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IMG_5554This spring I partnered with Haute Swimwear as a member of their ambassador program.

There were two key things that drew me to this brand: that you’re ordering a swimsuit set, and, that the bathing suits are affordable.

And as an added bonus, you can mix-and-match sizes of the tops and bottoms for an additional $3 US.

I chose the ‘Dominique’ style, which features a bra-style top with triangular cups. The straps are adjustable through metal slides, and the top closes through a metal clasp that slides together easily. It is crafted from a thick fabric, which is also used as the lining. I think this adds to the durability of the suit, and one of the website reviews said that the suit didn’t lose any pigment when washed in a machine washer.


Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 5.07.31 PM
Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 4.39.23 PM
Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 4.39.44 PM

The bottom is a cut like a thong and can be worn straight across or pulled up into a higher cut. It features two layers of the same thick fabric, similar to the top.

I ordered the set in a medium. The bottoms fit true to form, as does the top, although I think I may have been able to order a small top.IMG_5592


I was so impressed by my first Haute Swimwear purchase! Firstly, knowing that you’re purchasing a set instead of just a top or bottom is incentive enough given the price. Secondly, I had my swimsuit within a few weeks of placing my order (two weeks to be exact!).

Upon receiving my swimsuit I was pleased with the cute packaging, and a swimsuit that was lined, lightly padded, well made, and adorable!

I ordered two more styles (the ‘Aston,’ on the left, and the ‘Milano,’ on the right) the day I shot these photos and I can’t wait for them to arrive!!



The 'Aston' in "stripe"

The ‘Aston’ in “stripe”

The 'Milano' in "green floral"

The ‘Milano’ in “green floral”

If you’re interested in purchasing a Haute Swimwear bathing suit, you can click on this link –> RIGHT HERE <–  and use my code ‘WATS15’ to save 15% on your purchase!


(Photos are of me, photographed by Mike Murphy unless otherwise stated – find us on Instagram: @RealTGallagher and @MikeMvrphy.)


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Sure, it sounds like a great deal (they always do, don't they?) but, according to the Better Business Bureau, that job offer you got on Instagram may very well be a scam.

The job we're talking about is an offer to become a 'brand ambassador,' which would require users posting photos of themselves using the brand's products in exchange for free products, a sales commission, and more exposure for your posts. The problem is, users end up paying for the products they're supposed to be promoting, and they often arrive broken. These products could be anything from sunglasses to jewelry.

The Better Business Bureau recommends to always be cautious of any job offer that requires you to send money. They also warn that scammers may say they they need to run a credit check or want to set up direct deposit with your bank. These are clearly red flags of attempts to get your personal information.

The BBB Also warns that work-from-home or secret shopper jobs could very well be scams.

For more info on area scams and to research area companies, visit the Better Business Bureau here.

Sours: https://classicrock1069.com/scam-alert-beware-the-instagram-brand-ambassador-scam/
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Aspiring social media influencer warns others about becoming a brand ambassador

By day, Zahyra Tirado, 37, is a receptionist working in the offices of a monument company, but in her spare time, the Staten Island mother of two indulges in her passion for all things feminine on social media. The self-described "selfie queen" has garnered 900 followers on Instagram and about 130 on Facebook.

“I’m a girly girl,” she told ABC News. “I love jewelry, makeup, fashion and like posing really cute [in photos], that’s me.”

Watch out for 'online romance scams,' BBB warnsThis fashion influencer reveals how she makes money and how she decides what to post on Instagram

Tirado enjoys the “likes” she gets from her fashion and makeup posts and the connections she makes through her followers.

“You talk to people from all over the world,” she said. “It’s pretty cool.”

When it seemed like her pictures were noticed by a website called Mirina Collections, she was flattered.

“After reviewing your Instagram page -- we would love to offer you the opportunity to be featured on our social media outlets and website where over 100,000 followers, subscribers and shoppers visit us and follow us each and every month, as well as be our newest Mirina girl,” stated the email from the Marketing Manager of Mirina Collections.

PHOTO: Social media influencers are photographed here on "Good Morning America."

Social media influencers are photographed here on "Good Morning America."

The email went on to offer Tirado a big discount on one of the company's necklaces and an invitation to join its brand ambassador program and submit or post a selfie wearing its jewelry for a chance to be seen on the company’s platforms.

“It was attractive,” said Tirado, who saw it as an opportunity to grow her following. She liked the necklaces she saw on the company's website but at prices ranging from $139.99 to more than $200 -- they were too expensive for her budget.

