours/ 5 yr

Buy used tractor

John Deere Tractor Specifications

No. Of Cylinder3
HP Category48 HP
Engine Rated RPM
Air FilterDry Type, Dual Element
ClutchSingle/ Dual
Gear Box8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Battery12 V 88 Ah
Alternator12 V 40 Amp
Forward Speed kmph
Reverse Speed kmph
BrakesOil Immersed Disc Brakes
TypeMulti speed, Independent
Total Weight KG
Wheel Base MM
Overall Length MM
Overall Width MM
Ground Clearance MM
Turning Radius With Brakes MM
Lifting Capacity Kgf
3 point LinkageAutomatic Depth and Draft Control
Wheel drive Both
Front x 16
Rear x 28
Accessories Canopy , Ballast Weight , Hitch, Drawbar
Warranty Hours/ 5 yr
Price Lac*

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John Deere Review

  • Performance

  • Engine

  • Maintenance cost

  • Experience

  • Value For Money

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About John Deere Tractor

John Deere tractor is the best model from John Deere tractors. John Deere offers the John Deere tractor with high-quality features. Here you can get the John Deere price, John Deere specifications, John Deere reviews, John Deere mileage and many more.

Buy John Deere Tractor with Features

Some John Deere features make the John Deere a top-class tractor on the field. The John Deere tractor is a pride of Indian farmers due to its best features. Here are some John Deere features mentioned below in the table.

  • The John Deere Tractor has a Medium Duty transmission and Single/ Dual clutch.
  • It has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearboxes that offer smooth work on farms.
  • John Deere , 48 HP tractor category comes with 3 cylinders.
  • Along with this, the John Deere has a splendid kmph speed.
  • John Deere is manufactured with Oil Immersed Disc Brakes that provide good handling on the tractor.
  • John Deere has a Power Steering mode for the perfect traction with the ground.
  • It offers a 60 fuel tank capacity for long hours on farms.
  • The John Deere has a Kgf pulling solid power.

John Deere On Road Price in India

John Deere Price in India starts from Rs. Lakh*. The John Deere company fixes John Deere model price according to the farmer's budget.

Why should you choose John Deere Tractor by TractorFirst?

TractorFirst is the right digital platform to choose John Deere tractor. Here, users can get every information regarding John Deere tractor. Also, get the latest John Deere on-road price on October 14,

John Deere FAQ’s

Ans. The John Deere price starts from Rs. Lakh*

Ans. John Deere tractor has a 48 HP for better operations.

Ans. John Deere tractor has 3 cylinders.

Ans. John Deere comes with 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearbox.

Ans. John Deere tractor is implemented with Collarshift transmission type.

Disclaimer :-

The data provided by John Deere and budni report. The published information is provided for general purpose and good faith. Still if you have any issue with shared data then kindly visit John Deere tractor dealer.


Price john deere 5205

John Deere Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • Engine HP : 48 HP
  • Drive : 2WD
  • No. of cylinder :3 Cylinder
  • Gear Box Type :8 Forward + 4 Reverse Collarshift
  • Max PTO (HP) HP

Everyone knows that John Deere means innovations in tractors. Here we are introducing one of the best sellers of the John Deere D series model which is John Deere will give you flexibility while performing different types of farming operations. This tractor also gives you the most efficiency in comparison to its competitor. This John Deere is basically known for the optimized fuel consumption feature.

This John Deere tractor produces high torque along with the 8 + 4 gear system. It is able to perform all kinds of operations.but, tractor is the master in haulage and cultivation operations. This John Deere comes with the JDLINK application which tracks the tractor performance and tractor health. An advanced power steering system will allow you more comfort. 

This John Deere price starts at Lac. To know more about the John Deere download khetigaadi mobile application. For John Deere on road price visit

John Deere Features.

  • It has power steering
  • Integrated with oil-immersed disk break.
  • JDLink app is present, to track the performance and health of
  • For efficiency, it has a selective control valve
  • Can produce high torque

John Deere Tractor Specifications.

Tractor Specifications

HP Category

48 HP

Engine Capacity


Engine Rated RPM


No of Cylinder

3 Cylinder

Brake Type

Oil Immersed

Steering Type

Power Steering

PTO Power

41 HP


, E

Similar New Tractor


This product information is generic in nature and based on information provided by company or on its website. Please contact company or dealer for up-to-date information. Please report any error at [email protected]

यह John Deere कम डीजल लेता है 🤫 John Deere 5205 tractor ownership review experience

John Deere

John Deere is one of the excellent tractor models in India. The tractor is made under the guidance of experts of the John Deere brand. John Deere is among the most demanded tractor brands in the world. The brand offers an impressive list of high-class tractors. John Deere is one such excellent tractor by this brand. Sometimes we all have heard, demand increases and supply decreases for any product. John Deere tractor model never relies on it, its demand and supply always increases and always lives on the hike. A farmer always demands John Deere like models, which provide better productivity or output to their farms. 

