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How to Fix Low Call Volume on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Annoying of poor sound call quality on Galaxy Note 8? Here are solutions to fix call volume too low on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You can face different Note 8 issues during phone calls such as speaker call volume is low, dropping calls, people can’t hear your voice on calls and co. While an extremely low call volume problem occurs, first of all, check the clogged speaker grill and clean it using a toothbrush. Set phone sound settings and adjust the volume in your Galaxy Note 8.

You can check using the microphone while galaxy Note 8 volume issues. Because of a bad network connection or hardware issue, sometimes people can’t hear your voice. Check out below-given troubleshooting methods to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Call Volume too Low Issue

Fix low call volume on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Check out below given several tips to fix low volume during calls on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 devices.

Use Toothbrush to clean the Note 8 speakers

You will try to clean the speaker grill with an electric toothbrush to fix volume issues.

Adjust volume settings

First of all check volume settings on your Galaxy Note 8 device.

Settings > Sound > Volume settings

Remove Case & Cover if blocking the speaker

Remove the phone case & cover and make a phone call and check the volume issue.

Check Microphone issue  

Make sure nothing is in front of a microphone or microphone, not damage.

Check Network signal strength to fix call volume too low issue

Sometimes due to poor network signal on galaxy Note 8, you can’t hear a voice or call dropping issue occurs. Find a nearby location that good network signals and trying to call.

Clear app cache Phone app

Settings > Apps > More at upper right corner > System Apps > Find Phone app and open it > Storage > Clear cache

If clear cache won&#;t work, try to clear the data of the phone app. After that reboot, your phone and check solve call volume issue on Samsung Note 8.

Enable safe mode on Note 8

Step 1: Press & hold the power button on your Galaxy Note 8 phone.

Step 2: Touch & hold the power off.

You can see this message: Reboot to safe mode.

Step 3: Tap OK.

Now check your galaxy Note 8 call volume work perfectly or not. If fix low call volume problem, it means any third party downloaded apps causing this issue. Now delete one by one recently downloaded apps and check to fix low-quality call sound issues. If none of the above-given tips fix Samsung galaxy Note 8 low call volume issue, try below given the last method.

Reset the Galaxy Note S8 

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Backup & reset.

Step 3: Tap on Factory data reset.

Step 4: Tap on Reset device.

It will reset all your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 internal storage and other data. If not solve your phone low call volume issue, hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Do you know some other handy tips to fix low call volume on Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Don’t forget to mention which method worked for you. For more such smart tips, stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter.


Repair guide : Earpiece speaker Galaxy Note 8 ()

For some time now, making calls with your Galaxy Note 8 has become really unpleasant There are interferences? You can't hear callers anymore? Your impassioned chats always get interrupted? Luckily, you can say goodbye to these issues thanks to SOSav! Our technicians help you take action and repair your Note 8 for a price up to three times cheaper than going to a professional.

Thanks to this repair guide created with great caution, you will be able to replace your Galaxy Note 8 earpiecespeaker! Each step comes with pictures and comments. Once you have replaced the defective part, you can set up the new one and follow the guide in reverse order to reassemble the phone.

Before fixing your smartphone, we recommend that you do a complete back-up of your data. You can never be too careful!


  • Interferences
  • Defective earpiece speaker
  • Sound gets interrupted during calls
  • No sound during calls
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There could be various reasons why your Note 8 Smartphone isn’t giving you the audio experience you deserve. It may be something as simple as a software glitch. In other cases, a hardware intervention may be needed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Sound Not Working – What to Do

Regardless of the situation, there are plenty of fixes you can try at home before contacting a repair shop. Here are some of the most common fixes for Galaxy Note 8 sound issues that you can do on your own.

1. Check the Speakers

There’s a difference between the sound not working at all and being too quiet to hear. If the sound on your phone is muffled, the answer may be as simple as cleaning the speakers.

Dust and debris getting in the speakers is unavoidable, which is why constant maintenance is a must. Use cotton swabs or compressed air to clean the speakers. You may also use a soft toothbrush to scrub them clean, but this requires a lot of extra care.

2. Verifying the Sound Settings

It’s not uncommon to accidentally turn down the volume. Check notification and sound settings before jumping to any conclusions.

samsung galaxy note 8 sound not working

  1. From the home screen, swipe up or down to bring up the app menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Go to Sounds and Vibration
  4. Tap Volume
  5. Move the slider to adjust the volume
  6. Test the volume at its maximum setting.

samsung galaxy note sound not working

Also, check the notification and system sounds to make sure they’re not muted.

galaxy note sound not working

3. Soft Reset

Soft resets are a known problem solver but this only works for minor glitches.

Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons for around 20 seconds

This will simulate a battery pull or a soft reset. Unlike a factory reset, this method won’t wipe any of your personal data. Now, verify the sound settings again to test your phone.

4. Factory Reset

A factory reset may seem like a drastic measure because it makes you lose personal data. However, it’s the most powerful fix for Android smartphones that have software issues.

If you want to avoid having to go to a service center, here’s how you can perform a factory reset on the Galaxy Note 8:

galaxy note 8 sound not working

  1. Press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Bixby buttons
  2. Wait for the Samsung logo to appear and then release
  3. With Volume down button choose the “wipe data/factory reset” option from this menu
  4. To select it, press the Power button
  5. Use Volume down to highlight Yes
  6. Press the Power button to initiate the hard reset

After this is complete, your phone will boot with factory settings. Once again, verify the sound settings. If the sound is still not working, it’s time to look at hardware repair options.

A Final Word

If you’re experiencing problems with this phone’s sound, it’s best to try and fix them as soon as possible. Not only can these issues hinder your ability to communicate, they’re also making you miss out on one of the phone’s most standout features. The quality audio profile with hi-res support is one of the main highlights of the Galaxy Note 8.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is known to have the best features including the audio and sound. Unfortunately, some users have reported that their Note 8 sound is not working especially when trying to make or receive calls. There are times when they can’t hear the voice of the caller or the caller can’t hear them. This can be so annoying especially if the call is important or there’s an emergency. So we recommend the users to fix this audio sound on their Galaxy Note 8 as soon as possible. Check out the guide below on how to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Audio problems.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 When the Audio is Not Working:

  • Switch off the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 first. Then remove and reinsert the SIM card back in the smartphone.
  • Try to clean the microphone with a compressed air. There might be debris, dirt, or dust stuck in the microphone which block the sound coming in.
  • Not many people know that Bluetooth can also be a cause for audio/sound problem on smartphone. Try turning off the Bluetooth from settings and check if the problem is solved.
  • Wipe the cache of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in order to solve for the audio problem. For a more detailed guide, check out this guide on how to wipe the Galaxy Note 8 cache.
  • Another method is by going through the Samsung Note 8 Recovery Mode. Follow this step-by-step on how to enter the Galaxy Note 8 into Recovery Mode.

After trying all the troubleshooting above to fix the audio problem of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and none of it worked, we recommend you to take it back to where you purchased the smartphone or to the store if it’s still under warranty. The steps show above are the only way to fix the audio problem on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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