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7 Best RVs with Office Spaces in 2021

7 Best RVs with Office Spaces

7 Best RVs with Office Space

RV with working space has made vacation to be more resourceful. The included office space can be your remote office, especially when you want to meet friends or business associates during weekends while having fun.

Built-in RV open office space has also made working life easy and comfortable because anytime you can take a vacation rather than waiting the weekend to arrive.

There are two types of RVs with office space, and they include; Proper desk office space and Full office space. Therefore, your preference depends on the kind of office space suitable for you in terms of budget and needs. Below are the best 7 RVs with already built-in office space.

1. Flying Cloud 30FB Office Travel Trailer

Flying Cloud 30FB Office comes with many features to utilize your adventure while working away from home and office. The 30 foot Flying Cloud Bunk is integrated with a Convertible dinette, ample storage space, kitchen, bathroom, sound muffin curtain for enhanced privacy, Wi-Fi, ac front queen bed, and narrow bed-convertible office space to inspire your adventure.

The RV provides a full-standard office space that includes the following features; multiple USB ports and a pop-up USB/AC outlet, 1000-Watt onboard power inverter, sliding drawer, storage cubbies, desk with plenty lights, overhead storage cabinets surfaced with dry-erase material, swivel chair, chair mat and roomy enough to accommodate a laptop with other desktop accessories.

Video Overview: Working from the Road Full Time? 2021 Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office Travel Trailer

2. Lance 72 Track Camper

Lance 72 track camper is 20.4 feet long and roomy enough to host six people and sleep comfortably. There is a two-seater on a rear slideout at the passenger entrance that can be convertible into a bed with plenty of space underneath the cushion for storage.

The front of the two-seater sofa features a built-in swivel table that is adjustable to the floor level to provide more space for convenience and flexibility while accessing the room.

The featured dinette has an adjustable tabletop that is convertible into an office workspace or bed. Underneath the dinette sofa, there is a big drawer cabinet for keeping files and other office necessities.

It also offers an optional 100-watt solar panel or Onan 2500-watt propane watt, onboard power outlets at every section, a complete kitchen with pantry, cabinets, sink, overhead drawers, and a queen-sized bed with ample storage space for outfits, and a bathroom.

Video Overview: 2013 Lance 1172 Slide-In Truck Camper Walk-Around Tutorial Video

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Avalanche 365MB has two access for easy entry and exit and a built-in loft for sleeping despite providing a mobile office. The convertible dinette features housed sofa in a slide-out with a built-in desk to give an office workspace. The slide-out helps keep the room more spacious for office chairs to fit in the room and provide a comfortable living area and storage space underneath the sofa.

This fifth-wheel RV has a solid countertop, huge refrigerator, two lounge chairs, 50-inch TV, remote-controlled Fireplace, Smokey windows and doors, and a translucent glass shower with seat and massaging showerhead.

When the office space is not used, you can slide out the sofa to convert it into a bed. Furthermore, it features a queen-sized bed, bathroom, kitchen cabinet, and pantry to keep groceries.

Video Overview: Keystone Avalanche 365MB Walkthrough

4. Winnebago Forza 38

Winnebago Forsa 38 is a 39.10 foot Class A RV motorhome bunkhouse featuring a full office space with a full-length two-person six-feet desk. The desk also has three convertible drawers separated with leg wells and a form mattress to transform the desk surface into a twin bunk.

It also has an optional theater seat integrated with laptop-sized tables, front dropdown bunk, a hobby and entertainment station, multi-adjustable swivel and recline seat, Master Suite, a movable drawer that also converts into a bed, fireplace, full wall slide, residential refrigerator, two HDTVs, convection microwave, 6000W Onan generator, two full baths, and a 10-gallon water heater and weighs about 29410 pounds.

Video Overview: 2021 Winnebago Forza 38 W Class A Diesel Motorhome •

5. Newmar Bay Star Sport

Newmar Bay Star Sport is 27.11 foot long Class A RV with a V8 Ford engine and spacious enough to host eight people comfortably. This 20,000 lbs. RV provides upfront office space fully equipped and wired with 110V and USB outlets. You can also utilize the convertible dinette table to a portable office desk and bed.

It is also spacious for flexibility while accessing the RV and features a spacious bathroom and toilet, two wardrobes, Pantry, Fridge, free-standing chair, sliding shelf, queen size bed, and 74-inch comfort lounge.

