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How many acres in 0.31 hectare?

To calculate a hectare value to the corresponding value in acre, just multiply the quantity in hectare by 2.4710538146717 (the conversion factor). Here is the formula:

Value in acres = value in hectare × 2.4710538146717

Suppose you want to convert 0.31 hectare into acres. Using the conversion formula above, you will get:

Value in acre = 0.31 × 2.4710538146717 = 0.766027 acre

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Hectares to acres conversion chart near 0.31 hectare

Hectares to acres conversion chart
0.22 hectare = 0.544 acre
0.23 hectare = 0.568 acre
0.24 hectare = 0.593 acre
1/4 hectare = 0.618 acre
0.26 hectare = 0.642 acre
0.27 hectare = 0.667 acre
0.28 hectare = 0.692 acre
0.29 hectare = 0.717 acre
0.3 hectare = 0.741 acre
0.31 hectare = 0.766 acre
Hectares to acres conversion chart
0.31 hectare = 0.766 acre
0.32 hectare = 0.791 acre
0.33 hectare = 0.815 acre
0.34 hectare = 0.84 acre
0.35 hectare = 0.865 acre
0.36 hectare = 0.89 acre
0.37 hectare = 0.914 acre
0.38 hectare = 0.939 acre
0.39 hectare = 0.964 acre
0.4 hectare = 0.988 acre

Note: some values may be rounded.

