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RJS said:

Was it a freshly placed altar? If so, the first bit of life essence drains out of the main altar and into the output buffer. I'm guessing you had the duct that was pumping out removed.

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No, this had been existing for quite a while, and was about half filled when I started experimenting, so I could try out both automated input and output. At no point in this experiment was the altar either full or empty.

Also, no I didn't remove the duct pumping things out. I just switched direction on the duct and the tank.

I don't know about this buffering function, though. Can it be that when I pump things in after having pumped things out, the buffer starts empty and the essence level of the altar will only increase once the buffer is full? I did not wait more than the 50 seconds required (assuming the buffer size is 1000) before I concluded that things didn't work. And *then* I removed the duct and tried a few other things. I never waited that long for any experiment since it doesn't make sense until you have inside knowledge of how this works.


This page is about the Blood Magic Life Essence. For other uses, see Life Essence.

Life Essence is a liquid added by Blood Magic. It is used in most crafting recipes within Blood Magic, and is required for ritual activation. Life Essence (LP) can be stored in two different forms. The first is as a physical liquid which can be stored in anything that can store liquids, such as an Extra UtilitiesDrum, or buckets (the latter will create a Bucket of Life). The second is in an invisible, and non-reversible, method, called the Soul Network. Each player has their own network, from which LP will be drained to use tools and rituals, such as the Bound Pickaxe and Serenade of the Nether. The soul network can be filled by placing a blood orb on an altar of level 2 or higher.


Life Essence is created by using either a Sacrificial Knife or Dagger of Sacrifice with a Blood Altar. Life Essence can also be gained by using the Carnosa Diem gesture with the Mystic Branch from the Witchery mod.

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Life Essence

Life Essence
Name Life Essence
Type Concept
Mod Blood Magic

Life Points is the magical energy used in Blood Magic. It is similar in purpose to mana, but producing and consuming it is different.

Life Points has two forms: the liquid generated in altars that can be pumped and placed in the world, and the points stored in a network. The mod author calls both Life Points. Since this is a little confusing, players tend to call points in a network LP and points in fluid form blood.

It is possible to turn LP in to blood with a usage of a Cry of the Eternal Soul Ritual built around the altar.


A sacrifice is required to generate life points. These sacrifices are usually performed at a Blood Altar. There are two types of sacrifice: the sacrifice of oneself, or the sacrifice of others.

A beginning mage must sacrifice their own health. This is done by right clicking a Sacrificial Knife at an altar. Each use of the knife will generate a small amount of points at the cost of a heart of health. The points will be stored in the altar in its liquid form. This liquid points can be used to transmute items or be transferred into a network for consumption by items, spells and rituals.

More experienced mages gain the ability to sacrifice mobs to fuel their altars. This is done by left-clicking a Dagger of Sacrifice on a mob that is within a few blocks of an altar. This will instantly kill the mob regardless of its remaining health and generate liquid points in the altar. Both passive and hostile mobs can be sacrificed. The amount of points gained depends NOT on the health of the mob has when it is sacrificed but the type of mob sacrificed. There are 3 types of mob that will give different amounts of blood: Passive (Animals) will give 250LP, Unredeemed (Zombies, aggressive mobs etc) will give 500LP and Innocent (Villagers and Players) give 2000LP. Sacrificing Villagers was going to have consequences using a karma system but the idea was scrapped as it was not deemed to fit with the theme of Blood Magic.

Advanced mages can automate these processes with the Ritual of the Feathered Knife and the Well of Suffering. Runes of Sacrifice and Runes of Self-sacrifice can increase the amount of points generated per health sacrificed.

Transferring points from an altar into a soul network requires the use of a Blood Orb. The orb acts as a conduit for transferring the points into the network, but is not a container for it. Losing an orb will not cause the loss of any points in the network. The maximum amount of points that can be transferred in to a network is determined by the quality of the orb used to do the transfer. Runes of the Orb can increase this limit.

To transfer points, place the orb into the altar by right clicking on it. The altar will begin to lose points and the network the orb is bound to will gain it. This process emits red particles. The Divination Sigil allows a mage to monitor the amount of points in his altars and network.

It is also possible to transfer points into a network directly by right-clicking an orb. This will sacrifice a heart and add 200 LP to the bound network. This does not require an altar and can be done from anywhere, but is less efficient than an altar with Runes of Sacrifice or Self-sacrifice.