Video Overview: 2021 Newmar Bay Star Sports Official Tour | Gas Class A RV

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6. KZ Connect 292RDK

For over 49 years, KZ has earned a good reputation for manufacturing quality RVs to favor outdoor enthusiasts. The interior of this 32.3 feet long travel trailer features a waterproof cabin treated for long-lasting durability.

Opposite the entrance, it features a large dry bathroom, and as you go past the door, you will find the rear unit packed with a full-size office desk. Moreover, there is a king-size bed, a full kitchen with a kitchen island, and a large closet pantry and spacious enough to host six people comfortably.

Video Overview: 2021 KZ RV Connect® C292RDK Travel Trailer Quick Tour

7. Tiffin Allegro RED 37 PA

Allegro RED 37 PA is also among the best Class A RV motorhome that has been perfectly handcrafted for luxury and provides remote office. The interior features high-end amenities with full comfort features and multiple slideouts to utilize the sofa into workspace, bed, room, entertainment, and kitchen.

The floor plan of Allegro RED 37 PA comes with a practical-designed dining bar to replace the typical booth dinette with dining chairs and roomy desk space enough for couples. Moreover, the dining bar is convertible to a workspace desk, printer shelf, and file drawer. If you want common office space, Tiffin Allegro RED 37 PA would be your best option available in the market.

Video Overview: Tiffin Motorhome Most Popular Diesel Pusher! Allegro RED 37PA


There are many brands of RVs in the market, however. It would be best if you took your time to search for the best RV with office space that is roomy and comfortable with you based on your needs, budget, and family. Besides the quality, you should also settle for RV because of the incorporated features but not for the brand’s reputation. If you have difficulties finding the best one, it will help if you seek help from RV dealers for professional advice.

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Watch the first trailer for Netflix’s Space Force starring The Office’s Steve Carell

Netflix has released the first trailer for its series Space Force, which is a parodic take on the newest branch of the U.S. armed forces. The project was announced pretty shortly after the space-focused military branch was made official, so it’s actually pretty impressive to see a trailer for what looks like a pretty polished production in such a short time – even as the actual U.S. Space Force has only just begun graduating its first cadets.

The show arrives on May 29 (coincidentally just two days after NASA and SpaceX are set to mark a return to U.S. crewed spaceflight with their first Commercial Crew astronaut demonstration mission), and stars Steve Carell alongside John Malkovich, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome, Lisa Kudrow and Ben Schwartz. If you get a distinctly ‘Office’ vibe from this trailer, then there’s a good reason for that – a lot of the creative team worked on that Carell show, too, including Office U.S. creator Greg Daniels.

It’s tempting to characterize this as ‘The Office but with space army” based on this look, but that’s probably just the powerful association of Carell with the Micheal Scott character talking.

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As far as titles go, Hulu‘s new documentary covering the rise and fall of shared working space firm, WeWork, under the stewardship of co-founder Adam Neumann, is worthy of Honest Trailers.

Neumann took the well-established business model of shared office space but pitched a much grander vision of a company that would change the world.

Neumann’s almost cult-like reign, that included stage presentations, astronomical spending and hard-drinking summer camps, would eventually lead to $4 billion USD in venture capital funding, a company valuation of $47 billion USD and the prospect of taking the business public with an IPO.

But the frenzied hype surrounding Neumann’s WeWork would come crashing down after a reappraisal that slashed $37 billion USD from WeWork’s value, something that saw the IPO scrapped and Neumann step down as CEO, before entering into a lengthy legal dispute with WeWork’s majority shareholder, Softbank.

Hulu’s WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn drops on the streaming service on April 2.

In other entertainment news, producers of the 2021 Oscars ceremony are insisting on a live, in-person event.

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In another of those baffling “how the hell did that happen?” cinematic milestones, Mike Judge’s sharp workplace satire Office Space celebrates its 22th anniversary this month. For what is now almost universally accepted as a comedy classic, it initially failed to make much of a pop cultural impression. The film bowed out with a limp $12m world-wide box office take at the time, despite the pulling power of creator Mike Judge, who was making his first leap to live-action following the huge success of animated works King of the Hill and the iconic duo of Beavis and Butt-Head. Also on board was a red hot Jennifer Aniston, still in the middle of her small screen domination via Friends.

