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Egg, Inc.

Idle clicker mobile game

2016 video game

Egg, Inc is an idle clicker game[1] developed and published by American studio Auxbrain Inc[2] on Android and iOS devices.[3] It is about a future in which eggs unlock the secrets of the universe.[4] The main objective in the game is to make the most profitable egg farm.[5]


The gameplay consists of a red button that can switch sizes and has a chicken on it. When the button is pressed, chickens are released and therefore, money is made from their eggs that they produce.[6] This money can be used to further upgrade the egg farm by doing lab research which increases the value of the eggs, the speed that they are produced, and the size of the player's distribution fleet.[6] To increase the profitability of the farm, the player can construct bigger spaces (called hen houses[7]) to house more chickens, buy bigger trucks to transport more eggs and more grain silos to allow the farm to run by itself for longer periods of time.[6] There is also epic research which is purchased with golden eggs and is permanent (does not reset when the player upgrades their egg or prestiges).[8] This includes decreasing the price of buildings, increasing the boost of soul eggs, and research and increasing the size of the hatchery.[9] Egg, Inc also allows the player to earn currency by watching advertisement videos.[10] Every few minutes, a white truck will come by and drop off a package containing money (the value of which is scaled up as the farm value increases).[9] When the player's farm has a higher income and the production rate is higher, the player can upgrade to a different egg, restarting, but with each egg selling for a higher base price. Later egg types, trucks, and hen houses are themed as being futuristic.

There are also drones which when clicked on will give the player cash.[6][7][9] Sometimes, the player may get a few golden eggs instead. Golden eggs are the premium currency; while they can be earned while playing, they can also be bought with real money, and they do not reset when upgrading the egg type or starting over.[4] With the aforementioned currency, the player can either buy temporary power-ups, like unlimited chickens when you tap for ten minutes or double revenue for 2 hours, or can get epic research, which is used to upgrade other aspects, such as the chance of getting a rare (elite) drone, or increasing the amount of time for double revenue. When the player's farm reaches a certain value based on the egg, the player can upgrade the type of egg their farm sells to one with greater value, and start over.[5][9]

There is also an option to "prestige". This sends the player back to the first egg, losing all cash, but keeping golden eggs and epic research.[5] However, when the player prestiges, the player earns soul eggs which each gives the player a % increase in their farm's earnings.[11] The number of soul eggs earned in a prestige is based on the bocks (sic) earned. The 3D graphics of the game makes it joyful for the players.[12]


Gamezebo gave the game 4 out of 5 stars praising the game as being "satisfying to say the least", "ideal for short or long bursts of gaming" and "slow burning soon turns into compelling" while criticizing it as "ultimately a little pointless" and being a little plain.[1]


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To use this calculator, start by making a local copy for your own use.On PC: and iPad:, you'll be able to edit it for your own use. Go to the tab named "Contractulator"See this image for instructions:
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Egg, Inc.

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User Lists: 3

#1 thebrainninja

Anyone out here wanna join a co-op to tackle some of these contracts? The building materials one has kicked my ass for the last...two weeks or whatever. No amount of soul eggs could beef up my production rate, now I'm one day from the deadline and like 10% of the way to the first(!) goal.

A bunch of new contracts just went live too, and some of them have room for like 20 people!

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#2 awesomeclaw

I've created a group called bombduders which is on the tool time contract. I'm pretty early in terms of epic upgrades so not sure how much I'll end up contributing but hopefully we can get some eggs egged.

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#3 BRG9000

Started playing today, how long until social features unlock? I'm up to the rocket fuel egg.

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#4 amishmonster

I've been cycling through this naming system to find GB coop groups and have had pretty good luck:

@quipido said:

I am continuing with this approach: when a new contract appears, i try "giantbomb", if full, then "giantbomb1" then "giantbomb2" etc., even when I start a new one in this manner, people always join shortly. I suggest this method, as it will get you to the next lobby in line, maximising the number of players at any given moment.