Thanks to the discount Mirina offered, however, she was to buy a necklace for less than $40. But she didn’t anticipate such a long wait, and when more than six weeks went by with no sign of the necklace, she wrote to Mirina demanding her money back.

After complaining to the Better Business Bureau she received a refund.

“When I eventually got the jewelry piece, it didn’t look handmade, it looked like metal scrap and broken,” Tirado said. She was so disappointed, she threw the necklace in the trash.

PHOTO: A necklace that was featured on Mirina's Chic Wish List website is photographed here next to a necklace bought on Amazon.

A necklace that was featured on Mirina's Chic Wish List website is photographed here next to a necklace bought on Amazon.

Tirado’s complaint was among dozens the Better Business Bureau received in 2017 about Mirina Collections and its affiliate Nora NYC. Its investigation found the online retailers had “exhibited an ongoing pattern of deceptive advertising practices,” prompting the organization to issue an alert to consumers.

“These girls thought they were getting luxury products -- they didn’t,” said Claire Rosenzweig, president and CEO of the BBB serving Metropolitan New York. “So they were very disappointed.”

In this case, there were some red flags, said Rosenzweig, noting that BBB’s mail to the company was returned by the U.S. Postal Service. Mirina Collections lists four locations on its website but no exact address for its corporate office. Its New York location is simply listed as “Time Square, Broadway.”

Many of the consumers who complained to the Better Business Bureau reported that the necklaces were not consistent with the claims made on Mirina’s Chic Wish List website, complaining the quality was inferior to what was advertised. The company markets its necklaces as “handcrafted,” “made to order,” and “copper with silver plating.” Some consumers reported finding what they say were nearly duplicate necklaces on websites like Amazon and AliExpress selling at a fraction of Mirina’s prices.

"Good Morning America" did its own search on Amazon and found necklaces that were similar to the ones featured on Mirina’s Chic Wish List website for just under $10 and $14. We purchased three necklaces on Amazon and three on Mirina’s website and took them to Robert Streppone, founder and director of Studio Jewelers, a jewelry trade school. Streppone has been teaching jewelry making for more than 30 years.

PHOTO: Robert Streppone, the founder of Studio Jewelers, compares two necklaces with ABC News' Eva Pilgrim.

Robert Streppone, the founder of Studio Jewelers, compares two necklaces with ABC News' Eva Pilgrim.

After a side-by-side comparison of all three sets of necklaces, he found no difference in the designs represented in two sets of necklaces, and while he saw a slight variation in a third set, he concluded they were “overall, the same.” The Mirina necklace featured glass stones while the one we purchased from Amazon contained pearl-like embellishments. In his opinion, Mirina’s necklace priced at $155 wasn’t worth any more than the Amazon necklace we purchased for $13.68, even when he factored in the variation in the embellishment.

We also asked Streppone to check the necklaces for copper, a pricier metal. He found only traces of copper in one of the three necklaces "GMA" purchased from Mirina, finding no copper in the other two pieces. He determined that all three necklaces were mainly made of cheaper white metal, likely a zinc compound.

Mirina Collections declined our request for an interview but in an email said the complaints make up a small percentage of its feedback and pointed to the more than 270 positive reviews it has received to date on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Meanwhile, Tirado said still gets emails from Mirina Collections. But now she’s learned her lesson.

“Would I do it again? No way,” she said.

Sours: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/story/aspiring-social-media-influencer-warns-brand-ambassador-54084776

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If you guys like what you see, either on my review or on Haute Swimwear’s page, and want to buy something, make sure to use my promo code to get 15% off of your purchase! The code is CIARA15 and you can use it on as many purchases as you like!

OKAY…. Let the review begin!

About three months ago, I was searching for a cute bathing-suit company that actually sold sizes larger than a size large (which is so much harder than you would imagine) when I FINALLY found Haute Swimwear on Instagram. They had about 77 thousand followers and, from what I could tell, seemed pretty legit so I decided to try them out.

As always, I was looking for a way to make my purchase as cheap as possible (because duh) while also creating cool ways to include my blog in my fashion choices. At the time, Haute Swimwear was looking for ambassadors so I sent them a DM, told them I was interested, and waited to hear back from them.

I wasn’t waiting very long at all. Actually, I heard back from their team within a couple of hours and became an ambassador overnight.

I purchased four of their swimsuits, the Jemma one piece in green, the Priscilla set in taupe green, the Celia one piece in red, and the Bailey set in army green, to help me better evaluate the company.

