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Trucking and Fleet Headsets

Every word gets heard, anywhere you go.

Our BlueParrott® line, long the favorite of professional truck drivers, is strong and stable enough for life on the road, anywhere you go.

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BlueParrott BXT Review_

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Providing you with excellent audio quality paired with a boom mic that takes in your voice like a charm, the BlueParrott BXT is one of the best bluetooth headsets you can get. It features an over the ear design, with just one cup, which although may not be as comfortable as some other headsets, is a great fit for those who’ll be wearing it while driving. And apart from that, the BXT also has an astoundingly long talk time of 24 hours and even offers you great integration with your device thanks to the BlueParrott app.

Why We Like It &#; BlueParrott BXT

Featuring an over the ear design, the BlueParrott BXT is a headset that allows you to make your professional life much more better and convenient. You no longer have to worry about missing a call as the headset allows you to connect to upto two devices simultaneously, and with noise canceling you won’t be disturbed during important calls by neither office chatter nor the traffic.


  • Long battery life
  • 96% Noise canceling
  • IPrated resistance


  • Not very comfortable to wear


With a frequency response of 20Hz and Bluetooth , the Blue Parrott BXT headset offers a great sound quality allowing you to listen to the person on the other side of the call clearly no matter where you are thanks to its 96% noise cancellation feature. While it isn’t active noise cancelling, it still rejects a whole lot of background noise including light traffic noise as well as much of any office chatter. And not taking in much ambient noise, it’s also pretty great for listening to music.

Moreover, the boom mic, with a Hz response bandwidth, takes in your voice and makes sure that it is heard pristinely by the person on the other side. You can adjust it to your own need, and while it isn’t as compact as the Plantronics Voyager or the ICOMTOFIT bluetooth headsets, it does provide you with a greater range of connectivity as well as a much longer battery life.

The connectivity, although advertised as feet, is rather 60 feet or so in real world use, which itself is more than enough considering how far your phone might be from the headset. Speaking of connectivity, it also allows you to connect to your phone faster than ever with the NFC chip and thanks to the BlueParrott app you can now easily customize your needs while keeping track of new features as well as the charge on the headset. The BlueParrott BXT even allows you to use a number of voice commands with the designated parrott button on it.

Moving onto the battery life of the device, you can get an astounding 24 hour talk time which almost takes the Apple Airpods on with its charging case. And you also get upto hours standby time allowing you to be on the go without worry. For charging the BlueParrott BXT, you get an USB-C port and charging cable which allows you to charge the device in under hours for an entire day&#;s worth of battery life. Finally, it also allows you to connect to upto 2 devices at a time, making sure you don’t miss any calls no matter which device is called.


The design of the BlueParrott BXT doesn’t have as comfortable a wear as the Plantronics Voyager or the ICOMTOFIT. But unlike the Airpods one size fits all, the on ear design of it allows anyone to wear it for a while without any form of uncomfort. To be able to wear your headset on either ear, the Fimitech bluetooth headset or the Apple Airpods would be a better choice.

And so, when you eventually get used to the padded headband and the cushioned ear cup they will become more comfortable to wear for a pretty decent period of time. As for the functionality of the BlueParrott BXT you get a power button, volume control as well the added parrott button which enables the voice features. Furthermore, you also get IP54 rated resistance which makes the headset much more durable against both dust and moisture.


At about $, the BlueParrott BXT falls into the middle tier of bluetooth headsets. Although you don’t get a charging case like the Apple Airpods you do get a much longer battery life which covers up the difference in price and more. And despite being slightly more expensive than the Plantronics Voyager Legend, you do get yourself better noise cancelling as well as IP54 rated durability which make the BlueParrott BXT a great bluetooth headset for a great price.

BlueParrott BXT Wrap Up

While it may not have a charging case nor a very compact design, the BlueParrott BXT gives you a great audio and voice quality as well as great app integration built into a very functional yet durable design. Thus, making it one of the best bluetooth headset choices for business and trucking alike.




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BlueParrott BXT Bluetooth Headset Headphones Review

The BlueParrott BXT Headset is a mono on-ear headset that can be worn on either ear, thanks to its flippable microphone. Its mic captures natural-sounding speech, even if you're talking in a busy call center. Voices on the other line also sound fairly clear and detailed. It has just about 24 hours of continuous battery life, and you can even pair it with up to two devices at a time. Unfortunately, it isn't the most comfortable headset, especially if you're wearing it for a full shift. Some may also find the companion app is a little limiting. However, if you create a free BlueParrott account, you can gain access to features like Walkie Talkie mode which is designed to help improve communication via Microsoft Teams.

Our Verdict

The BlueParrott BXT is mediocre for mixed use. As it's designed for use in an office setting, it has mediocre portability and it doesn't isolate against any sound. Its mono-ear design also makes it less than ideal for listening to music, even though it delivers a balanced bass and mid-range. That said, it has a good boom microphone that captures natural-sounding voices, even in noisy environments. However, speech can sound dull and lacking in detail.

  • Long continuous battery life.
  • Multi-device and NFC pairing.
  • Fit can put pressure on the ear and become uncomfortable to wear.

The BlueParrott BXT is passable for neutral sound. It's not designed for listening to music but it has a surprisingly neutral and balanced bass and mid-range, although its mids are a little underemphasized. However, its treble is lacking, which results in an overall dark and veiled sound. Due to its on-ear fit, it's prone to inconsistent bass and treble delivery.

  • Long continuous battery life.

The BlueParrott BXT is disappointing for commute and travel. It barely isolates against any noise like buses or ambient chatter and it can be hard to take with you on-the-go as it doesn't fold into a smaller form. Some users may also find it to be uncomfortable to wear, especially if you're on a long flight, as it feels a bit tight on the top of the ear. However, it has a long continuous battery life that should last you through multi-hour commutes.

  • Long continuous battery life.
  • Fit can put pressure on the ear and become uncomfortable to wear.

The BlueParrott BXT is alright for sports and fitness. While it has a Bluetooth design which reduces the chances of it getting snagged while you're on the move and it has a decently stable fit, it can be fatiguing to wear them for long jogs in the park. Its headband can also put a bit of pressure on the top of your ear, which can be a bit uncomfortable.

  • Long continuous battery life.
  • Fit can put pressure on the ear and become uncomfortable to wear.

The BlueParrott BXT is disappointing for office use. Some may not find it comfortable when worn for long periods. However, it can be used on either ear as the mic is flippable. It also has a long continuous battery life that can easily get you through your shift without dying and it has handy controls for taking phone calls at your desk.

  • Long continuous battery life.
  • Multi-device and NFC pairing.
  • Fit can put pressure on the ear and become uncomfortable to wear.

The BlueParrott BXT isn't recommended for wireless gaming. This headset is Bluetooth-only and isn't compatible with PS4 or Xbox One. While you can use it with any Bluetooth-enabled PC or mobile device, the latency may be too high for competitive gaming.

The BlueParrott BXT is a Bluetooth-only headset that can't be used wired.

The BlueParrott BXT is alright for phone calls. Its flippable boom microphone has a decent recording quality, capturing voices that sound natural although thin and lacking detail. It does a better job of separating speech from ambient noise, though, which is handy in crowded environments like a busy street. That said, the headset's noise isolation performance is bad as it lets in most sound. However, some users may prefer this design as it lets you hear your voice as you talk.

  • Long continuous battery life.
  • Great noise handling mic.
  • Mixed Usage
  • Neutral Sound
  • Commute/Travel
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Office
  • Wireless Gaming
  • Wired Gaming
  • Phone Calls
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  2. Updated Sep 03, Early access published.

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