As for when the contracts unlock, I'm not sure. The wiki says you have to have unlocked the contract egg in normal play, but both of the current contracts use eggs that aren't in the main progression, so I don't know what would unlock them.

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#5 scottygrayskull

TIL if you already tried and failed to do a contract solo, you can't redo it with a co-op. :(

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#6 thebrainninja

Aw shucks I really should've checked in here first. I started over on Android so I could co-op with myself, but my soul eggs are so low on that version it's barely helping. I'll definitely search for giantbomb in the future...made my own with just two of me called jollycoopoperation.

@brg9000 said:

Started playing today, how long until social features unlock? I'm up to the rocket fuel egg.

You have to prestige for the first time, so I think you need to complete the first mission that grants you a Soul Egg as a reward.

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#7  Edited By BRG9000

Yeah I figured that out eventually - you have to have 250 soul eggs which took a couple prestiges. Ended up getting in on the tail end of the bombduders contract though we didn't succeed at it.

I tried joining "giantbomb" for the Waterballoon Fight contract just now but it's full at the maximum size of 6 apparently. Anyone else have one going or want to start one?

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#8 Revolution21X

I just started Waterballon Fight, yet again, with room title giantbomb19. I can get roughly 1.2q, a few others who can reach 1q or so would be helpful to reach the third goal. But you know every little bit can help.

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#9 awesomeclaw

Just started waterballoon with room name bombduders.

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#10 awesomeclaw

Just started nostalgia with room name bombduders.

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#11 Veldgerness

Please help coop "Nostalgia"

Name: veldger

Time to complete 6d 15h

Slots 14/50.

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#12  Edited By brooklyn99

New Co-op: brookefod12

Slots: 1/50

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Note: Contract recruitment should be posted exclusively on the Recruitment Page.

Contracts are missions in Egg, Inc. to deliver as many of the specified egg as specified within a certain time limit. Contract names and descriptions are often (but not always) related to current events in the real world.

To start a contract, you must:

  • Have more than Soul Egg 1000.
  • Have the respective egg unlocked on your home farm.
  • Have 4 or fewer contract farms active.
  • Be within legal age (varies by region).

If you attempt to leave a co-op, you must exit the contract and restart. All progress for the contract will be lost, but rewards received so far are kept. Repeated rewards will not be given if you join the same/different co-op again.

While in a co-op, you can tap the Info button to view each player's current number of eggs (not counting any eggs they have theoretically earned offline since their last visit to their contract farm), current egg-laying rate, current number of tokens, and number of tokens they've spent. You can also gift your current tokens to other players from that screen.

Each contract has 1-3 rewards, with the final reward alternating between an Egg of Prophecy and powerful Boosts.

After you claim all the rewards on a contract, you will see a green contract scroll notification which allows you to complete the contract. If the deadline is reached and you haven't earned all rewards yet but other players in your co-op have not visited their contract farm since the deadline, then you will see a yellow contract scroll notification which tells you to wait for other players to report their totals (or for an additional deadline to expire). If everyone has visited their contract farm since the deadline and there are still unearned rewards, you will see a red contract scroll notification which tells you that you failed the contract; you will also receive this red scroll if the deadline to report totals expires while someone still hasn't visited their contract farm since the deadline and you still haven't earned all the rewards.

For each player, a contract shows a difficulty rating depending on Earnings Bonus, egg value, co-op size, and goals, ranging from Freebie to Impossible. This difficulty rating ignores some factors which impact your real ability to complete the contract - for example, epic research improving your internal hatchery rates - so it should be taken with several grains of salt. Some contracts will not be available if you don't have the latest version of Egg, Inc.

The age restriction notice reads as follows: "Due to local laws you do not have access to the contracts feature :("

Contracts do not make progress to challenges that require a certain number of chickens.