Area Unit Converter

Area Unit Converter

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Conversion Hectare to Acre

1 ha(s)2.4710538146694 ac(s) (2)2 ha(s)4.9421076293388 ac(s) (5)3 ha(s)7.4131614440083 ac(s) (7)4 ha(s)9.8842152586777 ac(s) (10)5 ha(s)12.355269073347 ac(s) (12)6 ha(s)14.826322888017 ac(s) (15)7 ha(s)17.297376702686 ac(s) (17)8 ha(s)19.768430517355 ac(s) (20)9 ha(s)22.239484332025 ac(s) (22)10 ha(s)24.710538146694 ac(s) (25)11 ha(s)27.181591961364 ac(s) (27)12 ha(s)29.652645776033 ac(s) (30)13 ha(s)32.123699590702 ac(s) (32)14 ha(s)34.594753405372 ac(s) (35)15 ha(s)37.065807220041 ac(s) (37)16 ha(s)39.536861034711 ac(s) (40)17 ha(s)42.00791484938 ac(s) (42)18 ha(s)44.47896866405 ac(s) (44)19 ha(s)46.950022478719 ac(s) (47)20 ha(s)49.421076293388 ac(s) (49)21 ha(s)51.892130108058 ac(s) (52)22 ha(s)54.363183922727 ac(s) (54)23 ha(s)56.834237737397 ac(s) (57)24 ha(s)59.305291552066 ac(s) (59)25 ha(s)61.776345366736 ac(s) (62)26 ha(s)64.247399181405 ac(s) (64)27 ha(s)66.718452996074 ac(s) (67)28 ha(s)69.189506810744 ac(s) (69)29 ha(s)71.660560625413 ac(s) (72)30 ha(s)74.131614440083 ac(s) (74)31 ha(s)76.602668254752 ac(s) (77)32 ha(s)79.073722069421 ac(s) (79)33 ha(s)81.544775884091 ac(s) (82)34 ha(s)84.01582969876 ac(s) (84)35 ha(s)86.48688351343 ac(s) (86)36 ha(s)88.957937328099 ac(s) (89)37 ha(s)91.428991142769 ac(s) (91)38 ha(s)93.900044957438 ac(s) (94)39 ha(s)96.371098772107 ac(s) (96)40 ha(s)98.842152586777 ac(s) (99)41 ha(s)101.31320640145 ac(s) (101)42 ha(s)103.78426021612 ac(s) (104)43 ha(s)106.25531403079 ac(s) (106)44 ha(s)108.72636784545 ac(s) (109)45 ha(s)111.19742166012 ac(s) (111)46 ha(s)113.66847547479 ac(s) (114)47 ha(s)116.13952928946 ac(s) (116)48 ha(s)118.61058310413 ac(s) (119)49 ha(s)121.0816369188 ac(s) (121)50 ha(s)123.55269073347 ac(s) (124)51 ha(s)126.02374454814 ac(s) (126)52 ha(s)128.49479836281 ac(s) (128)53 ha(s)130.96585217748 ac(s) (131)54 ha(s)133.43690599215 ac(s) (133)55 ha(s)135.90795980682 ac(s) (136)56 ha(s)138.37901362149 ac(s) (138)57 ha(s)140.85006743616 ac(s) (141)58 ha(s)143.32112125083 ac(s) (143)59 ha(s)145.7921750655 ac(s) (146)60 ha(s)148.26322888017 ac(s) (148)61 ha(s)150.73428269483 ac(s) (151)62 ha(s)153.2053365095 ac(s) (153)63 ha(s)155.67639032417 ac(s) (156)64 ha(s)158.14744413884 ac(s) (158)65 ha(s)160.61849795351 ac(s) (161)66 ha(s)163.08955176818 ac(s) (163)67 ha(s)165.56060558285 ac(s) (166)68 ha(s)168.03165939752 ac(s) (168)69 ha(s)170.50271321219 ac(s) (171)70 ha(s)172.97376702686 ac(s) (173)71 ha(s)175.44482084153 ac(s) (175)72 ha(s)177.9158746562 ac(s) (178)73 ha(s)180.38692847087 ac(s) (180)74 ha(s)182.85798228554 ac(s) (183)75 ha(s)185.32903610021 ac(s) (185)76 ha(s)187.80008991488 ac(s) (188)77 ha(s)190.27114372955 ac(s) (190)78 ha(s)192.74219754421 ac(s) (193)79 ha(s)195.21325135888 ac(s) (195)80 ha(s)197.68430517355 ac(s) (198)81 ha(s)200.15535898822 ac(s) (200)82 ha(s)202.62641280289 ac(s) (203)83 ha(s)205.09746661756 ac(s) (205)84 ha(s)207.56852043223 ac(s) (208)85 ha(s)210.0395742469 ac(s) (210)86 ha(s)212.51062806157 ac(s) (213)87 ha(s)214.98168187624 ac(s) (215)88 ha(s)217.45273569091 ac(s) (217)89 ha(s)219.92378950558 ac(s) (220)90 ha(s)222.39484332025 ac(s) (222)91 ha(s)224.86589713492 ac(s) (225)92 ha(s)227.33695094959 ac(s) (227)93 ha(s)229.80800476426 ac(s) (230)94 ha(s)232.27905857893 ac(s) (232)95 ha(s)234.7501123936 ac(s) (235)96 ha(s)237.22116620826 ac(s) (237)97 ha(s)239.69222002293 ac(s) (240)98 ha(s)242.1632738376 ac(s) (242)99 ha(s)244.63432765227 ac(s) (245)100 ha(s)247.10538146694 ac(s) (247)
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Conversion number between hectare [ha] and acre [ac] is 2.4710538146717. This means, that hectare is bigger unit than acre.

Enter the number in hectare:

eg. 1 whole and 2⁄3. Integers only, Denominator can not be zero!
eg. 2.123 x 10-2. The power must be an integer.
eg. 1+3.1*pi/4 (alowed operators: + - * /and piconstant)

Calculation process of conversion value

  • 1 hectare = (exactly) `(10000) / (4046.8564224)` = 2.4710538146717 acre
  • 1 acre = (exactly) `(4046.8564224) / (10000)` = 0.40468564224 hectare
  • ? hectare × `(10000  ("m²"/"hectare")) / (4046.8564224  ("m²"/"acre"))` = ? acre


hectare to acre conversion chart


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Details about hectare and acre units:

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Hectares to Acres Conversion

How to Convert Hectares to Acres

conversion scale showing hectares and equivalent acres area values


The fastest way to convert hectares to acres is to use this simple formula:

acres = hectares × 2.471054

The area in acres is equal to the area in hectares multiplied by 2.471054. Since one acre is equal to 2.471054 hectares[1], that's the conversion ratio used in the formula.