Originally brought to life as a series of four animated short films that Judge created about a bedraggled office worker known as Milton, it was the home video platform which breathed new life into the film, turning an underperformer – it failed to gain even a cinema release here in the UK – to an almost immediately endlessly quotable, buzzed about cult favourite. Starring the perennially underrated Ron Livingston as a bored office stooge, Judge takes some lovely satirical swipe at not only that white-collar environment and mentality, but also the similarly exasperating demands on employees stuck within the low-income hospitality industry. This is painfully evident in a scene where Aniston’s waitress is scolded by her manager for not having enough ‘pieces of flair’ (i.e. oversized badges and garish broches) on her outfit.

Predating Ricky Gervais’ first series of The Office by two years, while both are tonally very different, Office Space manages to capture that minutiae of life in a cramped work booth – and the repetitive, monotonous daily grind which comes with the profession – as succinctly and often as hilariously as Gervais’ ground-breaking show did. The characters are familiar to anyone who has ever worked in such an environment, be it holding that similarly repellent view of upper management, beautifully personified here by Gary Cole’s slimy (and future meme generator) vice president Bill Lumbergh. But it’s the aforementioned socially-calamitous office skivvy Milton (played to absolute perfection by Stephen Root) who has that same squirm factor for the audience as Gervais’ David Brent possesses.

The films shifts gears midway through and Peter’s hypnosis-induced lackadaisical approach to work which has fired the narrative so far, suddenly gives way to an embezzlement scheme against his employer Initech, orchestrated with his two closest friends and work allies, Samir (Ajay Naidu) and the unfortunately named Michael Bolton (David Herman). Judge has since expressed his regret at being unable to essentially rewrite the third act, and while the film might go out with a whimper rather than a bang, there’s still so many sublime moments, not least a huge dose of audience catharsis in the middle of the film when the exasperated trio bring the habitually useless office printer to a secluded field and proceed to smash it to bits with baseball bats and their fists and feet.

Judge has since experienced an equally bumpy ride with his two subsequent features, 2006’s Idiocracy and 2009’s Extract, although the former has gained more prominence and satirical weight since Trump entered the Oval Office. It’s unlikely, however, that either will ultimately be embraced to the extent of his live-action debut, which stands head and shoulders above those popular teen sex comedies which seemed to dominate the genre back in the late nineties.

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Space trailer official office

Office Space

Peter hates his job. So do all of his co-workers, although one of them, Milton (Stephen Root), has found refuge through an obsessive defense of his cubicle, his radio and his stapler. Milton's cubicle is relocated so many times that eventually it appears to have no entrance or exit; he's walled-in on every side. You may recognize him as the hero of cartoons that played on "Saturday Night Live," where strangers were always arriving to use his cubicle as storage space for cardboard boxes.

Mike Judge, who gained fame through MTV's "Beavis and Butt-Head," and made the droll animated film "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America" (1996), has taken his "SNL" Milton cartoons as an inspiration for this live-action comedy, which uses Orwellian satirical techniques to fight the cubicle police: No individual detail of office routine is too absurd to be believed, but together they add up to stark, staring insanity.

Peter has two friends at work: Michael Bolton (David Herman) and Samir (Ajay Naidu). No, not that Michael Bolton, Michael patiently explains. They flee the office for coffee breaks (demonstrating that Starbucks doesn't really sell coffee--it sells escape from the office).

Peter is in love with the waitress at the chain restaurant across the parking lot. Her name is Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) and she has problems with management, too. She's required to wear a minimum of 15 funny buttons on the suspenders of her uniform; the buttons are called "flair" in company lingo, and her manager suggests that wearing only the minimum flair suggests the wrong spirit (another waiter has "45 flairs" and looks like an exhibit at a trivia convention).

The movie's dialogue is smart. It doesn't just chug along making plot points. Consider, for example, Michael Bolton's plan for revenge against the company. He has a software program that would round off payments to the next-lowest penny and deposit the proceeds in their checking account. Hey, you're thinking--that's not original! A dumb movie would pretend it was.

Not "Office Space," where Peter says he thinks he's heard of that before, and Michael says, "Yeah, they did it in `Superman III.' Also, a bunch of hackers tried it in the '70s. One got arrested."

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