Contract Types

There are two types of contracts, Standard and Elite (added in update 1.12.7). Elite contracts typically have higher egg goals and better rewards than standard contracts, but Egg of Prophecy rewards are the same, and so are additive levels to the Piggy Bank (additive Golden Eggs to the Piggy Bank are not). Be aware that it is possible to go from being able to solo any Standard Contract for the maximum reward to being unable to solo any Elite Contract for the minimum reward. It may be the case that rewards fundamentally differ across contract types - for example, a standard might offer an Egg of Prophecy, while an elite might offer Golden Eggs. When rewards are simply the same but better, it is usually the case that the ratio is inferior - for example, getting 10 times as many Golden Eggs will usually require more than ten times as many eggs delivered.

The type of contract one will get depends on your earnings bonus; a contract-specific value divides the players into either standard or elite. Players with an earnings bonus above the split go into elite, and players below go into standard. Standard players cannot join elite contracts, and vice versa. To unlock elite contracts, you will need a 10T earning bonus from Soul Eggs and Eggs of Prophecy.

Assuming you haven't started the contract and you are at the details screen, the icon in the top right corner will tell you what type of contract you have. An elite contract will have a paper contract with no surrounding circle, but standard contract will have a curved line around the paper contract. The curved line is also an indicator of the progress toward elite contracts. As the line transforms into a circle, the progression toward elite contracts is getting closer and closer.

IMG 0846

If you quit a standard contract, you will have a button saying, 'Restart Standard Contract Farm.' There will be an icon with an almost complete circle around a paper contract. That is the symbol of a standard contract.

IMG 0847

When you click on the standard contract icon in the top left corner, a message will pop up explaining how this is a standard contract.

IMG 0849

Unfortunately, you will not be able to tell if you have a standard contract after you start the contract.

IMG 0850

After completing one or two goals and then restarting the contract, the game will start you on the third goal, so you don't get the first or second goal again.

IMG 0852 (1)

This is a solo contract or a contract where you can not join a co-op. There is the delivery information for your farm where the co-op button would be.

Eggs Used in Contracts

This table shows all the different types of eggs that have been used in contracts. The number of times an egg was used in contracts does not count leggacy contracts, as they are just a rerun of the original contract.

Egg Name Value Number of times used in contracts
Egg easter.pngEasterBocks 0.05 2
Egg waterballoon.pngWaterballoonBocks 0.10 10
Egg 1.pngEdibleBocks 0.25 14
Egg pumpkin.pngPumpkinBocks 0.99 9
Egg 2.pngSuperfoodBocks 1.25 10
Egg firework.pngFireworkBocks 4.99 6
Egg chocolate.pngChocolateBocks 5.00 8
Egg 3.pngMedicalBocks 6.25 13
Egg 4.pngRocket FuelBocks 30 10
Egg 5.pngSuper MaterialBocks 150 17
Egg 6.pngFusionBocks 700 14
Egg 7.pngQuantumBocks 3,000 14
Egg 8.pngImmortalityBocks 12,500 0
Egg 9.pngTachyonBocks 50,000 10
Egg 10.pngGravitonBocks 175,000 4
Egg 11.pngDilithiumBocks 525,000 3
Egg 12.pngProdigyBocks 1,500,000 2
Egg 13.pngTerraformBocks 10,000,000 1
Egg 14.pngAntimatterBocks 1,000,000,000 1

Reward Types


Contracts can be completed solo, but this can be difficult at early levels, so (in most contracts) a co-op can be created or joined. In a co-op, every participants' laid eggs are pooled together and all count toward the goals of the contract.

When joining a co-op, your current laid eggs progress is added to that of the co-op.

If you start a co-op yourself, the time for the co-op to complete the contract is the time you had left to complete the contract. Likewise, if you join a co-op created by another person, your time to complete the contract becomes whatever amount of time they have left in the contract - this may be more or less than the time you previously had.

Because of this, it can be a good idea to start a contract, and join a newly made co-op shortly before running out of time, effectively almost doubling the time to complete the contract. This is called prefarming.


Original Run

This section lists each contract the original time it ran and with its original rewards. The first table shows contracts that ran prior to the split into Standard and Elite contracts, while the second table shows contracts that ran after that.