Here we show all the features, quality, and fair price of John Deere Tractor. Check down below.

John Deere Engine Capacity

John Deere is a 48 hp tractor which comes with a powerful engine. The engine provides efficient mileage on the field with a CC capacity. It has three cylinders, a 48 engine Hp, and a power take-off Hp. This powerful tractor runs on engine rated RPM, and the independent multi-speed PTO runs on engine rated RPM. The tractor’s engine is highly advanced which handles rough field conditions. Engine comes with the best cooling and cleaning system, enhancing the working life of the engine. It is suited with all types of implements. This tractor is designed with an attractive look and style, tempting every farmer. The combo of green and yellow colour, giving it a classy look. 

John Deere Quality Features

The John Deere tractor is loaded with many high-quality features, which increases its demand among the farmers. With time, this tractor proves itself in the Indian tractor market. Its features are specially developed according to the farming conditions and requirements. That’s why this tractor never disappoints the farmers and fulfils their needs. The tractor can operate at the lowest possible ERPM with high gear selection. The best thing about this tractor is that it requires less maintenance. Just regular checkups keep it in good condition. 

The John Deere tractor comes with the option of a Single or Dual-clutch for trouble-free operations. The gearbox has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gears with Collarshift technology. Along with this, John Deere has a superb - KMPH forward speed and - KMPH reverse speed. This tractor is manufactured with Oil-immersed Disc Brakes that ensure adequate grip. The steering type is smooth Power Steering for the smooth turning of the tractor. John Deere tractor offers litre fuel tank capacity to last for long hours on farms. And John Deere has Kgf strong pulling capacity supported with automatic depth and draft control linkage points. 

John Deere Tractor - Loaded With Many Standard Features 

Apart from high class features, the tractor is designed with various standard features. These highly developed features offer high yield without any extra effort. This tractor is available in both 2WD and 4WD categories, with a slight difference in the price range. It is an KG heavy tractor with a wheelbase of MM. It offers a ground clearance of MM with a turning radius of MM. John Deere 4x4 front tyres measure x16, and rear tyres measure x 

This tractor can be efficiently accessorised with tractor tools like a canopy, ballast weights, hitch, drawbar, etc. The dry-type dual-element air filter adds to the average life of this tractor. John Deere 4wd tractor is a robust tractor, admired by the farmers for its unique features and affordable price range. John Deere mileage is economical which provides it fame as a money-saver tractor. 

John Deere on road Price

John Deere 4wd tractor keeps believing in the betterment of farmers' livelihood and their farms. It comes at a low price and provides relaxation to the farmers budget. John Deere a multi-purpose tractor, which handles all farming tasks with ease and performs well. It has exclusive design, features and specifications. Also, John Deere tractor price is very affordable in price and pocket-friendly. 

John Deere Price in India is reasonable at Rs. Lakh - Lakh. This tractor is worth the investment with all essential features. However, these tractor prices change frequently due to several parameters. So, it is best to visit our website to get a fair deal on this tractor.

John Deere Tractor At Tractor Junction 

For other enquiries related to John Deere , stay tuned with TractorJunction. You can also find videos related to the John Deere tractor to get additional information about the tractor. Here you can also get an updated John Deere Tractor on-road price

Get latest John Deere on road price Oct 14,

Farmtrac | Tractor Junction

John Deere Engine

No. Of Cylinder3
HP Category48 HP
Engine Rated RPM
Air FilterDry Type, Dual Element

John Deere Transmission

ClutchSingle/ Dual
Gear Box8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Battery12 V 88 Ah
Alternator12 V 40 Amp
Forward Speed kmph
Reverse Speed kmph

John Deere Brakes

BrakesOil Immersed Disc Brakes

John Deere Steering

John Deere Power Take Off

TypeMulti speed, Independent

John Deere Fuel Tank

John Deere Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor

Total Weight KG
Wheel Base MM
Overall Length MM
Overall Width MM
Ground Clearance MM
Turning Radius With Brakes MM

John Deere Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity Kgf
3 point LinkageAutomatic Depth and Draft Control

John Deere Wheels And Tyres

Wheel drive Both
Front x 16
Rear x 28

John Deere Other Information

Accessories Canopy , Ballast Weight , Hitch, Drawbar
Warranty Hours/ 5 Year

John Deere Reviews



sukhjeet singh

Love it

Review on: 18 Apr



Rajkumar Yadav

Top model

Review on: 25 Sep

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Frequently Asked Questions on John Deere

Ans. John Deere Tractor comes with 48 HP for long-term farming tasks.

Ans. John Deere has 60 litres of fuel tank capacity.

Ans. John Deere price is Rs. Lakh*.

Ans. Yes, John Deere tractor has high fuel mileage.

Ans. John Deere has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gears.


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