For example, here's how to convert 5 hectares to acres using the formula above.

5 ha = (5 × 2.471054) = 12.355269 ac

Hectares and acres are both units used to measure area. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


One hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters,[2] or the area of a square with 100 meter sides.

The hectare is an SI accepted unit for area for use with the metric system. In the metric system, "hecto" is the prefix for 102. Hectares can be abbreviated as ha; for example, 1 hectare can be written as 1 ha.


One acre is defined as the area equal to a space that is one chain (66 ft) by one furlong (660 ft), or 10 square chains.[3] That's equal to 43,560 square feet for those unfamiliar with those units of measure.

The acre is a US customary and imperial unit of area. Acres can be abbreviated as ac; for example, 1 acre can be written as 1 ac.

Try our acreage calculator to find the area of a plot of land in acres by locating the boundaries on a map.

Sours: https://www.inchcalculator.com/convert/hectare-to-acre/

To acre hectare

Convert Hectare to Acre |1 Hectare to Acre

How to Convert from 1 Hectare to Acre

You should know the 1 hectare is equal to acre conversion terms, i.e. 2.471053815 acres in all. Hence, for converting ha to acres, you simply have to multiply the figure in hectare by 2.471053815.

Formula for Converting Hectare to Acre

The formula for converting 1 hectare to acer is-

Acre = Hectare * 2.471053815.

Example 1: Convert 2 hectares to acres

2 hectares = 2*2.471053815 acres = 4.94 acres.

Example 2: Convert 5 hectares to acres

5 hectares = 5*2.471053815 acres =12.35 acres.

Similarly, a unit of an acre is transformed into a hectare by dividing the given acre by 0.4047.

For instance: Convert 10 acres into hectare

10 acres = 10/0.4047 = 24.709 hectares.

For a precise and quick computation, we suggest you use an area converter calculator into hectares.

Relation between Hector to Acer

The relationship between one hectare to acre is quite easy to understand. Especially, when dealing with the selling and buying of land/plot you must know the underlying relationship and figure for 1 ha to Acre.

In total, 1 hectare works out to 2.471053815 acres, i.e.

1 ha = 2.471053815 ac

You can use this knowledge for readily undertaking to convert hectares to acres.

The hectare to acre conversion should also encompass the reverse values, i.e. 1 acre is equivalent to 0.4046856422 hectares or we can write it as-