Egg Name Description Rewards Valid Time
Egg chocolate.pngChocolate!Didn't take scientists long to figure out the smart thing to do was to just make chickens lay chocolate eggs.Piggy Bank Addition 5,000
Golden Egg 192
Egg of Prophecy 1
28/3/18 - 8/4/18
Egg easter.pngEaster Egg ShortageWith so many planned easter eggs hunts around the galaxy, there is a shortage. We need your help!Golden Egg 192
Piggy Bank Multiplier x2
Egg of Prophecy 2
28/3/18 - 8/4/18, 21/4/19 - 27/4/19
Egg 11.pngEngage!The Federation of planets needs more fuel for the star fleet!Soul Egg 10,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
7/4/18 - 20/4/18, 29/9/18 - 12/10/18
Egg 7.pngQuantum BlitzThe storage industry is in need of more Quantum Eggs, and they need them fast!Golden Egg 192
Epic Comfy Nests +1
Egg of Prophecy 1
6/4/18 - 20/4/18
Egg 2.pngSuper Food DriveEgg Farmers have flocked to high value eggs leaving people hungry! We need some Superfood eggs stat!
Co-op recommended!
Piggy Bank Addition 7,500
Golden Egg 396
Egg of Prophecy 1
13/4/18 - 27/4/18
Egg 4.pngSpaceEggsSpaceflight is booming due to re-usable rockets. Help fill the demand with this endurance contract.Piggy Bank Level Up +1
Golden Egg 500
20/4/18 - 4/5/18
Egg 13.pngA New SunA new solar system has been found with multiple habitable planets in need of terraforming!Golden Egg 720
Egg of Prophecy 1
4/5/18 - 18/5/18
Egg 3.pngGalactic OutreachAn emerging civilization needs to fight a health epidemic but is not ready for more advanced eggs. We need your help!Soul Egg 10,000
Golden Egg 1,500
Egg of Prophecy 1
4/5/18 - 18/5/18, 19/2/19 - 10/3/19
Egg 1.pngMother's Day BrunchMothers all over the galaxy are requesting omelettes and french toast for breakfast!Piggy Bank Addition 2,500
Epic Comfy Nests +1
Egg of Prophecy 1
11/5/18 - 25/5/18
Egg 7.pngLaurel vs YannyA Quantum rift is causing people to hear different words in a viral video. Scientists have a fix but they need your help.Soul Egg 10,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
17/5/18 - 31/5/18
Egg 9.pngTime TourismWith Memorial Day approaching, so called "Time Tourism" is booming and Tachyon eggs are in short supply!Piggy Bank Level Up +1
Golden Egg 2,400
Egg of Prophecy 1
25/5/18 - 8/6/18
Egg 5.pngHousing Boom!There are housing shortages all over the galaxy, the building boom needs more Super Material eggs to catch up!Soul Egg 25,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
1/6/18 - 15/6/18, 29/4/19 - 19/5/19
Egg 12.pngSchool's Out!A new batch of students have earned their certification to consume Prodigy Eggs!Drone Rewards +2 OR
Golden Egg 10,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
8/6/18 - 22/6/18, 10/6/19 - 30/6/19
Egg 5.pngTool Time!It's Father's day around the galaxy and power tools are flying off the shelves. Help restock!Soul Egg 1,000
Piggy Bank Addition 20,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
15/6/18 - 29/6/18
Egg 3.pngOuch!With all those new power tools out there, there are lots of minor injuries. First Aid!Golden Egg 500
Egg of Prophecy 1
15/6/18 - 29/6/18
Egg firework.pngGetting ReadyWith 4th of July nearing in the States, scientists have found a new way to meet the demand for fireworks...Piggy Bank Addition 50,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
