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Use Animal Print Ideas to Re-Create a Living Space

If you’re living inside a large condo or studio apartment, you know the challenges of living in and decorating an open, wide space. If you’re living inside a dorm room, you know the challenge of residing in an extremely cramped area with the company of at least one additional person. Those diverse challenges may be met and won with the assistance of a few excellent animal print ideas. Leopard print ideas will abound for the ones whose living spaces could use a little decorative wild twist, whether modern or rustic.

Kovi Fabrics understand that animal prints, particularly leopard prints, are highly in demand, so they’ve made them available within numerous options. For instance, you may use our wide array of animal print fabrics to create leopard print room dividers. They create privacy or break up open, large rooms into two possibly more practical spaces. Room dividers are available in metal or wood, with cotton fabric or faux leather decorated within leopard spots. The partitions will do double duty, and change up the traffic patterns inside the home and act as a piece of artwork to the ones around it.

animal print ideas

Your furniture will say a lot about your sense of style and tastes. You might opt to replace your present set using leopard print furnishings, or you might select to add just one accent chair. Whether you pick a simple recliner or accent chair, you’ll discover that adding a couple of pieces which boast this breathtaking design is enough to wake the entire room up. For the ones who aren’t interested in or may not have the ability to buy new furniture, there will include many quality slip cover fabrics from which to select. The slip covers are designed to tightly fit over the furniture in order for it to never look similar to anything but your furniture with its initial upholstery. Kovi Fabrics has animal print fabric that is ideal for residential upholstery projects.

A leopard print fabric storage ottoman is an excellent addition to your overall décor. The ottomans will be attractive pieces which provide you a comfortable location to sit or prop your feet. Additionally it’ll open to reveal an abundance of storage space, in which you may keep newspapers, toys, craft supplies, or whatever else you might want to store away. Use the ottoman to offset the living room furniture, in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, or in the corner of the bathroom in which it might hold additional toilet paper rolls.

As you pick items to assist you in building your exotic new theme, keep in mind that the best options to choose are going to be seemingly unassuming and small. Display a spectrum of dried flowers in a leopard print vase or you can show off family pictures in a collage upon your kitchen wall. Those subtle touches are going to do wonders for modifying the overall motif of the home.



Room Divider - Animal Theme [Room Dividers]

Room Dividers - Benefits

Decorative Room Divider "Room Divider - Animal Theme [Room Dividers]" is unique decoration for every modern interior. Our Room Divider made of solid wood and printed on both sides does not only discretely separate the space, but also creates amazing decoration in your interior. Thanks to perfect product quality with an original design in Full HD print quality, the Room Dividers give a unique charm to every interior.

The decorative Room Dividers for apratment are definitely an original idea to decorate the interior. Worth mentioning is their practical use - they can be used e.g. to hide your laundry on drying rack. The Room Divider is a very unique decoration for any kind of space, you can use it in the apartament as well as in business premises, e.g. in the hairdresser´s or beauty salon, medical practice or in the bookkeeping office.

Decorative Room Divider is ideal as:

  • Room Divider and a decorative furniture that separates the dining-room and the kitchen
  • In a studio apartment, separating the living room from the bedroom
  • As a Room Divider in the bedroom which separtes e.g. the changing area
  • In boutiques and a beauty salons, as an orignal decoration and changing room in one!
  • In a siblings room, as discrete separator of common space
  • In large apartments and lofts

Technical Data:

Room Dividers - BenefitsRoom Dividers - Benefits

Part sizes:
135x172:45x172 45x172 45x172
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Decorative Room Dividers

Decorative room dividers, in redirecting the eye, attract the eye, the panels providing an ideal blank slate, an ideal canvas, a table rasa, to display artistic taste. We offer a large selection of lovely, hand painted, ink and watercolor, four panel folding or wall mounted decorative screens. Painted by long experienced craftsman in the ancient east Asian artistic traditions of Japan, China, and Korea, with simple, serene subjects, and soft, muted, shapes and colors, reproduction Ming, Tang, and Song era art. Also, we offer handcrafted reproduction Coromandel lacquer screens, black and gold leaf, with more dramatic, even stunning, elegant effect. We offer paper shaded Japanese style decorative room dividers with Geisha, Samurai, Bamboo Tree, Cherry Tree, and Mountain Landscape images, machine printed reproductions of colorful Edo period block print art.

We offer an even larger selection of light, portable, decorative screens with surprisingly authentic reproductions of renaissance, 19th century impressionist, 20th century art deco, art nouveau, and other varieties commercial and graphic art, as well as stunning photographic art- plant, animals, land and cityscapes- printed on the front and back of canvas covered panel frames. Or, choose your own art or images and put them into the frames of one of our selection of photo room dividers. With so much to choose from, take your time, if you are looking for something wonderful and beautiful to brighten up a room, you have come to the right place.