1 ac = 0.4046856422

Hectare to Acre  Conversion Table

HectareAcreHectare to Acre
1 Hectare2.471053815 Acre1 Hectare is equal to 2.471053815 Acre
2 Hectare4.94210763 Acre2 Hectare is equal to 4.94210763 Acre
3 Hectare7.413161445 Acre3 Hectare is equal to 7.413161445 Acre
4 Hectare9.88421526 Acre4 Hectare is equal to 9.88421526 Acre
5 Hectare12.355269075 Acre5 Hectare is equal to 12.355269075 Acre
6 Hectare14.82632289 Acre6 Hectare is equal to 14.82632289 Acre
7 Hectare17.297376705 Acre7 Hectare is equal to 17.297376705 Acre
8 Hectare19.76843052 Acre8 Hectare is equal to 19.76843052 Acre
9 Hectare22.239484335 Acre9 Hectare is equal to 22.239484335 Acre
10 Hectare24.71053815 Acre10 Hectare is equal to 24.71053815 Acre
11 Hectare27.181591965 Acre11 Hectare is equal to 27.181591965 Acre
12 Hectare29.65264578 Acre12 Hectare is equal to 29.65264578 Acre
13 Hectare32.123699595 Acre13 Hectare is equal to 32.123699595 Acre
14 Hectare34.59475341 Acre14 Hectare is equal to 34.59475341 Acre
15 Hectare37.065807225 Acre15 Hectare is equal to 37.065807225 Acre
16 Hectare39.53686104 Acre16 Hectare is equal to 39.53686104 Acre
17 Hectare42.007914855 Acre17 Hectare is equal to 42.007914855 Acre
18 Hectare44.47896867 Acre18 Hectare is equal to 44.47896867 Acre
19 Hectare46.950022485 Acre19 Hectare is equal to 46.950022485 Acre
20 Hectare49.4210763 Acre20 Hectare is equal to 49.4210763 Acre
21 Hectare51.892130115 Acre21 Hectare is equal to 51.892130115 Acre
22 Hectare54.36318393 Acre22 Hectare is equal to 54.36318393 Acre
23 Hectare56.834237745 Acre23 Hectare is equal to 56.834237745 Acre
24 Hectare59.30529156 Acre24 Hectare is equal to 59.30529156 Acre
25 Hectare61.776345375 Acre25 Hectare is equal to 61.776345375 Acre
26 Hectare64.24739919 Acre26 Hectare is equal to 64.24739919 Acre
27 Hectare66.718453005 Acre27 Hectare is equal to 66.718453005 Acre
28 Hectare69.18950682 Acre28 Hectare is equal to 69.18950682 Acre
29 Hectare71.660560635 Acre29 Hectare is equal to 71.660560635 Acre
30 Hectare74.13161445 Acre30 Hectare is equal to 74.13161445 Acre
31 Hectare76.602668265 Acre31 Hectare is equal to 76.602668265 Acre
32 Hectare79.07372208 Acre32 Hectare is equal to 79.07372208 Acre
33 Hectare81.544775895 Acre33 Hectare is equal to 81.544775895 Acre
34 Hectare84.01582971 Acre34 Hectare is equal to 84.01582971 Acre
35 Hectare86.486883525 Acre35 Hectare is equal to 86.486883525 Acre
36 Hectare88.95793734 Acre36 Hectare is equal to 88.95793734 Acre
37 Hectare91.428991155 Acre37 Hectare is equal to 91.428991155 Acre
38 Hectare93.90004497 Acre38 Hectare is equal to 93.90004497 Acre
39 Hectare96.371098785 Acre39 Hectare is equal to 96.371098785 Acre
40 Hectare98.8421526 Acre40 Hectare is equal to 98.8421526 Acre
41 Hectare101.313206415 Acre41 Hectare is equal to 101.313206415 Acre
42 Hectare103.78426023 Acre42 Hectare is equal to 103.78426023 Acre
43 Hectare106.255314045 Acre43 Hectare is equal to 106.255314045 Acre
44 Hectare108.72636786 Acre44 Hectare is equal to 108.72636786 Acre
45 Hectare111.197421675 Acre45 Hectare is equal to 111.197421675 Acre
46 Hectare113.66847549 Acre46 Hectare is equal to 113.66847549 Acre
47 Hectare116.139529305 Acre47 Hectare is equal to 116.139529305 Acre
48 Hectare118.61058312 Acre48 Hectare is equal to 118.61058312 Acre
49 Hectare121.081636935 Acre49 Hectare is equal to 121.081636935 Acre
50 Hectare123.55269075 Acre50 Hectare is equal to 123.55269075 Acre