20/6/18 - 4/7/18
Egg waterballoon.pngWaterballoon Fight!The longest day of the year is here (northern hemisphere) and you know what that means!Golden Egg 621
Soul Egg 500,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
20/6/18 - 18/7/18, 21/6/19 - 27/6/19
Egg firework.pngLast MinuteMore fireworks are needed ASAP!Soul Egg 10,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
4/7/18 - 4/7/18
Egg firework.pngEgg Day 2018Some folks like to celebrate Egg Day with a bang!Golden Egg 2,500
Egg of Prophecy 1
14/7/18 - 27/7/18
Egg 1.pngNostalgiaJuly 14 is Egg Day around the galaxy and everyone like to celebrate with the egg that started it all...Soul Egg 250,000
Egg of Prophecy 2
14/7/18 - 10/8/18
Egg 14.pngNew CivilizationA group of explorers are setting out to find new worlds, new civilizations. They are in need of fuel!Piggy Bank Multiplier x2
Epic Comfy Nests +1 OR
Golden Egg 50,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
28/7/19 - 10/8/19
Egg 6.pngFusion ExclusionSmaller settlements all over the galaxy still use Fusion Egg Reactors and are running short of Fusion Eggs!Piggy Bank Addition 10,000
Soul Egg 50,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
17/8/18 - 30/8/18, 26/3/19 - 15/4/19
Egg 9.pngBack To SchoolBack-to-school students are in need of a refresher. Teachers need tachyon eggs to send kids back in time to review material they forgot over summer.Golden Egg 512
Egg of Prophecy 1
18/8/18 - 31/8/18, 19/8/19 - 19/8/19
Egg 10.pngOperation: HabitapullA science project aims to move a planet into the habitable zone of a nearby star system. Graviton egg demand is spiking.Piggy Bank Addition 10,000
Transportation Lobbyists +1 OR
Golden Egg 8,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
18/8/18 - 7/9/18, 26/3/19 - 15/4/19
Egg 5.pngHome RenovationsYou've decided to build a new house! Why not make it yourself? You'll need a lot of eggs to get started!Golden Egg 1,000
Piggy Bank Multiplier x2
Egg of Prophecy 1
31/8/18 - 13/9/18
Egg 3.pngAnxiety AttackA new school year and political turmoil have everyone stressed out! A regimen of medical eggs are needed.Piggy Bank Level Up +1
Egg of Prophecy 1
18/8/18 - 31/8/18
Egg 1.pngAll or NothingA mysterious investor is looking for a lot of edible eggs. But he wants 10 quadrillion or nothing.Egg of Prophecy 1 15/9/18 - 28/9/18
Egg waterballoon.pngSummer SunsetThe local town has commissioned you to create the waterballoons for the end of summer waterballoon fight!Soul Egg 100,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
22/9/18 - 8/10/18
Egg chocolate.pngJust ChocolateSometimes chocolate demand spikes, and all we gotta do as egg farmers is make more chocolate.Golden Egg 1,982
Egg of Prophecy 1
29/9/18 - 12/10/18
Egg 1.pngFall Festival CompetitionThe Fall Festival egg laying competition is here!Golden Egg 2,500
Drone Rewards +2 OR
Golden Egg 10,000
Egg of Prophecy 2
6/10/18 - 19/10/18
Egg 7.pngComplex CostumesHalloween costume manufacturing has started.Piggy Bank Multiplier x2
Soul Egg 5,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
13/10/18 - 26/10/18
Egg waterballoon.pngA Clever SolutionAs drought wreaks havoc on agriculture, farmers are looking for water in unusual places...Soul Egg 25,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