I received my package of swimsuits about two weeks later and I have to say… the packaging is REALLY cute. All of my bathing suits came in one box but each were individually packaged in Haute Swimwear’s packaging (as seen below). This was a great first impression for me because, not only was I pleased by the aesthetically pleasing packaging, I was also happy that my suits all came together. It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when different items from the same order arrive at different times.

When I opened up my swimsuits and tried them on, I noticed that, though they were super cute and made of a really nice fabric, they were also very true to size. If you are thinking to yourself “Well, I could squeeze into a medium”, you should probably be getting the large. As a plus size female with large hips and breasts, I was struggling to keep everything in place which brings me to my next point: if you have large breasts, this may not be the company for you.

By large, I mean larger than a D or a DD. I experienced most of my problems with these suits while trying to keep my breasts from popping out and found myself wishing more than once that I had a smaller chest.

However, once I got them on (and my breasts fully situated), I have to say that I was very pleased with the overall quality and consistency of the items. They fit my body well, came in a variety of colors and sizes, and gave me a surge of confidence when I put them on.

My only complaint will be that the Celia one piece was more coral than it was red. When I opened up the package, I saw a much more pink color than I was expecting and I had wished that the coloring if the suit would have been made more clear in the photos. It does seem to be a fire truck red in photos (including my photo) but is is a bit pink-y.

However, any problems that I had with the coloring of this suit were disregarded when I realized how comfortable it was. Because there is a decent amount of mesh on the design, the bathing-suit was quite stretchy and fit the same way the Jemma suit did despite the fact that I got the Celia one piece in a size XL and the Jemma one piece in an XXL.

I unfortunately didn’t get any photos in the Bailey set, however, the Priscilla set and the Bailey set fit the same way, were the same color, and were the same general style, so you can judge the Bailey set based on my review of the Priscilla set.

I was incredibly pleased with the Priscilla set when I was being photographed in it by my amazing friend @readbyroe and I would definitely recommend this suit to others. My only problem with it, as mentioned earlier, is that it doesn’t fit super well on women with extra large breasts. So if you happen to be one of those women, I would suggest sizing up to accommodate for your chest size. It isn’t that it the band was tight, nor was it uncomfortable. The real problem was that the cups were just a little too small to accommodate my large chest (Please keep in mind that I wear a 42F and that the cups would fit most women as long as you have “normal” sized breasts).

Out of the four suits that I tried on, my favorite was the Jemma one piece! It was beautiful, flattering to my figure, and could easily be worn by any woman of any size. The low plunge was a little hard to deal with because of my larger chest but it was SO WORTH IT!

I just felt so beautiful in this suit and, to be honest, I felt haute — hehe… see what I did there 😉

If you are willing to show a little skin or you are trying to push yourself to take more risks with your clothing, this suit gets two thumbs up from me!

Overall, I was very pleased with this company and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cute summer suit!

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Swimwear legit haute ambassador

Hi lovelies! Thanks for coming to this review of Haute Swimwear.

Do you love dazzling in your swimwear in the summer seasons? And getting the best deals there is on all things swimwear?

I know you may be wondering about Haute Swimwear. What are they like? Are they legit or fake?

I know I get these questions asked a lot. After all, you have to know what their fiery deals and prices are. But you also need a good background check on them!

Worry no more, I’ve written this review just for you. Keep reading to know whether they’re worth it or not! Maybe you’ll cop a fancy, amazing swimsuit on the way out which will compliment you so much!

Haute Swimwear Review

Behold, this review will help you understand Haute Swimwear. What are they? I answer you who they are and what they do. If they are legit or a scam website. You will uncover all secrets.

I’ll let you know how they work as a site and what they feature. What kind of products you’ll get and their overall customer reviews. You may just walk out of here with a brand new order of amazing swimsuits and bikinis.

Keep reading to know what their deal is, and get to shopping!

(I have discount codes for you at the end too to save some money while you’re at it).

What is Haute Swimwear

Haute Swimwear is a swimwear retailing site. They specialize in bringing hottest and trendiest swim collections at value prices. Haute Swimwear is minimalistic and affordable swimwear line. They cater to all sizes and shapes.

They have good reviews on them and many Instagram influencers and ambassadors wear them on photos. Their pieces are well loved.

Is Haute Swimwear Legit?

Drum rolls, please? Are they legit in what they do? You’ll have your answer in, 3.. 2 .. 1.

Yes! Haute Swimwear is Legit.