51 Hectare126.023744565 Acre51 Hectare is equal to 126.023744565 Acre
52 Hectare128.49479838 Acre52 Hectare is equal to 128.49479838 Acre
53 Hectare130.965852195 Acre53 Hectare is equal to 130.965852195 Acre
54 Hectare133.43690601 Acre54 Hectare is equal to 133.43690601 Acre
55 Hectare135.907959825 Acre55 Hectare is equal to 135.907959825 Acre
56 Hectare138.37901364 Acre56 Hectare is equal to 138.37901364 Acre
57 Hectare140.850067455 Acre57 Hectare is equal to 140.850067455 Acre
58 Hectare143.32112127 Acre58 Hectare is equal to 143.32112127 Acre
59 Hectare145.792175085 Acre59 Hectare is equal to 145.792175085 Acre
60 Hectare148.2632289 Acre60 Hectare is equal to 148.2632289 Acre
61 Hectare150.734282715 Acre61 Hectare is equal to 150.734282715 Acre
62 Hectare153.20533653 Acre62 Hectare is equal to 153.20533653 Acre
63 Hectare155.676390345 Acre63 Hectare is equal to 155.676390345 Acre
64 Hectare158.14744416 Acre64 Hectare is equal to 158.14744416 Acre
65 Hectare160.618497975 Acre65 Hectare is equal to 160.618497975 Acre
66 Hectare163.08955179 Acre66 Hectare is equal to 163.08955179 Acre
67 Hectare165.560605605 Acre67 Hectare is equal to 165.560605605 Acre
68 Hectare168.03165942 Acre68 Hectare is equal to 168.03165942 Acre
69 Hectare170.502713235 Acre69 Hectare is equal to 170.502713235 Acre
70 Hectare172.97376705 Acre70 Hectare is equal to 172.97376705 Acre
71 Hectare175.444820865 Acre71 Hectare is equal to 175.444820865 Acre
72 Hectare177.91587468 Acre72 Hectare is equal to 177.91587468 Acre
73 Hectare180.386928495 Acre73 Hectare is equal to 180.386928495 Acre
74 Hectare182.85798231 Acre74 Hectare is equal to 182.85798231 Acre
75 Hectare185.329036125 Acre75 Hectare is equal to 185.329036125 Acre
76 Hectare187.80008994 Acre76 Hectare is equal to 187.80008994 Acre
77 Hectare190.271143755 Acre77 Hectare is equal to 190.271143755 Acre
78 Hectare192.74219757 Acre78 Hectare is equal to 192.74219757 Acre
79 Hectare195.213251385 Acre79 Hectare is equal to 195.213251385 Acre
80 Hectare197.6843052 Acre80 Hectare is equal to 197.6843052 Acre
81 Hectare200.155359015 Acre81 Hectare is equal to 200.155359015 Acre
82 Hectare202.62641283 Acre82 Hectare is equal to 202.62641283 Acre
83 Hectare205.097466645 Acre83 Hectare is equal to 205.097466645 Acre
84 Hectare207.56852046 Acre84 Hectare is equal to 207.56852046 Acre
85 Hectare210.039574275 Acre85 Hectare is equal to 210.039574275 Acre
86 Hectare212.51062809 Acre86 Hectare is equal to 212.51062809 Acre
87 Hectare214.981681905 Acre87 Hectare is equal to 214.981681905 Acre
88 Hectare217.45273572 Acre88 Hectare is equal to 217.45273572 Acre
89 Hectare219.923789535 Acre89 Hectare is equal to 219.923789535 Acre
90 Hectare222.39484335 Acre90 Hectare is equal to 222.39484335 Acre
91 Hectare224.865897165 Acre91 Hectare is equal to 224.865897165 Acre
92 Hectare227.33695098 Acre92 Hectare is equal to 227.33695098 Acre
93 Hectare229.808004795 Acre93 Hectare is equal to 229.808004795 Acre
94 Hectare232.27905861 Acre94 Hectare is equal to 232.27905861 Acre
95 Hectare234.750112425 Acre95 Hectare is equal to 234.750112425 Acre
96 Hectare237.22116624 Acre96 Hectare is equal to 237.22116624 Acre
97 Hectare239.692220055 Acre97 Hectare is equal to 239.692220055 Acre
98 Hectare242.16327387 Acre98 Hectare is equal to 242.16327387 Acre
99 Hectare244.634327685 Acre99 Hectare is equal to 244.634327685 Acre
100 Hectare247.1053815 Acre100 Hectare is equal to 247.1053815 Acre