20/10/18 - 2/11/18
Egg pumpkin.pngPumpkin CrunchPumpkins are in super high demand... leave it to the chickens to deliver the goods!Golden Egg 500
Piggy Bank Level Up +1
Egg of Prophecy 1
27/10/18 - 9/11/18
Egg pumpkin.pngHalloween BlitzPumpkin demand is overwhelming! A quick contract for big money!Golden Egg 1,000
Golden Egg 10,000
31/10/18 - 3/11/18
Egg waterballoon.pngWildfiresClimate change is wreaking havoc on dryer climates.Soul Egg 25,000
Piggy Bank Addition 75,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
10/11/18 - 23/11/18
Egg pumpkin.pngPumpkin Pie!It’s that time of year, when what is widely considered the greatest pie hits center stage: Pumpkin PieSoul Egg 5,000
Golden Egg 2,500
Egg of Prophecy 1
16/11/18 - 22/11/18, 18/11/19 - 8/12/19
Egg 7.pngLeftoversThanksgiving has left the world with too many leftovers, quantum Tupperware is sold out everywhere, and more raw materials are needed.Soul Egg 35,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
1/12/18 - 14/12/18
Egg 6.pngFusion TankersThe world's largest ocean shipping company is putting ultra compact fusion reactors in all their tankers. Long term work available.Video Doubler Time +2
Egg of Prophecy 2
8/12/18 - 21/12/18
Egg 12.pngWinter BreakIt's Winter Break! And since break homework was deemed cruel and unusual punishment, Prodigy Eggs are all the rage!Piggy Bank Addition 25,000
Golden Egg 15,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
16/12/18 - 29/12/18
Egg 7.pngQuantum Trash BagsWith all the wrapping paper and boxes to throw out, Quantum Trash bags are flying off the shelves!Piggy Bank Multiplier x2
Egg of Prophecy 1
27/12/18 - 9/1/19
Egg 2.pngResolutionsIt's that time of year, everyone is headed to the gym and getting on a strict diet of Superfood Eggs!Golden Egg 500
Piggy Bank Level Up +1
Egg of Prophecy 1
5/1/19 - 18/1/19
Egg 1.pngWorld Record EggWith a simple picture of an Egg becomming the most liked social media post, demand for the classic is booming!Golden Egg 1,500
Egg of Prophecy 1
14/1/19 - 3/2/19
Egg 9.pngHistory LessonIn appreciation of Martin Luther King Day people around the world to take a trip back to witness first hand a key moment in world history!Soul Egg 2,500
Golden Egg 3,500
Egg of Prophecy 1
21/1/19 - 10/2/19
Egg 2.pngMoon FoodGovernment shutdown killed food supply to the moon. Make more food for the moon!Golden Egg 3,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
28/1/19 - 17/2/19
Egg 4.pngMoon RocketsGovernment shutdown killed food supply to the moon. Help make Rocket Fuel!Piggy Bank Addition 25,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
28/1/19 - 17/2/19
Egg 6.pngThe ThawHalf the USA is frozen over from an Arctic Blast! Fusion egg reserves are depleted for home heaters and de-icers.Epic Comfy Nests +1 OR
Golden Egg 50,000
Egg of Prophecy 1
4/2/19 - 24/2/19
Egg chocolate.pngLove is in the AirValentine's day is here and boxes of chocolate are flying off the shelf.Soul Egg 25,000
Golden Egg 2,500
Egg of Prophecy 1
11/2/19 - 3/3/19
Egg 4.pngSpace VacationSpace tourism is way up this year and there are rocket fuel shortages everywhere!Piggy Bank Level Up +1
Egg of Prophecy 1