Room Dividers – hand painted canvas, art printings and reproductions

In the Room Dividers collection of canvas paintings you have an opportunity to find interesting decorations to hang on your wall. A wide array of Room Dividers canvas paintings guarantees, that you will find your favourite theme, which will match not only modern interiors, but also the classic ones. Room Dividers are an inspiring theme, which appears in painting from ages. In bimago shop Room Dividers theme was adapted as wall decoration. In Room Dividers collection of canvas paintings you can find miscellaneous wall decorations, which vary in terms of style, colours and sizes. Room Dividers are a theme, which looks great not only in multicolour form, but also in more softened colours. Room Dividers paintings in form of multicolour wall decorations will enlighten your flat and in form of canvas prints created in more sensitive colours will give your interior a chick look. Thanks to large selection of colours you can easily fit particular canvas print to your flat arrangement. We recommend not only Room Dividers paintings, but also the entire Room Dividers collection, in which you can find all kind of wall decorations with your favourite theme.

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Room Dividers paintings to your office room, sitting room or kitchen

In stylish, modern sitting room creative decorations are nowadays a must-have! In Room Dividers paintings collection you will find patterns, which will match your sitting room arrangement. Room Dividers paintings hanged in representative place will make your flat look more glamours. Many-hued wall decoration will help you to achieve desired in a cheap way. A huge advantage of Room Dividers paintings is the timelessness of this theme, thanks to which this decoration will look outstanding in every room. Room Dividers canvas prints will look good not only in your sitting room, but also in bedroom. Art prints created in delicate colours will let you create unique atmosphere in your home. Room Dividers paintings collection will be a great idea not only to decorate your bedroom or sitting room, but also other room. The dining room, hall or kitchen are interiors, in which Room Dividers paintings will look splendidly . With Room Dividers canvas printings collection you will decorate your entire flat and because of that strongly recommend our various offer!

Room Dividers as triptych art and canvas art sets

Triptych art and canvas art sets present a new dimension of wall decorations. Room Dividers canvas art sets are full of creative patterns, which thanks to several modules bring out the uniqueness of particular pattern. Room Dividers paintings, which consist of many elements provide you wider variety of interior arrangement possibilities than decorations which consist only from one element. In bimago shop you can find one of many ways of how to hang a painting Room Dividers collection. There’s nothing standing in your way to give free rein to your imagination and to experiment a little bit with this art set arrangement. Room Dividers triptych art you can place on your wall in one line or you can arrange them asymmetrically. On the other hand, Room Dividers canvas art sets, can be hanged not only vertically, but also horizontally. Everything depends from effect, which you want to achieve. Particular patterns from Room Dividers collection consist from modules, which individually can represent completely separate wall paintings. You can hang particular elements of canvas art set along the stairs or create an outstanding arrangement which surrounds furniture. Check out our paintings from Room Dividers collection in bimago shop, which will present as an amazing wall ornament as multi-piece decorations!

Bimago gallery- check out Room Dividers paintings and over 2000 other amazing wall decorations

In bimago shop you can find a huge offer of canvas prints. Room Dividers collection is only one of several dozen categories. Tremendous choice of inspirations guarantees, that everybody finds his own favourite wall design theme. Room Dividers paintings are unique decorative elements, which can be hanged in sitting room. However, in all other interiors you can hang completely another kind of painting themes– e.g Abstract, Cities or Animals. All these categories you can find in bimago gallery. But wait, that’s not all! If you love Room Dividers paintings, you can also search for similar patterns in our offer of products in our shop. Big choice of cheap wallpapers and wall stickers will enrich your interior design with not only Room Dividers canvas collection, but also with other bimago products. Check out our unique bimago offer! You will find Room Dividers paintings and several dozen other categories of canvas prints, glamour wall murals and decorative wall stickers!



Dividers room animal print

Cool Animal Leopard Print Doorway Curtain,Room Dividers Fengshui Curtain, Hanging Tapestry 34"x 56" for Home Kitchen Bistro Restaurant Partition Shading Decor,Polyester. 86cm x 143cm

Good drape, smooth and not wrinkled. Thick and durable, feel solid and not rough. Suitable for home, office, restaurant , dinning area , windows , kitchen , toilet , bathroom , bedroom , living room, restroom, compound area, inn, pub and etc.
Cool Animal Leopard Print Antique Nautical Map Beautiful and colorful The flowers colorful pineapple (2) funny bathroom black cat japanese crane bird Sheet Music Watercolor-mandala World Travel

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+80 room divider decorating - home interior design ideas 2021

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