Difference between Hectare and Acre

Although both Hectare and Acre are the units for measuring land, plot, etc., they differ from each other slightly. Below we have enlisted five basic differences between the two.

Basis of Comparison







It’s a metric unit of area, specifically representing 10000 sq meters.

It’s a unit of measurement mostly used in U.S customary and Imperial systems or 4840 square yards.


The International System of Units has accepted Hectare to be used as a non-SI unit.

Acre isn’t recognized as a SI unit of area measurement.


1 hectare = 2.47 acres. It’s bigger than an acre.

1 acre = 0.4047 hectares and hence, it’s smaller than a hectare.


It is used as a legal unit of area measurement thought European Union as well as commonwealth countries.

Acre is commonly used in countries such as the United States, South America, Central America, India, Pacific Islands, etc.

What is Hectare?

Hectare is a measurement system that is used commonly within the aegis of the metric system for land measurement purposes and plots globally. It’s a metric unit for area measurement. Typically, it is represented by the symbol “ha”.

Invented in 1795, this measurement unit is a fusion of two Latin terms, namely Hect and Area.

One hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters. However, within the aegis of the British Imperial System, one hectare equals 2.471 acres.

100 ha equals a square kilometer whereas a farm having 200 ha worth of fields is equivalent to 2 square kilometers of total fields within its ambit.

In the shorter term, a hectare is equal to the size of a football field.

Known as one of the commonly used measurement units for land in farming communities, both units (hectare and acre) are used for measuring larger tracts or plots of land.

Hectare is used for measuring land across the entire world and although it is not an SI unit, a hectare is the sole named unit of area which is acceptable for usage in tandem with SI units as well.

It has been classified as such by the International Committee for Weights and Measures.

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What is Acre?

Acre is one of the oldest units for land measurement and is applied globally for measurement of vast land tracts and plots. It has evolved considerably over the years as well. Used conventionally throughout the reign of the British Empire, the Anglo-Saxon acre has been defined as a strip of land which is 1x1/10 furlong or 40x4 rods and 660 x 66 feet overall. Used throughout the U.S. and Imperial systems of measurement alike, the contemporary acre works out to 4,840 square yards and 4,047 square meters along with 0.4047 hectares and 43, 560 square feet. It may also be defined as the area which is a furlong long and four rods wide.

Imperial units are systems for measures and weights which were used officially from the year 1824 in Great Britain till the metric system was adopted from 1965. It is now defined in metric unit terms and the units are also a part of the U.S. Customary System which directly derives from the Imperial System in Britain. Acre comes from aker which is a world in ancient English, indicating open field and it does not have any shape which has been prescribed. The acre is mostly written in its full form and the ac abbreviation is also used in this regard.

Acre is used throughout the globe including several countries like Germany, Canada, Jamaica, Spain, U.S., France and several countries in South Asia like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh apart from India. The unit is used more commonly in the United Kingdom and back in the Middle Ages in England, one acre of land was classified as the area which could be ploughed in a single day by a yoke of oxen or eight oxen. The measurement unit has attained immense popularity over the years throughout the British Empire and farm sizes have also been expressed through the same in spite of square miles making for a more logical option instead.

You should make a note of the fact that acre does not come with any standard measurement and it does not indicate the same area in several countries where it is majorly in usage. An acre in Scotland works out to 1.27 standard acres and the Irish acre is equivalent to 1.6 U.S. or British acres in total. Residential plots are measured on the basis of square feet in India while agricultural land measurement is done through hectares or acres. Bigha is a unit which is used more locally throughout northern parts of India.

Current Use of Hectare

Primarily, hectares are employed to measure the land area around the world. Although it’s not considered as an SI unit (just a unit accepted for use with SI), the SI brochure states that the use of this measurement unit will “continue indefinitely.”

Hectares are used commonly throughout several countries, including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), United States (U.S.), European Union, Burma, and India.

Current Use of Acre

Acre is used throughout the globe including several countries like Germany, Canada, Jamaica, Spain, U.S, UK, France, Ghana, and various countries in South Asia like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh besides India.

Until now, you might have got a basic idea about Hectare and Acre. If it’s so, let’s move on to find out how to convert ha to acre or hec to acre.

Frequently Asked Questions

You only have to multiply the figure in hectare by 2.471053815 to arrive at the final figure in acre.

The formula is given below for your perusal-
Acre = Hectare * 2.471053815.