Coop eggs inc

What is reddit's opinion of Egg, Inc.?
From 3.5 billion comments

I've gone through a few dozen of these incremental clickers or cow-clickers, depending on how much you like them. So answers here come from just my personal preferences.

> Would you play a game like this?

I would probably try it. Almost any theme can be made interesting with the proper set of ideas and systems. And there doesn't need to be many systems to make the game work.

Chicken farming in Egg, Inc had cellshaded graphics style and a system where you held a button down to have your chickens run across the farmyard to their coops from the hatchery. Besides the upgrade and restart with multipliers system, that was literally it.

Tapp Games had a game about farming Cows in Cow Evolution, and the gameplay elements there were to click cow turds for currency, and combining two cows together to get a bigger cow that generated currency faster. I didn't bother with the upgrade system because it was Pay2Win with almost no free upgrades. So click on cowpats and cows, the two systems available.

Idle Miner Tycoon is a game that is polished graphically and is themed around building mines for various minerals. Gameplay consists of balancing out three different things: Speed of the miners, the speed of the mine elevator, and the loading/unloading speed of the workers on the surface.

From your description I imagine your basic 'hook' would be to let the player plant trees according to their schedule of when they have time to check in on the game: Trees that grow in 2 hours, 4 or 8, or something along these lines? This alone doesn't sound like it would be enough of a incentive to keep coming back. Once you've planted the biggest tree there is, you've essentially gone through everything the game has to offer.

> Have you any ideas to make this game more interesting?

  • Have the trees value be time-based: Sapplings, if harvested, are worth almost nothing. Then it hits a level of maturity where the value starts going up fast, and plateau (or significantly slow down) after certain height. If not harvested fast enough (the game is forgotten for a while) some trees could start to lose value. Others might be the type that just keep growing and increasing in value. So there's an optimal time to harvest everything, but you can do it sooner (and possibly later) than that, when the value is less.

  • Other features in trees: Fruit trees that can be kept around for harvest a few times before they're put down as lumber. Something like bamboo that could be cut down to small twigs and replanted really fast to have a ton of it in minutes (don't know what the timescale of your game is) but they're less valuable in general - this would be suitable for a more intensive session of active gameplay, farming a lot of bamboo for a while, then mowing it down and planting slower trees again.

  • An upgrade system. Better tools that create less waste and more lumber. Maybe completely different tools that have different priorities: Some create less saw dust, others are made to create wood chip (apple tree filings for smoking). Some create planks, some logs.

  • A restart system. It's quite common in all of these games, and it's hard to do right. Some games just give you a flat % bonus on profits with nothing else to gain from it(Bit City, aforementioned Egg, inc) and that's as boring as it gets. Others use this rebooting as a new form of currency you can use to buy something more interesting. My current addiction is Endless Frontier, which at first gives you a bit of boost on monetary gains, but after a while the restarting system becomes the main source of progression in the game. You level up your units with this currency, which in turn enables you to go further, faster. AdVenture Capitalist uses has the reboot system as both: If just stacked, you get a % boost to income. If used, you can pump your numbers for that run up, but the generic % boost goes down, as the number of angels(the currency you gain from restarting) is spent.

  • Ways to expand or customize. So we're acquiring lumber. Then what? I assume it's sold so what can we use the money on? Upgrades is the obvious system, but what about expanding the tree farm? Start out with a tiny plot of land you can grow two dozen of medium sized trees and expand to a plot with hundreds. This could be done by just expanding the initial growing grounds, or by buying a new plot from a new place, with graphical changes as well. Maybe every plot has their own climate and so different trees and growth statistics. Some trees like it hot and humid, others cold and dry.

Egg Inc - All Artifacts (Basic Guide)



In the near future, the secrets of the universe will be unlocked in the chicken egg. You have decided to get in on the gold rush and sell as many eggs as you can.

Hatch chickens, build hen houses, hire drivers, and commission research to build the most advanced egg farm in the world.

An incremental (clicker) game at its core, Egg, Inc. uses many elements from simulation games that give it a unique feel and play style. Instead of menus, you are presented with crisp and colorful 3D graphics and a delightful simulation of a swarm of chickens. In addition to choosing your investments wisely you must also balance your resources to ensure a smooth running and efficient egg farm.

There is something for everyone here:
Casual players love Egg Inc's laid back feel and beautiful appearance. Take your time to build a wonderful egg farm and explore all the content.

More experienced incremental (clicker) players will love the emergent gameplay and depth afforded by the different play styles needed throughout the game. To reach the ultimate goal of having a ginormous egg farm with an astronomical value, you will need to balance strategies throughout many prestiges to make best use of your time.