Any item that uses points will draw that points from the network of the player it is bound to. This process works over any range and from any dimension. It is important to note that the points always comes from the bound network, even if the item is used by a different player.

If there is not enough points in the network to fuel an activated item, such as a Water Sigil, it will draw life points from the player using it by sacrificing their health. If the amount of points needed is high enough, this process can kill the user. Note that only the player using the item can be killed in this way, so even if a mage's bound items are stolen, they cannot be used to remotely kill him, only to drain LP.

Passive items, such as Rituals or Lava Crystals, will instead cause the bound mage to suffer nausea, causing the screen to warp and wobble around in a disorienting manner. This effect lasts until life points is added to the network or the ritual is deactivated. It is considered a rite of passage among blood mages to run out of points in their network and be suddenly struck with nausea while far from home. The effect is quite disorienting and can make the trip back long and difficult.


Blood Arsenal Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4


Blood Arsenal Mod is a fairly new addon to Blood Magic by WayofTime. With this mod, you will be supplied with new tools such as the Bound Bow and Sickle. It includes three tiers of tools and more rituals such as the Ritual of Withering or Midas’ Touch. Besides, it also adds in plenty of decor blocks for designers and some interesting mechanics.


Blocks: Multiple decor blocks including blood infused glass, ice, slate storage blocks, and more!

Blood Arsenal Mod
Blood Arsenal Mod
Blood Arsenal Mod

Lighting and Cake: The cake never disappears! It does use your LP though
The cake never disappears! It does use your LP though

Blood Arsenal Mod

Blood TNT: A larger and quicker form of mundane TNT.

Normal TNT:

Blood Arsenal Mod

Blood TNT:

Blood Arsenal Mod

Machines: Life Essence Materializer: Once an orb is inserted into this block, it will suck out LP from the orb’s owner converting it to Life Essence which can then be pumped out. (converts 150 – 100) Life Infuser: Takes in life essence and gradually repairs a tool using 500 LE each damage point repaired.

Blood Arsenal Mod

The extremely powerful Soul Compacter: Put underneath a master ritual stone with a ritual or underneath an altar. Right click it with an orb to compact the whole thing into one block! WARNING: May use a bit more LP than you’d think!

Blood Arsenal Mod
Blood Arsenal Mod

Items: Bound tools such as Bound Bows, Bound Sickles, Bound Shears, and Bound Igniter! Bound Tools:

Blood Arsenal Mod

New foods including cookies, juice, and oranges!:

Blood Arsenal Mod

Blood Money: Ever wanted to pay someone in blood? Well now you can with blood money! To get the amount of LP received when right-clicked, simply multiply 10000 by the multiplier.

Blood Arsenal Mod

Tools: 3 tiers of tools including wood, iron, and diamond!

Blood Arsenal Mod

Glass Sacrificial Dagger/Dagger of Sacrifice: Improved but more dangerous upgrades to the mundane daggers (see picture below) Grants more LP overall. (You get Glass Shards by breaking glass blocks with flint in your hand (25% chance)

Sigils: Sigil of Swimming: Allows the player to move faster, break faster, and breath underwater!

Blood Arsenal Mod

Ender Sigil:

Blood Arsenal Mod

Sigil of Augmented Holding: An upgraded variant of the Sigil of Holding; holds 9 sigils in total!

Blood Arsenal Mod

Lightning Sigil: Very powerful sigil that summons lightning wherever you point and click!

Blood Arsenal Mod

Armor: A vampire set of armor with a cape, greaves, and boots! They give Strength III when worn too!

Blood Arsenal Mod

Glass Armor: Not very durable but makes the attacking entity bleed.

Blood Arsenal Mod

Life Imbued Armor: Powerful armor able to store LE and utilize it to protect the wearer. Wearing this full set of armor will randomly heal you completely for the cost of LE inside the armor. Can be refilled in the Life Infuser.

Blood Arsenal Mod

Transparent Orb: Dynamic measuring of LP! Magical.

Blood Arsenal Mod

Rituals: 4 new rituals including Ritual of Withering, and Midas Touch! Withering:

Blood Arsenal Mod

Midas Touch has a chance to transmute an iron ingot into a gold ingot!

Enchantress’ Spell: Allows the enchanment of an item with multiple books at the same time costing LP

Fisherman’s Hymn: Fishes fish and other fishable items using fishy mechanics. Outputs the fishhy stuff in a chest above the Master Ritual Stone.


Minecraft Forge

Blood Magic Mod

Blood Arsenal Mod Download Links:

Author: Arcaratus

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