1 Hectare contains 2.471053815 acres in total.

1 Acre contains 0.4046856422 hectares in all.

Both hectare and acres are used for measuring land area.

Yes, a hectare is bigger than an acre.
1 acre = 4046.856 square metres.
However, 1 hectare = 100 meter x 100meter= 10000 square metres.
Therefore, a hectare is bigger than an acre (1 ha is equal to 2.47 acres ).

108 acres equal to 43.706 hectares.

Final Words on ha to Acres

With this, I hope most of your doubts about hector to acer conversion has been cleared.

Oops! Did I say hector? My apologies, it’s Hectare.

To conclude, one hectare is equal to acre 2.47. So, when you don’t have access to an area calculator and you feel the need for converting hectare to acre, simply multiply the provided hectare with 2.47. The outcome will be your answer.

Another finding that most people are confused about is which one is bigger- hectare or acre? As discussed, 1 hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters whereas 1 acre is equivalent to 4046.8564224 square meters. This proves that the hectare is bigger than an acre.

1 Hectare is equal to Acre of how much has been explained in detail. However, if you still have any doubt, let us know. We will try to address it asap.

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Convert Hectare (ha) to acres

Convert Hectare (ha) to acres

Convert Hectare (ha) to acres
Hectareis an SI unit of measurement for Area. It's area is equal to the area of a square having side of length of 100 meters. So 1 Hectare is equal to 10000 Square meters. It is primarily used in the measurement of land. It is widely used throughout the world for measuring of large areas of land. It is legal unit of measurement in most countries. People generally ask, 1 Hectare is equal to how many acres ?
1 Hectare = 10000 Sq. Meters = 2.471 acres

Use the Below Converter to find Hectare (ha) to other Units :

Area Conversion of Hectare to other Units and vice versa:
1 Hectare = 2.47105381467165 Acres
1 Hectare = 107639.104167097 Sq. Feet
1 Hectare = 10000 Sq. Meters
1 Hectare = 0.01 Sq. Kilometers
1 Hectare = 11959.9004630108 Sq. Yards
1 Hectare = 247.105381467165 Cent
1 Acre = 0.40468564224 Hectare
1 Sq. Feet = 0.000009290304 Hectare
1 Sq. Meter = 0.0001 Hectare
1 Sq. Kilometer = 100 Hectare
1 Sq. Yard = 0.000083612736 Hectare
1 Cent = 0.0040468564224 Hectare

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How many acres in a hectare?

The area units' conversion factor for hectares to acres is 2.47105381. We simply multiply the value in hectares by the conversion factor to determine the number of acres in a hectare. Alternatively, you can use the hectares to acres conversion calculator as it gives accurate results depending on the input values.

1 hectare = 2.47105381 acres

This means that there are 2.47105381 acres in a hectare.

A Hectare is defined as the area of 100 acres and one acre is equal to 100 square meters. This will give the result as 10,000 square meters.

Calculated as;

= 100 x 100

= 10,000 square meters

An acre is defined as the area of one chain (66 ft.) by one furlong (660 ft.) This is equivalent to 43, 560 sq. feet or 4046.85642 square meters. Calculated as;

= 66 x 660

= 43, 560 sq. feet (4046.85642 square meters.)

Afterwards, we divide the number of square meters in a hectare by the number of square meters in an acre. This can be shown as;

= 10000 / 4046.85642

= 2.47105381 acres

For example

How many acres are in 8 hectares?


We multiply the value in hectares (8) by the conversion factor (2.47105381)


= 8 x 2.47105381

= 19.76843048 Acres

This means that there are 19.76843048 Acres in 8 hectares.


A Hectare is a metric system unit of area measurement abbreviated as "ha". It is mostly used for agriculture, forestry, and land measurement. One hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters. It is an area whose all sides measure 100 meters.

An Acre is a US customary and an imperial (UK) unit of area measurement and is abbreviated as "ac". An acre is about 40% of a hectare. One Acre is equal to 4840 square yards, 43560 square feet or 4046.8564 square meters.

Sours: https://www.calculatorology.com/hectares-to-acres/

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