Escalade rims on silverado

Escalade rims on silverado DEFAULT

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DISCLAIMER: This wheel is not affiliated with General Motors Corporation in any way or form. The terms "Sierra", "Silverado", "Tahoe", "Yukon", "Cadillac" and "LTZ", "1500", "Denali" are used for fitment and descriptive purposes only. O. E. Wheel Distributors, LLC states that our use of the General Motors Corporation trademarked terms in our product descriptions constitute fair use and nominative use and is in no way to offer confusion that O. E. Wheel Distributor's products and General Motors products are related or their companies.

ChevroletAvalanche 15002002-2013
ChevroletExpress 15002003-2014
ChevroletSilverado 15001999-2018
ChevroletSuburban 15001988-2020
GMCSavana 15002003-2014
GMCSierra 15001999-2018

WILL NOT FIT: Suburban C1500 1988-1999, Tahoe 2WD 1995-1999, Yukon 2WD 1992-1999, Escalade Hybrid.Does NOT fit vehicles equipped with upgraded or performance brakes such as Brembo.

This set of 4 beautiful 22" wheels is designed to fit the Cadillac Escalade and many Chevrolet trucks and SUV models. The CA88 is a Chrome rim with a 9" width. Like all our wheels, wash with soap and water only, and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. You can also put a light coat of wax on the wheel every 4-6 months as an added layer of protection.

Item IDSET-CA88-22090-6550-31C
Relearn ProcedurePlease refer to your owners manual for the relearn procedure specific to your vehicle.
Wheel Size22x9
Wheel Offset31
Bolt Pattern6-139.7
Hub Size78.1
Back Spacing6.22
Center CapsCenter cap included, Original center cap will interchange

Chrome Rim: Chrome is a brilliant and durable finish that, with a little care, can stand the test of time. A classic chrome finish is accomplished in a three step plating process. The first layer of plating is copper which adheres to the wheel and creates a smooth foundation. The second is nickel, providing hardness and durability. The final layer is chrome, which creates a bright cosmetic finish.

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Great wheels

They showed up at my door quick and look great. Weren’t damaged or anything and no problems mounting the tires


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Rims silverado escalade on

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