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Sarah Khan Event Styling

Sarah Khan Event Styling is a Gaithersburg, Maryland-based high-end wedding and event styling company that specializes in decor for Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, and South Asian weddings. The skilled team strives to weave together the intricate details of your wedding and make your vision become a reality. Sarah hand-picks every item that is part of the large SKES inventory of unique pieces. She loves seeing her clients' reactions when they see their event space completely decorated for the first time. Sarah Khan Event Styling aims to create a luxurious and grand event that you and your guests will talk about for years to come. They provide their services throughout Maryland; Washington, DC; northern Virginia; and the surrounding states.

Services Offered

SKES has experience constructing mandaps for Hindu weddings, reception stages, sweetheart tables, chuppahs for Jewish weddings, sofreh aghd for Persian weddings, and much more. Sarah can also provide beautiful bridal party flowers like bouquets and boutonnieres in addition to floral and non-floral centerpieces. Sarah Khan Event Styling provides delivery, set up, and clean up on the day of your wedding and also provides drapery, event design, floral design, and venue selection. Sarah and her team have the following decor items available:

  • Stage and backdrop pieces
  • Furniture
  • Centerpiece vases and vessels
  • Head table bridges
  • Bridal Party Flowers
  • Fresh Floral Arrangements
  • Vases
  • Candles

Sarah Khan shares loved-up photos with husband Falak Shabir from wedding ceremony

Pakistani actress Sarah Khan, who got married to singer-songwriter Falak Shabir last week, shared dazzling photos and videos from their intimate wedding ceremony.

Taking to Instagram, the Sabaat actress shared loved-up photos with hubby Falak Shabir. The celebrity couple looked elegant in the traditional wedding outfits.

Also, sharing the video Sarah thanked her fans for sending her their love and prayers.

She wrote, “Couldn’t stop myself from sharing every bit of my wedding. You guys made it even more special MashAllah MashAllah can’t thank Allah.”

The 28-year-old actress further said, “You guys made it even more special MashAllah MashAllah can’t thank Allah Talah enough for this much izzat aur app sab kaa pyaar. Beshak izzat denay wala khuda hai.”

“Lastly, here’s a small thank you note for all the designers and makeup team for making my wedding days even bigger than I ever imagined , from my birthday (14th of July) to the Nikah day (16th of July) Enjoyed every bit of it ALHAMDULILLAH!”

“PS. Very very special thanks to my sister @aishazafaruk for planning all four events so beautifully. You’re the best wedding planner I could ever ask for! We trusted you and you won our trust.”

This was the first Instagram post of Sarah after her marriage.

Sarah and Falak Shabir got married last week in intimate nikkah ceremony a day after the actress announced her engagement with the singer.

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Beautiful Wedding Pictures of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir

Sarah Khan’s engagement news with Falak Shabir broke the internet yesterday.

The starlet uploaded a picture flaunting her engagement ring with a caption “I said, Yes” on her Instagram and surprised not only just her fans but the entire country.

The couple gathered everyone’s good wishes and blessings.

Today, Sarah Khan looks the happiest bride of the world in a recent videos uploaded by her friends and family. Have a look.


Fun-filled festivities, celebrations, and a whole lot of love - singer Falak Shabir and actor Sarah Khan have been making headlines all week with their wedding events and adorable pictures.

"It was at the 2019 Hum TV Bridal Couture Week where Sarah was a showstopper that we met properly," revealed Shabir in a conversation with Images, as he spilled details about how the duo decided to spend their lives together.

"Previously we had only met as acquaintances, but that day I was drinking tea at the hotel when Sarah and Noor were passing by. I asked them to join me and we had tea together. That was probably the first time we spoke to each other in detail."

The Saajna singer then revealed how their second meeting was a dinner after the show, at a restaurant at MM Alam Road, Lahore.

"We talked a lot. When we were coming back from dinner, I dropped her and proposed to her. I didn't say I love you or anything, I just directly said I want to do a nikkah with you, marry you, tell me how it can happen."

Shabir also added how Sarah is a very shy girl. "She told me to meet her father. I went to her house from Karachi to Lahore. The first time I met her father, we spoke for about two hours. Sarah had told me, if Baba leaves in 15 minutes, it's a no."

Luckily, everything worked out for the best. The families met over the course of six months and the rest is history.

Upon asking if Sarah will be working after marriage, Falak's reply stole the show.

"Whatever Sarah wants to do in the entire world - media related, business related, singing, acting, or anything at all - I'm always going to be standing by her side to support her," he reassured.

"She has no restrictions right now, and neither will she have any after marriage. I believe that we have our elders to guide us and love us, and if they've never put restrictions on anyone - who am I to do it? Whatever Sarah wants, I am always with her," the singer said.

In the end, the star added that the venue was spacious and gathering was small, with only 30-40 close members who attended the quarantine wedding.

While Falak's mehendi and nikkah kurtas were from Humayun Alamgir, Khan donned a Nilofar Shahid number on her mehendi, and Zainab Salman for her nikkah.

We wish the happy couple lots of happiness and joy.





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Inside Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir's enchanting nikkah ceremony

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir got hitched in an ethereal nikkah ceremony held on Thursday.

The newly-wed couple looked beautiful clad in traditional wedding attire as they beamed with joy at the start of their new chapter in life. 

Pictures and video snippets from Sarah and Falak's wedding ceremony have taken all over social media making fans gush over their adorable, PDA-filled exchange.

Looking at the bride and groom's love-filled pictures, it seems as if they cannot keep their hands off each other.

In another video, Falak can be seen singing a song to Sarah while she blushes coyly.

Sarah announced her engagement to singer Falak on Wednesday evening, a few hours after which the couple officially kicked off their wedding festivities with a mayun ceremony.

Pakistani actress Sarah Khan on her work, marriage and what she shows on social media - BBC URDU

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