- Simple, Casual gameplay with opportunities to challenge yourself
- Chicken swarm!
- Dozens of research items
- Dozens of missions
- Many different hen houses and shipping vehicles
- A "Nested" Prestige system has the game always feeling new
- Wonderful 3D graphics with pixel perfect UI and shadows
- Game Center achievements and leaderboards to compete with your friends and the world!

Version 1.22.2

- small improvements and bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5

334.4K Ratings

Best idle game out there

Let’s be honest, you’re watching a bunch of chickens endlessly run across the screen. That being said, I cannot seem to stay away from this game. I’ve tried just about every idle game out there (the tappers, the fighters, zombies, mafia, fishing, you name it) and, IMHO, this one is the best. Sure, it’s not the most action packed, but there are no stupid cards to collect to level stuff up or other pointless objectives just to slow down progress; you make money and buy upgrades...that’s it. The developers have also provided daily events, co-op events, drones to shoot down, etc. that give you plenty of opportunities to earn golden eggs, soul/mystical eggs (whatever they are calling them these days) or just extra cash to keep your farm moving forward. You can watch as many or as few ads as you want and go at whatever pace you like. I also like that there are trophies to collect...does give you something more to work toward. I have downloaded and deleted at least 20 other games since I got this one and still come back to this several times a day. So try it; you might be pleasantly surprised, as I was. Only thing that I would really change is the music. I had to turn it off because it just put me to sleep. Need some variety or something with a little more energy. Anyway, kudos to the developers on this I have to get back and unlock my dark matter egg farm.

Perfectly paced idler

I’ve been playing this game for two years, I just never got sick of it and that’s what makes Eggs, Inc. better than other idlers. The concept of an idle game in itself seems pointless on paper until you try them, then they’re addicting- for like a few days at best. The mechanics and features are what you would expect, most idlers have a lot in common so I’m not going to waste time describing everything about it because it’ll take less time to download and learn on your own, that’s part of the appeal, it’s easy. Idle games are easy by definition. Where this one branches off from the others is after those first few days of play, when milestones are harder to achieve and everything slows down. Typically I get bored, forget about it and replace it with a new game. This one keeps you coming back, and not just with the daily gifts (which don’t reset when you miss a day), or the frequent contracts or events. It’s just a nicely tuned game, you always feel like you’re making progress so you always want to open the app again to do more later. Whoever designed it to be paced the way that it is just got it perfectly right I think, plus there are no forced ads- you can occasionally opt to watch one for a free gift if you want. There isn’t anything else I could ask from this game, it’s perfect and simple and I’m sure I’ll still be playing it a year from now.

Great game but has flaws

I’ve been playing Egg, Inc. for quite while now and I think it’s great. The main issue I would like to address is the big red chicken run button. When you get to a later stage in the game you can hold it but when you are holding it I accidentally move my finger to point when it stops working a lot. This can be really frustrating since sometimes when using the infinite hatchery boost I don’t look at mine screen for a couple of minutes. Even though the button does become slightly lighter when being held I believe the developers should add some kind of color change or more significant way to tell.

Another thing I would like to address are the in-app purchases. I think the upgrading the permit is quite worth it and a great purchase but in my opinion the piggyback isn’t quite worth it. I think perhaps there should be a discount for those with the upgraded permit. The ads are greatly placed and usually a worth while investment.

With the new artifacts update there are more things to do which is great but I don’t quite understand the fueling. The fueling requires different egg types and to get those different eggs I believe you have to prestige. I don’t really like that. I think there should perhaps be some kind of egg trading system in place. Where you could trade your current eggs to the ones you need to fuel the rocket. If you could buy them that’s great too. Other then the things I mentioned the game is great.

The developer, Auxbrain, Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Purchases
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Purchases
  • User Content
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Auxbrain, Inc.

123.7 MB


Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 10.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

Age Rating

© 2019 Auxbrain, Inc.


In-App Purchases

  1. Crack open Piggy$4.99
  2. Pro Permit$9.99
  3. Break Open Piggy$2.99


  • Game Center

    Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements.

  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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