Why do I say so? Firstly they don’t steal your money. They have some good reviews on their work everywhere on the internet. Even on their website alone they have many reviews of happy customers. Their ratings are also great on well known sites.

So, don’t fret. You can buy from them with confidence and wear your swimwear even more confidently!

Let’s discuss some of its features now. They have so much pretty swimwear in store. You’ll love them once you see why I’m saying good stuff!

Similar Article:Is Nasty Gal Legit or Scam?

Haute Swimwear Features

  • Swimwear: the hottes and trendiest swimwear pieces are here. You can browse through your preferences. Whether it’s colorful, monochrome, neon, classic. Or high waisted, wired, or basics. You have a wide selection to choose from.
  • Spring/Summer: This is like an amazing lookbook. The spring and summer collection has floraly, colorful and breezy vibe. Each piece is unique in its own way and perfect for you if you want a new pair. They’re tie dye, neon, full of colors. So much to choose from!
  • Bikinis: Ah, who hates on some good fitting bikinis? The most cutest and steamiest pairs are here. They fit like a glove on every body and shape. And are value priced so you have quality and money in the right place. Nothing to complain here! The bikinis are a sight to look at. Have a look!
  • One pieces: The one pieces are dynamite too. Whether you like cuts on the waist, halter neck, high waist, so much diversity is there. Beautiful color ranges and fits are there for you to choose from. No one can go wrong with a one piece. It’s just what the summer waters need when you dip into them!
  • Cover ups: Cover ups are great for days at the beach or when it starts to get chilly. You can don these amazing and wonderful looking, comfy cover ups. Just stroll them on and cover up yourself if you wish! Super convenient in times when you need them.
  • Become ambassadors: You can also be an ambassador. Visit their page for the run down on them. They include all sizes and all races! You just need to sign up and if you’re a good match, they’ll let you in on it. Amazing!
  • Size chart:They add their own size charts. This helps you find your perfect fit. Everything from measurements to all things guidelines is here. You’ll be shocked to see how well they are designed for each body type.
  • Reviews: They have this separate page for reviews. How cool? You can see what ptevioud customers have said about them. This can help you get an idea about them as well before you buy something. That’s a definitely good thing here!

Haute Swimwear Website & Contact Information

Their handle is hauteswimwear.com. They’re signature style is a bohemian, laid back vibe.

They flaunt all their beautiful images in their grid like website. The hover bar is on the left side where you can see everything, features, reviews, all information!

They sport a fun, light pink color as their branding theme. Super cute and attractive to the eyes! It’ll make you want to buy something instantly. Really.

If you need to contact them, they can be reachable at [email protected]. You can also find all their contact information including address on their website.

How Haute Swimwear Work?

The way Haute Swimwear works is easy. The navigation to their site is somewhat like every other retailing site.

  • Select your desired swimwear from collections.
  • Add to cart or wishlist.
  • Add coupons.
  • Pay with online payment.
  • Check out and receive confirmation.
  • Get your package shipped to you!

How swift is that? They also make sure to add diversity in their lines. They offer different sizes and designs for all shapes of women’s bodies.

Haute Swimwear don’t conform to a one definition of size!

Haute Swimwear Shipping and Returns Policy

Their shipment and returns policy is;

  • Free shipping on orders above $70.
  • 14 days returns policy.
  • $7 cancellation fee.
  • Refund is after cancellation fee.
  • Store credit for returns on sales items.

Haute Swimwear Customer Review

The review of them on Trustpilot is 4.7 stars out or 5! That’s very impressive.

This means customers love and adore their stuff. Their packaging and quality is what most talks about.

Over all, customers seem happy with their orders. They don’t too much. Rather, they say great things about them constantly.

Haute Swimwear Promo & Discount

Yes, discounts are amazing! They offer awesome ones for their site too. Their sales section is very cool to look at. You’ll save dimes there.

If you want to more discount, head on over here to get amazing codes for your trendy orders. They’ll make you go bonkers, belive me!

You get to save so much money on these orders using external codes. Now, get to shopping if you may!


Haute Swimwear is a good site to get your bikinis and one pieces from. They know what they are doing! And they’ll love to have you as a customer.

After all, swimsuits can really make or break your day. With Haute, they’ll try their best to make your day better. They are aware and very conscious of being diverse. The sizes, fits- all are there for every body type.

Everyone is loved at Haute!

Do you want to get a new pair of swimsuit? Which one are you eyeing? I know I have several pairs I want to cop. Happy shopping, pretty lady!

Sours: https://findlegit.com/is-haute-swimwear-legit/

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