Paccar doser valve location

Paccar doser valve location DEFAULT

The Cummins ISX DEF doser is an important part of your trucks after treatment system and when functioning properly helps to reduce emissions. When it is faulty, it can cause a variety of issues from excessive DEF build up to check engine lights and engine derate. It is simple and straightforward to replace however it is common to break the mounting bolts which would require extracting the broken bolt or replacing the pipe its mounted to. For Cummins specific How to guides, visit our Cummins page.

DEF Doser Location:

The DEF doser found on the ISX15 is mounted on the pipe connecting the DPF to the SCR visible behind the DPF. No DPF heat shields need to be removed to access it, it is facing the driveshaft.

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Cummins ISX DEF Doser Replacement Procedure:

  • Make sure engine is off with the ignition in the OFF position
  • Locate the DEF doser
  • Crimp off both coolant lines going to the doser using crimp off pliers
  • Remove wire connector from doser by pushing in the tab and pulling the connector out
  • Cut zip tie holding DEF line to bracket in front of the doser
  • Remove DEF line from the doser by squeezing the plastic clip and pulling the fitting off of the nipple
  • Remove both coolant lines from the doser by squeezing the sides of the fitting together and pulling the fitting away from the nipple
  • Remove the DEF doser mounting bolts using a 10mm socket, extension and ratchet
  • Remove DEF doser
  • Install new DEF doser to pipe by reinstalling and tightening the 10mm bolts
  • Reinstall coolant and DEF lines to doser
  • Ziptie DEF line to bracket as it was before
  • Reinstall wire connector to doser
  • Remove both coolant crimp off pliers
  • Turn key on and check for any coolant leaks, faults or any other issues
New Cummins ISX DEF doser
Cummins ISX DEF doser mounted to pipe

DEF Doser issue causes truck to “de-rate”

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  2. Usually their are two. One is just behind the turbo. That one is used for active regeneration while driving. Then other one is by the DPF and is used for parked regeneration. That's how Detroits and I believe Cummins are set up
  3. It's behind the turbo, ahead of the DPF.
    Not rocket science.
    You will need something to catch a lot of your coolant, because it is cooled.
    May or may not need to update your ECM as well.

    Look at RAWZE on UTUBE. He has step by step for Cummins doser.
    Paccar same principle.
  4. How many hours on the engine and how long since it was last it cleaned? They plug up with soot, we clean them every 4500 hours with the DPF cleaning. Same with the DEF doser in the pipe between the DPF and SCR system. Not hard to do, but you do have to drain the coolant. Use come carb cleaner and a brass wire brush. A clogged doser is the #1 cause for a not responding fault.
  5. So i took the doser after the turbo and cleaned it very well, but the cel is still on. Is there a way i can reset the cel without going to the dealer?
    No, you cannot clear the fault without the software. If you fixed the issue, the lamp will clear eventually. It may clear after the 1st successful active regen, it might take 2 regens. I don't remember off the top of my head how many, but the fault will stay "pending" until certain conditions are met for it to change to inactive. Did you do a parked regen?
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    Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.

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    Location paccar doser valve

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    Def Doser Troubleshooting / How it works? Volvo D13

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